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    • Serethia

      Minecraft 1.12   06/06/2017

      Update: Most plugins are now ready for 1.12, however we are currently still waiting on MorePlayerModels to update to 1.12. Hopefully this should not be a long wait.   Minecraft 1.12 has now been released but Aethier has NO intention of updating at this time. Spigot is not yet stable, and i do not wish to sacrifice server stability for the new features just yet. Further information will be given closer to an official server update. Please continue to use Minecraft Version 1.11.2 until further notice. Relay this message if possible!
    • Serethia

      Forums   06/08/2017

      Update: We have isolated MOST of the issues down to the theme the forums displays on, and have temporarilly changed it back to default while we work on a solution. You may re-enable the theme manually using the theme selector at the bottom of any page.   The forums are still being worked on- however we are awaiting a few critical updates aswell as the Theme Developers to push us an update. Hopefully these should patch the issues remaining in the forums at present. Apologies for the weird way things are displaying at the moment.
    • Serethia

      Internet Blackout - 12th July   06/13/2017

      Aethier Will be Participating in this years "Internet Blackout". During this time the front Page of our website will be unavailable, and you will through normal means be unable to get into the website. If you wish to bypass this on this date, please bookmark or save the https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/ URL, as it will get around this.   To read more on the Internet Blackout, Please see here: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2017/06/july-12th-internet-planning-day-action-save-net-neutrality-just-like-sopa-blackout-internet-slowdown/

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  • 22 January 2017 10:00 PM     11:00 PM

    Seraphina will now be preaching sermons every Sunsept dedicated to the Goddess Arvora. The services are for all to attend and not limited to Arvora followers.
    Seraphina wishes to spread word of the great Goddess Arvora to all who are willing to listen.
    These sessions are to be peaceful and it is requested that no attendees disrupt the sermons.
    The services will be located in The First Chapel of Arvora, at the Spirit Isle docks.
    Late arrivals are fine so long as they enter quietly and do not disrupt the other attendees.
    There is no required attire to attend. People of all backgrounds and races will be accepted to the sermons with open arms.
    Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all there!

    Event details

    Aethier Event Calendar 7 Comments · 2 Reviews
  • Recent Event Reviews

    • Bratman38
      Into the caves..
      By Bratman38,
         It was okay, kinda wish we had gotten more then a few steps into the cave though
    • Solrex
      The Experiments 13: Contagion
      By Solrex,
         So I had no idea when this event was going to be.  So unfortunately I missed it due to being busy with real life.  Sounds like it would have been a blast, unfortunately, the misleading statement of being able to join late is untrue, as NiNi has posted at the end of the thread that sign ups are now closed.  Hopefully next time, and hopefully I will be able to play Aethier a little bit more.
    • Tree
      The Experiments 13: Contagion
      By Tree,
      Would totally run across country from massive mutant beast after only 30 minutes in the event.
    • NTE_Killer4life
      The Experiments 13: Contagion
      By NTE_Killer4life,
         I am a bit disappointed. I wish that there was info/specifications regarding late entries. The first time I attempted to join late I was told that the late time was 5 EST. I came on a little before that time the next day and waited until 6:13 PM EST with no indications of being apart of the event or getting a response. I realize staff may have been busy, but I do not have that much free time to wait around for very long. 
      I am unable to attend the event from this point forward due to the fact I am unable to wait around, as stated before and also an upcoming event that will take up the majority of my time that could be used for waiting. 
      Thanks anyway, I'm sure the event would have been a blast for me.
    • Phoenixstar117
      A Search for Saltpeter
      By Phoenixstar117,
         The event itself went excellently; although I sadly didn't get as much saltpeter as I wanted (albeit enough for what I need it for). Redwall is an excellent DM, thanks for the little story :)
  • Upcoming Events

    • 23 June 2017 09:00 PM Until 11:00 PM
      Event Name: Union of Belial Kaldeste & Evelyn Strafford
      Event Date: 06/23/2017
      Event Leader's Timezone: GMT
      Event Start Time: 9pm
      Estimated Event Duration: 1-2h
      Event Location:
      The wedding area right at the top of the Spirit Tree
      Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building.
      If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify:
      Event Type: Other
      If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify:
      Marriage is between:
      Evelyn Strafford
      Belial Kaldeste @DayLighter
      Mapal: @Seaaaaa
      Emma: @Kenophobia
      Desimir: @CrystalMaiden
      Carmen: @MrT
      Robin: @Caleo
      Orchid: @DrugsOnFire
      Karl: @Hugh
      Avel: @ZooGarrus
      Eleanora: @RoguishLaughter
      Leonce: @oCoffee
      Fabienne: @Pandamainia
      Ramsey: @Redwall
      Goslynn: @Bromophobe
      Amber: @Ash10744
      Hayden: @Naurmegil
      Elenwin: @kate12kate
      Alavara: @Stormheim
      Cassandra: @CaitTheGr8
      Amara: @DrugsOnFire
      Raphael: @Marcus
      Oakley: @Kiwi
      Spinner: @OhGeeEmily
      Malthorn: @Suldar
      Eala: @MissPlums
      Kaladin: @Arcturio
      Ronja: @MaraSov
      Emmeline: @MayaTorres
      Eblis: @Olyblob
      Odette: @Roze
      Dan: @Hoeftificus
      Lilith: @Sylfiah
      Vulkan: @DrugsOnFire
      Verin: @RoguishLaughter
      Rina: @Sylfiah
      -All Spirit Tree Staff-
      Seraphina: @natureluvr
      Erika: @NiNi
      Alda: @Tree
      Murdoc: @Kyle1322
      Jarrow: @MangoSalsaa
      Snowheart: @Vmwareguy2
      What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event?

      To whom it may concern:
      You are hereby invited to share the joy at the celebration of the marriage between Belial Kaldeste and Evelyn Strafford.
      The request the honour of your presence on this day, the first of a new life.
      The ceremony is to be held at the Spirit Tree, found on the Spirit Isle.
      Following the ceremony there will be celebrations, here we ask only for respect on this day.

      Is this a combat-oriented event? No
      Do you require a DM? No
      How many DM's do you think you will need?
    • 23 June 2017 11:00 PM Until 24 June 2017 01:00 AM
      Event Name: "Spark" of the Rebellion
      Event Date: 06/23/2017
      Event Leader's Timezone: PST
      Event Start Time: 3 PM
      Estimated Event Duration: 1-2 Hours at most
      Event Location:
      There will be multiple simultaneous attacks on the listed locations in the west. The outcome for each event location is dependent on multiple factors of what we actually do. Not all will be burned or flat out attacked.
      Aeroth+Neighboring Fort
      Ert Fwe
      Farm at (-2017,64,1690)
      Camp/outpost (-3644,64,1192)
      Outpost at (1863,64,441)
      Western Docks
      Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building.
      If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify:
      Event Type: Attack
      If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify:
      This is a public event of sorts as it is so involving of so many locations and groups being attacked, but I ask that people don't just show up randomly to these locations to try to be a hero or something if they have no business there. Please no ooc spectating in any location. These attacks were not declared or known about planning wise icly to anyone but those in it currently.
      Vale @Suldar
      Irena @_MS_BACON_
      Makev @Makev_Alkam
      Edgar @arcanefox
      Bianca @Vyniel
      Gustav @mrcraftkonrad
      Cristiana @ItsClaireOr
      Vale @Suldar
      Yasir @ShadowMoon
      Quintin @Quintin
      (WIP LIST Will edit soon)
      What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event?
      The end goal of this for me is to have burned down most areas or populated areas. Or any that could be used as a defendable point or outpost by opposing forces should they arrive, once word of the attacks spread. Hoping to damage areas and food supplies such as farms and such along with transports. Little direct fighting most likely, aiming mostly for arson.
      Is this a combat-oriented event? Yes
      Do you require a DM? Yes
      How many DM's do you think you will need? 2
      DMs: @Redwall, @Zickery, and possibly some others.
    • 24 June 2017 09:00 PM Until 11:00 PM
      Event Name: The Standing Stones.
      Event Date: 06/24/2017
      Event Leader's Timezone: GMT+1
      Event Start Time: 10pm GMT+1
      Estimated Event Duration: 1-2 hours.
      Event Location:

      x: 3687; y: 64; z: -3428
      Location Specifics: Location is partially build and needs building.
      If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify:
      I say this because the members of this event will try to discover some standing stones depicting the history of Avaltans.
      Event Type: Exploration
      If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify:
      - Goslynn Ashkin | @msyelf
      - Theodora Kolchrave | @Nazthaur
      (I don't expect combat, however this is at the DM's discretion. Additionnaly the location is known to host Mate'kai, which could be a severe danger to the members of this expedition.)
      What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event?
      A bold expedition to counter the weather of the northern continent. The member's purpose in this Journey is to uncover the secrets behind the Avaltan Borne's migration and that of Ancient Avalta - their mythical land of origin - as well as to confirm who in history was the Avaltans common ancestor : Akdun. To do so, Goslynn will seek out traces of their history: standing stones depicting the legends, tales and perhaps facts of his people.
      Is this a combat-oriented event? No
      Do you require a DM? Yes
      How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
      DM: @Kiwi
    • 25 June 2017
      An event is requesting to take place on this date.
    • 26 June 2017 11:00 PM Until 27 June 2017 01:00 AM

      The hour was nigh, and the halls were stirring. Today would be the day they summoned the spawn of Foli from the depths of the ocean onto their island home. Of course, they would have to be tactical with this, and no expense of time nor funds nor efforts had been wasted. The field was set, and ready to deploy against their foes. Yet the Grand Master had one last preparation to make. Approaching the altar within the church, and procuring the family blade, and pointing its tip to the floor, gripping the crossguard in prayer. Protection, Fervor, Unity. These were in his prayer, and in his heart. This would be the time of reckoning of the church, the final battle before the storm. Or so he hoped.

      DM: @Kyle1322