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  2. dogbew

    A Runic Contract

    Signed, Kordaldrum Silverbeard, Lord of House Silverbeard, Rightful leader of the Karaz Ankor, Underking of the Kingdom of Holmsgard, Son of Kordul, Son of Koradum, Son of Krod first of the Silverbeards, Son of Rhod, Son of Gund III, Son of Gund II, Son of Lund II, Son of Rund, Son of Kund, Son of Lund I, Son of Unnumbered Generations of the line of Gund, Son of Gund.
  3. dogbew

    A Runic Contract

    I - Parties KORDALDRUM SILVERBEARD signs this contract in good faith, to provide to the best of their ability the services requested in Section II of this document to Aeson Brodielonde, under the terms laid out in Section III. II - Services Requested Aeson Brodielonde will be provided with a Runically Enchanted Craft that meets the following specifications: Two Runically powered Golem Arms, to be attached to Aeson's body. These Runes will be made with Kordaldrum's Lightning Golem Rune. III - Expectations KORDALDRUM SILVERBEARD hereby agrees to fulfill this contract to the best of their ability within 2 months; and in exchange Aeson Brodielonde hereby agrees to render Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Arunes in exchange for this craft. Additionally, Aeson Brodielonde hereby agrees to supply a single gem of arcamite as needed to KORDALDRUM SILVERBEARD in a timely manner for use in the Golem Core of these arms. IV - Signatures By signing this document, all parties involved hereby agree to the terms of this contract.
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