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    4. This is official notice of voided roleplay. The roleplay that occurred a few days ago, wherein which Correntine played by @Fooldude was killed shortly after leaving Lucienne. This situation was deemed to not have been appropriately roleplayed and based on metagamed information, so as such. The death of Correntine and all roleplay that occurred as a direct result of this is now voided. We understand this may cause issues for some and we apologise for any inconveniences. Please reach out if you have any further concerns.
    5. Last week
    6. [This is a public review, accessible to any.] Roux De La Mer Roux De La Mer is perhaps the most commonly seen dish within Ilysari due to how long it keeps, the genuinely flavorful nature of the dish, and it’s adaptability for vallah. A proper roux de la mer will always use a powder made from a spice local to Duken or a vegetable that is much like a sticky pepper to thicken the stew. Apart from those details, what goes into a roux de la mer is up to the maker and what is available. The most popular additions include chicken, sausage, oysters, shri
    7. Serethia

      The Community Calendar

      The community calendar is a place for any whitelisted member of the community to post any game nights, movie nights, or non-applied for events such as Balls, Weddings and so. Anyone can create an event here for the community or just specific people if you'd like to have it marked on the calendar. This functions differently to the "Events" calendar, and will show up a different color so you can tell the difference between a player ran event and one ran by the event team. Please note that events that you need a DM for, you should still apply for an event the u
    8. Aux

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      Aeternum, not taking kindly on anyone threatening their freedom or independence, secede from the empire.
    9. The Custom Item Team is responsible for the following: Additional duties may be required during the position. What is a team leader? A team leader is the sole decision making authority over one of the Aethier Teams. The positions primary responsibility involved ensuring that any tasks related to the team get done. This is more of a delegation/management role. Team leaders are also responsible for hiring/firing the members for their own team and are allowed to do so entirely at their discretion. Team leaders are responsible for handing IA reports a
    10. //==================================\\ A missive is sent to the leadership of Sho-Battai, sent as an urgent warning to the members of the Zheng Dynasty, and the leadership of Sho-battai. Aeson is specifcally kept out of the loop with this announcement, due to the nature of it. If he is even still privy to the methods of communication amongst the leadership. Private letters are sent with the utmost discreetness. "To whom this concerns, Be aware one of our own has fallen. Aeson Brodielonde is an extremely dangerous figure and has been suspected to be a fallen. He is an extremely dangero
    11. Hazy

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      Angoulême secedes from the Drakkonspyre Empire through democratic vote, albeit far more cleanly than the mess that occured that day through a simple declaration by the people. [IC] Angoulême serves no foreign godless tyrants and will fight for their divinely given freedoms! Although cooperation toward the void may be reached. The next move is yours, Drakkonspyre. ----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
    12. A tweaking of the definition of Profane Psionics, to take into account what the Pantheon truly cares about. Profane Rules
    13. Fooldude

      An Honorable Contract

      Signed, Corentine.
    14. dogbew

      An Honorable Contract

      Signed, MASTER AT ARMS Kordaldrum Silverbeard, Lord of House Silverbeard, Rightful leader of the Karaz Ankor, Underking of NIDAVELLIR, Son of Kordul, Son of Koradum, Son of Krod first of the Silverbeards, Son of Rhod, Son of Gund III, Son of Gund II, Son of Lund II, Son of Rund, Son of Kund, Son of Lund I, Son of Unnumbered Generations of the line of Gund, Son of Gund.
    15. I - Parties KORDALDRUM SILVERBEARD signs this contract in good faith, to provide to the best of their ability the services requested in Section II of this document to Corentine, under the terms laid out in Section III. II - Services Requested KORDALDRUM SILVERBEARD will be provided with a Runically Enchanted Craft that meets the following specifications: A full cloth outfit that covers the entire body, and is enchanted to have the same physical properties as steel. III - Expectations KORDALDRUM SILVERBEARD hereby agrees to fulfill this contract t
    16. Crazy_Rabbit

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      Kal'gorah have actually not left the Empire yet. For now, we will take the L for folks and stick around so Aurelion does not become a pack smoker.
    17. luckyfoot10

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      The king and lords of Heldind will continue to stay a part of the empire as it deals with the void threat.
    18. Bromophobe

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      An Morrigna has no reason to secede, however I plan on talking to Aurelion cuz he's a big meanie. We'll stay under the Empire until Mr Threat is dealt with.
    19. Azur

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      Ora'Vea would have had no reason to secede if their agreements were unbroken, as the Void is a greater threat. Ora'Vea remains under the Empire until the Void threat is dealt with, as per how the story was seemingly going.
    20. I would like to give my sincere apology for the problems caused by changes that were included in the FT Systems Change on the 21st of February. Most of the region owners noticed and questioned how two of the changes that were introduced seem to be out of the blue and blindsided the player faction leaders. Out of frustration in an overlap of jurisdiction between myself and Kyle I chose to introduce rules to force him to take actions he would not have done of his own will aswell as some of the player factions. I did this out of the belief that in the end it would be a benefit to the server and p
    21. Anauriel

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      For the record, Holmsgard and its vassal Kal'gorah have actually not left the Empire yet. For now, we will take the L for folks and stick around so Aurelion does not become a pack smoker.
    22. Hello Aethier, Following recent Faction Team changes to the political system and how the vassal system and treaties work, many players found that their existing treaty with Drakonspyre was invalidated and felt it left them with no choice but to roleplay out seceding from the Empire. This involved a series of declarations of independence and a roleplay in Lucienne that resulted in Drakonspyre being insulted. Following this, Drakonspyre went and joined the void. During a Team Leader meeting yesterday, 23.02.21, we recognised that the changes had caused some irreparable da
    23. Serethia

      Community Game Night: Halo Reach

      A real night of Nostalgia!
    24. Loremaster

      Idrask Hvitr Ulfr (Ake's Cloak)

      Rumored Location: Found and Taken Backstory: Idrask Hvitr Ulfr, Avaltan for “repentance of white wolf”, is a cloak made from the pelt of an abnormally large albino lycanthrope known as Ake Hatiblut. Ake was the ruler of the Hatiblut clan, along with many others as he sought to further the Avaltan people. In life he was completely immune to magical effects and even divine, having pushed the boundaries of what was known to be possible through heretical means. In death, his cloak only retains the magic resistance, the divine portion of it sapped along with his life. Ake was feare
    25. Brogan

      FT Systems Update: February 21st 2021

      - The Treaties thread has been updated following community feedback.
    26. Tree

      Bi-Weekly Moderation Meeting

      Me and my moderation slaves meet.
    27. Serethia

      Aethier Team Leader Meeting

      Aethier Team Leader Bi-Weekly Scheduled Meeting
    28. All statements made herein are ratified into law upon postage of this notice and henceforth stand as the beginning of a hopeful new chapter in Ara’Sil’s history and the Elven legacy. Section 1: DISSOLUTION OF THE HOUSES Article 1: The Revision of State Structure Upon review by the Crown and current members in office of the nation of Ara’Sil, the House model of nobility and governance has been deemed inapplicable to the current national structure. Following a history of infighting, disputes and prejudices on the basis of family, and an unfortunate precedent o
    29. Earlier
    30. PATCH NOTES February 21st, 2021: *NOTE: There will be no taxes this month, more to come. Regions and Vouchers Vouchers and Regions: Region Alliances, Vassalages and related international treaties have been updated and reformatted, it is suggested all region owners read over this. Treaties The Manpower sheet now reflects this. Any alliance declarations are requested to be reposted with reference to the new mechanics. War System and Manpower Player Related War
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