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    4. Kyle1322

      Forward Node System Warning

      Hey all, for once its not just myself, but all the team leaders speaking at once to alert the playerbase of a large incoming change to a system, specifically, the nodes. Everyone is aware to a varying degree that the node system at current is on hold due to some major complications that occurred. Suffice to say that we have reached a solid conclusion and overhaul we desire to put in, and over the course of the next month to two months, the team leaders and by extent the team members will be working on creating, preparing and implementing the new system. As we are getting closer to it, there wi
    5. Cukie1

      Nerds go Rift Hunting

    6. Cukie1

      Last Ditch Effort

    7. Cukie1

      Quality Time with Plant Mom

    8. Cukie1

      Journey of the Monkey Prince

    9. Dear Eldradon Deredda, Your order has been prepared to be shipped as soon as you can send in payment to the company. Two crossbows will be sent to the address given upon payment being confirmed. Sincerely, The de Noctis Woodworks & Enchants Company, @Ewdrawings
    10. OOC: Username: Ewdrawings Discord: Ewdrawings#1739 IC: Name: Eldradon Deredda Address: General Mechanics Trading Company in San Deluca Commission Request: "Matriarch De Noctis, it is a pleasure to once again address you. I hope that this letter finds you well. I am hoping to purchase a pair of crossbows. You will find my new address attached to the top of this letter, should you wish to return a response or aid me in my purchase of your wares. Yours Sincerely, Eldradon Deredda "
    11. Brave

      Avec Tante

    12. Brave

      A Cup of Tea, and Universal Theories.

    13. Brave

      The Seventh's Gambit

    14. Brave

      Girls Day Out!

    15. Brave

      Golden Standard 1: Breaking Bank

    16. Brave

      Gambit of the Plage

    17. Brave

      Rungi wants to be a Runesmith

    18. Brave

      A Runwall for a Glutton

    19. Brave

      Operation: Burn It All

    20. Brave

      Nienna's Trial

    21. Brave

      Operation Homeland: The First Blow

    22. Brave

      Mountain Ruin #2 (Black and White)

    23. Brave

      Unfortunate Paths

    24. Brave

      All my Homies Hate Bandits pt. 2

    25. Brave

      Keeper in The Making II

    26. Brave

      The Monumental Search Part 1

    27. Brave

      To Prove Thyself

    28. Brave

      Expeditions on The Opheila : Part II

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