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    1. Last week
    2. Kyle1322

      Forward Node System Warning

      Hey all, for once its not just myself, but all the team leaders speaking at once to alert the playerbase of a large incoming change to a system, specifically, the nodes. Everyone is aware to a varying degree that the node system at current is on hold due to some major complications that occurred. Suffice to say that we have reached a solid conclusion and overhaul we desire to put in, and over the course of the next month to two months, the team leaders and by extent the team members will be working on creating, preparing and implementing the new system. As we are getting closer to it, there wi
    3. Dear Eldradon Deredda, Your order has been prepared to be shipped as soon as you can send in payment to the company. Two crossbows will be sent to the address given upon payment being confirmed. Sincerely, The de Noctis Woodworks & Enchants Company, @Ewdrawings
    4. Here is the second monthly report on the development of the Private Organisations for the month of April 2021. Organisations entrench themselves, and new ones are born, whilst others sit on acquired gains. With the impending arrival of the great voidic doom, many make extra preparations and foster new ties, whilst others appear pessimistic. One thing is certain; none will be truly spared of the effects of the coming crisis. The following knowledge is NOT public, and is only privy to the groups mentioned by name and the individuals involved in the concerned ventures or locally affec
    5. Kyle1322

      Godswar Saga: The Journeys End

      A breath exhaled from Vittalion as he sat upon the top of the tallest mountain in Aestatia..the footfalls of snow and rock behind him melted with the steam of an unnatural energy that poured from his body, fighting with the very origin he once was. As the Demigod found a proper spot to overlook the valleys of civilization, the home he once was raised from, his eyes were clouded with darkness. His body was trying to tear itself apart from his recent run in with the primordial known as Abscence, yet he felt no pain or suffering from it. His arms molted and split, the very ligaments of flesh that
    6. Kyle1322

      ET Changelog - (02/05/21)

      The following changes have occurred via the ET meeting. There are many others things in the works as well, but will come later. All questions can be directed to @Cukie1 Changes taking effect now: Posting an event application now incurs a 3 OOC day cooldown after posting the event, so that people can no longer immediately post the part 2 to their event arcs or otherwise, allowing the next wave to be processed before a part 2 may occur. This will optimize ET's scheduling process quite a bit and allow events that are sometimes left behind to be picked up easier without clutter
    7. Here is the second edition of Aethier's monthly newsletter!
    8. MoonCake


      Username: Nebula Creme Alts: 0MoonCake0 Character’s Name: Kol Teacher [if applicable]: Irene Merrigold Aurum Type: The Spark Tier: Novice Stance: Specialist Mana: 20 Known Disciplines: Sanguimancy Active Catalysts: N/A Known Spells [3/15] Name: Kneel [Profane] Mana: 3 Disciplines: Sanguimancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Three Turns Range: Fifteen Meters Effect: The caster manipulates the body of a target in range to force them to kneel for the
    9. Generalissimo

      Alonso's Magical Compendium

      OOC Information Username: AmaidoGoodman Alts: AmaidoBadman | AmaidoLawman Character’s Name: Alonso Rodríguez Teacher [if applicable]: Reuben Cahir D'Angoulême Aurum Information Aurum Type: Mana Tier: Novice Stance: Stance Name: Stance of the Warrior Description: The stance of the Warrior is usually for those who wish to augment a weapon and fight on the frontlines as mages. They are known for their hardier concentration when in comparison to others but at a greater cost. Positive: Can wear armor and cast lo
    10. Fooldude

      Corentine Noirette

      Character Name: Corentine Spirit: Vapascur Bond Type: Bond Bondsite: Around the fire lands near Lucienne. Shakti: 10/10 Spells: 10/10 Idols: Body-Runes, Bovine Totem Universal Passive: The shaman has a natural resistance to normal fires, meaning that any mundane fire is reduced by one degree upon making contact with the shaman. This also applies to their own fire once it’s cast. Should a flame be present within a ten meter radius of them, they are able to detect its presence but not what type of fire it is, however they will be able to sense it
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    12. Demented_Delila

      New Nashi's Runic Journal

      Username: Demented_Delila Character Name: Kanemoto Nashi Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Sound, Mana, Aeromancy, Erebomancy, Terramancy, Electromancy Monthly Mana: 40/40 [May] Monthly Enchantments: 0/1 [May] Known Runes: 0/15 [WIP]
    13. Kyle1322

      Platform Shoes

    14. Kyle1322

      Unportaler [Otto]

    15. Kyle1322

      Zagadka [Otto]

    16. Kyle1322

      Scythe of the Harvester [Otto]

    17. Kyle1322

      Finger Gun Frenzy [Otto]

    18. Kyle1322

      Partial Polymorphy [Otto]

    19. Kyle1322

      Magic Mattress [Otto]

    20. Kyle1322

      GHOST FORGE [Otto]

    21. Kyle1322

      Talisman of Evolution [Otto]

    22. Kyle1322

      Captain’s Bell [Otto]

    23. Kyle1322

      Ruairi's Piano [Otto]

    24. Kyle1322

      Mega-Cone [Otto]

    25. Kyle1322

      Amulet of The Sky Bound

    26. Kyle1322


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