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    A Runic Contract

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    July Content Contest

    Thank you so much to everyone who entered! We loved all of your entries and discussed which ones we felt would be best for advertisement purposes to select the winners. The results are as follows: In-Game Screenshots - I've forwarded the winning screenshots for nini to post on the PlanetMinecraft page! 1st Place: @Aux Congratulations!! The Holmsgard and Lucienne pics are big favorites. 2nd Place: @Lightning_J For the two beautiful nighttime pics of Yamashiro! 3rd Place: @Necronome Love that you chose an indoor setting for one of your entries. Playermade Aethier Artwork 1st Place: @Volkrii For the beautiful art of the Spirit Tree! I'm not biased I swear. 2nd Place: @Shrike For the adorable baby Shike art! Thank you again to everyone who entered, we had a great time looking over everyone's submissions and we hope you are all happy with the results! Congratulations to all of our winners. If you could please take a few minutes to provide some feedback here that would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. [Third Diet of the Ministries and Provinces] Summary paperwork sent by black ravens would soon reach a handful of individuals across the Walled Capital of Yamashiro, as well as across the various military camps and to every provincial and ducal hold across Imperial territory. These message, ornate in materials and bearing the Shogun-Emperor's seal, would open to present an invitation to their recipients, direct in content. [This paperwork is internal, and privy only to it's attending members.] On this day, the Ministerial members of the Empire's High Council, the Guntai, as well as every major provincial landlord, are kindly requested to present themselves to Yamashiro castle in order to hold the third congress of the Imperial Federation, in order to discuss the future of the Nation, of Humanity, of Adelona and of Aversia broadly, as well as the Empire's part to play in the coming world. The matters discussed within the walls of the castle will include, but not inherently be restricted to; - The Imperial Highways - Last military reforms, military preparations in answer to heightened world treats - Diplomacy abroad, reassessment of Imperial cooperation with the far-West - The Drakkenspyre Question - The Abyssal Question - The Northern Question - Imperial minor internal affairs Twelfth of Frisept, Second Mense of Simber, Eight A.E, Fifth Era (planned for the 7th of August , 7pm EST in Yamashiro Castle's command center) Attending members; Emperor Ghazan I @Arcturio Empress Kaida I @Crimson_Wolfe_ Members of the Imperial Zheng Dynasty Baron Galgenfels, Taishogun of the Land Army @SocialDarwinist Chan Xiao, Minister of the Exterior @Mael_ Masanao Azai, Minister of the Interior @Fatal Xinping, Minister of Spiritualism @SSSS Yu-na Kim, Minister of the Navies @Olyblob, or a suitable replacement Commander Bartzabel Xiao, Master of Shrines @Boog Duke Ungern von Byrza @Brogan Duke (sir?) Rayarch d'Angoulème @Harry_7 Sir (duke?) Cahir d'Angoulème @oCoffee Duchess Annette Dupont @RoguishLaughter Lord-Regent, Commander Subukai Jien @Retributory Vessel Queen Ishani de Noctis @Vyniel Lords Maars and Desmond Annex-Morgenstern @Star @MoonCake ( probably other people okay there's a lot of you in my government I love you all but ask me on a case-by-case scenario ) The Imperial Kagesamurai and Royal Defender corps attendants. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. It began as a subtle shift in their behavior. Scattered reports of shadowed silhouettes of massive beasts and giant horned men, once rarely seen outside their own land were now being spotted in remote areas all across the provinces of Aversia. It didn't take long before these silhouettes turned into different colored draconian beasts and armored knights, seeming to be recovering old data from caches and scouting the terrain that seems to have changed somewhat since the last time they once ruled the lands. All but a few outright refuse contact, and most flee before others get close. Despite the sudden increase in activity, their purpose and objectives were not officially concrete, at least until now. With the Emperor of Drakonspyre making his appearance at the shambled mess that was the world council, it seems the emperor, now more than ever-believes in a vision to reclaim his birthright and prepare for war against the void, be it unity by peace or by force. There is little time to prepare, and it seems his timeline is shorter than others. In the land of Drakonspyre, armies are gathering and a navy is being hastily constructed as the forges roar to life. For the first time in an age, the Drakonspyre Imperium are looking outwards beyond their current borders, and seeking to reclaim what they once lost. The giants have returned to the playground. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This marks the beginning of the first true Arc of the 5th world, and from here it will continue in rapid succession until Arc 3-4, depending on player choices made during those times. I think the players have had enough time to get themselves properly set up, so from here on out the train has no breaks!
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    Caspian Esahar

    OOC Information: Username: GhostKairo Alts: - Character’s Name: Caspian Esahar Teacher [if applicable]: Edmen Zalevar @DeliciousPiggey Aurum Information Aurum Type: Spark Tier: Novice Mana: 20 Known Disciplines: Healing Alteration Mana Aeromancy Catalysts & Spells Active Catalysts: Auraweave Gloves (link) Known Spells: Healing Name: Circle of Restoration Mana: 5 Discipline: Healing Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Spell Duration: Four Turns Range: 5 Meters Spell Effect: The caster creates a 5x5 area of healing that passively regenerates wounds at a rate of one tier per turn. Each turn healing a progressively worse wound from the last. At most, the field can only heal up to moderate wounds. Regeneration per person differs between how long they've been in the circle. i.e, a person who's been standing in the circle for three turns will be healed from moderate wounds and a person who's only stood in the circle for two turns will be healed of mild wounds. Name: Redemption Mana: 3+ 3 per Additional Tier Discipline: Healing Concentration: Medium Minimum Cast Time: Two Turns Spell Duration: Instant Range: Touch Spell Effect: Placing their hands over their target’s wounds, The caster can heal damaged internals (such as organs, muscle, tendons, etc) and severed arteries, reconstruct bone, recreate a lost limb, replenish lost blood, heal burns and remove scars. This spell cannot be used to cure diseases, toxins, plagues, poisons, etc. 2 Post Cast Time, 3 Mana: Minor - Minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises 3 Post Cast Time, 6 Mana: Mild - Lacerations, minor fractures, punctures, and gashes requiring stitches 4 Post Cast Time, 9 Mana: Moderate - Broken bones, minor blood loss, 2nd degree burns, minor appendages (fingers, toes, etc.) 5 Post Cast Time, 12 Mana: Severe - 3rd degree burns, major blood loss, major lacerations, gashes, puncture wounds, etc. 6 Post Cast Time, 15 Mana: Lethal - Fatal wounds, organ damage, limbs, etc. Alteration Spell Name: Gravitic Flux Mana: 4 Disciplines: Alteration Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 3 Turns Spell Duration: 3 Turns Range: Eight Meters Spell Effect: The caster targets a 3x3 area and completely controls the gravity within. This can allow them to make the gravity strong enough to bring people to their knees or so light they float with no direction. Once the gravity has been changed, the caster must recast in order to change the gravity again. Spell Name: Transparency Mana: 3 Disciplines: Alteration Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: 8 Turns Range: Self; Touch Spell Effect: The caster can imbue themselves and/or a target they’re touching and alter their forms and equipment to be completely transparent, effectively invisible. While the spell is active, those affected can still make sound. Casting or otherwise interacting with people and objects will cause the spell to end prematurely. Spell Name: Fast Feet Mana: 2 Disciplines: Alteration Concentration: Low Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: Self Spell Effect: The caster alters themselves to move at speeds usually impossible. This allows them to instantly burst forwards fifteen meters in any given direction. This spell does not allow them to perceive time any differently, however. Should the caster make contact with a person or object, both parties may receive injuries. Spell Name: Light as a Feather Mana: 3 Disciplines: Alteration Concentration: Low Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Instant Range: Self; Five Meter Radius around Caster Spell Effect: Targeting themselves and up to two other targets, the caster may make them(selves) lighter than they naturally can be, thus making them fall at a slower rate of, about three meters per turn. Mana Spell Name: Arcane Missile Mana: 3 Disciplines: Mana Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instant Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster launches an arcane missile at a target that inflicts about as much damage as an arrow from a longbow. This spell cannot pierce plate armor, however, can heavily wound an unarmored individual. As all projectiles, this spell falls under Projectile Standards. Spell Name: Arcanic Shielding Mana: 2 Disciplines: Mana Concentration: Low Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: 15 Turns Range: Self; 10 Meters Spell Effect: The caster summons three spectral shields to the target's side. They surround the target and serve as protection against physical attacks. Each shield is capable of blocking a single attack before it is dispelled. When the shields block an attack, the target staggers- thus making it impossible for them to deflect and cast at the same time. This can also be used on one's self. Spell Name: Magelight Mana: 1 Disciplines: Discipline of Mana Concentration: Low Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: 15 Turns Range: 10 Meters Spell Effect: The caster manifests mana into the physical world in the form of light, creating a blue manifestation of light within an orb like structure. The caster may then hold this orb of light in their hand, or have it levitate around them and follow the magi. This allows them to see in dark places, however the orb doesn’t give off any form of heat. Spell Name: Counterspell Mana: 3 +Countered Spell’s Cost Disciplines: Mana Concentration: Low Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Instant Range: Ten Meters Spell Effect: The caster counters a target spell after it has been cast, immediately cancelling any effects from the spell. Aeromancy Spell Name: Lightning Bolt Mana: 3 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two Turns Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster conjures a mass of lightning and launches it at a single target. It seeks out any conductors and will stagger and cause burns to armored users; the target will receive first degree burns regardless of protection. Must follow projectile rules. Spell Name: Slow Fall Mana: 3 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Low Cast Time: One Turn Spell Duration: Until Dispelled Range: Self; 5 meters Spell Effect: The caster creates a light pocket of air beneath himself and slows their descent to a walk-like speed. The caster may cushion up to a maximum of two people around them as well. Spell Name: Wall of Shock Mana: 3 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Spell Duration: Three Turns Range: 10 Meters Spell Effect: A three meter tall and wide wall of lightning forms at a location of the caster’s choice. It deals second degree burns to those who touch it and stuns the victim for two turns; those with armor are stunned for three turns. Spells can still pass through this wall. Spell Name: Spring Mana: 1 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Low Cast Time: One Turn Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: Self Spell Effect: The caster creates a pocket of air below him that effectively allows for a double jump. This jump pushes the caster up 3 meters. Spell Name: Funnel of Wind Mana: 3 +2 Per Turn Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two Turns Spell Duration: Channeled Range: 10 Meters Spell Effect: The caster creates a powerful funnel of wind in a direction of their choosing. The funnel is three meters wide and 10 meters long. It can stagger and knock down even heavily armored foes who've struggled against the funnel for two turns.
  7. The great four Celestials, and their sole creator from with they rose all share a great power within them -- power so great that it manifested in a soul independent of its vessel. In the midst of the stars and their wondrous glimmers, the damp and quiet caves with their long, thin rivers; Betwixt the steep, tall mountains full of sharp, hard rocks, and in the bowls of the earth and its molten volcano redder than a fox lies the spirit, the soul, and the untouched. The Celestials, creations sprouting from the Tianlong's own essence, had hatched within them yet another power -- their souls, their spirits, their manifested attributes in an eccentric and wise pattern. It has always been a sagely wisdom to state the proverb "The fusion between body and soul -- between vessel and spirit is one only achieved with the highest of wisdoms", and so it is but natural that the creations of the wisest holds this wisdom true. They were formed the first day and night the Celestials sprouted alike saplings in a far, wide, and perplexing forest's glade. If it were the Star Dragon's scales that embodied the Wisdom's Root, then it is that very root's spirit and essence of being that create Wisdom from which it sprouts. As many sages and scholars have noted in prior, sunny days and long-past stormy nights -- the Tianlong and his Celestials born from his aspects are but the natural order of life, the ever-changing and the unfolding. If one were to take this to heart, to the core of one's being, then it would be equally notable that it is this natural order's soul that drives it -- to say, time and its essence. If the Celestials were but the winds, the flames, the gravel, and the tides, then it is The Spirits, The Souls, The Ghosts, and The Celestial Essence itself combined that hastens the winds, that stokes the flames, that erodes the gravel, and what changes the tides. It is the force behind the whirlpool, and the sprout beneath the coal's conflagration. Few scholars have had direct contact with such spiritually beings, yet some have seen their offspring -- their creations of the soul in such places as bond sites. Sites which allow one to share in the soul of The Celestial Essence, and to drink from its sap, to become one in part of a great whole; a cog in a gargantuan revolving machine. This fusion between body and soul -- a fleshly, bodily vessel mixed with the intense lifeblood of a greater whole is what grants such great wisdom upon The Star Dragon, its Scaleborn, and the countless earthly disciples who follow in their innumerable Paths. To reach into Heaven and its boundless embrace, to catch and sprout the Wisdom's Root within one's own vessel, one must need the water, the soil, and the fertilizer that allows the Root to grow and to bloom -- to shower the Disciple with its dew, and to grant them the correct Path to tread. This feed that springs the Root to life is but one of many of the Spirits, and the disciple must face find oneness in their own body and soul -- to combine the spirit and the earthly to gain the key into Wisdom's doors. A sagely legend goes by the story of the shaman Ma'gu, who had found Wisdom's Root in heaven, and through the use of The Essence, had allowed it to sprout into a vast and beautifully stout tree of endless wisdom. The tree which had granted upon him not only wisdom, but also the gift of Divine Inheritance, that which even The Imposters in the clouds envy, and one which could not be found without both aspects of Wisdom, both body and soul. The duality of which would create a complete whole, akin to a seed with its shell. The Yingui is the storm brewing deep within the tempest, the air that lifts the Yinglong's wings, and allows its maws to bravely roar amidst the unstable maelstrom. It is the force behind the winds, the path of the air currents, and the temptation that draws the storm towards its next destination. It is this Celestial Essence, this Ghost of spirits that the Yinglong places its greatest of faiths in. After all, it is the pure, distilled sphere of faith and trust within the Yinglong manifested into one being, one soul deep within its scale-covered heart. It is said in the ancient scriptures and lores that wherever the Yinglong travels, it travels with faith guided by the Yinggui's endless intuition, and its faith in its fate -- its destiny as a whole to be guided as gently as a feather amidst a relentless storm. Deep below caverns of old sagely hideouts lie the documents of wisdom pertaining to the Yinglong, the Storm's Essence, all scriptures that document the ancient knowledge of sages long past of the Yinggui's form, of its dwelling, and its emergence at the end of winter and before the start of summer. As the Yinglong charges, as it dashes, and as it whips its tail against the earth's frozen core, shifting the death towards the faith of life and the blossoming of flowers amidst the droplets of a morning's dew, the Yinggui sits within the vessel, awaiting in faith for the Yinglong's emergence, for it is the Yinggui which powers the Sphere of Change. It is the Yinggui that begins the cracking of the ice, and the sprouting of the weeds. It is the Yinggui to which the faith is directed, and to where it flows outwardly into action. Just as a fish in a river cannot hope to imagine the depths of the ocean, nor may a grasshopper who had only seen the bushels as insurmountable towers of unimaginable height may imagine the air atop a great oak, a disciple of the Yinglong's path which has borrowed the strength of the Yinggui cannot see even an inkling of imagination to the future so long as they live within the present and the past. Therefore, they may but hold faith into the flow of life without a glimpse into what shall or will happen, unaware of the outcomes, yet faithful in their preconceptions as they go along. Though it has been said countless times that those following the path of The Faithful have many possibilities of reincarnation to a crane to become one with the Sphere of Change, it remains a mystery towards those who not only step in the path, but have taken a piece, a shard of strength from the Spirit of Faith and have partaken in its faith. Despite this, some hushes whispers amid the gatherings of wise and respected ones give brief suggestion to the theory that those of this particular destiny and fate have but a fate awaiting them in the form of that which has become a part of the spirit, as an offspring if one were to say -- a smaller piece of a whole within the spiritual realm. That, or to be strung along the Sphere in endless anticipation for the brightness of tomorrow. Represents Orono The Fucanggui is but the coal to the fire -- the touch that sparks it alight. It is what drives the flames, what sates its hunger and leaves it yearning for more, it is the key and the lock all the same in its relation to the great Celestial of Zeal, the Fucanglong. When the Fucanglong delves in search for greater treasure, it is the Fucanggui that grants him the power to dig. It is the Fucanggui that keeps his claws sharpened, and his emotions flaming brighter than a thousand suns combined. The Fucanglong hungers for naught but greater treasure, to hoard and hoard in its zeal and fear for its master's ire, and yet it stores the horde of the yellow-bellied Disgraced and the oft-frightened Pathless, singeing, scalding, boiling them in an endless flurry of blasting fires as they suffer for eons in an ebon orb of deafening shrieks. Yet as it holds this relic, this Orb of Passion, as it seeks to grant its master this greatest of all gifts and treasures it has forgotten one thing in truth, or perhaps it is blind to it. The sages could never decide on the reason, some even hypothesize a completely different interpretation of the classical tales and rumors -- the murmurs, the myths, the whispers amongst those who have spent all their short and pitiful lives in true zeal, in a search for knowledge and utmost passion for wisdom. Yet despite this, one theory stood out from the rest -- that perhaps, just perhaps, the Fucanglong has never found passage into the gates of Heaven not for his lack of souls accumulated, nor for the spotted sheen on his horde of jeweled trinkets, but for his mistaken offering. Yes, it is theorized by very few, though spoken little of by many out of avoidance that the Fucanglong is blind to the greatest of all treasures they have possessed, that all they have accumulated is but an excess, for there is one treasure truly worthy of granting them passage into the gates of Paradise. One present, which was deep within the Celestial all long, hidden from their vision yet not from their mind, that being none other than their very essence and soul -- the Fucanggui. It is theorized that if the Fucanglong were to emerge up to the wide and unwelcoming, locked door that the key would be not the orb, not the treasures, nothing but the pure essence of dedication and zeal itself. The soul and spirit of which the distilled vapours give the viewer nothing but the image of a hot coal striken and beaten by fire and fire until it crumbles, nearly becoming ash before a spray of water gave it the appearance of a sweat drizzling upon the hot stone. It is this very soul that is the Fucanggui, the sentient yet dormant spirit of Zeal and passion. In its complete devotion, in its mission, it has laid in perpetual rest, awaiting for the Fucanglong's destined realization. It does nothing, but wait as it burns brighter and brighter each day, until its vessel may no longer hold it as it burns bright, brighter than the sun, brighter than the cores of the earth, brighter than the light of the imposters, bright and hot enough that it consumes the Celestial and reduces it to nothing but cinders and ashes. Until the day it either becomes the Celestial's own cremation, or its key to peace, and the end of its toils. Represents Aaog The Digui is the great, mighty staff that strikes against the dry and cracked earth, the stick upon which The Eternity's Walker, the Dilong leans against and smashes into the rocks. It is the stave that supports the traveler, the path upon which he steps, the very embodiment of the journey itself, and the destination as a whole. Whenever the Dilong sets on a frenzied travel towards a realm -- whether be it material and full of soil and blossoming grass or spiritual and filled with naught but clouds and vapours, it holds the Lantern of Elements high, letting it dangle and clank about as it burrows itself deep within the steps. When The Traveler goes off to journey, to brave the elements and collect in the name of the diligence that shapes the world's frantic balance, it does so with the aid of the Digui, for it is his claws which scratch against the gravel, the staff and lantern he uses to illuminate, store, and walk, and it is the destination and journey alike embodied in all. In ancient caves riddled with but dust and a lone caterpillar, there lies in legend a wooden study of one fabled scholar, one which had in his own distinct and feverous travels to discover and learn more of these vast realms we inhabit, he has on particular hushed rumors is known to have seen the Dilong, to make contact with it and see its glowing lantern of innumerable and unnameable colours -- so many mixed into one that the very colour is indescribable, unimaginable. This supposed legend, although rarely mentioned amongst the devout, is known to many, told to many, and found amidst the chattering of an elder hushing the children to rest with a fairy tale. Among the hidden sage's library lies a particular scroll, one which displays a drawn map that carves out the pathways of The Traveler, and his many trips. Naturally, the map itself is but a mess of scribbles ineligible to mortal minds, but what truly fascinated those who heard the tale was what followed the map -- the theoretical cause for the Celestial's endless travels. This scholar theorized, that what truly drove The Walker to wander on for eternity, what truly led them to instinctively seek balance within the realms was not just pure diligence, incredible curiosity, or a fear of a ship going off course, but the very ironically balanced yet unbalanced inner spirit of the Dilong. The theory could be summarized to this very phrase: two halves of one strange whole. Somehow, the very spirit, the Digui if one would, of the Dilong is splintered, fractured in two halves of one greater whole. Yet, it is not as if the two halves -- if they were two crescent moons -- would form a full moon. No, for it is more akin to two jars of stone -- one reduced to ash, sand, the other retaining its hardy structure. It isn't as if combining the two would not form a full moon, but it would more form a solid, singular half-moon and the ashes, the powder of another. It is so strange in fact, that it is debated if this state of spirit would truly be in balance or off balance, for it does represent the two states of an object -- one as it exists, the other as a distant memory. The cycle of life and death, existence and nonexistence, present and past all are embodied within the Digui, and it is said that as the Dilong travels, it seeks to shape the world as its heart appears, for its own spiritual existence is its ultimate destination as a traveler. It is perhaps a strange mystery as to why the Dilong travels so far and so wide, so often and with no delay, yet little its existence, let alone its Spirit past the dubious claim of a tale whose primary and most frequent audience is a gaggle of joyous, misbehaving village children. Represents Thairr The Pangui is the seething, screaming kettle that holds the boiling fervor of a tide's brackish remainder -- it is the ink awaiting the quill's arrival, the empty book awaiting a new chapter's arrival, the very chapter itself awaiting the ideas' arrival, and the ideas awaiting the words' arrival. It is a cycle, an ongoing flow, a whirlwind within a small yet vast bowl of an infinitesimal yet uncountable amount of droplets, each a different path taken in its initial creation, each having been frozen and thawed, drank and spat, evaporated and cooled back in different intervals of time since the very first dew was secreted, and yet they each accompany another as a part of one greater whole within the cramped wooden bowl. The son of a distant future yet to be born or realized, yet to be seen or predicted by even the greatest of prophets. Indeed, it is so that the nature of the Pangui is such that even patience itself has naught but to be patient for its arrival, its existence, and its acknowledgement. It is prophesied, stated to be as fact, known to the untouched and dusty scrolls found only by the most maddened of stragglers atop impossibly built structures of nature, caverns which not even a rat could navigate, not even a bat could find a spot to rest within -- lairs which even the dragons themselves would not rest within. It said in these scrolls found in these very locations that the Pangui itself could very possibly well have not yet been born. Such is the essence of patience! To such extents that even the vessel itself must wait with patience for its resident -- its eternal guest. With such a wicked nature, such an unbelievably fraudulent truth, a mockery of wisdom, and yet, it fits as oddly as would a blue vase's shard fit a red bowl's crack in pure coincidence. It makes no sense, it should not fit, it should not complete the puzzle, yet it is undeniable the similarity of character in spirit. Perhaps it is due to this, this very peculiarity that the Panlong hungers for wisdom, for knowledge in its eternal spiral, for it seeks to explain what cannot be explained. In its understanding of all things known and unknown to the mortal and immortal, to the material and spiritual, it seeks to gain understanding of the one thing it has yet to grasp in the invisible and unbreakable threads of its wide net, its very own soul. To understand one's own spirit is the act of true patience, the most patient thing one may ever commit. A great ancient tortoise once sat atop a hill, in a spot not too far from a creek, and not too close to a jagged pit. It sat there, in the midst of it all, through endless seasons, through the lives of many, through the birth and death of many creatures, each noted in the chronicles of the world, and only once the creek hill had eroded, the creek dried past recognition, and the pit filled, that in the very tortoise had reached an understanding of self, and had promptly taken its last breath in relief. It is not that the Patient Celestial, the Panlong, awaits this understanding with frustration, nor does it it hunger for it like a rabid beast, for the Pangui is a bowl full of pristine droplets, not the stained splatter of frenzy. Therefore, it awaits, yet it is assured of its outcome, for just as it knows the passage of autumn shall bring about winter, and that the thawing of snow shall bring forth the blooming of flowers, it knows that ignorance begets knowledge, that imperfection brings about true perfection. It is such that while the Pangui may possibly not have been born, there are slivers, glimpses into what could very well become. It is as if one were to chip a minuscule hole into an egg's shell, and to look upon the insides, to see what has yet to be born, yet shall. For the Pangui, the life before birth is the greatest part of life itself -- for time has its own pride, and with pride comes tardiness. Time, in its greatness, shall leave the inhabitants of the realms waiting, and so too do the Celestials and their Spirits. Represents Vuona
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    Notice of Voided Roleplay

    This is a formal announcement that the fight that occured between Monchthebiscuits character Grey and Socialdarwinists character Oberon is being voided. This includes any actions after the matter as a result of this fight/roleplay, as well as the death of the character Grey. We apologise for the inconvenience but came to this conclusion after it was highlighted that the effects of casting and braincap were not properly roleplayed and we felt that had they, the outcome of the roleplay would have been very different. Below is the vote indicating how we as moderators voted. For Against Tree Val Natureluvr Fraser AMOH LordoftheDank Pandamainia Dogbew
  10. (work in progress kids) The industrialized country is unlike anything that the Aversian world has ever seen. With two vastly prominent races colliding together for one common goal, the people work at an industrious rate. Holmsgard is a dwarf and human society, composed of two actual cities stacked up on each other. Using this unique structure of a medieval society, the armies and citizens are always provided a hefty supply of stone and iron for the war efforts. Kazadrek city is the underworld that the dwarves call home, save for a few dark elves that commute peacefully through the deep run tunnels, it is a safe haven for the clan of Karaz Ankor who prefer to live underground then appear in the surface city where the humans reside. It is said that human citizens are always welcomed down into the depths of the city if they can withstand the uncomfortably high temperatures coming from the giant forges and steam vents.
  11. TheHyperion

    Lothar Medeiros

    OOC Information Username: DayLighter Alts: PraetorHyperion, DownWorlder Character’s Name: Lothar Medeiros Teacher [if applicable]: N/A Aurum Information Aurum Type: Spark Tier: Novice Mana: 20 Known Disciplines: Pyromancy Ereboymancy Space Healing Catalysts & Spells Active Catalysts: [Filler] Known Spells: [0/25] Name: Mana: Disciplines: Concentration: Cast Time: Duration: Range: Effect:
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    Morozova Zmeya

    OOC Information: Username: 1HoneyDragon Alts: Demented_Delila [Main] Character’s Name: Morozova Zmeya Teacher [if applicable]: Aurum Information Aurum Type: Spark , Inherited Tier: Novice Mana: 20 Known Disciplines: Psionics, Alteration, Souls, Pyromancy Catalysts & Spells Active Catalysts: The Wisp's Band, a Onyxwood and Necrite Ring Known Spells: Name: Fireball Mana: 3 Discipline: Pyromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster conjures a mass of flame and launches it at a single target. It inflicts second-degree burns on unarmored targets and staggers both armored and unarmored foes, however, leaves them largely unburnt, except for chinks or vulnerable spots of armor. This spell follows Projectile Standards. Name: Extinguish Flame Mana: 3 Discipline: Pyromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two Turns Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: Five Meters Spell Effect: The caster concentrates on a 3x3 area of non-divine flame, slowly suppressing and snuffing out the flames in the given area. Name: Ignite Mana: 3 + 3 per attack Discipline: Pyromancy Concentration: Low Cast Time: Three Turns Spell Duration: Channeled Range: Touch Spell Effect: Holding a weapon of choice in hand, the caster may set this weapon alight however they see fit. When making an attack with this weapon, it will drain the mage of three mana, regardless of whether or not this attack hits. The flames from this spell may harm the caster as well, so they must be mindful of how they use it. Name: Telepathy Mana: 1 +1 per turn Disciplines: Psionics Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two Turns Duration: Channeled Range: Ten Meters Effect: The mage creates a link between two people's minds, allowing them to communicate between one another telepathically. Both the caster and target must stay within range for this to work, or else it will be severed prematurely. The target must be willing to have their mind connected with or else the spell will fail. Spell Name: Soul Jolt Mana: 2 Disciplines: Spirits Concentration: Low Cast Time: One Turn Spell Duration: Instant Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster surges mana into the soul of a mage, creating a sharp pain that isn’t enough to immobilize them, but interrupt the channeling of a spell. Spell Name: Banish Undead Mana: 4 + X Disciplines: Souls Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Spell Duration: Instant Range: 8 Meters Spell Effect: The caster focuses upon an undead, seeking to rip out the soul that illegitimately occupies a body After four turns, the soul is forcefully separated from the undead. This can also be used to destroy greater undead, though this comes at the price of higher spell strain being taken. [The amount of bonus mana taken is up to DM discretion.] Spell Name: Transmutatio Mana: 5 Disciplines: Alteration Concentration: High Cast Time: 3 Turns Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: Touch; One Material Spell Effect: The caster is able to turn one material into another material of the same rarity. Material cannot be converted into something dissimilar from its base i.e. stone cannot be turned to wood, hide cannot be turned to metal, wood cannot be turned into hide, etc. Additionally, this spell has no effect on Legendary materials of any kind, cannot transmute non-event creature parts into event creature parts, nor can it transmute anything into Arcamite. This spell can only be cast three times a month. Spell Name: Gravitic Flux Mana: 4 Disciplines: Alteration Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 3 Turns Spell Duration: 3 Turns Range: Eight Meters Spell Effect: The caster targets a 3x3 area and completely controls the gravity within. This can allow them to make the gravity strong enough to bring people to their knees or so light they float with no direction. Once the gravity has been changed, the caster must recast in order to change the gravity again. Spell Name: Light as a Feather Mana: 3 Disciplines: Alteration Concentration: Low Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Instant Range: Self; Five Meter Radius around Caster Spell Effect: Targeting themselves and up to two other targets, the caster may make them(selves) lighter than they naturally can be, thus making them fall at a slower rate of, about three meters per turn.
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    Ban System Rework

    This is an official announcement regarding the new rework of the Ban and Appeal system, that will be effective immediately. Additionally, to reflect the new changes, we will be systematically going over the current roster of banned players and deciding whether or not they should be unbanned or should have to appeal as part of an 'Indefinite Ban'. Here is the vote to pass this change in system. For: Against: Tree Olyblob Natureluvr LordoftheDank Val Kososki To view the thread please see the below thread. This section has seen an overhaul, the focus being largely on the fact that votes on warnings will now be public to the players who have had the action taken against them, and if no action is taken. The vote will still be made available in the report made. Otherwise, warnings build up and expire naturally, if you have two warnings you are on a last warning status. Three unexpired warnings is a ban. This section has only experienced a small change. The phrase ' Special circumstances such as repeat offences may result in a different expiration time.' as we felt that such actions would be handled in the changes to how bans are handled. All warnings expire after 3 months. This is the BIG Change. Ban reports now include public votes on the ban and as much evidence as possible. The Appeal system is 90% gone, instead of being banned and having to appeal to have the ban removed. Instead you will now be 'Temp-Banned' depending on how many times you have been banned. Once the ban expires you can return to the server. Once you return to the server after being banned, you will now experience a 1 OOC month Probation period, during which you need to demonstrate that your behaviour has changed since you were banned. Effectively, you need to not perform any behaviour that would warrant a ban or a warning. Should you conduct yourself in such a manner during your probation. You will be banned, and your ban timer will reset and escalate to the next timer. These 'Temp-bans' are not appealable. These are the new timers that scale with more bans you have as a player. Should you be deserving of having four or more bans under your belt, then you will experience an 'Indefinite Ban'. This most reflects the old ban and appeal system. Instead of being 'Temp-banned', you will instead be banned indefinitely until you appeal to return. If your appeal fails, nothing happens as you are still just banned. If you are successful, you return to the server and experience a 3 OOC month probation period. If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this updated system, please leave your constructive comments on the forum thread below.
  14. A large tome remains locked away within the private office of the Matriarch of Valdier. It cannot be accessed without the Duchess' several keys. This is not public knowledge. Every double-page spread within the book is dedicated to an inhabitant of Valdier, their physical and personal information as well as listing their occupations and hidden details. N O B I L I T Y Name: Duchess LOLA DU FAUCON [ Pandamainia ] Race: Half-Elf Age: 21 Physical Description: "Your Perfect, sweetie." Demeanour: Just too good for this godforsaken world. Occupation / Pursuits: Duchess of Valdier. Hostess. Hunter. Tailor. Musician. Family: Spouse: Married to Archmage Finn-Patzer Dawn-Lyren. Children : - Volkonsky Family: Nikolai (Father), Alexsandr (Half-Brother), Natalya (Half-Sister), Pyotr (Half-Brother), Ekaterina (Half-Sister) Du Faucon Family: Fabienne (Mother - Deceased ), Kaladin (Uncle - Deceased), Leonce (Uncle - Deceased), Sigfrid (Grandfather - Deceased), Scrym (Grandmother - Deceased) Relations / Connections : Useful, stable and professional (and personal) relations with Ara'sil, Lucienne, Gravemont, Yamashiro. Tense with Boleira. [Redacted] Other Details: Demonbranded by Nephiti. [Redacted] Name: Lord FINN PATZER DAWN-LYREN [ RedAttendant ] Race: Shifter - "Half-Syrien" Age: 30 Physical Description: When in usual form; brown hair, medium height, slightly tanned skin, facial hair, often wears a hat and dark-coloured Sailor uniform. Demeanour: Quiet, pensive, intelligent. Easily made uncomfortable. Occupation / Pursuits: Head Guildmaster of Magespire. Archmage. Sailor. Family: Spouse: Married to Duchess Lola du Faucon of Valdier Children : - Dawn-Lyren Family: Bishop (Father), Mirra Dawn-Lyren (Mother-Deceased), Vulmar (Grandfather), Ciyera (Grandmother), Chiara (Aunt), Thalion (Uncle). Relations / Connections : [Redacted] Other Details: [Redacted] Name: Lord NIKOLAI IVANOVICH VOLKONSKY [ _Mael ] Race: Avaltan-Valois Human Age: 56 Physical Description: A tall and imposing man. Black Hair. Impeccable facial hair. Blue Eyes. Often wearing formal, ceremonial attire with red-sash. Demeanour: Forbidding, strict, loyal, cunning. Easily disagreeable. Occupation / Pursuits: Lord-General of the L'armée de Valdier. Politician. Patriarch of Volkonsky Lineage Family: Spouse: Married to Lady Marya Andreyevna Volkonsky [Deceased] Children : Alexsandr (Eldest Son), Pyotr (Son), Natalya ( Eldest Daughter), Dmitry (Son), Ekaterina (Daughter) Relations / Connections : - Other Details: - Name: Lord ALEXSANDR NIKOLAEVICH VOLKONSKY [ TimmyTG ] Race: Avaltan-Valois Human Age: 26 Physical Description: 5’11”. Brown or black hair. Facial hair. Brown Eyes. Well trained physique. Often wearing formal, ceremonial attire with red-sash. Demeanour: Aloof, uncaring, disagreeable. Potential ambition (not likely) Occupation / Pursuits: Ceremonial Colonal-In-Chief of the Ducal Guards. Bachelor. Nobleman. Family: Volksonky Family - See 'Nikolai Volkonsky' Relations / Connections : - Other Details: - Name: Lord PYOTR NIKOLAEVICH VOLKSONKY [ Avokahlo ] Race: Avaltan-Valois Human Age: 24 Physical Description: Dusty Blonde hair. Blue eyes. 5’9”. Often wears simple clothes. Demeanour: Observing, ambitious, cunning, quiet, slightly-awkward. Occupation / Pursuits: Ceremonial Colonal-In-Chief of the Ducal Engineers Bachelor. Nobleman. Intellect. Family: Volksonky Family - See 'Nikolai Volkonsky' Relations / Connections : - Other Details: - Name: Lady NATALYA NIKOLAEVNA VOLKSONKY [ Simpophobia ] Race: Avaltan-Valois Human Age: 22 Physical Description: Jet black hair. Blue eyes. Sharp cheekbones. Body of a trained dancer- lithe and thin. 5’8”. Graceful Demeanour: Elegant, poised, intelligent, resourceful. Occupation / Pursuits: Prima Ballerina Assoluta. Bachelorette. Family: Volksonky Family - See 'Nikolai Volkonsky' Relations / Connections : - Other Details: - Name: Lady EKATERINA NIKOLAEVNA VOLKONSKY [RealIsopodHours ] Race: Avaltan-Valois Human Age: 18 Physical Description: Dusty Blonde Hair. Blue eyes. Button nose. Medium-build. 5’4”. Demeanour: Dazzling, bubbly, humorous, kind. Occupation / Pursuits: Student. Bachelorette. Family: Volksonky Family - See 'Nikolai Volkonsky' Relations / Connections : Amorous Connection with Bartzabel Xiao of Zheng. (Note- Stop.) Other Details: - Name: CALISTA MERRIGOLD [ Purpleyy_ ] Race: Half-Elf (Fey Valois) Age: 9 Physical Description: Short, brown hair. Merrigold, green Eyes. 3'2". Thin build. Demeanour: Quiet, studious, attentive, open. Troubled. Occupation / Pursuits: Student. Very Promising. Ward of the Duchess of Valdier. Family: Merrigold Family : Cecilia Merrigold (Mother), Cyril (Father), Miklos (Brother), Claire (Sister), Benjamin (Brother) Relations / Connections : Forging good connections with other students of noble families across the continents. Other Details: Keep an Eye on. Name: MARAES BRODIELONDE [ Ohmshakalaka ] Race: Elf Age: 14 Physical Description: Fair Skin. Umber brown eyes, ash blonde medium length hair and generally lanky, with awkwardly long arms. Demeanour: Unenthusiastic, troubled, a little uncouth. Can be trained if he works hard. Occupation / Pursuits: Student. Ward of the Duchess of Valdier. Family: Brodielonde Family : Raethal (Father), Amaryllis (Mother), Aeson (Uncle), Khyana (Aunt), Reprecht (Uncle), Faye (Aunt), Braern (Uncle), Virion (Twin Brother), Onvyr (Brother) Relations / Connections : Good connections with Ara'sil and Merrigolds. Needs to branch out more. Other Details: - A R T I S T S Name: PELLEAS [ Dr_Patriot ] Race: Human Age: - Physical Description: 5'7". Thin build. Always wearing helmet and body covered Demeanour: Jolly, loud, positive. Occupation / Pursuits: World-renowned Bard and Musician. Family: N/A Relations / Connections : Served under Sigfrid and Kaladin du Faucon - Loyal without a doubt to the Duchess Lola. Liked and received-well across the entire realm. Other Details: - Name: Dr CASPIAN HAYALCI [ SubSammich ] Race: Half-Elf Age: 40s. Looks around 20s Physical Description: 5'9". Thin, toned build. Long, white hair. Green Eyes. Formal Attire. Demeanour: Studious, Helpful, Inquisitive. Occupation / Pursuits: Healer, Physician, Tutor. Family: N/A Relations / Connections : Connections/history with Dawnbreak and the Reik. Serves at the Spirit Tree. Amiable relations elsewhere. Odd relation with Elvia. Other Details: - Name: TWIT [ Lavisso ] Race: Elf Age: 20 Physical Description: 5'6". Long, brown hair. Thin. Green Eyes. Casual Attire. Demeanour: Positive, amiable and agreeable. Ill-mannered. Occupation / Pursuits: Up-and-coming, training Bard. Family: N/A Relations / Connections : - Other Details: - M I L I T A R Y Name: KAGAN BALOGOG [ pillowtalk ] Race: Orc Age: 28 Physical Description: 9", huge and monstrous orc. Demeanour: Quiet , attentive, strong, loyal. Occupation / Pursuits: Personal guard to the Duchess Lola. Family: N/A Relations / Connections : - Other Details: - Name: THERRON ZARROS [ Tzugaris] Race: Syrien (Shark) Age: 25 Physical Description: 6'2". Well-build and toned. Short black hair and dark blue eyes. Usually shirtless. Demeanour: Passive, inquisitive , loyal, oblivious. Occupation / Pursuits: Personal guard to the Duchess Lola. Family: N/A Relations / Connections : - Other Details: - S T A F F Name: SELENA LEBEDEV [ _Tree ] Race: Fey Age: 10 Physical Description: 5 foot, thin, short black hair and green eyes. Demeanour: Promising. Quiet and timid to an extent- observing. Low. Occupation / Pursuits: Served as kitchen-runner under the Head Chef in the Kitchens. Promoted to Chambermaid. Family: N/A Relations / Connections : - Other Details: Fey-marked magical power.
  15. By the signing of this document, the TRADE CITY OF MAGESPIRE under the ownership of the Artificers Guild and Guild Council shall henceforth be joined with the DUCHY OF VALDIER under the governance of the du Faucon lineage. Both territories shall maintain independence from each other insofar as Magespire shall remain under the leadership of the Guild Council and Valdier under the rule of the du Faucon Matriarch. There is to be no overarching government that territories shall be subject to, rather a mutual alliance and combining of resources and lands for their mutual benefit under the banner of the Joint Territories. Soldiers join under one banner for the Territories and regularly spread freely between the two neighbouring regions. Answering to the command of both Lord Finn Patzer Dawn-Lyren of Magespire and Duchess Lola du Faucon of Valdier. Individual trade agreements and declarations shall remain separate with each territory, but goods are transferred openly and freely between craftsmen and farmers. This Decree is Public Knowledge. Magespire and Valdier are now a joint nation.
  16. [CrestTM] [PICTURETM] The Patriarch Lord Rune Ardugon The long lasting Patriarch of House Ardugon. His history goes on far into the first known world, being a long time Vallah and now one of the nobles of the Nation of Ilysari. Age: 3000~ Gender: Male Race: Avaltan [PICTURETM] The Matriarch Lady Lyra Rein Ardugon Lyra Ardugon, the current Matriarch of the Ardugon household at Rune Ardugon's side, the two beginning their name within the Nation of Ilysari. Age: 76 Gender: Female Race: Forest Elf [PICTURETM] Lady Ezra Dumont Ezra Dumont is the first born of Lyra Ardugon. Age: 53 Gender: Female Race: High Elf [PICTURETM] Lord Rory Flynn Lancelyn Lumiere Rory Lumiere is the first born son of Lyra Ardugon and twin to Rina Artorius. Age: 47 Gender: Male Race: High Elf [PICTURETM] Lady Rina Elizabeth Artorius Rina Artorius is the second born daughter of Lyra Ardugon and twin to Rory Lumiere. Age: 47 Gender: Male Race: High Elf [PICTURETM] Lady Cynthia Ardugon A daughter born of Rune Ardugon. Age: 31 Gender: Female Race: Dark Elf [PICTURETM] Lady Caroline Ardugon Caroline is the first born daughter between Rune and Lyra Ardugon. Age: 31 Gender: Female Race: Forest Elf [PICTURETM] Lord Mikael Rydel Ardugon Mikael is the first born son of Rune and Lyra Ardugon. He is the twin to Vaeri Ardugon. Age: 4 Gender: Male Race: Half-Elf | Forest Elf / Avaltan [PICTURETM] Lady Vaeri Eva Ardugon The second born daughter of Rune and Lyra Ardugon. She is the twin to Mikael Ardugon Age: 4 Gender: Female Race: Half-Elf | Forest Elf / Avaltan [PICTURETM] Lady Evangelinn Ardugon An adopted daughter of Rune Ardugon. Age: Unknown Gender: Female Race: Unknown The Ardugon Family is a long lasting line that has been with the great Nation of Ilysari since its beginning. They have survived through a total of five worlds and still their name exists upon the higher echelon of society as a noble family. Though not much information is detailed about them as their history is long and shadowed. This noble house has much more to be expanded upon in terms of its line and history. Thus it will be updated as time goes on. [OOC] This is a WIP and will be updated upon more information being given to myself.
  17. [CrestTM] The Head Mistress Mistress Diana do Rosario The Head Mistress of the do Rosario family. A family of Vallah who have gathered under the singular ambition of strengthening themselves and each other to better protect their interests and their kin, the city of Ilysari their bastion as they reside there as a Noble Family. Age: Unknown Gender: Female Race: Hestark Human Mistress Dahlia do Rosario The first sister of the do Rosario family and the first Mistress. Dahlia was the first person Diana had invited and she has helped progress the family since, the both of them seeing each other as sisters. Age: 108 Gender: Female Race: Hestark Human Brother Khaine do Rosario One of the newest members of the do Rosario family and the second brother to ever join the family. He takes on a more violent route as a soldier and fighter, a protector and warrior within its confines, spreading its name through steel. Age: 40s Gender: Male Race: Hestark Human Brother Aurelius do Rosario The first to join the coven in the fifth world and currently the Herald for the Imperial Zheng Court. He has taken a more political route to continue benefiting the do Rosario name within the lands. Age: 18 Gender: Male Race: Half Elf | Snow Elf / Avaltan Sister Denika do Rosario The most recent addition to the do Rosario family. Denika takes on a political and militaristic interest in the Zheng Imperial Court, adding to the name of do Rosario in the world. Age: Unknown Gender: Female Race: Dark Elf Brother Damien do Rosario The first brother and second person to ever join the do Rosario family. His current status is unknown. Age: Unknown Gender: Male Race: Human The do Rosario family is a family connected to that of the Royal de Noctis House, considered a relative to the Matriarch herself. They reside within the Kingdom of Duken and are spread throughout the lands to take position and places within different kingdoms and societies to spread the little known do Rosario name. Very little is known about the family and it is purposefully kept so, few even knowing of its existance.
  18. (This is a work in progress, more laws are going to be added soon) Criminal Acts: Assault without weapon: First offense: Fine of 20,000 arunes, or 1 week service in the mines. Second offense: One month service in the mines. Third offense: Tossed into the pit, or casted in stone. Assault with deadly weapon: First offense: Prison time, including 1 week mining work. Second offense: Confiscation of all weaponry, banned from owning weapons in Holmsgard lands and one year of mining services. Third offense: Casted in stone, or banished to the deep run. The use of profane magics and artifacts automatically give you the third offense. Theft and Mugging: First offense: Two days prison time, 10,000 arune fine. Second offense: 2 weeks service in the mines. Third offense: Casted in stone. Laws of the Land: I. No commerce may be undertaken in the name of the Kingdom of Holmsgard with those individuals considered profane. Profane in this context refers to any individual of Demonic or Voidal Nature, as well as any of those who act against the pantheon, or those who worship Foli, the Mother of Chaos. Should a citizen of the Kingdom of Holmsgard wish to conduct business with a profane individual, said citizen must obtain written permission from the Kingdom of Holmsgard, or add an additional 20% of the asking price. II. All contracts are to be honored. Any individual seen to sign a contract in bad faith, and fail to carry out the agreements written therein will be subject to punishment by the Kingdom of Holmsgard.
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