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    1. Today
    2. [Theme] Overview: The Whaler’s Guild is a zealous monster hunting and fishing organisation, whose purpose is to cull hordes of monsters as well as protect fishermen and whalers at sea. Faith: Shaohl, the Kraken (Major) & Engel, the Lady of the Hunt (Lesser). Purpose: The Whaler’s Guild’s purpose is simple; protect fishermen from threats at sea. Ensure that proper migration patterns are respected. Further the precepts of Shaohl by granting protection to the common people and hunting down dangerous beasts. The Whaler's Guild also manages the
    3. Yesterday
    4. The first of two waves is here, the first big lore drop of the year! (That isn't exodus.) First, some notifications and statements from the team; Due to the rabbit hole of the cloth redo going a LOT deeper then any of us realized, that will arrive in three OOC weeks, on November 8th at the next meeting. Sorry guys! The festival of shadows is taking up our next meeting slot, so the wait will be a little longer. With the introduction of the final round of changes for magic for at least half a year barring any extreme holes we might find, Aeromancy and
    5. Loremaster


      Name: Souls Golem Creator: N/A Item Type: Gargantuan Mechanics: This golem is seen as a solid arcamite core hosted within an incorporeal shell, which has been created in a desired form. The only things capable of causing harm to this golem are magical or aura based abilities, necrite, and elderium. Upon creation, the creator can choose one ability from the following that the golem is able to do. The same golem cannot have more than one of the following abilities.
    6. Loremaster

      Leyline Map & Gambit of Arcana

      Gambit of Arcana The Gambit of Arcana long ago was not in existence. During this period of magical struggle, mages oft sought not but power and could gain it to an extent which could not be checked by other mages. Men walked the earth and a great number of people could use magical abilities whether on accident or on purpose. However this would not do for long and this chaos and greed associated with learning needed to be put in check. With this an ancient force created the Gambit of Arcana, a test which mages would be able to properly tutor their students, pass down knowledge and otherwis
    7. Loremaster

      The Voidlings

      - Corrupters - Deep-Seeded Hatred Description: What is often referred to as one of the most dangerous beings to exist, the corrupter is a hive-like entity that is capable of corrupting, assimilating and terraforming entire planets to its own voidal form, turning it into a breeding ground of mutated monsters and memories of a fallen age. Starting at first as a single seeder (see below), corruptors, after they find a place to form a hive, begin to consume the person they used as a host, and spread a strange violet-like biomass around them. This soon results in organs wh
    8. “No one man, Rayarch had declared, could or should rule the whole of the Kingdom, and the establishment of the Elector Counts maintained this principle. He who was elected Monarch wielded great power, but only by the forbearance of his peers, who upon his death or abdication, may set the crown upon the brow of another heir not his own.” S.1: As the power of the Kingdom of Angouleme grows, such a reformation to the Grand Council is needed to ensure that the republic runs smoothly as intended. With such, each Duke/Duchess of their respective Province gains the power to name a Baron/Baron
    9. Last week
    10. Loremaster

      Guide to Magecraft

      Mages Magic within the realm is something not particularly common among its denizens, yet the skills of magus are certainly known. These individuals capable of harnessing arcane energies are usually known as "Mages.” These mages are able to harness mana through their own bodies drawn from leylines within the world and turn this mana into objects, forces, senses, and other effects in the world. Enlightenment The Spark is the aurum of a mage. Enlightened by the leylines power, and igniting the aurum allows a mage to manipulate mana from their pool. Though some are born with
    11. Loremaster

      Miniature Dragons

      - Celestial - Description: Egg: Celestial dragons have eggs that are completely solid black with no defining marks whatsoever. This is the only info researchers have found on what the eggs are like as they have only been spotted once. The hatching period and common areas of birthing are completely unknown. Dragon: Once out of their egg their colors range from Midnight Blue to Black with a very unique feature to them. Each individual scale has the ability to shift color into a Stark White color at the dragon’s will meaning they are able to create patterns on their skin n
    12. Loremaster


      Pyromancy The discipline of Pyromancy encompasses the ability to manipulate light, heat, and flame itself. Name: Magelight Mana: 1 Discipline: Pyromancy Concentration: Low Cast Time: One Turn Spell Duration: Fifteen Turns Range: Fifteen Meters Spell Effect: The caster forms an orb of light that hovers at a set point. It emits no heat and carries no flammable properties. It allows those nearby to see 10 meters in any direction. Spell Name: Fire Resistance Mana: N/A Discipline: Pyromancy Concentration: N/A Cast T
    13. Loremaster


      Hydromancy The discipline of Hydromancy encompasses the ability to manipulate water and change its state between solid and liquid. Spell Name: Waterbend Mana: 1 per Turn Discipline: Hydromancy Concentration: Low Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Channeled Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster can freely manipulate water and ice within range, moving the water or changing it between states. This spell is not harmful and is solely for manipulating and moving water. With this spell, the caster can lift up to 5 pounds (around 2 kgs).
    14. Loremaster


      Terramancy The discipline of Terramancy encompasses the ability to control earth. Manipulation of metals, stone, and magnetism are all a part of Terramancy. Spell Name: Magnetic Manipulation Mana: 1 per Turn Discipline: Terramancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Channeled Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster is able to freely manipulate a magnetic object without needing to touch it. They can move the object around in front of them at a rate of 3 meters per turn. The caster can only lift objects up to 25 pounds (ro
    15. Loremaster

      Healing and Injuries

      Healing and Injuries Wounds and injuries follow a scale across all systems. This chart dictates the severity of each wound dealt, and provides a guide to healing. Minor - Minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises Mild - Lacerations, minor fractures, punctures, and gashes requiring stitches Moderate - Broken bones, minor blood loss, 2nd degree burns, minor appendages (fingers, toes, etc.) Severe - 3rd degree burns, major blood loss, major lacerations, large gashes, puncture wounds, etc. Lethal - Fatal wounds, organ damage, limbs, etc. Accelerated
    16. It came all at once. First, the silence of the world itself, as if it sensed the great movement that was about to heave forth into the realm. The next, a shockwave which circled four or five times around the planet, shattering windows and causing large earthquakes in the nine circles. The super volcano at the very center of this place, one known as the place where K'Daai themselves were chained, has exploded..and debris was not the only thing that began pouring out from within. Three massive entities soon emerged, towering over the thousands of Imps, Fiends and demons which came al
    17. CaitTheGr8

      List of Crimes

      [*]Addendum I:: All people whether they be Skjøldfólk or foreigners are allowed to ask for a trial when arrested for crimes committed in clan territory. This trial will be overseen by either the Dróttning or Konungr who render the final verdict.
    18. Loremaster


      Psionics The discipline of Psionics encompasses the ability to manipulate the mind, create illusions, and manipulate dreams. Illusions are unable to physically harm people but can trick people into thinking they have been harmed temporarily. Spell Name: Tap the Surface [Profane] Mana: 1 per Person Discipline: Psionics Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: 5 Turns Range: 5 Meters, Line of Sight Spell Effect: The caster reads the thoughts of a target within range, able to hear the current thoughts the target is thinking. The
    19. Loremaster


      Biomancy The discipline of Biomancy encompasses manipulation of plants and animals, but not people. Spell Name: Basic Biomancy Mana: 1 per Turn Discipline: Biomancy Concentration: Low Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Channeled Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster can freely manipulate plant life in the environment, moving and molding it into different shapes. This spell is not harmful and is solely for manipulating and moving things. Spell Name: Knock Down Mana: 2 Discipline: Biomancy Concentration: Low C
    20. Loremaster


      Sanguimancy The discipline of Sanguimancy encompasses the ability to manipulate organic matter in living creatures. This includes but is not limited to blood and body manipulation. Spell Name: Blood Whip Mana: 2 Discipline: Sanguimancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instant Range: 5 Meters Spell Effect: The caster creates a whip-like tendril of blood. This whip is able to inflict small lacerations onto a target when in skilled hands, however, targets in metal armor are not cut by the blood whip. Targets in cloth armo
    21. Loremaster


      Healing The discipline of Healing encompasses the ability to mend physical wounds, manipulate diseases and toxins, and cure curses when combined with the Souls discipline. Spell Name: Doctor’s Sight Mana: 1 Discipline: Healing Concentration: Low Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Instant Range: Self, Touch Spell Effect: This spell acts as “x-ray” vision, allowing a first target (or self) to analyze the biological functions of a second target (or self). The first target may see any injury, broken or dislocated bone (along with their location),
    22. Loremaster


      Aeromancy The discipline of Aeromancy can generate and manipulate wind and air. Spell Name: Lift on Air Mana: 2 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Instant Range: Self, 5 Meters or 7 Meters Spell Effect: The caster launches themselves in a direction of their choosing. The caster can be launched up to 5 meters vertically or 7 meters horizontally. The spell does not include a soft landing. Spell Name: Deflection Mana: 2 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Low Cast Time:
    23. Loremaster

      The Void

      - The Void - Overview The Void is often a general reference to that which resides within the realm of absence, but is in truth the correct name for that which lies beyond the veil between worlds. A seemingly infinite boundary that is ever expanding, the void is a massive area in which no light exudes nor escapes, and is often considered to be a place where nothing can possibly exist. This could not be further from the truth. Within the realm of the Void lies countless destroyed, corrupted and twisted planets that either natively began as such, or were torn beyond recogni
    24. Loremaster


      Electromancy The discipline of Electromancy encompasses the manifestation and manipulation of electricity and lightning. Spell Name: Flash Mana: 2 Disciplines: Electromancy Concentration: Low Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instant Range: Self, 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster dashes like a flash of lightning to a location within 15 meters. During this time, the caster cannot attack or cast; however, the caster may still collide with people or objects, causing small electrical burns to people hit and slight bruising to the caster.
    25. teakettl

      Zheng Nari

      Username: teakettl Character Name: Zheng Nari Spirit: Genet - Magu [Shadow, Emotion, Wind] Bond Type: Bond [10 Shakti, 10 Incantations] Bond: The shaman is capable of creating a large fan that vaguely resembles that of Genets wings, this fan is capable of being held in one hand however upon being flayed is capable of creating a burst of wind 5x5x5 meters in size. This wind will shove everything within its area back by three meters and if a person, onto their back. This wind is also sharp and will apply minor cuts with each slash to exposed flesh, capping at moderate cuts
    26. Loremaster

      Magecraft Stances

      What is a Stance: A stance is a basic fundamental that changes the way a Mage is capable of performing in the field in a wild variety of ways. Each stance has their own benefits and drawbacks which change the way they work. A mage can only ever adopt one stance at a time, and they can only change it when they have their spark lit or ascend to a higher ranking (Note: Archmages cannot switch stance unless they demote. They will be required to retake the Gambit of Arcana if they do so.) These affect all spells unless specified otherwise in the stance. Spells can go over the 5 mana max limit in te
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