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    1. Yesterday
    2. The Custom Item Team is responsible for the following: Additional duties may be required during the position. What is a team leader? A team leader is the sole decision making authority over one of the Aethier Teams. The positions primary responsibility involved ensuring that any tasks related to the team get done. This is more of a delegation/management role. Team leaders are also responsible for hiring/firing the members for their own team and are allowed to do so entirely at their discretion. Team leaders are responsible for handing IA reports a
    3. //==================================\\ A missive is sent to the leadership of Sho-Battai, sent as an urgent warning to the members of the Zheng Dynasty, and the leadership of Sho-battai. Aeson is specifcally kept out of the loop with this announcement, due to the nature of it. If he is even still privy to the methods of communication amongst the leadership. Private letters are sent with the utmost discreetness. "To whom this concerns, Be aware one of our own has fallen. Aeson Brodielonde is an extremely dangerous figure and has been suspected to be a fallen. He is an extremely dangero
    4. Hazy

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      Angoulême secedes from the Drakkonspyre Empire through democratic vote, albeit far more cleanly than the mess that occured that day through a simple declaration by the people. [IC] Angoulême serves no foreign godless tyrants and will fight for their divinely given freedoms! Although cooperation toward the void may be reached. The next move is yours, Drakkonspyre. ----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
    5. A tweaking of the definition of Profane Psionics, to take into account what the Pantheon truly cares about. Profane Rules
    6. Fooldude

      An Honorable Contract

      Signed, Corentine.
    7. Last week
    8. I would like to give my sincere apology for the problems caused by changes that were included in the FT Systems Change on the 21st of February. Most of the region owners noticed and questioned how two of the changes that were introduced seem to be out of the blue and blindsided the player faction leaders. Out of frustration in an overlap of jurisdiction between myself and Kyle I chose to introduce rules to force him to take actions he would not have done of his own will aswell as some of the player factions. I did this out of the belief that in the end it would be a benefit to the server and p
    9. Loremaster

      Idrask Hvitr Ulfr (Ake's Cloak)

      Rumored Location: Found and Taken Backstory: Idrask Hvitr Ulfr, Avaltan for “repentance of white wolf”, is a cloak made from the pelt of an abnormally large albino lycanthrope known as Ake Hatiblut. Ake was the ruler of the Hatiblut clan, along with many others as he sought to further the Avaltan people. In life he was completely immune to magical effects and even divine, having pushed the boundaries of what was known to be possible through heretical means. In death, his cloak only retains the magic resistance, the divine portion of it sapped along with his life. Ake was feare
    10. Brogan

      FT Systems Update: February 21st 2021

      - The Treaties thread has been updated following community feedback.
    11. All statements made herein are ratified into law upon postage of this notice and henceforth stand as the beginning of a hopeful new chapter in Ara’Sil’s history and the Elven legacy. Section 1: DISSOLUTION OF THE HOUSES Article 1: The Revision of State Structure Upon review by the Crown and current members in office of the nation of Ara’Sil, the House model of nobility and governance has been deemed inapplicable to the current national structure. Following a history of infighting, disputes and prejudices on the basis of family, and an unfortunate precedent o
    12. Kyle1322

      To Light a New Age

      After a brief altercation inside the palace, the old Emperor emerged to the crowds of the entire people's of Drakonspyre, more than 30,000 men, women and children. In the sky, eight dragons and seven riders flew about, their eyes clouded and black with rage and fury. Raising his now even more muscled and mutated form, he spoke to his cheering people. "Once again, the world, promising peace after we have sacrificed so much, has betrayed us. it has become clear that no longer can we trust the words of people not our own, of exiles who seek nothing more then to become the very tyrants
    13. Sixth Frisept, Third Mense of Amaries, Five A.E, Fifth Era Archives have been restored and updated with new documentation. Catalogue: Total Documents - 74 Military Documents - 50
    14. Lord General / Général d’Angoulême / Kommandant Sigmund von Kolchrave @LordOfTheDank Knight-Commander / Chévalier-Commandant / Knight-Kommandant Damien Aveylon @AlienDark12 Captain / Le Capitaine / Hauptmann Neci Solaray @Neci Lieutenant / Lieutenant / Leutnant [0/2] Sergeant / Sergent / Feldwebel [0/3] Corporal / Caporal / Gefreiter [1/3] Reinhold Lancelyn von Kolchrave @Ottorintsu Ensign / Insigne / Fähnrich [1/∞] Corentine @Fooldude Soldier / Soldate / Soldat [13/∞] Lora’Bella @animem
    15. [Application Thread] Below is the official citizenship census for the Kingdom d'Angoulême kept in a secure location within the Chateau of Lucienne. This information is not public knowledge and is only available to high ranking members within the government d’Angoulême. Format: Name: Race: Aurum: Birthplace and Age (as of 2/19/21): Immediate Family: Place of Residency: Occupation: Physical Features: Deity(s)/Entity(s) of Worship: [OOC: IGN: ] Approved Citizens: Name: Rayarch Leoncœur d'
    16. Earlier
    17. The Moontani

      New Roza Ivanov's Runic Journal

      Username: TheMoontani Character Name: Roza Ivanov Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Alteration, Space Runes: 4/15 Active Mana: 10/10 Scroll Mana: 37/40 Enchantments: 0/1 Space Name: 🝥🜟🝮 - Evoke Weapon Mana: 2 Disciplines: Space Activation: Break Activation Time: 2 Duration: Instant Range: Up to 15 meters Effect: This rune requires a scroll to work, and cannot be casted through active writing. The user, in creating a scroll, binds an armament to said scroll weighing below 8 kilograms, effectively prohibiting use of the we
    18. - OOC Information - Username: celticwitch Alts: none Character’s Name: Abyssian Arashi Teacher [if applicable]: Self / Books - Aurum Information - Aurum Type: Mana Tier: Novice Stance: Specialist Mana: 20 mana + 15 spells Known Disciplines: Healing - Catalysts - Active Catalysts: None - Spells - Spell Name: Anti-Heal [Profane] Mana: 3 Discipline: Healing Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instant Range: Touch Spell Effect: The caster re
    19. Username: Abivi Character’s Name: Hildegarde Odette-Louen Kolchrave-Lancellyn Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Erebomancy, Pyromancy, Space, Alteration, Mana, Electromancy Runes: 0/15 Active Mana: 10/10 Scroll Mana: 40/40 Enchantments: 0/1 Runes:
    20. 𝓜𝔂𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓪 𝓟𝓲𝓼𝓬𝓪𝓮𝓼-𝓐𝓷𝓷𝓮𝔁 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Username Kinzie09 Character Name Myrina Piscaes-Annex Spirit: Alizeh (Validor) Bond Type Bonded: The shaman is able to blow away loose objects away from them, moving them as rolling projectiles of up to 15 feet. Bond Site Desert near a small pond. Idols *Tattoo's of wings with swirling sands for the feathers along her shoulder blades ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓶𝓼 Spell N
    21. OOC Information: Username: Xioshocker Character’s Name: Jean-Louen Alphonse von Maddoc d'Angouleme Teacher [if applicable]: Aurum Information: Aurum Type: Mana Tier: Novice Stance: Stance of the Specialist (2 less mana, -1 turns to cast; minimum 1 mana, 2 cast time) Mana: 20 Known Disciplines: Erebomancy Catalysts & Spells Active Catalysts: Catalysts Here Known Spells: 10/15 Erebomancy The discipline of Erebomancy encompasses shadows and the absence of heat. Spell Name: S
    22. Witchay

      Gracelyn Chromer

      Music Vibes~ ~:Username:~ Witchay ~:Character Name:~ Gracelyn Chromer ~:Spirit:~ Realta (Moon Ghatha) ~:Bond Type:~ Bonded ~:Bond Site:~ Mid-North part of the crystal biome. ~:Idol(s):~ Dream Catcher Tattoo on the back, Bru'tag head ~:Spells:~ Lay On Hands (Base Healing Domain Spell) Shakti: Three Domain: Healing Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Four turns Duration: Instant Range: Touch Effect: The shaman's hands become semi-et
    23. ScarletWolf

      Khione An Brannissil

      khione Valka’ar an brannissil ~\ Username /~ ScarletRoseWolf ~\ Character Name /~ khione Valka’ar an brannissil ~\ Spirit /~ Coare - Water, Healing, Animal. ~\ Bond Type /~ Bonded ~\ Bond Site /~ Khione's bondsite it one of the large rock islands slightly south west of Camlann. It has a smaller and thinner rock beside it and the most noticeable feature is the large shipwreck. ~\ Idols /~ N/A ~\ Spells/~ Spell Name: Lay on Hands Shakti: Three Domain: Healing
    24. RITES & RITUALS OF AN MORRIGNA "The following is a compilation of the rites and rituals of the Morrigna Clan, tiered depending on the level of knowledge required by the Astòr practicing it." Summary: 1. Rites of Initiation; 2. Rites of the Hunt; 3. Rites of the Fisherman; 4. Rites of Judgement; 5. Rites of Curadhmir; 6. ...;
    25. GucciSandles

      Kazador Q. Silverbeard: Grimoire

      Username: AFlyOnTheWall Character’s Name: Kazador Q. Silverbeard Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Hydromancy, Terramancy, Pyromancy, Sound, Mana, Space. 0/15 Known Runes 10/10 Active Mana 40/40 Scroll Mana (Feb) 0/1 Enchantments (Feb) Known Runes
    26. Kyle1322

      Abyssal Cowl [Rhazort]

    27. Kyle1322

      Aeromancy Golem. [Rhazort]

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