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  2. Boog

    May Content Contest

    Application Form: Username: SoftBrexit Category: Writing Submission: Bartzabel's Dream of Fire (writing in second person is HARD)
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  4. Kyle1322

    Campaign The First Grand Banquet

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fAHt6AujyxJx6U_fxk9fOUvVdgVDMkYGGN2n4N2Kmc8/edit#gid=0 With the following spreadsheet for 2 vs 2's and 3 vs 3's released, starting this week we will be beginning the 2 v 2's. IF your character is in another circumstance, such as dead and cannot attend, please PM @Tree or Tree#5946 to let them know; Otherwise, over the course of this week, weekend and next week, the 2 vs 2's will take place by player initiative, starting tomorrow. Prizes for the winners of the brackets, overall bracket and grand prizes will be up very soon! Please let @Kyle13222 or @Tree know the results of your match when it is finished. 2 v 2's are until YIELD, though death is optional by technicality of them refusing to yield. Being knocked unconscious also counts as auto yielding in this case. Because of wibbly wobbly timezones, we are trusting you with this to arrange against your opponents and with your teammates, and don't forget, anyone can go and watch it happen live when it does by using /warp event. If you need the rules of the Mundane bracket, they are simple; All magical, divine or otherwise abilities are suppressed. Holy relics, etc also do not work. One designated magic item per character of their choice [NOT artifact] is allowed.
  5. Boog

    New Forum & Bug Feedback Thread

    The sidebar on the right of the forums section still shows applications. - Would prefer if it just showed topics.
  6. Phantom

    Notice of Voided RP

    Due to a lore confusion regarding Oberon's demonic mount summoning ability "The First Horseman of the Apocalypse", all instances in which Oberon has summoned this mount has been voided by Moderation Team. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. @SocialDarwinist
  7. The following details a list of Aethier Owned Services. To note, this document is to provide transparency to the community, and will be updates over time, aswell as provide requested clarity as to what and where the Aethier Rules Apply To be clear, this list can be used to reference officially owned and trusted platforms, aswell as paying reference to what authorities have the rights over what. This document will also specify which teams have control or elevated permissions of any kind on said platforms. Assets: UKATRCORE01 - OVH Datacenter (London) Primary Server Unit Rental Unit, 16 Core at 3.6GHZ, 128GB Memory, 960GB SSD Raid 1, 6TB HDD Raid 1, 1GBPS Down [3GB Burst] & 10GBPS Up (Async), +DDOS Attack Mitigation Used for hosting all Public Aethier Servers/Services. Ongoing Subscription on Fixed Lease Terms (For Renewal by end of 2020) UKATRDEV01 - Privatley Hosted Aethier Development and Overflow Capacity Server. Dell PowerEdge R710, 2x12Core at 2.4GHZ, 80GB Memory, 120GB SSD, 750GB HDD Raid 0, 580MBPS Down & 35MPBS Up (Async) Player Capacity at Approx 20 Players due to upstream limitations Used for Aethier Development Environment and Secondary Game Hosting for Small Users Licences: Xenforo Licence (Expires Feb 2021) Various Themes and Licences Including Minesync Invision Power Board Licence (Ongoing) Additional Licences for Themes & Addons also ongoing Monthly Tebex Premium Subscription A vast amount of Spigot.org plugins Patreon Subscriptions to Discord Bots for the Aethier Community Discord Server (Ongoing) Aethier Teamspeak Server Music Bot Licence (Expired) Multicraft Licence x2 (Permanent, Unused) 1x 10 Server Licence (Unused) 1x 4 Server Licence (Unused) Services: Official Public Minecraft Servers (Including Waterfall Proxy Networks, Servers Themselves, and any Public Development Environments where the primary permission system is in use) All Teams have elevated access Private Development Minecraft Servers Operations Team Only, With escalation paths to moderation Team as required This may occasionally include public development tests with seperate user permissions. Teamspeak Team Leaders & Moderators have elevated permissions. Other Teams are cosmetic Only Aethier Public Discord Server Team Leader, Operations and Moderation have Elevated Access Other Teams are Cosmetic Only Aethier Teams Discord Team Leader and Moderation have Elevated Access Other Teams are Cosmetic Only The Aethier Forums Team Leader, Operations and Moderation have Elevated Access Note: All Discord Servers that are not owned by the account Serethia#0001 are NOT owned or operated by any of the Aethier Teams or related owners/platform administrators and we have no control, power or authority over these services. Our only official platforms are listed above, and we can only provide any kind of assistance with services that we operate and are in control of. The Aethier Terms of Service, Rules, Policies and Systems apply to all Services listed, and that are operated within the Aethier Infrastructure unless where explicitly specified otherwise, or there is other written or official documentation from the person responsible for said platform, role or procedure specifies that they do not and evidence can be provided to support this case. Please also refer our terms of service for information on user generated content. A copy can be found in the following spoiler:
  8. Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Moderation Team is back with another update for you all. We recently realized we don't have a set system in place for handling players who have had their ban appeals declined, so we've written up an official system to help keep things fair across the board! As always, this system will not impact any players who have already been given appeal wait times and only applies to future instances. Additionally, in order to be a bit more clear about the purposes of warnings, bans, and appeals, I've added an overview section to the information thread we have up in the Rules & Policies section. All of this information has been updated on this thread and is also quoted below for your convenience. Overview section: Update to Bans, Appeals, & Unbans section regarding declined ban appeals:
  9. For the benefit of those wanting to embed google docs on the new forums. The attached PDF contains the instructions, and the forums will automatically embed the content. Usage Instructions.pdf
  10. natureluvr

    CRP Moderation Standards V.1.2

    Update: Weapon ranges have received an overhaul due to complications between weapon sizes, weapon types, different races, etc. The change is quoted below.
  11. natureluvr

    Redacted IC Letters, Reports, etc.

    Please stop making IC forum threads that are just redacted. If you need to send a private letter/report/etc and don't want it seen publicly on the forums, please include the information in a forum PM instead.
  12. natureluvr

    !!! Another Round of Moderation Updates !!!

    Sooo I didn't realize Lore Team needed to look over the Projectile rework before Moderation put it out. WHOOPS! Lore Team looked over the system now and worked with some of the available Mods to rework the system again for better balancing. The update is put out and also quoted below! So sorry for any inconvenience and confusion!
  13. Hello Aethier Community! The following thread is a bit long, but I strongly suggest reading it in full in order to get the complete context and reasoning for all of the new changes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the changes, feel free to contact me on Discord at natureluvr#5448 and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can! First clarification: the Weapon Mechanics (Universal) section of the CRP Moderation Standards thread have been edited to clarify emote times regarding the drawing of projectile weapons. The update is quoted below. Second clarification: the Aethier Rules & Policies thread has been updated to include a section under Content Rules addressing references to and use of IRL drugs in roleplay (not counting tobacco and alcohol). This has never been permitted but wasn't written down clearly anywhere, so we've edited that in. The update is quoted below. Third clarification: Moderation Team is taking an official public stance with the community regarding a behavior that has becoming fairly commonplace lately. Situations in which players go up to a Team Member or Team Leader and say something along the lines of "You're biased so I don't respect anything you say or decide." is considered toxic behavior. Saying something like this directly to the team member/leader or making these accusations while they are handling a situation for you is considered malicious and will result in a warning. Nothing good can ever come of situations like these, so there is no reason for them to occur. Concerns of bias should always be brought respectfully and appropriately to the Team Leader if a Team Member is in question or to IA if a Team Leader is in question, along with any supporting evidence. This way, genuine concerns can be properly investigated. This update to the Aethier Rules & Policies thread is quoted below. First new implementation: Moderation Team has discussed and reviewed the current precedents and treatments of "combat logging" situations. We are changing the way we treat combat logs in attempt to be more fair and understanding with special circumstances. We are also putting more information about combat logs in writing on the Aethier Rules & Policies thread in order to be more transparent with the playerbase. The update to this policy has been implemented under the No Avoiding RP Consequences section of the rules and is quoted below. Second new implementation: Recently there has been a lot of confusion regarding warnings and whether or not they expire, how long they take to expire, if they should require appeals to expire, how warning expiration impacts potential for bans, etc. Moderation Team has thoroughly discussed this issue and come to conclusions regarding how we want points and expiration to work. We have posted up a new thread titled 'Information on Warnings, Warning Points, Bans etc.' which you can find here. We have done our best to include information regarding Moderation procedures with the goal of being more clear and fair with the playerbase. All warnings given prior to today, April 19, 2020, will follow whatever warning expiration date was stated on the warning. --- Thank you all so much for taking the time to read through all of our updates! Sorry for the huge post, but we wanted to roll out as many changes at once as we could in order to avoid spamming the forums with updates. Thank you for your understanding and we hope that all of our changes and clarifications will have a positive impact for the server!!
  14. Overview Warnings - The warning system is in place to dole out disciplinary action to players who violate the rules. We operate by a three strike warning system because after a player is given a warning, we are giving them another chance to correct their behavior. Bans - When a player is banned, they have been given too many chances or taken things too far to the extreme, so much so to the point where they are deemed no longer fit to be a member of the Aethier community. Appeals - When a player makes a ban appeal, Moderation Team should review it and host a vote. Moderation Team should only vote to unban the player if they believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the player will NOT violate any more rules after returning, and that they truly have changed their behavior. Ban appeals are NOT second chance opportunities for players. That's what the warnings are for, not ban appeals. The Watchlist, Warning Points, and Expirations All verbal warnings, warnings, bans, unbans, and DNRs are documented in the private watchlist section of the forums. Warning points expire over time. This timespan is typically 3 OOC months, but can vary on a case by case basis. Expired warning points still count towards repeat offenses. When a player accumulates 2 unexpired warning points, repeat offenses or not, the player is considered to be on general "Last Warning" status. General last warning status lasts as long as there are 2 unexpired warning points. When a player accumulates 2 expired warning points for a repeat offense behavior, the player is still considered to be on "Last Warning" status for that particular violation. This type of last warning status does not expire. Verbal Warnings A verbal warning is recorded as a "Misbehavior" and has 0 warning points when given as a forum warning. A repeat offense of something that previously resulted in a Verbal Warning will receive a Formal Warning. Since verbal warnings do not have any points associated with them, there's nothing to expire or be appealed. Formal Warnings A formal warning is recorded as a "Warning" and has 1 or more warning points when given as a forum warning. When given as an in game warning, each warning notification in the chat is considered 1 warning point. Formal warnings typically take 3 OOC months to expire. Special circumstances such as repeat offenses may result in a different expiration time. The expiration date will be displayed on the warning notification if the warning is a forum warning. Formal warnings can be appealed in the Appeals section of the forums. An approvable appeal should include an admission to the behavior resulting in the warning, an apology for the behavior resulting in the warning, and a desire to make efforts to improve future behavior. If an appeal is approved, the warning expiration time will be reduced to 1 OOC month. Formal warnings that are repeat offenses will still be taken into consideration regardless of having been expired or not. Bans, Appeals, & Unbans When a player accumulates 3 unexpired warning points, repeat offenses or not, the player will be banned instead of receiving a third warning notification. Repeat offenses (breaking the same rule more than once) will override warning expiration. This means that if you violate the same rule 3 times, no matter the time between violations, a ban may still occur. Bans may also occur in situations with severe rule violations such as Mature Content, toxicity, harassment, etc. regardless of whether or not there are 2 prior warning points for such behavior. These types of situations are left up to Moderation Team discretion. When a player is banned and makes a ban appeal, if the appeal is approved, their status will be stated on the appeal and recorded in the watchlist. Each unbanned player may have unban conditions different from the information provided on this thread. Unique unban conditions are typically a case by case basis discussed and decided by Moderation Team in the best interest of the community with consideration for the content of the banned player's watchlist. If a player is reported for continued unsavory behavior while they are banned, Moderation will discuss the report and host a vote. If the vote finds the reported behavior to be in violation of the rules, the ban timer will be escalated by one level of the ban appeal timer progression below. If a player makes a ban appeal and it is declined by Moderation Team, the ban appeal wait time will be reset, meaning the player will need to wait out the full waiting period again before they may apply for another ban appeal. Example: I have been banned once. I wait out my one month timer and make a ban appeal. It is declined. I must wait another month before I can post another appeal. Ban Appeal Timer Progression First Ban - 1 Month Until Appeal Second Ban - 3 Months Until Appeal Third Ban - 6 Months Until Appeal Fourth Ban+ - 12 Months Until Appeal DNR Information on DNR can be found here.
  15. natureluvr

    Notice of Team Leader Changes

    After talking things out with Phantom we’ve both realized that we could have handled the situation better on both of our parts. We’ve made up and are moving forwards; we both just want what’s best for the community as a whole.
  16. Tree

    Event Team Announcement

    Evening All, Hopefully this is my first and only announcement of this kind as Event Secretary but I’m here to basically clear up the circumstances and reasoning behind an event ban being issued to a player yesterday. The Team Leader proposed in Event chat, an event ban. However, they wished for it to be discussed and decided on by the members of the team. A discussion was held in which the length of the ban and possible existence of it was discussed with several team members contributing, eventually a majority vote was passed in favour of a one month event ban with a one month probationary period following the expiration of the ban. Both myself and the team leader abstained from the vote for the sake of not influencing the vote nor did we express opinions in the discussion. In the end, the vote was passed in favour of the ban and whilst a very uncommon thing for us to do, the majority of our DM’s felt it was appropriate. The reasoning behind such was disruptive behaviour in events and repeated toxicity towards DM’s. We on the event team do not tolerate such behaviour and DM’s reserve the right to remove players from Events if they are continually disruptive or rude to the DM’s who willingly volunteer their time to provide events for players. We can understand and appreciate the gravity and impact of this decision on the player and their roleplay, and how it can affect other roleplayers around them. This decision was not made lightly but in light of grievances raised by members of the community, in an act of transparency we wished to come forward about our process in making this decision. Tree Event Secretary
  17. Serethia

    Notice of Voided Roleplay

    Appologies for the delay on this post! The following is a report of the incident written by Natureluvr, Proofread with some modifications from myself. On April 9, 2020 an event took place at the Teardrop Wrathguard location in which three characters attempted to steal the teardrop and release the voidling it was containing. This roleplay has since been voided due to a number of reasons which are detailed below. One of the most prevalent issues resulting in the void was a miscommunication regarding NPCs. The Reiklands were under the impression that they could have some of their NPCs stationed at the event location along with a camp/some form of barricades. They had discussed this with kyle and got permission from him, making threads on the forums with roleplay for their NPCs. When limited was informed of this, he spoke with kyle and told him that this wasn’t allowed due to the political system because the event site is located just outside of the tiles claimed by the Reiklands and NPCs may only be stationed at locations within the tile claims. As a result of this miscommunication, limited had told the Reiklands they could have a small group of NPCs present at the event to try and make up for it, however as the event was starting, limited revoked this allocation. Internal Affairs has determined that this was not an appropriate course of action to be taken. Another issue contributing to the void is OOC scheduling. The Reiklands had been doing the Teardrop event line since February and were scheduled to complete the event arc at the end of April. The finale event was initially scheduled to be earlier, in March, however it was postponed due to concerns about being able to have all the players in attendance. The group attempting to steal the artifact scheduled their event to take place before the currently set finale event of the Reiklands. A third issue contributing to the void is OOC miscommunication between Moderation members. When natureluvr was called in to the event, she was under the impression she was being asked to deliver a verdict that had already been decided, this verdict being the removal of the Reikland players present at the Teardrop location. natureluvr then attempted to discuss allowing the players to stay at the location, but was under the impression that Phantom would make the final decision regarding each of the four players present. Phantom did not intend for these to be the impressions given. A final issue that contributed to the void was the issue of BonesApart’s instant character death being voided. There was a lot of discussion and concern regarding how he would/could possibly have escaped the event alive, what he would know, what would have happened to the character, etc. A large number of accusations have been made surrounding this incident, and we hope the above provides some clarity as to what has happened. Several conversations and some action has already been taken as a prevenative measure. This inclused voulentary action from Faction Team, Event Team, and Moderation team as how to ensure that the incidents do not repeat. Further discussions as of what to do going forward will take place during the team leader meeting scheduled on the 17th of April. Internal Affairs discussed the possibility of redoing the roleplay and allowing a certain number of characters to be present on either side, or possibly doing something with NPCs, however, we were informed that there was no interest in redoing the roleplay on the part of the group who had created the theft event. All things considered, after much investigation and discussion we felt the most appropriate course of action would be a full void, as to leave things as they were would have left a lot of loose ends untied, and would have proceeded into further investigations and processes to clear up the many misconceptions surrounding the event, including misplaced character understanding of what took place, and we would have also needed to make some alterations to the outcome to some degree to provide continuity and a fair resolve for all involved in which we did not see a way to amicably solve the situation as it was. All things considered, a full void seemed like the only viable course of action, and was voted upon by Internal affiars, and the incident invigilators. I hope the above provides the needed clarity on the issue at hand, however if you have any further questions regarding the reasoning for the void, please feel free to contact me via forum PM or Discord message at Serethia#0001. Thank you for your patience.
  18. The following has been clarified under Aethier's Rules & Policies under Rule #2 - Conduct Rules. This clarification was made to ensure there are no misunderstandings regarding this rule. --------- The Projectile Standards thread has been updated to include Bombard and Cannon rules as well as information regarding cover.
  19. The port of Auroch's Gujab continued to burn, illuminating the beaches with an ireful orange glow. The raiders of the Skjoldfolk clan headed for landfall upon the beaches of the city, disembreaking from their longships and brandishing their steel ready to fight and pillage. While across the city, standing and waiting outside the stone walls of the city upon mighty steeds, The knights of the Bolarian crusade watched for any orcish warriors to sally out, attack or attempt to make an escape. Under the leadership of their Chieftain Vultog, orcish warriors rallied to defend their homes against the invaders. Set to face off against the northerners upon the beaches. However, not all things do not go as expected. The voice of Skjoldfolk’s Warmother, Edeline Járnormbr, called out an ultimatum: “Surrender now and come before us orcs! If you do- no more blood shall be shed between us and we shall break the bread of negonations! If not- I will slay every man, woman and child who opposes us.We will paint the sand and bay red with your blood and whatever far-flung ancestors you have will only be able say how the meek fell to the mighty” The Warmother’s threat was heard by the Orc Chieftain, rather than facing the forces of the surrounding armies in battle, decided to surrender. A table was brought upon the beach and representatives of all sides were brought to accept the surrender of the greenskins army and form an accord. Skjoldfolk Raiders were allowed to pass into the city uncontested, taking whatever they wanted yet only harming those orcs who’d dare to resist the plundering of their homes. Throughout the ranks of the northern men the raid was considered a great success and plenty of loot was gathered from the Orcish lands. Happy with such the merry men lovingly bestowed the unofficial title of “Table Bringer” upon their Warmother. Bolarian crusaders would march uphill to destroy the orcish shrines seen as heathen in their eyes and erect a monument to the consulunari. A sign of the news times for the orcs. That any who refused to convert faith would meet a similar fate as their chieftain. As for the orcs Aurochs Gujab, some would attempt to resist, many would try to hide their most precious belongings from Skjoldfolk raiders. However, such attempts without the organisation of their leadership were in vain. Their Chieftain burnt at the stake by the order of Joao and Freydis de Tavora, the queen committing the act herself, his heirs taken as wards by the Valios after being forced to watch their father burn alive. What was next for the orcs was unclear. They had not sortout any wars with their neighbours. They had done no evil. Yet their neighbours had brought war onto them nonetheless. All that was truly known by all was that their peaceful lives were about to change forever. Tldr: Aurochs Gujab surrendered before fighting began. No man power loses. Skjoldfolk raiders looted the city, taking whatever they wanted yet only harming those who resisted. We’ll sort out exactly what is gained(soon) Vultog is burnt at the stake by Bolarian forces Thing is signed: https://www.aethier.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/the-grœnntún-accord.65746/#post-292486 Victory claimed over Aurochs Gujab Rumours of the events in this war post can be considered common knowledge
  20. Mael_

    Major Service Update: 1st April 2019

    Twice of Zero is still Zero U W U
  21. natureluvr

    Notice of Voided Roleplay

    Due to miscommunications occurring on staff's end of things, the roleplay in which FlemishSupremacy's character Elathion broke in and stole from Dragan's house has been voided. Therefore, all roleplay occurring as a result of this situation has also been voided. Please contact a Moderator if you need help getting items returned/replaced. Below I've tagged some of the people who were directly involved with the voided roleplay. Thank you for your understanding! @TheElvenMage @SocialDarwinist @Rhazort
  22. llmited

    Unrest in Aveyron

    Unrest in Aveyron Little has changed in Aveyron over its reign; the bickering of the easterners and their war drums have little effect, save for the sparse rumor or two. However, the government of the grand city seems.. lacking, as of late. They've made very few decisions, and those decisions they have made only served to upset the peasant population of Aveyron. Furthermore, with such a poorly-funded policing force, what's stopping the peasantry? Some of its citizens have grown bold: the crime rate has exponentially skyrocked, and the once-lawful city begins to succumb to strongly-ruled guilds in a city with uncaring leadership. There are always two sides to the coin; some peasants starve as their food is stolen, while others find fortune and joy in taking: their families had never been better. Who knows what will come of Aveyron?
  23. llmited

    The Green War Turn One

    [ ] It's dusk when the mighty ships of Glasgard set sail from their port, and the heavy forces of Boleira are rallied and sent forth for their first Consolunari Crusade. In the cover of the night, Glasgard's ships begin their push towards Auroch's Gujab, and the heavy, steady beat of the Boleiran warhorses keep morale high in their ranks. Boleiran troops heartily meet Glasgard's raiders, and though they may have come for different reasons, they both have a set goal: the attack on the Orcish heathens. The two forces swiftly construct palisades along the cliffsides to protect the group from incoming fire, and trebuchets, engineered from both sides of the invasion, are maneuvered behind the strong barricades. Tired yet motivated siege engineers wrap the boulders in linen and pitch, and in unison, the trebuchet's stones are launched into the narrow bay of Auroch's Gujab; many of the ships are damaged and most are set alight, and the onslaught of trebuchet fire lights the clear, nighttime sky. The handful of ships are swiftly crushed by the trebuchet fire, and the troops along the cliff allow the sect of Glasgard's ships passage into the strait with glee. However, there isn't just one target for the invading forces; foot soldiers are sent to the western bridge along the cliffs, and from it, trebuchet fire directed by Edeline's forces are launched at the allegedly illegal bridge; forces there stand in wait for potential Orcish forces, but to little surprise, the unsuspecting tribe has near-to-nothing outside of their city. Attacks by enraged lycanthropes in Vultog's forests and towers make way to Auroch's Gujab; soon, the main pillar of the bridge is destroyed, and from there, Glasgard's trebuchets light the night sky in an attack on Auroch Gujab's port, which sets the course for the main invading fleet of the barbaric raiders. Shaman atop Glasgard's ships join in the flaming trebuchet fire, setting the port aflame. However, the Orcish troops have loosely gathered themselves, and ballistae bolts from the city's towers quickly meet Edeline's fleet; however, no matter the amount of bolts sent the fleet's way, they are only shadows in the night. Before the ships can reach land to the port, Glasgard's troops shout and holler as much of their first line of ships is sunk; luckily, however, many sailors wash up on shore and most levymen survive, all ready for battle in the black of night. Meanwhile, Joao's specially-trained cavalry, known as Cavaleiro de Sangue, lead a rush across the eastern bridge to circle around the city and prevent Orcish escape. With the Orcish fleet swiftly destroyed by the allied forces, it's now up to the tribal Orcish warriors to beat and thwart the invading, brutish aggressors of what will be known as the Green War. [Auroch's Gujab is now blockaded. No one can leave the city if they're inside, and patrolling forces from Boleira prevent entrance into the city, navally or on-foot.] TL;DR: Orcs are business as usual and are soon attacked in surprise by Boleiran and Glasgard forces Wall of palisades set up by both Glasgard and Boleira; Glasgard disables the western cliffside bridge with trebuchets Boleira bombards Orcish ships in the strait with flaming trebuchets Orcish hunters in the woods are killed, which gives reports back to Auroch's Gujab; from there, troops have begun to properly rally Forces from Boleira circle back around the village to prevent Orcish escape Auroch’s Gujab port is set ablaze by the main invading fleet of Glasgard Small fleet from Glasgard comes in from below the bridge; trebuchets ordered to stop upon seeing them, target village Invading fleet to the Orcish port: Glasgard loses three light ships, port is aflame, ships from Auroch’s Gujab absolutely decimated Losses and manpower: Auroch's Gujab: 3,870 manpower left for the battle Loses all ships and 180 sailors 50 Levymen 15 Dismounted knights 20 Bowmen 40 Scouts 60 Spearmen [*]Boleira: 4,630 manpower left for the battle No losses [*]Glasgard: 4,516 manpower for the battle 3 light ships: 30 sailors drown or are killed; the rest of the crew make it to shore 38 Dismounted Knights 20 Levymen drown; 55 make it to shore, ready for battle [*]2 Wulve [*]This makes it all roughly a 1:1:1 ratio; for every one man of Auroch's Gujab, Boleira and Glasgard may bring one as well.
  24. llmited

    Hiring for Build Team

    Good evening everyone, Build team is currently hiring for a few new members. Right now, we need folks willing to work on larger projects from time to time; specializations in interiors and exteriors are also accepted. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or reply here. Have a good day!
  25. The above addendum has been made to Aethier's Rules and Policies.
  26. natureluvr

    Notice of Voided Roleplay

    Due to the metagaming leading up to the murder by FunnyMann of the character Maika Hyun roleplayed by LillithLil, the crp and murder of this character taking place on March 13/14, 2020 has been voided by Moderation Team. Any roleplay occurring in response to this roleplay is therefore also voided.
  27. natureluvr

    Another Node Rule Update!

    After discussion with lore team, we have updated the node rules, adding the following stipulations. Hopefully this will make node looting more fair and agreeable to everyone involved! The updates are as follows: Public nodes that were placed at the beginning of the world and are located within the area claimed by a region or by a public node application, may be blocked off ONLY if all players in the region are added to the locked doors/trapdoors. A DM can be requested at any time to DM IC theft attempts, and the locked area will be made accessible to the player during that instance should the DM deem their actions successful. [*]There are two types of public nodes: Full Public Access and Faction Only. All public nodes that are located within a region, applied for or not, may be designated as either Full Public Access or Faction Only. Full Public Access nodes can be looted by anyone. Faction only nodes may ONLY be looted by players that are a member of the region unless a DM is called to moderate theft RP. [*]All regions will be required to choose which node policy they would like to enact for their region. This list is in the post below. You can also find this update on the node rules thread here. I am currently in the process of contacting all region owners to confirm the node policies of each region. Thank you!
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