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    1. Yesterday
    2. The Custom Item Team is responsible for the following: Additional duties may be required during the position. What is a team leader? A team leader is the sole decision making authority over one of the Aethier Teams. The positions primary responsibility involved ensuring that any tasks related to the team get done. This is more of a delegation/management role. Team leaders are also responsible for hiring/firing the members for their own team and are allowed to do so entirely at their discretion. Team leaders are responsible for handing IA reports a
    3. Hazy

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      Angoulême secedes from the Drakkonspyre Empire through democratic vote, albeit far more cleanly than the mess that occured that day through a simple declaration by the people. [IC] Angoulême serves no foreign godless tyrants and will fight for their divinely given freedoms! Although cooperation toward the void may be reached. The next move is yours, Drakkonspyre. ----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
    4. Last week
    5. I would like to give my sincere apology for the problems caused by changes that were included in the FT Systems Change on the 21st of February. Most of the region owners noticed and questioned how two of the changes that were introduced seem to be out of the blue and blindsided the player faction leaders. Out of frustration in an overlap of jurisdiction between myself and Kyle I chose to introduce rules to force him to take actions he would not have done of his own will aswell as some of the player factions. I did this out of the belief that in the end it would be a benefit to the server and p
    6. Brogan

      FT Systems Update: February 21st 2021

      - The Treaties thread has been updated following community feedback.
    7. Kyle1322

      To Light a New Age

      After a brief altercation inside the palace, the old Emperor emerged to the crowds of the entire people's of Drakonspyre, more than 30,000 men, women and children. In the sky, eight dragons and seven riders flew about, their eyes clouded and black with rage and fury. Raising his now even more muscled and mutated form, he spoke to his cheering people. "Once again, the world, promising peace after we have sacrificed so much, has betrayed us. it has become clear that no longer can we trust the words of people not our own, of exiles who seek nothing more then to become the very tyrants
    8. Earlier
    9. Kyle1322

      An Eerie Silence

      Almost all summons and prayers of the gods have seemingly been left to deaf ears. While perhaps they are listening, they certainly are not responding. The lack of presence with no warning leaves an eerie feeling in the air, as peace still tenuously reigns over the provinces.. Yet perhaps it no longer does in the heavens above. [Summoning events for deities or divine servants will be declined officially from herein, barring a few extraordinary circumstances.]
    10. Tree

      Open the ports!

      [Ambience] With the war coming to a close, and both shores and skies no longer under immediate threat the merchant city of Sarweald began to stir once more. With neighbouring nations converging on the linger evils in Gravemont and Yamashiro, citizens and business owners once again drew open their shuttered shops, propped open their glazed windows and began to work once again. The taverns filled and arunes poured in and slightly poured out with the waves of economy once more crashing into the ports of Sarweald. Fears, of course, still lingered and so the noble and honest
    11. This is a notice of voided roleplay, effective immediately. In a recent event today, Freydis Hollowgale was turned to fallen during an event. However, upon reflection of this by the Gamemaster/Loremaster, the circumstance has been deemed illegitimate, so Moderation have been asked to reverse the affairs. To elaborate, we are voiding the act of Freydis turning fallen and any roleplay directly in relation to that. This notably includes the destruction of Glasgard. We appreciate this may be inconvenient for some individuals, but we have moved to handle this as
    12. This is an official notice of voided roleplay. After an independently raised investigation of the use of the feyspeak spell 'Soulsight' from Lazaar during the Titus games event, it has been deemed that this spell usage had no realistic reason for being used and ultimately ended in two fallen characters being discovered. With no real reason for the use of the spell, and the recent change to soul sight and fallen souls being visibly 'dirty', moderation has chosen to void the use of the spell and the information gathered. We apologise for any difficulties this
    13. Kyle1322

      Peace, Made of Glass

      The Wrathguard slams once more into the ground, its pieces separated and its core once more becoming dormant. The angels, the demons and the mortals all look out upon the bloodied fields as the battle finally halts, and many can hardly take in enough air to catch themselves. The feeling to fight, the instinct has disappeared from both sides as they look upon one another with tense, yet exhausted gazes. The largest and shortest battle of Aversias history so far has come to a close, yet its intensity has left even the air thick with blue light and energy that matches the raging storm above.
    14. Kyle1322

      To Merge, or Not?

      The poll is whats on the tin. This will affect the scenario later today. This is your choice, the players, to make. We will roll with whatever you choose! (This post is made uber early so the brits and euro's can have a fair chance to vote <3)
    15. Kyle1322

      The 2nd Lucem-Ira War

      Ardent Lucem 51% | 49% Ignis Ira [====================================================================================================] Stalemate is all that continues. The battles all over the realm make and lose ground, devastating the terrain and leaving behind naught but corpses and angelic dust. Nehemoth has all but disappeared from the angelic side, and Germael has taken over as leader of their forces, while the demonic leaders seem to be undergoing a shift of their own. Both sides seem to all but stop the constant fighting and back off to catch their breath,
    16. Welcome to 2021 To start the year off, Moderation are making some well needed policy changes across the board to move forwards more productively in the coming year. The changes listed below are mainly in relation to the combat and projectile policies, however the teams policy and code of conduct have received some changes. As always, please leave any feedback or suggestions on the following thread, or feel free to PM on discord at Tree#5946. PROJECTILE POLICY CHANGES Declaring Targets This is a new implementation, pl
    17. Hello again everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who entered the last contest! This month's art contest will be focused on Winter/Hibernias (Aethier's IC version somewhat resembling Christmas)/Holiday themes! Submissions will close on January 4, 2020 and the winners will be announced on sometime prior to January 10, 2020. Winter/Hibernias/Holiday Themed Art Submissions to this contest must be some sort of imagery-based art, Winter/Hibernias/Holiday themed, and strongly related to Aethier in some way. This could be an art piece of your character celebrating the h
    18. natureluvr

      November "Giving Thanks" Contest

      Thank you so much to everyone who entered our writing contest!! All of your submissions were fun to read ❤️ In the spirit of giving, everyone who entered is a winner this time around! 1st Place: @Demented_Delila for the beautiful and heartfelt story and @Ohmshakalaka for the bittersweet poetry. 2nd Place: @Legendary Legend and @Necronome for their passionate short-story pieces. Congratulations everyone! Our Winter-Themed December imagery art contest will be posted up shortly so stay tuned!!
    19. Music Theme: Weeb Music Theme: Snow begins to fall in the south of Ardemor and central lands of Arkolos and Adelona. Crystal shards of water formed into trillions of unique shapes begins to fall upon many of the realms, as the blessing of Chione takes root. Legend carries that each one were painstakingly crafted by hand from her, and blown by her wintery breath through the planes and unto the world to bedazzle and turn both people and animals in awe of its unique majesty. Crop fields wither and die that have yet to be harvested from the ne
    20. PATCH NOTES November 30th 2020: *NOTE: There will be no taxes on December 21st, however there will still be a voucher check. Regions and Vouchers Vouchers and Regions: No changes have been made to vouchers or regions. War System and Manpower Player Related War System Updates: There are no player related system changes this update. NPC/Manpower Related War System Updates: Airships have undergone a rework as a unit in the system thanks to cooperation with @Phantom. Click
    21. Tree

      HR Procedure Change - Moderation

      Personally I would recommend reporting the moderator separately through an IA report and the other players through the player report section as normal. Nini may have a different approach but to me that makes the most sense.
    22. Brogan

      FT Systems Update: November 18th 2020

      EDIT: Final Bullet point got cutoff, readded.
    23. Lilbren2u

      The Pearled Cathedral

      In the turns of the millenia, the porcelain face of the Nightmother - surrounded by her celestial court - gleamed brightly in her darkened sea. The nightly astronomers would take their telescopes, alongside the star gazers laid upon grass and leant over bannisters to tilt their heads to the nightly celestial presentation. A surprise interrupted the ritual, as a bulbous anomaly built upon the surface of the moon. An interruption of its perfect circle, this silver aura reached out. Crossing the vast distance of travel like a slow comet's trai
    24. Kyle1322


      It came in like a wave of nothing anyone had ever seen before. The volcanoes across the world, all in unison like a brimstone cacophony exploded outwards with their smoke filling the sky, and soon enough the world. From the nine circles, a great being unlike any even in Farcanith or the divine realms had ever seen. It's voice echoed across the world as its endless legions of war marched forth like an organized army hell bent on conquest from the volcanoes. It spoke only one thing before it continued, marching endlessly toward the city of Drakonspyre which had been long since evacuated.
    25. Good evening Aethier, I need more moderators. Please apply. Moderation team is once again actively hiring a couple more members for the team to improve discussions and to improve our pace of handling reports and dealing with evidence. If you want more information on what is required and expected in the role of a moderator. Please view the following thread: If you have any further questions about what is required of a moderator please PM me on discord. My discord is Tree#5946.
    26. Kyle1322

      Cost and Sacrifice

      In the west, the rumblings of draconic origin come true, as the great dragon Rohana rips forth from the volcano she slumbered within, freeing herself and awakening to the world. In the east, Sal'uun meets a far more cruel fate. A large band raiding forces, including many soldiers from Angeloume who lost their lives in the grueling battle came forth to stop an outpost of the void which, unknowingly to the mortals, contained the elder dragon of the sands beneath it. Despite their best efforts, the operation was a major success on the side of the void, and after the city itself cracked and sank b
    27. natureluvr

      Halloween/Festival of Shadows Art Contest

      Thank you so much to everyone who entered this contest!! All of your art submissions are amazing! After some deliberation among welcome team, the results for the winners are in! 1st Place: @Volkrii for his awesome art of Ezikia, the decay dragon! 2nd Place: @Redwall for his terrifying Matekai art! 3rd Place: @Cho for her detailed necromancer and undead art! Congratulations to all of the winners!! Thank you again to everyone who entered, we've had so much fun seeing all the spooky entries. Be on the lookout for another announcement from me later today for our n
    28. I am currently looking for and accepting applications to become a member of Faction Team Politics due to a lack of manpower on said Team. The duties and responsibilities of such positions are as follows: The duty and responsibility to act as a War DM in situations where two player Factions enter into conflict. (Troop Numbers, Interactions, event DMing, etc.) The upkeep and maintenance of the Politics system including but not limited to the google docs, forums threads, and the troop and voucher spreadsheets. The development of the politics and region system in respons
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