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    1. Last week
    2. Kyle1322

      Forward Node System Warning

      Hey all, for once its not just myself, but all the team leaders speaking at once to alert the playerbase of a large incoming change to a system, specifically, the nodes. Everyone is aware to a varying degree that the node system at current is on hold due to some major complications that occurred. Suffice to say that we have reached a solid conclusion and overhaul we desire to put in, and over the course of the next month to two months, the team leaders and by extent the team members will be working on creating, preparing and implementing the new system. As we are getting closer to it, there wi
    3. Here is the second monthly report on the development of the Private Organisations for the month of April 2021. Organisations entrench themselves, and new ones are born, whilst others sit on acquired gains. With the impending arrival of the great voidic doom, many make extra preparations and foster new ties, whilst others appear pessimistic. One thing is certain; none will be truly spared of the effects of the coming crisis. The following knowledge is NOT public, and is only privy to the groups mentioned by name and the individuals involved in the concerned ventures or locally affec
    4. Kyle1322

      Godswar Saga: The Journeys End

      A breath exhaled from Vittalion as he sat upon the top of the tallest mountain in Aestatia..the footfalls of snow and rock behind him melted with the steam of an unnatural energy that poured from his body, fighting with the very origin he once was. As the Demigod found a proper spot to overlook the valleys of civilization, the home he once was raised from, his eyes were clouded with darkness. His body was trying to tear itself apart from his recent run in with the primordial known as Abscence, yet he felt no pain or suffering from it. His arms molted and split, the very ligaments of flesh that
    5. Kyle1322

      ET Changelog - (02/05/21)

      The following changes have occurred via the ET meeting. There are many others things in the works as well, but will come later. All questions can be directed to @Cukie1 Changes taking effect now: Posting an event application now incurs a 3 OOC day cooldown after posting the event, so that people can no longer immediately post the part 2 to their event arcs or otherwise, allowing the next wave to be processed before a part 2 may occur. This will optimize ET's scheduling process quite a bit and allow events that are sometimes left behind to be picked up easier without clutter
    6. Here is the second edition of Aethier's monthly newsletter!
    7. Earlier
    8. Hello Aethier, I never actually thought this would need to be written out so plainly and clearly for some people in the community, yet here we are. This announcement refers to the rather growing problem regarding inappropriate actions between adults in the community and minors. By the term 'inappropriate actions', I refer to ERP, conversations of a sexual manner, or the request/sending of inappropriate images or videos. Also included in such is other highly inappropriate actions that I may not be able to currently think of. These interactions between adults and minors are tot
    9. Liluwu

      Major Community Update - 19th April 2021

      The higher age limit is a good change.
    10. This is an official notice of voided roleplay. The permakilling of Socialdarwinists character, Oberon the black, during an event on the 7th of April 2021 has been voided due to a lack of roleplay conducted to invite the character on the event. The event itself that took place has not changed and still happened as it was, yet Oberon's presence and the attack on him that occurred afterwards is voided. Any roleplay surrounding Oberon's death is voided.
    11. With the end of the Ignis-Irae war and the creation of a brief, if fruitful period of time between cataclysms came a season of new opportunities for many of those who stood in the shadow of the great kings and champions of the realms. Many of such burgeoning enterprises, organizations and businesses take their first initiatives in a world in suspense, preparing their next steps, some more roguish then others. We intend to maintain a monthly progression system for these organizations, guilds and ventures starting from now on. Here is the first monthly report on the development of the Private Or
    12. Kismess

      The Mineman Monthly - First Edition

      this is amazing i love it so much
    13. The Following Updates Were worked on by: @Serethia @Aethier New Systems have been tested by: Some guy we paid to try and break into the datacenter to see how long it'd take to get caught Unpopular Opinions, and clear Bias. Main Notes: Elytras are now permitted items, though have unstable behaviour when attempting to glide. We are running a special promotion on the Contribution store today. Buy two, get two, and double the satisfaction! You can no longer apply for events. This should solve the
    14. This is a notice of voided RP that occurred on March 29th, 2021 with the players Olyblob, DNG_Zone, and Shadowmatrix that resulted in the death of Yuna Kim. During this scenario, spells were used incorrectly which resulted in the death of the character and it is seen fit that the roleplay itself is rolled back. Any roleplay regarding the death of Yuna is also considered voided. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause -Moderation
    15. Brogan

      FT Systems Update: March 15th 2021

      There may be a common misunderstanding to how airships are obtained. 1500 MP is not the cost of the airship, the amount of airships a region can have circulating at any given time is determined by X=M/1500 rounded down. Where X is the region's maximum airship capacity and M is the region's base manpower. Airships only require 50MP to be crewed and even then only during wars or active conflicts.
    16. Custom Items Team Update March 12th, 2021 Notes: This will be broken down into two sections. The first section is for general custom item updates for applications. The second section will discuss a joint update between CIT, Lore Team, and Faction Team. Any questions can be asked HERE. This is my first update thread so I hope you will like it. Custom Item Updates The maximum number of item apps you may apply for has been increased to TWO (2) a day, with a max of TEN (10) a week. This is with the future goal of moving back up to a la
    17. Brogan

      The Adelonan Rebellion War Turns

      End With no blood spilt, and no swords drawn the war has ended. The armies and levies of Drakkenspyre return home as the Dragon Riders make their last rounds across the eastern continent. Aurelion has won the rebellion without lifting a single weapon. The former King of Angouleme, Rayarch Leoncoeur d'Angouleme, has abdicated his crown under the demand from Emperor Aurelion Aurion to his son and heir, Jean-Louen d'Angouleme. The Kingdom of Angouleme has once again become a vassal state of the Draconic Empire. The short lived rebellion has been ended. The Drag
    18. Book

      Road Work Ahead? [Team Lead Intro]

      I ran out of reactions but thank you everyone! Much appreciated ^-^
    19. PATCH NOTES March 3rd, 2021: NOTES: Let's hope this update goes better. If any wordings or mechanics are confusing feel free to ask questions on Faction Team Q&A Regions and Vouchers Vouchers and Regions: The Faction Team has implemented a village specialization system, information can be found HERE. Based on the success or failure of this update cities are next on the block to get looked at as we move towards a more customizable region system. Region rules for vassals have been upd
    20. This is official notice of voided roleplay. The roleplay that occurred a few days ago, wherein which Correntine played by @Fooldude was killed shortly after leaving Lucienne. This situation was deemed to not have been appropriately roleplayed and based on metagamed information, so as such. The death of Correntine and all roleplay that occurred as a direct result of this is now voided. We understand this may cause issues for some and we apologise for any inconveniences. Please reach out if you have any further concerns.
    21. Serethia

      The Community Calendar

      The community calendar is a place for any whitelisted member of the community to post any game nights, movie nights, or non-applied for events such as Balls, Weddings and so. Anyone can create an event here for the community or just specific people if you'd like to have it marked on the calendar. This functions differently to the "Events" calendar, and will show up a different color so you can tell the difference between a player ran event and one ran by the event team. Please note that events that you need a DM for, you should still apply for an event the u
    22. Aux

      On the topic of Drakonspyre

      Aeternum, not taking kindly on anyone threatening their freedom or independence, secede from the empire.
    23. The Custom Item Team is responsible for the following: Additional duties may be required during the position. What is a team leader? A team leader is the sole decision making authority over one of the Aethier Teams. The positions primary responsibility involved ensuring that any tasks related to the team get done. This is more of a delegation/management role. Team leaders are also responsible for hiring/firing the members for their own team and are allowed to do so entirely at their discretion. Team leaders are responsible for handing IA reports a
    24. I would like to give my sincere apology for the problems caused by changes that were included in the FT Systems Change on the 21st of February. Most of the region owners noticed and questioned how two of the changes that were introduced seem to be out of the blue and blindsided the player faction leaders. Out of frustration in an overlap of jurisdiction between myself and Kyle I chose to introduce rules to force him to take actions he would not have done of his own will aswell as some of the player factions. I did this out of the belief that in the end it would be a benefit to the server and p
    25. Brogan

      FT Systems Update: February 21st 2021

      - The Treaties thread has been updated following community feedback.
    26. Kyle1322

      An Eerie Silence

      Almost all summons and prayers of the gods have seemingly been left to deaf ears. While perhaps they are listening, they certainly are not responding. The lack of presence with no warning leaves an eerie feeling in the air, as peace still tenuously reigns over the provinces.. Yet perhaps it no longer does in the heavens above. [Summoning events for deities or divine servants will be declined officially from herein, barring a few extraordinary circumstances.]
    27. Tree

      Open the ports!

      [Ambience] With the war coming to a close, and both shores and skies no longer under immediate threat the merchant city of Sarweald began to stir once more. With neighbouring nations converging on the linger evils in Gravemont and Yamashiro, citizens and business owners once again drew open their shuttered shops, propped open their glazed windows and began to work once again. The taverns filled and arunes poured in and slightly poured out with the waves of economy once more crashing into the ports of Sarweald. Fears, of course, still lingered and so the noble and honest
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