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    1. Yesterday
    2. Necronome

      Halloween/Festival of Shadows Art Contest

      God I love wendigos, thank u Redwall
    3. The battle lines had been drawn as the men of Angouleme had dug their lines and prepared their arms and souls for the battle to come. Across the field which had been burnt and cleared by both sides previously they could see their foe, the remaining Montist Forces had gathered in a similar fashion and both sides stared at the other, Solarii to Solarii; Dahriimite to Dahriimite, both seeing the other as heretics and waiting intensely to see who would make the first move across the field that would soon run red with the blood of the devout. As the Armee of Lucienne waited expectantly they suddenl
    4. Last week
    5. It came all at once. First, the silence of the world itself, as if it sensed the great movement that was about to heave forth into the realm. The next, a shockwave which circled four or five times around the planet, shattering windows and causing large earthquakes in the nine circles. The super volcano at the very center of this place, one known as the place where K'Daai themselves were chained, has exploded..and debris was not the only thing that began pouring out from within. Three massive entities soon emerged, towering over the thousands of Imps, Fiends and demons which came al
    6. Earlier
    7. GermanTacos

      Job Listing: Faction Team Leader

    8. It was midday when the Armee of Saint Syrie had arrived at a shallow crossing in the Salutis River. As they approached the troops, who had been marching alongside their wagons and singing jolly tunes, began to get a slow creeping feeling of unease as they approached the crossing. Lt. Gen. Florence Lancelyn, realizing they had not sent scouts ahead of the army up until this point, gave the order to halt and had a scout under magical transformation look ahead. Once crossed the scout was hit and injured by multiple arrows but by the grace of Dahriim it seems made it back to report that there were
    9. natureluvr

      Character Art & Character Screenshot Contest

      HUGE thank you to everyone who entered this contest! All of your art pieces and screenshots are amazing! After a lot of deliberation among the welcome team, the results for the winners are in! Character Art 1st Place: @Cho with her art of Vas hugging her miniature dragon egg! 2nd Place: @honeyy for the beautiful submissions of her Lorena and Hallkatla character art! 3rd Place: @MCcookie333 for her shaman merge Syrien art of Maisie! Honorable Mentions: @Aoob with his adorable Halfling art and @Shrike with the gorgeous carpet shark Syrien. Chara
    10. Hello once again to the now seemingly monthly/bi-weekly moderation updates that seem to be occurring. THIS ONE'S A BIG ONE... Over the last week, I have with some assistance from the team, crafted and transferred the watchlists we as moderation had to the new system, however, there is one MAJOR thing to note. Whilst doing this I went through all, say 140, watchlists and of those 140 only 63 were transferred. This means that I have personally cleaned the record for just under 80 of you. The reason I did this was because many of the things on peoples watchlists were either very
    11. What is the Community Artist Program? This is a new scheme that will allow any member of the community to browse a list of jobs posted by Aethier Team leaders for Artwork of some variety, in exchange for some form of compensation. This being but is not limited to: Arunes Forum Credits Real World Money Vouchers Note: Any jobs offering real world money rewards must be verified by @Serethia before the job can go live. Any verified jobs will have a post from @Serethia in the comments confirming such. How do I claim a Job? A
    12. As of today, the sharing of Real Money Paid commission sheets on Aethier is now permitted providing that any users doing so follow the following regulations: Any users posting paid commission sheets must be active members of the community. We do not wish to provide this service to people outside the community. Aethier does not take any responsibility for real world transactions for Community Commissions, and whilst may take action in relation to our code of conduct in the event of a breach of community guidelines (For example scamming), we are not liable to compensate any
    13. Necronome

      Notice of DNR Status Removal

      Staff cabal confirmed, I'm filing an IA report
    14. FACTION TEAM PATCH NOTES September 2020: As of the 1st of October, 2020, FT Patch 2.0 will be going into official implementation. Here are the changes to our systems that will be coming in the next couple of weeks, the exception to this is any point with an " * " which will be implemented immediately. Regions and Vouchers *MP values for Biomes and Amenities have been changed. (See Manpower Sheet) Vouchers have undergone reworks: Villages now require a minimum of 4 active vouchers, Cities now require a minimum of 8 active vouchers.
    15. Snow falls all across Aversia. The plains, the tundra, the swamps, the jungles. Across all of the land, snow and ice pelt across, forming crystals and beautiful ice shards like gemstones which baffles and amaze the peoples, yet fill them with a sense of dread and fear for what was to come from this. In the icy deep hinterlands of Ardemor, a great beam of icy cold light pierces the sky and fills it light that covers the world for only the briefest of moments. A small group of unknown beings have supposedly stumbled upon and, in their gamble of fate, awoken an Elder Dragon, one of th
    16. Welcome to the first official posting of the monthly "Faction Team Patch NotesTM," a.k.a our format of keeping the community up to date and aware of any changes, additions, updates, or removals of something from a system or even a whole system itself. FACTION TEAM PATCH NOTES September 2020: As of the current date- 4th of September, 2020-FT Patch 1.0 will now be going into effect in the respective categories: Manpower: Added the system change to manpower now being affected primarily by active vouchers 1 voucher = 500 MP
    17. Hello Aethier, Firstly, we hope you all are doing well and that those of you going back to work or to school are keeping safe and well. This announcement and thread is a message from the Team Leaders and also Faction Team and Moderation team by extension. Over the last month or so we have been rather thoroughly investigating and bothering the Angouleme faction on the server as a result of concerns or reports made to both the teams. Additionally, Team Leaders and HR were involved as well due to some outstanding Internal Affairs reports that required addressing and necessitat
    18. Tree

      Code of Conduct Changes

      This is an official announcement of several changes to the Aethier Code of Conduct and appended rule threads. Please take the time to review the following changes and linked threads. These changes passed a unanimous in team vote and are effective immediately. The Following changes have been made: The inclusion and mention of rumor spreading or inciting rumors is a breach of the rules and now a punishable offense, this decision was taken due to the seemingly increasing number of rumors going around the server and
    19. natureluvr

      July Content Contest

      Thank you so much to everyone who entered! We loved all of your entries and discussed which ones we felt would be best for advertisement purposes to select the winners. The results are as follows: In-Game Screenshots - I've forwarded the winning screenshots for nini to post on the PlanetMinecraft page! 1st Place: @Aux Congratulations!! The Holmsgard and Lucienne pics are big favorites. 2nd Place: @Lightning_J For the two beautiful nighttime pics of Yamashiro! 3rd Place: @Necronome Love that you chose an indoor setting for one of your entries. Playermade A
    20. It began as a subtle shift in their behavior. Scattered reports of shadowed silhouettes of massive beasts and giant horned men, once rarely seen outside their own land were now being spotted in remote areas all across the provinces of Aversia. It didn't take long before these silhouettes turned into different colored draconian beasts and armored knights, seeming to be recovering old data from caches and scouting the terrain that seems to have changed somewhat since the last time they once ruled the lands. All but a few outright refuse contact, and most flee before others get close.
    21. This is a formal announcement that the fight that occured between Monchthebiscuits character Grey and Socialdarwinists character Oberon is being voided. This includes any actions after the matter as a result of this fight/roleplay, as well as the death of the character Grey. We apologise for the inconvenience but came to this conclusion after it was highlighted that the effects of casting and braincap were not properly roleplayed and we felt that had they, the outcome of the roleplay would have been very different. Below is the vote indicating how we as moderators voted.
    22. Tree

      Ban System Rework

      This is an official announcement regarding the new rework of the Ban and Appeal system, that will be effective immediately. Additionally, to reflect the new changes, we will be systematically going over the current roster of banned players and deciding whether or not they should be unbanned or should have to appeal as part of an 'Indefinite Ban'. Here is the vote to pass this change in system. For: Against: Tree Olyblob Natureluvr LordoftheDank
    23. A strange phenomena appears to be happening to the world that even leaves many higher powers that be bewildered. An anniversary for the world beyond, yet, it seems something from that beyond desires to watch the realm dance for it. Old memories of great battles against legendary foes appear like bubbles at the edges of the multiverse, and begin to convene toward the planet Aethius. On saturday, the 11th of July all player events are postponed to be rescheduled, and the 7th Anniversary event will be beginning around 3 PM EST and run for the entire day.
    24. GinjaJones

      My Fellow Aethierians

      Hello everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Ginja, some of you may know me, some of you may not, some of you may still be wondering "Is it pronounced with a soft or a hard G?" (It's soft) Because of this I am planning on making this introduction proper. I have been a part of the Aethier community since early 2015, where I played a few minor characters for about a year or so before moving on. That is of course until the most recent Exodus in which I returned with a hopes of a fresh new start. Since then I have been enjoying seeing how much the server, its lore, community an
    25. While a decision has not formally been made yet, I'd like to put forward a listing to gauge interest in the possible Team Leader Position becoming available for the moderation team. Due to personal reasons, DatPhantom has expressed desire to step down from this position. Moderation Team is responsible for the following: Additional duties may be required during the position. What is a team leader? A team leader is the sole decision making authority over one of the Aethier Teams. The positions primary responsibility involved ensuring that an
    26. Serethia

      Team Leaders

      Policy Updated: 25/06/2020 As of July 2019, Any team leaders hired after this date MUST be active on teamspeak or the public discord server (voice) in order to retain their position.
    27. That_one_niceguy

      New Forum & Bug Feedback Thread

      When posting a Custom Item Application when I have copy/pasted the previous application into its designated slot at the beginning of the application and indicated "Yes" towards it being the same lore text when I go to post the application those settings revert. As in after I post the application it doesn't show the link that I posted as well it reverts the tab back to "No" and not "Yes" towards it being the same lore text.
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