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      Minecraft 1.12   06/06/2017

      Update: Most plugins are now ready for 1.12, however we are currently still waiting on MorePlayerModels to update to 1.12. Hopefully this should not be a long wait.   Minecraft 1.12 has now been released but Aethier has NO intention of updating at this time. Spigot is not yet stable, and i do not wish to sacrifice server stability for the new features just yet. Further information will be given closer to an official server update. Please continue to use Minecraft Version 1.11.2 until further notice. Relay this message if possible!
    • Serethia

      Forums   06/08/2017

      Update: We have isolated MOST of the issues down to the theme the forums displays on, and have temporarilly changed it back to default while we work on a solution. You may re-enable the theme manually using the theme selector at the bottom of any page.   The forums are still being worked on- however we are awaiting a few critical updates aswell as the Theme Developers to push us an update. Hopefully these should patch the issues remaining in the forums at present. Apologies for the weird way things are displaying at the moment.
    • Serethia

      Internet Blackout - 12th July   06/13/2017

      Aethier Will be Participating in this years "Internet Blackout". During this time the front Page of our website will be unavailable, and you will through normal means be unable to get into the website. If you wish to bypass this on this date, please bookmark or save the https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/ URL, as it will get around this.   To read more on the Internet Blackout, Please see here: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2017/06/july-12th-internet-planning-day-action-save-net-neutrality-just-like-sopa-blackout-internet-slowdown/

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  2. World Posts/Progression

    17th of Belek Veltes, 1409 The skies are filled with smoke. Archadoes, the largest farming settlement in the known world, has been burned to the ground. Plumes of smoke clouds the sky, and plants will soon begin to wither. The entire north portion of the western continent will be clouded for septs (6 OOC days) to come. During that time, plants will have no sunlight, and sinnehliv will begin to decay, and suffer. Already being felt, food prices have begun to rise in preparation for a possible famine that could arise from this tragedy. Two stars, one of red and one of blue have been seen moving through the night sky like comets at extreme speeds..scholars and observers are beginning to think think that something up there is fighting, instead of two comets colliding, but what? or even..who?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Black Smith Work: Multiple Large Springs

    (This job has been taken up and is now closed)
  5. Changes in Custom Item and Lore item Policy

    If it's an item we've had for a long time, backstoried earlier, didn't do RP for, etc. do we have to do that now? I was planning on making my apps for items I've had no OOC item for for a while but I don't have RP saved for any of them
  6. (06/20/2017) + Gallivernia's Wyverns + (Lilbren2u)

    Oh god, I never got any notifications I am so sorry. Yes, I'd love to reschedule for the 2nd of July. I'll try to check back on this page daily now!
  7. Dwarven Storage Vaults 2.0

    Username: Quackzac Desired Vault (Include ID): V-U-A-16 Alternate Accounts: CaligulaXXVIII As I'm Patron 7, I do believe this is free of cost.
  8. The Great Artifact Recall

    ill sort mine out after exams are done
  9. Last week
  10. Event Name: The Solar System Event Date: 06/25/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: CST Event Start Time: 12 PM Estimated Event Duration: 1-2 hours Event Location: Spirit Isles observatory. Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Astronomy-related Attendees: - Carmen (?) @MrT - Vara @Stormheim What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Vara is going to go up to the observatory at the Spirit Isles and gaze through the telescope and use her naked eye, attempting to find out more information and discoveries about space and our current solar system. If possible, perhaps she could find or see something that one couldn't just BS in standard RP. It would be cool if @Nazthaur could DM, however any other DMs are perfectly fine. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
  11. ShareX (Lightshot Replacement)

    ..... *uninstalls Lightshot from computer*

    [!] *The writing on the poster caught his eye and he breathed out. Removing a lead stencil from his Pocket he wrote underneath the request calmly.* You should more so be looking for a glover. I am sure you can skin that beast yourself. If you simply seek to remove its hide come see me later. - Goslynn Ashkin -
  13. (06/21/2017) Masked in Darkness; Finale (DayLighter)

    Congratulations, your application has been approved! The DM for this event will be @Nazthaur. You can view your even on the calendar via the link below. Thank you! https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/calendar/event/324-masked-in-darkness-finale/
  14. Trapper Wanted

    Despight the time that has passed since appearing, new posters would be put up, the job still available/needed.
  15. Tailor wanted.

    Another series of advertisments would be set up and displayed in residential and commercial sectors, its note simple and too the point. Wanted: Tailor Must be capable of desiging clothes ranging the bodytypes and styles of the various races in the realm. Payment for clothing and material can be discussed. Please come to Cordelia or the Dragons Den and speak to a Ramsey Mc'Grath if you are interested. May the traveler guide your path. OOC: Anyone with good skill at making clothes skins and have a character interested in persueing this, contact me in game and we can rp.
  16. Current Republic Guard/Soldier Skins.

    Added the new higher ups skin.
  17. Hotfix: 19/06/2017

    A bit confused as to why hunger was requested back, but oh well. No chance that Sinnehliv players could get hunger disabled?
  18. Service Update: 18/06/2017

    You're not supposed to at all :/ Edit @NiNi: Just got Tabbychat up and running and it doesn't change anything regarding this matter
  19. Saltrock Storage Unit

    SALTROCK'S STORING UNIT From without the blurred, glass windows can be heard the roars of an angry sea. Patters of rain drops tear the silence in a monotonous sear. Everything around you is but rain, even Inside the thick walled home. Its air smelled like fresh herbs and decaying flesh. Fumes and ointment scents twirl and whirl through the air from the chimney to whatever escape route they can possibly take advantage of. Stacks upon stacks of barrels, jute bags and jars are all labelled with various names and terms. The door was sealed well shut, and despite the cold chatter of the rain behind you, the warmth given by the furnaces heats you up. Sometimes, somebody might enter the house to retrieve or test a specific ingredient, make the inventory or simply just looking around. Further down, various piles of ingots, rare or common stand idly, loungeing in the heat and the calm. STORAGE: The Saltrock Storage Unit is the Hunt's common bank, created to withhold all ingredients and items gathered through writs and various contracts. Each ingredient, solution or weapon is stored here for further use. Object: Type: Amount in adequate measurement: Price per unit for use:
  20. There's a line that's been taken up by a tiny note, and a single small X. It seems the note mentions a rat, and pants, and something about a damned card trick.
  21. This note would be posted in the guild hall in Fortvoie as well as in Saltrock placed on the desk of the Guild Master Upon arriving at Verexia prior to reconstructing it the previous Landed Karl warned us about monsters existing in the ravine. It is fairly common knowledge among the locals here that long ago an adventurer made his way into the chasm only to leave behind a blood-stained journal and a lack of any sort of corpse. Currently, Verexia is to be made into a mining settlement; and in order to accomplish this, it is required that the ravine is scouted so that any monsters that may lurk in its depths are dealt with. The first objective in this possible chain of quests is to scout the ravine and remain unnoticed by any creatures that might be there. Later on, if monsters do in fact exist, then we would forge a follow-up mission in order to hunt these creatures. Note: Completion of clearance of the ravine would open up negotiations regarding mining privileges for members of the hunt involved. -Ma'rue Fenboras Location: Verexia - The Great Divide Party Members Sought: 3-6
  22. Wayward's Rest (The Hunt)

    ^^^^ Read OOC ^^^^
  23. (06/28/2017) Alskling Festival (MayaTorres)

    Congratulations, your application has been approved! The DMs for this event will be @Hugh, @Nazthaur, and possibly some others. You can view your event on the calendar via the link below. Thank you! https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/calendar/event/314-alskling-festival/
  24. (06/27/2017) Exploring of a Cave Part 2 (Bratman38)

    Congratulations, your application has been approved! The DM for this event will be @Hugh. You can view your event on the calendar via the link below. Thank you! https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/calendar/event/313-exploring-of-a-cave-part-2/
  25. (06/29/2017) An Unsettling Disappearance (Lavisso)

    Congratulations, your application has been approved! The DM for this event will be @Nazthaur. You can view your event on the calendar via the link below. Thank you! https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/calendar/event/321-an-unsettling-disappearance/
  26. (06/24/2017) Dishonored (Limits)

    Congratulations, your application has been approved for the 19th of June! The DM for this event will be @Nazthaur. You can view your event on the calendar via the link below. Thank you! https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/calendar/event/322-dishonored/
  27. ~Nazankha Employment Reopened~

    (Sorry, jobs no longer available.)
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