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    • dogbew

      New Storage World   02/24/2017

      Hello all!   We are proud to announce that the new Dwarven Storage Vaults (found through /warp Storage) are ready to be released. These vaults function in the same way as the previous version, and can be applied for on their thread HERE.   For the next 3 weeks time (2/24/2017 -> 3/17/2017), the old storage vaults will still be found through /warp oldstorage. During this time, we will be offering worldedits to the owners of both Large and Ultra storages, to move their items to their new vaults free of charge. The old Storage World will remain open during those three weeks, after which it will be closed down pending auction of all vaults belonging to inactive players within it. All active players are encouraged to make the transition to the new vaults, however anyone that is unable to due to absence or any other circumstance is requested to contact me (@dogbew), or any Staff Member to arrange something for you.   If you would like to read more on the specifics of the vaults, pricing and how to apply for them refer to this thread:   Note: ALL Storage that are not transferred will be inaccessible after the old Storage World is closed.   -dogbew

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  1. Yesterday
  2. Payed for Eadwent due to TediBB leaving.
  3. THE PACK The Hunt hosts members from far and wide, of various races, belief and goals. Many of these hunters work alone. Sometimes they band together against a greater foe, often do they speak, sup and drink, speak of their exploits and cheer. The Hunters form a Pack. Each Hunter is unique in their own way. No, not like a special snowflake but every man or woman has a reason and goal to join the Pack and go hunting. Some wish to pursue knowledge, others truth, some do it for coin and some do it for their Gods. Perhaps it is all four together? Who knows, for there is far more to the Pack than just motivation. The Pack is bold, brave and resourceful. The Pack is always prepared against whatever they might find or come across on their Hunts and journeys. The Pack will care for their other members like a family.
  4. How about same time, this friday ? So the 31rst ?
  5. Possibly. I will check with kyle if he will be available to DM. Thanks!
  6. Sure that shouldn't be a problem. I will edit the event. Thank you!
  7. Last week
  8. *A crude an short letter is sent back to Rokir* "The tribe accepts you. We will talk as soon as possible, Rokir." Signed, Hakon Skjöldung
  9. Username: Hughbatron. Character applying: Karl Amador. Race: Human. Age: Thirty one. Reason for applying: Karl is a natural-born hunter, having been one for his family before and even during his enlistment in the military. He enjoys adventure, caring greatly for the experiences that he will have and the folk that he will meet. He seeks entertainment, as well as a passtime of sorts for whenever he has free time. Skills your character has: Karl is skillful with tracking animals, wounded or not. He is more than capable with a bow and is considerably deadly at either close-quarters, granted his training in hand-to-hand combat. He is good with a sword at best, but is primarily trained as a ranging scout as he was during the early years of his enlistment. Time you are on: 1945-0100 hrs EST for weekdays; 1300-0400 hrs for Saturdays, 1500-0100 hrs for Sundays. Sometimes can vary depending on sports and all that.
  10. ill be taking your wife
  11. @natureluvr New Date selected.
  12. "can ey handle meself with a weapon? of foken course, could use meself sem arunes as well" Adrgen
  13. "might as well, got nothen goen on" Adrgen
  14. No the sermons are not a DMed event so they don't count however Sunday the 2nd has been requested by three other groups as well so I'm reserving it for the first group to have asked for that date until I can get a confirmation on whether or not their DM can make it. Friday the 7th may work, I will get back to you on that. Thank you!
  15. I will get back to you on that. Thank you!
  16. Huh they must have taken away that permission. I have posted it for you :)
  17. (Dont tell me hot to do my job)
  18. Fortvoie head by the Domm hands barrack and its literally right around the corner of the front door. I also havent been on because of work but im off tomorrow and monday so i can see if i cant find you during my days off.
  19. This was done
  20. I'm available, and I'm a somewhat skilled sailor. (how do u make a boat in rp?)
  21. *posters would be place around major cities on taverns and restaurants alike* I am brewer looking for work. I am named Vance Arington. I am skilled at my craft, and I could serve well as a bartender. I don't require much pay, only around three arunes per day or the best offer.
  22. Posted! Thank you so much kyle!!! <333
  23. Event Name: 1st Quest for the Holy Relic + Event Date: 04/02/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: 5 PM EST Event Start Time: 6-7PM central Estimated Event Duration: 1-2 hours at most. Event Location: Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Exploration If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: 8-10 players expected. Avel Maddoc - @ZooGarrus Vanyari - @DelendaEst Artek - @Redwall Julian Laval - @DayLighter Rademund - @Tiberius Duke Balthazar - @Arcturio Esquire Benisto - @Tywin Esquire Mornel - @Megadonkey30 Arike - @RafaelDarkwood What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? We are attempting to find Oklamat's artifact within the lands of Anion. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
  24. Update: Any legacy Human characters unless created during the Aestatian arc CANNOT become Aestatians. They can still be created normally, however.
  25. Earlier
  26. SPORTS {W.I.P}
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