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  1. Today
  2. Fortvoie Citizenship Documentation

    - IC - Name: Rupert Avery Race: Human. Age: 20. Gender: Male. Eye Color: Light green. Height: 5''7ft. Hair Color: Brown. Profession: Militiaman/soldier. Willing to Serve in the Republic's Militia?: Already serving the militia. Next of Kin?: None worth a mention. Location of Residence?: A/D A) Fortvoie City B) Sudlande C) Westerlande D) Boletaria C) Seawatch - OOC - Minecraft Username: CrimsonEagles Forum Username: CrimsonEagles
  3. ~Nazankha Employment Reopened~

    *Jack shook his head slightly as he spoke to Marue.* "I wouldn't put my hopes up, but we can give it a shot. It's the calvarian library most certainly. But where is the calvarian society that Malthorn needs a bookkeeper?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Avani would take a poster, and look at it, reading it carefully. She would then return to Marue, speaking two words, and two words only.* "Marue. Desert." *The desert elven girl, which appeared to look around eleven years of age, sighed slightly. This was a good chance to return home.*
  4. Creative Server Information How will I get to the creative server? Command: ‘/server creative’ Will our builds be there? Your builds are still within the creative server which you can go back to by doing /warp creativeplay How do I get back to the roleplay server? Command: ‘/server rp’ Basic Commands Help Command: ‘/plot help’ Aliases: ‘h,?,help’ Description: This command allows you to view all the commands you are allowed to use within the server Claim Command: ‘/plot claim’ Aliases: ‘claim,c’ Description: This command allows you to claim a plot you’re standing on. Auto Command: ‘/plot auto’ Aliases: ‘auto,a’ Description: This command claims the nearest plot and teleports you to it. Add Command: ‘/plot add [username]’ Aliases: ‘add,a’ Description: This command adds the player to your plot allowing them to build whilst you’re online. NOTE this command will not allow the user to build whilst you’re offline. Remove Command: ‘/plot remove [username]’ Aliases: ‘remove,r’ Description: This command remove the player you added to your plot. Deny Command: ‘/plot deny [username]’ Aliases: ‘deny,d,ban’ Description: This command denies a player from your plot not allowing them to enter or build. Trust Command: ‘/plot trust [username]’ Aliases: ‘trust,t’ Description: This command adds a player to your plot allowing them to build whilst you're online and offline. Merge Command: ‘/plot merge [n,e,s,w]’ Aliases: ‘n,e,s,w,north,east,south,west’ Description: When typing this command on your plot it will ask the player’s plot next to you to merge with them. NOTE if you type ‘plot merge’ it will ask to merge with the plot you’re looking at. Reset Command: ‘plot reset’ Aliases: ‘reset,r’ Description: This command resets and clears your plot allowing others to claim it. Clear Command: ‘plot clear’ Aliases: ‘clear,c’ Description: This command clears your plot. Home Command: ‘plot home’ Aliases: ‘home,h’ Description: This command teleports you to your claimed plot. Visit Command: ‘plot visit [username]’ Aliases: ‘visit,v’ Description: This command teleports you to the usernames plot you typed in. Download Command: ‘plot download’ Aliases: ‘download’ Description: This command downloads your plot into a schematic giving you a link after to download for your personal use. Biome Command: ‘plot biome [biome]’ Aliases: ‘biome’ Description: This command changes your plot to the biome you specify. Middle Command: ‘plot middle’ Aliases: ‘middle’ Description: This command teleports you to the center of your plot. Playertime Command: ‘/playertime [day,night]’ Aliases: ‘day,night,d,n’ Description: When typing this command it will change your time to the time you specified for example: ‘/playertime day’ it will turn your player time to day. Flags Command: ‘/plot flag [set/remove/add/list/info]’ Aliases: ‘set flag, set f,setf,setflag’ Description: This command allows you to set a certain flag within your plot you can view all the flags you can set by doing ‘/plot flag list’ one feature of this is setting your plot weather for example ‘/plot flag set weather [type of weather]’ World Edit Commands [Application Only] Help Command: ‘//help’ Aliases: Description: This shows all the available commands you can use it also states what each command does. Wand Command: ‘//wand’ Aliases: Description: This command summons a wooden axe. When punch the axe you will select your first position and right clicking will select your second position. Set Command: ‘//set [block]’ Aliases: Description: This command sets the area you have selected with the axe to the block you have specified. Replace Command: ‘//replace [from-block] [to-block]’ Aliases: Description: This command changes one block you stated ‘[from-block]’ to a new block you have stated ‘[to-block]’. Copy + Paste Command: ‘//copy’ ‘//paste’ Aliases: Description: This command copies a block you have selected with the axe and then can be pasted to where you are looking at. Walls Command: ‘//walls [block]’ Aliases: Description: This command uses your selected area to make a wall around in the block you chose. Cut Command: ‘//cut’ Aliases: Description: This command uses your selected area and copies it also removing it in the process. Expand Command: ‘//expand [number of blocks]’ Aliases: Description: This command takes the direction you’re looking in and expands it by how many blocks you state. If you have any questions please comment below
  5. (05/24/2017) Deathmarching into the Deep Run (RafaelDarkwood)

    Thank you! Have a beautiful day. @Nazthaur thank you
  6. (06/11/2017) + First Communion: Summonance +

    Congratulations, your application has been approved! The DM for this event will be @Kyle1322. You can view your event on the calendar via the link below. Thank you! https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/calendar/event/300-first-communion-summonance /
  7. (05/27/2017) The Wedding of Kalani and Pierce (AgentWisconsin)

    What the heck guys please don't have a conversation on an application???????? It's against the rules as stated in the Code of Conduct and it makes it difficult for me to see what comments are relevant and what's banter. If you want a DM present for this event you'll need to schedule it for after the Experiments as all of our DMs will be busy with that. Alternatively I can approve this for your chosen date but you will not be guaranteed a DM.
  8. Yesterday
  9. (05/21/2017) Another Boleterian Mining Run (ZooGarrus)

    An event is already requesting to take place on that date. You will need to reschedule after the Experiments. Is that okay? I apologize for any inconvenience! https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/calendar/1-aethier-event-calendar/2017/6/
  10. (05/23/2017) A search for Saltpeter (Phoenixstar117)

    Congratulations, your application has been approved! The DM for this event will be @Redwall. You can view your event on the calendar via the link below. Thank you! https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/calendar/event/299-a-search-for-saltpeter/
  11. (06/09/2017) Free Reign (Limits)

    This is the final list of attendees, I believe. @natureluvr
  12. Aethier Modpack

    I managed to install the mods manually pretty easily. It just doesnt go through the technic launcher. By any chance have you tried repacking the problem file(s) out of the download itself, and leaving the dropbox dl link accessible elsewhere for manual installation if needed? Heres a link to someone with the same issue. http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/175493-launcher-wont-install-modpack/ To me it feels as if it cant find/access certain important files during the install from the .zip. might just be me tho :p
  13. Chaplain's Challenge

    The Legend Should the rumors and tales be held true, it is said since the beginning of the faith, that all Chaplain's must partake in a challenge of personal strife. It is here they are able to prove their worth to the group at large. It is common for the Daemon, Nehemoth to be rumored to partake in such ceremonies, though confirming such has always proven difficult if not impossible. The rumors tell that the challenge has been a highly secretive process, cataloged in the darker and forbidden portions of the faith's libraries. The bargain is often a simple one. To be successful, a selfless goal must be achieved, and should necessary, self-sacrifice provided. The hindering of others is seen as a strict failure by Chaplain current, and those of the past. In this way, it is imperative for a Chaplain-Initiate to be intelligent, fair, balanced, and able to bargain with such evils. Not much is known of this bargain of course, nor is the exact nature of it known to most. Only those who have delved deep within the faith, and remained close to a chaplain for many years have discovered of this context.
  14. Last week
  15. (05/26/2017) Alestone Grand Opening (SteelBeard_)

    @natureluvr this is the event I need scheduled for the 24th as it is the only free day this week
  16. (05/26/2017) First Alestone mining expedition (SteelBeard_)

    Right @natureluvr This event is officially postponed until a later date, will have to leave this for after the week long event, on the 24th however is another event that I need done, and thankfully the date is free @Bromophobe those where invitations, anyone who wants to come from that list, can, or could have
  17. (05/24/2017) In Pursuit of Knowledge (Limits)

    Declined as per request.
  18. Dwarven Storage Vaults 2.0

    Username: That_one_niceguy Desired Vault: V-M-A-6 Alternative accounts: None
  19. Exploration - Western Woods (Strudel)

    Bringing back for another go 05/06/17
  20. Option 6: AtWar. There's a couple different AtWar maps of Aethier, and other version could easily be made. AtWar encourage players to use strategy, because not strategizing in AtWar will usually lead to your doom.
  21. World Posts/Progression

    11th of Morto, 1408 All about the lower half of Aerossa, rumors of a 'Scarecrow' begin circulating around. Desert Elf encampments which were once established properly within the deserts and mesas now lay in complete and utter ruin- numerous pyres of corpses have been reported as it seems as if the slaughter stretches not only to just the men, but anyone who dared to step into The Scarecrow's path as well. Sightings have varied, as most survivors tend to be women or children, some reporting that he is a man of enormous height and great, brutish strength. Others declare that it is surely a supernatural entity, an oppressive scourge that punishes the sinful. Trading caravans remain untouched, a few merchants even spreading the tale further that they may have been saved by this 'Scarecrow' The Arid dragon's appearance in Fortvoie has fallen into legend, and traders are slowly beginning their return to the large trading port within the western Imperium. Prosperity is beginning to increase once more. Massive amounts of materials are being shipped off continent by the Imperium to an undisclosed location. Countless ships, filled with materials of food, wood, cloth and stone continue to leave and return empty handed, beyond the norm for traders and the like. Rumors of a large project begin to spread, and even worse, rumors of a great weapon to follow.
  22. Lore Journal: May 2016 Onwards

    Addendum, Current characters are no longer affected by the race change, however new characters and old characters children WILL BE. Alternatively, if people wish to comply with the original rule stated above, it is purely optional to do so.
  23. Axel Velox Deviante Progression Tracker [Skill Percentages] [Educated] Taught when he was younger. Easily understood. Different from mastered, meaning faults still occur. [Mastered] Complete efficiency and performance. No flaws and is practically perfect. [100%] He can use the skill flawlessly, requiring little to no effort. Awaiting mastery approval. [90%] Expert level. Can perform the skill efficiently, as well as able to efficiently creative/advanced aspects. Even though they are miniscule at most, flaws are still present. [80%] Close to being an expert, can perform the skill efficiently, yet still requires a decent amount of concentration. Complete focus when performing creative/advanced techniques. [70%] Adept at performing the skill. Most fundamental flaws have been eradicated, although he is still prone to some mistakes. Has begun learning creative/advanced techniques, alongside the difficulties which come alongside them. Needs a guide in order to use creative/advanced techniques. [60%] Above average compared to those who typically have the skill. Considered “good”. Definitely prone to fundamental mistakes and may be confused on some aspects. [50%] Considered “average” when compared to others. Requires a lot of focus when performing the skill. Easily prone to fundamental mistakes and his knowledge of the skill isn’t complete. [40%] Considered “unsatisfactory” most of the time due to the poor quality. He is probably still in the learning process, gaining knowledge from a credible source. [30%] The skill is barely able to be performed, if so, by luck. When it is performed, it is in extremely bad quality, or fails seventy percent of the time. Possibly in the beginning stage of learning. [20%] The skill is barely used due to the lack of practice. The skill is performed hastily, often having poor results, unless there is a significant guide nearby (e.g. another person walking it through with him). Albeit, it is able to be initiated without a guide, but, will most likely fail. [10%] He has seen the skill been used or barely researched about it. Only used the skill in rare instances. [Health and Skill Related Components] Speed: [60%] – He definitely isn’t trained, however his youthful vigour and natural Lirram characteristics does give him a slight advantage over others. Is not purposefully trained, but, often used. Cardiovascular Fitness (Endurance): [50%] – Relatively normal endurance. Not exceptionally bad, yet, he not exceptionally great either. Keep in mind, he’s just a kid. So, his 50% is probably much lower to that of adult. Climbing: [40%] – He is naturally apt at climbing, absolutely enjoying getting up to places on which he can feel the breeze on his face, ruffling his already messy hair. Agility: [20%] – It would be brilliant if he could actually see what was in his way before he was able to dodge. Perhaps this could change through training as he grows older. Muscular Strength: [10%] – He’s a lean child, not being as stocky as his human friends. Stealth: [30%] – Surprisingly, he is quite stealthy, since he does have a greater perspective on the scents and sounds which he uses every day to identify people. What he does with this wisdom? Jumps out at people. “Yo’ laugh, bu’ it’s actually lots of fun!” Vitality (General Health): [70%] – He is definitely not in any bad shape or form, perfectly normal for his age. Not saying he’s an Olympic God, but… He’s not going to fall deathly ill any time soon. (Well, I hope.) [Education] History: [10%] – His Sister didn’t really know much about the History of the world herself, so could pass on any information to Axel either. Geography: [20%] – Ok, he’s not extremely bad at it. He’s accompanied travellers before (in actual roleplay) and has been told the lay-out of the world. But, it is extremely limited. Maths (Basic): [Educated] – Woohooo! His Sister taught him his basic maths well enough to survive! Maths (Intermediate): [10%] – “Um… Wha’s a formu’a?” To be fair to his sister. He is way to young to even begin learning this. Hopefully somebody helps him out with this in the future! Politics/Citizenship: [10%] – Do you know that massive empire which pretty much dominates the entirety of Aversia? Yeah, that one! Well, Axel certainly doesn’t. All he knows is to stay away from big, clinking people of metal. Art: [10%] – He’s never really had a chance to try Art. And, for the record, blind people can draw. They imagine the brushstrokes in their head and depict the image from there. [Combat] Unarmed: [10%] – Uh… Yeah, Axel and combat don’t mix. He still is learning how to perceive the world around him. Plus, he’s a kid. Maybe he’ll start learning soon, I guess? [Talents] Flute: [60%] – Given to him as a gift from his sister when he was 7. He absolutely adores his flute, his most treasured item. He plays it a lot, despite only knowing one tune. Considered gifted with the instrument. - P.S: I made sure that Axel is as completely debuffed as possible, only giving him 2 good traits. Reason for this? I want to show him develop as much as possible through RP. Not to mention, he's a child! I like this character, and I don't want him to be one of those children who already master skills at such a young age. :P
  24. Solar Fury

    Solar Fury [Application only] Basic Overview: Members of Sol's faith who have shown both unwavering piety and unbreakable will are sometimes granted a boon of great power. Known among his followers as Solar Fury (or Sol's Fury), the blessing grants its subject a powerful suite of tools that may be used against the enemies of the light. Bearers of this gift are denoted not only by their abilities, but also the mark of Sol which appears emblazoned on their skin. Physical Changes (if any): The sigil of Sol, described as a rudimentary pictograph of dawn cresting over a hill, appears as a tattoo on the blessed's skin. Often located on the back of the hand similar to stigmata, it is also seen on one's left breast (near the heart), or on the back of the bearer's neck. Those with Sol's blessing may also be recognised by the new pigment of their hair, as in their acquisition of this power, the sun bleaches all colour into a shining golden hue. Mental Changes (if any): Those blessed by Solar Fury feel at ease and comfortable when basking in the sun's rays. Effects: The abilities gained by the blessed of Sol are listed below, each of which is designed to aid Sol's wardens in battle against foes unnatural and undead. All of the mentioned powers are dormant in the body and spirit of their user, and cannot be cast accidentally. Active Abilities: Lance of Light Effect: At will, the caster can begin to siphon light and heat from their environment and congeal it’s mass is congealed of a substance akin to plasmidic fire, though it burns with only an infinitesimal fraction of Sol’s wrath. This process takes a deal of time and concentration, and for every moment it remains in the grasp of the Solarii it begins to generate greater power. The Flame of Sol sears through mortal and undead flesh alike - leaving what stands in it’s path desolated through and through. With regards to it’s special effects against Vallah and various other undead, the conjured light and flame will remain(where otherwise, it will disperse upon impact) and feast upon the flesh and inflict wounds that cannot be healed by feasting or by life magic. They may only scab over, leaving horrific black scars if they survive or wholly consuming the body mass of the monstrosity if it has been empowered long enough. Albeit, this all comes at a physical toll. Overuse and abuse of Sol’s tools can lead to great physical ramifications so that it will burn through the flesh. As one might expect - the deed requires an obscene amount of focus as well as available light. If one were to attempt to cast this at night, they would require an exceptional amount of torchlight or suffer it’s effect being drastically reduced - to the point that the length required to reach the same point of power is doubled. Mechanics: 3-turn chargeup minimum to release the blast. 6-turn cap till the heat entirely overwhelms the Solarii’s body and begins to inflict horrific burning. In exceptionally dark areas, underground, or at night, the charge up time is doubled. The effect acts as if white phosphorus or napalm to undead/unholy creatures, ala Vallah and Liches, burning out with a proportional effect to the number of emotes required to charge it. Generally, these wounds are not lethal. While being charged, the caster cannot move or sustain any direct attacks without breaking concentration. Blessed Radiance Effect: The lord of Sunlight does not simply represent fury; he is all that is light. As so, it only makes sense that those he bestows with a fraction of his power may imitate such functions. At will, the user may initiate a process with which he may bestow any object with a brilliant light that shall shine from it. Such serves to illuminate any place that escapes the touch of his light. Such functions (effectively) as a brilliant artificial torch, and bestows a radiance of heat to any come near enough to it. Sol’s Blessed might siphon from this for their other powers, but it will subsume the power and leave the object the power was imbued in as nothing but slag. Mechanics: Eight turns to imbue it with sunlight. Lasts until consumed - only one active at a time. Is more effective than alternative torches. Can power one incandescent arms or one Lance of Light. Incandescent Arms Effect: Sol shows love for his followers. With a process similar to Lance of Light, albeit much more swift, the Solarii can ignite his blade with a sheath of holy flame. It’s flame possesses the same utility as His Lance, applying lasting and rather horrific burns to the exposed flesh of Vallah and other aberrants. Lesser weapons (those of steel, high carbon steel and iron) will experience damage and chipping, though they shall not melt and will remain in respectable condition - easily repaired by any smith worth his weight in salt. The only notable conflict with the boon of the Incandescent Arms is that lances of light may not be formed whilst this power is active, for fear of overloading their capabilities. Mechanics: Two (2) emotes to ignite the blade. Lasts thirty (30) emotes but may be dismissed at will. Can inflict painful third (3rd) degree burns, and shares the same offensive capability as lance of light does Undead/Unholy. Passive Abilities: Eyes of Flame Effect: The blessed’s eyes turn a radiant orange yellow. When they cast, their pupils contract to the point of being almost unnoticeable - leaving only the irises Mechanics: Blessed’s eyes noticeably shift during casting. Blood of the Blessed Effect: Upon reception of the blessing, the chosen of Sol finds their hair turn to a distinct shade of blonde. Unbeknownst to them, their blood gains toxic properties to Vallah and other undead; it is capable of causing death to creatures of the night who imbibe it. Mechanics: At the instance of blessing, the character may (optionally) receive the blood of the blessed. Upon such, the physical changes noted above will transpire and their blood changes in consistency to safeguard themselves from Sol’s eternal enemy. Origin of trait: Long ago an ancient order of sun worshiping warriors held demesne in a land plagued by the undead. In the first years of their inception, their garrison and arms could keep their rotting foes at bay, but over time their strength would wane. As darkness shrouded the light, the front lines of undead crept ever closer, doom hovering over the tired men and women of the crumbling citadel. As the skeletons, ghouls, and wights made their final charge, storming the gates, a glowing orb of fire appeared afore the crawling foes, driving them back with a blinding explosion. When the daze settled, the fighters of the citadel felt empowered with both heat and fire, their hands aflame with glowing plasma. The undead resumed the charge, but were cut down with great swathes of fire. Wielding a fire that burned with an unprecedented fury, the warriors drove back the besieging undead, and soon routed the ghastly army in its entirety. These men and women, now known only by their story, would be the first to wield Solar Fury, though they would not be the last. Acquisition: Any individual who upholds the name of Sol, and emulates his virtues, is viable to be blessed by Sol. Mechanics: Blessed are immune to sun-based illnesses and ailments, such as sunstroke and sunburn. The blessed is comfortable in the gaze of the sun, and will likely make habit of sunbathing in prayer.
  25. Night's Serenity

    Night's Serenity [Application only] Basic Overview: Those who preach the word and morals of Ombra may receive recognition from their goddess in the form of a blessing, with the goal of extending the reach of her thoughtful influence along the mortal plane, carrying abilities designed specifically to aid this purpose. Though some may not be directly related to peace or thoughtful contemplation, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide how each skill may be used to achieve this ultimate goal. Physical Changes (if any): A crescent moon, laced with intricate runes along its outer arc may appear on the back of the dominant hand, the forehead, or along the back of an individual, it’s size being relative to the location. The individual's skin may also turn either pale or ashen to a degree, depending on its original shade. Active Abilities: Lunar Embrace Effect: Taking after one of Her favored domains, the power imbued within the Lunar Deity’s blessed directly related to assuming control via finesse and a light touch. Within a short radius (5 blocks, mechanically) they can exert a grip on the emotions of an individual. Lunar Embrace is capable of influencing any perception/emotion; it cannot drive a calm man berserk, but it may make an even-headed man angry - or as another example, an amicable man would be made rather agreeable. This function serves across the entire spectrum of emotions, not exclusively affecting calmness or anger. To one uneducated in the nature of the blessing, the changes are often imperceptible. It is best used with accompanying measure; one might use it in tangent with extenuating circumstances, if Ombras’ blessed is truly adept. This will, however, not override reason and cognitive function. Nothing might subvert an angered man to take his own life or a thrifty merchant to accept a deal that would cripple him - Ombra’s touch is best used in conjunction with extenuating circumstances and charm, not as an independent power. Mechanics: 25 turn cooldown. (or equivalent to 8 minutes IC.) Emotions must naturally subside or level out after use; there is no off switch after they are toyed with by Ombras’ Blessed. Lunar Embrace is restricted to targets within five blocks of the caster. Three emotes (turn-based) of concentration till the influence takes effect; can be interrupted, but the process is not apparent - the caster will just seem particularly concentrated for the duration. Darkness Effect: The most apparent of the Night Mother’s bestowed powers is that of darkness. At will, Ombras Blessed may begin to conjure a spherical orb of absolute darkness to blanket an area of fifteen meters in every direction that halts at all walls, within a distance of twenty meters; this darkness is innately magical, dampening all noise cast in it’s area and wholly unable to be seen through. Not even the accursed eyes of the Vallah might pierce its veil, nor the Greaters with their heat-based vision. The only known way to dispel it before the effects naturally fade is with a direct burst from Sols’ blessed, and even then it is slowly subsumed. Combat within the terrain is inadvisable, but possible - the only sensations left to those within will be touch and scent. The caster is capable of witnessing distinct shapes at a distance of three feet to a meter at most, rendering them some ability to navigate through the fog. Mechanics: 3 (OOC, non-continuous RP hours) cooldown. Two day cooldown IC. The radius of the globule is 15 meters (blocks) in every direction from the caster till it hits a wall/barrier. It is advised to contact a DM capable of demarcating the edges of the darkness to avoid discrepancies. The charging time is 3 posts. Whilst active, the party drawing upon shadow can actively be seen emitting a dense and coloured gas. This process can be interrupted with the death/knock out of the caster, but concentration is not strictly required for anything but the initiation. User can see roughly one (1) block distance. Others caught within the darkness have no visibility and must operate off of a sense of touch to navigate and combat opponents within, should it come to such. Sustains thirty (30) emotes. Can be disrupted with Solar Fury, and will dissipate in three (3) upon contact with a Lance of Light with a charge of four or greater. Composure Effects: The blessed gain the ability to become temporarily immune to physical effects of emotion. Stress or frayed nerves will not make their hands shake, and sorrow shalt not bring them to tears. This is not to say that the emotions do not exist; they are present in the minds of the afflicted, simply rendered inert with regards to physical effects. Composure may be activated at will without any distinct physical action to indicate the initiation. If put under exceptional duress such as prolonged torture, it can be forcibly broken; this, and deactivation, initiates a rush of exceptionally powerful emotions and sensations that were sequestered during its usage. The aftereffect is proportional to the amount of time spent with Composure active. Mechanics: 2 (OOC, non-continuous RP hours) cooldown. At deactivation or break (break occurs from exceptional mental trauma, such as torture or the loss of a loved one), the user experiences a rush of the relevant emotions (and their effects) in an exceptionally intense rush. It requires a period of depressurization to normalize corresponding to how long it was in effect. User will not experience quakes, emotional tears (joyful or sad), or any variety of stimulation that occurs exclusively from emotion till the effect is willingly dispelled or broken under duress. The active effect lasts a total of 4 IC (/Date In-Game) Days. Upon reaching that mark, if not vented, the emotions will explode, and their emotions will become twice as powerful as the initial deactivation effect. All emotions previously bottled up come out quad-fold. If this ability is naturally deactivated before the 2nd IC (/Date In-Game) day, then the cooldown is reduced to 20 (OOC, Non-continuous RP minutes) Passive Abilities: Mother’s Gaze Effect: The pupils of the blessed are coloured a light silver akin to the colour of the moon. It passively increases the perception of its bearer at night, permitting them greater awareness in Ombra’s domain. Mechanics: Optional at onset of blessing. Mildly increased vision at night and in darkness. Accompanied with silvery colored pupils. Origin of trait: Legends speak of an old contest between Sol and Ombra long ago, when the two deities still conversed with each other. Sol, whom had slowly grown enamored with the right of freedom, gazed upon a slave camp one fateful dawn. He wished to free the slaves, and so he sent a message to his followers. Those devout to Sol rushed to their banner gearing for war. However, the war would not favour them as the slaver camp defeated them, and only grew larger with the spoils of war. Desperate in his actions towards the growing threat, Sol convened with Ombra and explained to her the atrocities of their deeds. Ombra, whom had quietly watched the struggles of Sol’s followers and their blind devotion, answered Sol’s plea. She bestowed a single follower amongst the camp with her gifts, speaking to them of her disapproval. The Ombrite, blessed with new knowledge and devotion used their gifts wisely. They spoke to those who wished to hear the call for an end to the war, and by dawn- Sol gazed upon a peaceful town, valuing a newfound equality in understanding. The war was ended and under the influence of that single Ombrite, the slaves of the town were freed, and with time, the town grew prosperous and flourished… Ombra had shown that violence and anger were not the solution to all problems, and that all could be reasoned with. Acquisition: Dormant powers that have a chance of developing in *ALL* devout or zealous followers of Ombra, copying of the mark or carving it into one's skin doesn't work, as it seems to be sourced through magical or divine means. This mark cannot be backstoried, nor can the awoken power. Mechanics: Those blessed will be able to use all the abilities listed above. No abilities will stack with other Nights Serenity users abilities. This trait does not conflict with the curse of vallahism.
  26. Stellata Progression Tracker

    Increased reading and writing percentages, added a link for evidence. I began working on this with her on 5/8/2017.
  27. Sanctus Infinium

    Sanctus Infinium Basic Overview: The Sanctus infinium are those blessed by the Time Keeper to aid in their safeguarding of knowledge and prevent those wish to censor and silence the history of the lands. The Sanctus Infinium are granted a controlled piece of the gods influence and are kept in close observation to ensure that they do not abuse that which they have been granted, the Sanctus don’t have a moral obligation to anything outside of knowledge acquisition and protection. Physical Changes: The hair of one bearing the blessing loses color, taking on a monochromatic hue comparable to what their old hair color once was. They also acquire a grey lemniscate somewhere upon their body stylized into an hourglass with faint dark patterns and textures reminiscent of sand. This mark always appears somewhere upon their torso or their visage, usually the cheek opposite whichever hand is their dominant. Mental Changes: There are more differences that affect the mind of a Sanctus Infinium than one blessed by another god. Those granted this boon often find themselves with slightly greater perception and an enhanced capacity to recall events. Most importantly, though, they acquire knowledge of how to use their newfound abilities and the knowledge of when not to use them. Effects: The abilities that one bearing the mark of Vassas are granted are powerful yet laden with restrictions. It is said that some of their potential will not even function if the time isn’t right, while others say that if their bestowed power is misused they lose it all and more. Whatever is true, it is common knowledge among those aware of this blessing that there are both terms and conditions to the greatest of Vassas’ boons. Active Abilities: Oracle’s Sight Effect: The blessed can effectively alter their own perception of the flow of time, reducing and accelerating the rate that time passes before their vision. Through this, a member of the Sanctus Infinium is capable of almost astounding feats of perception in not just the present, but possibly even the future. While they cannot directly scry a given point in the future, they can rapidly accelerate the rate at which time progresses for their senses. Mechanics: The rate at which one of these blessed can perceive the world around them can be accelerated or decelerated twofold. For each doubling or halving they must spend a single emote of concentration. To return to normal perception they must spend the same amount of focus they spent altering their perception to return. This effect is abruptly ended when the blessed sustains major wounds or a serious voluntary break of focus. An abrupt end leaves them stunned for four emotes before they finally regain their grounding in reality. As a blessed accelerates their own perception, they gradually grow detached from their own form as they begin to perceive events as they unfold. The accuracy of the future they see as if they were there grows more inaccurate as the possible futures diverge, meaning that the further into the future they attempt to scry the more inaccurate their knowledge grows. Acceleration requires the presence of a DM. Ex: 1:2 to 1:4, 1:4 to 1:8, 1:8 to 1:16, so on and so forth. A blessed may also decelerate their own perception, slowing their perception of reality. This effectively allows them to react to and perceive events they otherwise wouldn’t: they are not physically faster or slower, they are merely thinking and perceiving quicker within the span of time presented to them. This does however give them more time to plan their actions even though they do not augment their own flesh. Ex: 2:1 to 4:1, 4:1 to 8:1, 8:1 to 16:1, so on and so forth. Black Sands Effect: It is within the powers granted to a Sanctus Infinium to rewind their own personal time, resetting themselves to an earlier point. In times of urgency or great need, they may undo an entire sept [1 OOC Day] of their own experiences, This is not just a reset of the flesh, but a total spiritual unwinding backwards. The world remains unchanged: all that changes is themselves. When this localized rewind is used, the blessed begins to both crumble and burn away into a spiral of blackened dust that swirls upwards before fading from sight. They reappear where they were one sept before exactly as they were one sept before without the memories of what transpired. The only sign that they even used this power is its faint traces: black dust clinging to both their skin and the ground beneath them in addition to the faintest glow from their lemniscate. Mechanics: To perform this deed requires seven emotes of concentration, occurring upon the seventh. Acts that break concentration prevent the process of activating this ability. This may be used only once a cycle. [Once every OOC week.] This is a total rewind of the Sanctus Infinium who uses it. All changes that happened to them during that course of time whether they be for good or ill are undone. Items that are on the person of this ability’s user rewind with them, though this effect does not spread to any living organisms that may be in the Sanctus Infinium’s grasp. Recently expended and lost items rewind back with the Sanctus upon usage. State of Entity (Restricted) Effect: In conditions where the restraints of their boons do not stop them, a member of the Sanctus Infinium is capable of altering the rate that non sentient and inert objects pass through time’s stream. They can even turn back the flow of time upon objects that pass the strict restrictions upon their boons entirely. Mechanics: This ability can only be used when the rules that bind a member of the Sanctus Infinium is met. A DM’s presence is required when using this ability to both log and verify that its use is valid and succeeds. Two emotes of concentration are required before this ability begins to take effect. There is no exact time that it takes to either age, unage, or stall the aging of any given thing. Rather it merely begins to exponentially pick up speed in either direction of its time the longer this ability lasts. The DM present determines how long aging or unaging something to a given point takes. Stop the Gears (Restricted) Effect: Perhaps the most powerful of the abilities that one of the blessed has access to, a member of the Sanctus Infinium is capable of stopping all time within a small localized area when the need is great and their binding guidelines grant them the capacity to do so. They find themselves and others entrapped within a small bubble of timelessness where the only ones capable of moving are the Sanctus Infinium themselves. Within this bubble of inert and inverted-color space, time only resumes when the Sanctus Infinium pops the sphere either by accident or intent, or when time finally comes staggering forwards once again. Mechanics: This ability takes three posts of concentration to bring about, happening upon the third. It always fails to execute unless the conditions necessary for its activation have been fulfilled. Stop the Gears lasts for a total of four emotes and pauses everything within a five meter radius of the activation point. Everything beyond its radius works as normal while everything within is completely and utterly stopped. Anything that enters the bubble or leaves the presence of the Sanctus Infinium within ends up affected by the localized time stop. If the Sanctus Infinium interacts with any sentient creature within the bubble the effect immediately ends. If they exit the bubble the effect immediately ends. If they will the effect to end it immediately ends. Those outside the bubble of stopped time cannot view what’s happening inside unless arcane eye is activated initially prior to the activation of the ability. This ability has a cooldown of one cycle. [One OOC week.] Passive Abilities: The Constant Effect: A member of the Sanctus Infinium is totally immune to all time manipulating effects barring their own. They will always progress normally through time, no matter the circumstance. Even if time itself was crumbling around them they would still move forwards through time as if they were entrapped within their own bubble of localized time. Mechanics: This ability protects a Sanctus Infinium not only from their own abilities but from any magic whatsoever that may tamper with the flow of time. It does not prevent their abilities from working as written. Temporal Awareness Effect: Those blessed by Vassas are acutely aware of the flow of time at all times. It manifests as another sense: a steady pulsation almost as if the beat of their own heart that allows them to determine and sense any modifications to the natural flow of time near by through disruptions and alterations to its rhythm. Mechanics: A Sanctus Infinium can perceive any alteration or distortion in the flow of time whatsoever, as well as roughly identify its nature no matter the circumstances. This sense cannot be blinded: it is entirely separate and indistinct from the rest of their perception; manifesting as an extension of their very soul. An infinitely minor quirk of this extra sense is that one of the blessed is always aware of whatever the date is. Preservation Effect: Both a boon and a curse, those of the Sanctus Infinium are touched far less by both time’s kindness and its hate. All natural biological functions that they undergo occur twice as slowly with no inhibition to their day to day function. Wounds take twice as long to heal, while aging takes twice as long to occur, poison takes twice as long to spread, and food takes twice as long to digest; these are just examples of this trait’s effects. Mechanics: All biological effects for a Sanctus Infinium take twice as long to occur. Nothing is excluded. No aspects of Preservation penalize their day-to-day functionality unless deliberately forced into a situation where they do. A Sanctus Infinium does not move twice as slowly or think twice as slowly, for example. Origin: While the specific date of conception has been lost to time, possibly intentionally, it’s known that the last recorded instance of a Sanctus Infinium was approximately nine hundred years ago in Aversia. If there was Sanctus Infinium before this point they were either too well hidden or the records have become inaccurate due to age. What’s known about these acolytes of Vassas is that according to tales and legends they’re predominantly scholarly types without any detectable patterns when it comes to morality or actions, in addition to the scholar like nature, it’s also said that the Sanctus Infinium show extremely high mental fortitude when it comes to being exposed to the unnatural and impossible. The records of the last known Sanctus Infinium for nine hundred years ago, show that the individual whose identity has been lost, confronted an abomination spawned from Foli’s influence that drove those near it to madness, it’s said that the Sanctus was not only resistant to the effects of the entity, but found it fascinating enough to write a detailed book surrounding the creature after slaying it supposedly single handedly with the individual crumbling to dust before returning time and time again each time they were driven mad by the entity until they figured out a method of removing the entity. The conflicting stories about knowledge and mental resistance to madness suggest that the Sanctus Infinium are chosen by Vassas to directly oppose the loss of knowledge through madness and as such combat the source so that such knowledge will not be lost. Acquisition: According to legend there are but two qualities which Vassas looks for besides Faith, A strong mental fortitude and an extensive knowledge of the world in whatever form that takes, Be that through experience in their skills and abilities or through knowledge in the arcane, ultimately however, it’s up to the whims of the god Vassas. Mechanics: A Sanctus Infinium is an individual blessed by the Time Keeper and his servants. They exude a silver magical aura when viewed under arcane eye and other means of magical detection. Those bearing the blessing of Sanctus Infinium are held to far stricter restraints than the blessed of other gods in exchange for far greater power. All of the Sanctus Infinium are granted the restricted and heavily restrained power to manipulate time as is described in their abilities above. Someone who acquires this blessing undergoes minor physical and mental changes. Anyone bearing this trait must follow Vassas’ doctrines. Breaking these doctrines in any way or form can lead to the immediate loss of all boons gained. Restricted abilities can only be used if they in some way or form further Vassas’ doctrines and the goals of his faith.
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