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  2. Player Hall of Heads

    Username: Curtissss Alts: Curtisssssss Eligibility: -Patron 6 -2 YEARS+ -NTT? Preferred Quote: "Solar Goldfish" Preferred wall texture: Dark green hardened clay. (terracotta)
  3. County of Piaviste

    The Lord Judge The faith of Ludex stems from ancient worship, and has passed down many generations, establishing most commonly in smaller villages and their lordships. Not being the most common faith, those who worship Ludex maintain values of family, order, and divine right. Upon the Empire’s arrival into Aversia, those of Ludex found themselves easily compliant with the rhetoric of the Imperium and its goal. The symbol of Ludex is often displayed as a balance made of gold and silver. The figure of Ludex is depicted as a benevolent figure, often gathered in loose fitting robes, holding the balance in one hand, and a gavel in the other. Sitting on a throne of marble, this benevolent figure decides whether each and every follower ends within the Heaven he domains over, the Silver City. Those who do ill in life find themselves sinking deep within the realms of chaos, not to be redeemed by the lord. Ludex is seen as a fair and just figure, allowing people to please themselves as much as they please, so long as it is not to the total detriment of others. Promoting the welfare of others, and one’s own morality is seen as an easier way to procure themselves into this after life. The worship of Ludex has become a budding religion within the Empire. Having existed for centuries, the faith has remained small and tight-knit. Formerly being from the continent of Argione, and since having moved sparsely throughout the Empire, the worship of Ludex is passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. Idols of Ludex and his seven disciples are quite often held within homes as centers of prayers, chapels are erected him in the deity's name. It is believed that should one promote order within society, and promote the general welfare, that they are to be brought to the Silver City in the afterlife. Those who fail to do such are to be claimed by the being of chaos and to live an eternal afterlife of pain and suffering. Conversion is seen as a method of saving people from this enigmatic chaos, and those who are outside of it with little morals are seen as doomed. All men are salvageable bar those who commit major crimes however, and thus missionaries traverse the lands to preach the word. Ways one could fall to chaos include race-mixing, becoming subservient to entities of chaos, undead and the otherwise unholy, and witchcraft. Mages in specific are seen as prone and have already fallen to greed by most. Bunra is the disciple of fortitude. Providing the fruits of labor to one’s mind, Bunra is said to aid all in building the walls to face adversity. It is said that when a person is feeling as if they cannot accomplish a task, uttering prayers to Ludex with Bunra in mind is can steel one’s mind, and prevent them from succumbing to weakness. Caelius is the disciple of bravery. Born an average human farmer, and levied into the militia’s of the East, Caelius fell during the war of heresy in the deep east, trying to call an end to the fighting which took place to those who opposed the worship of the one god. His end came when all sides of the schism could not be stopped in their pursuit of blood. Caelius was accepted into the Silver City, after climbing his way up through the militia in life, and proving he was dauntless in all pursuits. Hilda is the disciple of honor. This extends to all things, being more than just honor in battle. Taking pride in one’s work, and proving themselves to act with dignity and moral is mainly in Hilda’s demesne. Hilda was said to be a loyal wife, who during her life sacrificed herself for the sake of her children and family. Accepted with open arms into the afterlife, Hilda’s presence imbues others with merit. Oswald is the disciple of charity. Giving in more than gold and materials, Oswald devoted his time as an ancient king to the people. It is said that upon his death, Oswald selected the poorest peasant within his kingdom to grant his wealth to. In life, he was seen as a king whom stood amongst his people. In death, he is said to be one of the disciples welcoming all to the bountiful afterlife. Samael is the disciple of the righteous. Standing up for the meek, Samael promotes mercy and order to those who break the code of law and the creed of the faith. Depicted as a divine entity, having a crown of laurel about their head, and diving wings of silver, the being is prepared to distribute justice. Against the wicked, Samael is said to ensure victory. Venesia is the disciple of prudence. Twin to Evelia, the daemoness, Venesia acts as a test for those who tests mortals on their wisdom and conservative nature. Venesia, like her twin, manifests within the realm of men as a beautiful woman, trying to take those who may be lured by her. Those who break the codes of the faith are cast out, and prevented from entering the afterlife unless they properly repent. Venesia also represents motherly attributes, wisdom, and the prospects of knowledge. Waymar is the disciple of discipline. The dragonsbane and patriarch of the ruling house of the Empire, Waymar’s discipline formulated the founding of a morally right and strong house. Waymar in life killed the Wyvern in the foreign lands of Edeline, and took his place as the founder of House Kolchrave. His legacy since having passed on through his recent death, Waymar is seen as the most recent incursion of the aspect of discipline. Waymar the I grants those deserving of it the divine right to rule, as well as the structure of society. Lamete is the daemoness of envy. Feelings of jealousy are usually not permitted within the church. Longing for what someone else has is seen as sinful in nature due to the lack of will to seek out that which is wanted. Lamete is seen as a beaked woman with winged arms and claws. A woman who felt endless jealousy for her sister whom was to be married to another noble family which she longed for. Over time she was corrupted before eventually killing herself so she may meet the fallen lord in the afterlife. She did not have her wish come to fruition however, and was instead corrupted. Now she lurks, wishing to force others to feel as she had. Petra is the daemoness of torpor. She is often said to be where the word ‘petrify’ draws its origins from. Being the daemon of torpor, she is said that by merely looking at mankind, she may turn them to stone, freezing them evermore. One who has engaged in the fallacy of sloth is said to have been touched by Petra. Petra is nigh always depicted as a statue of sand herself, though her eyes are usually no more than narrow slits. Neseroth is the daemon of obscenity. That which is crude or rude falls into the domain of Neseroth. Disrespect also falls along these lines, and while Neseroth himself is not seen as the most wicked of daemons, it is seen as one of the first to tempt those into the realms of chaos. Neseroth appears as a horned daemon with reddened flesh and wicked horns which sprout forth from his form. Evelia is the daemoness of lust. Twin to the disciple, Venesia, Evelia like her sister hunts and tries to lure men within her trap. Those who are proven unfaithful, or impure, are dragged down with her into an afterlife of suffering. Evelia enjoys preying on mortals, and having them feel a lack of pleasure, which she thrives upon. Those who succumb to her nature are eternally damned. Grental is the daemon of greed. Being seen as a large green figure, lingering within swamps or dark caves, Grental enjoys beguiling men into taking more than they deserve. Should they fall to such temptations, they merely become the green beast’s slaves, collecting him wealth for his mounds of goods. This daemon is said to have existed from the dawn of time to force men to fall to his traps and schemes. It is now taught that items with utility and more useful than those which merely shine by the faith to counter this evil. Asura is the daemoness of malevolence. Asura was a noble woman who wished for nothing but pain and suffering onto those who had done no wrong. Self-indulgent and completely ignorant to the feelings of others, her pure spite warranted her corruption and downward spiral. Depicted with red eyes, and skin that of which is black, Asura is that which brings up the dead, and inspires those to do ill. Her long black hair comes to the small of her back, where she wears a tight fitting black silken dress. Her scent is putrid, like that of disease, as she is often also considered the cause of plague. Athaulf is the daemon of vanity. This mere peasant was overly proud of that which he had accomplished. This flaw in of itself led to inaction, as the man came to accomplish small things, and never achieved much in life. Not being supporting of his liege, or the faith, he was taken by the daemoness, Petra, who forced him into a life of vanity. Always seen carrying a divine mirror, the man cannot help but look at himself. In the mirror he appears as a beautiful man, but to all others he is not but rotten flesh and boils. The Silver City is the admirable, yet achievable afterlife. The realm of Ludex, the Silver City rests high above the clouds and away from the realms of men. The gates itself are monitored by Oswald and his followers. The interior however is a bountiful land of eternal pleasure and sustenance. It is earned through hard work and high moral within life. Those who do exceedingly well may be reborn by Ludex himself to aid others in their path to the Silver City. The Abyss is the eternal entity of chaos which presides in the afterlife. Those who are wicked, deprave, or may be presumed as corrupted are taken to this horrible and cruel lands. Nothing exists but darkness, and the eternal moans and wailing of those from deep within the land. Daemons of the realms lay within this realm, and try to sneak from its gates to terrorize the lands and whisper into the ears of feeble mortals. Those who do not believe in Ludex also end within this realm of eternal black. There are many domains of the Abyss, many of which very from fiery torture, to the coldest of ice. These tend to remain for those who deserve exclusive punishment.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Username: XlchosenonelX Name: Dahlia Trithan Race: Hestark Human. Age: 27 Background: Dahlia Trithan is the younger cousin of the Baron Malkar Trithan. Dahlia was taught the ways of the Wind dancers, but prefers the use of a bastard sword and aspis shield. Currently, Dahlia lives with her family in Deltrias, though unlike Malkar's sisters, Dahlia is quite fierce, and is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits. She enjoys the thrill of combat and isn't as faithful to Venti as the rest of her kin, though does hold some form of respect for the Stormlord. Her Faith lies more in the beliefs of Sol. Dahlia is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough, though she manages to keep her temper in the presence of nobility, or in political matters for the sake of her family, and has a high sense of justice and pride. Rather than remaining within Deltrias like the rest of her family almost always do, Dahlia chose to be among the military of Deltrias. Due to her relationship to Malkar, she was granted a high ranking station within the ranks of Deltrias, taking on the rank of a senior Wind Dancer. Location: Deltrias. Skin:
  6. [Patrol & Guard] Reiksguard Soldat(s)

    Username: KingHamwagon Type: Patrol & Guard Name: Reiksguard Soldat(s) Attitude: Fiercely loyal to the Empire/Emperor. Respects the laws of etiquette when encountering nobles. >Favorable treatment to humans (not to the point of corruption). >Fair treatment to elves/half-elves. >Unfair treatment to Orks, Sinnehliv. >Harsh discrimination to all Lirra and Vilo'tae. Locations: The City of Miklagard, Wintermourne. Language: Common Heilig Laws: Skin:
  7. Event Name: Revisiting the Sands Event Date: 09/09/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: CST America/Canada Event Start Time: 7:00PM Estimated Event Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours Event Location: The acid-filled Desert Temple. -4866, 5800 Location Specifics: Location is partially build and needs building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Zick said he'll need to rebuild a lot of it. If he doesn't have time to do it by 9/9/2017, I can just reschedule it to a later date. Event Type: Exploration If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Lychrris - @Doug DouginItUp What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? After having uncovered that the acid filling the Desert Temple exclusively eats away at only organic materials, Lychrris plans to make use of his skin-of-stone and delve into the furthest reaches he possibly can. At the bottom-most point he can reach he will attempt to establish a foundation of his various works in a potential clearing,- where he can be left alone to do his research and experiments in a secure position in the desert - unable to be bothered by most people. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
  8. [Patrol & Guard] Deltrias Patrol/Deltrian Guard

  9. [Patrol & Guard] Bresovan Lantgaard

  10. [Private] The Saloman Children

  11. [Private] Augustin and Ion Leu

  12. [Private] Thyri Hedström

  13. [Patrol] Tavoran Vallah Guard/Tavoran Guard

  14. Username: Raphael_Payne Type: Patrol & Guard Name: Lothryne Defensive Garrison Attitude: Reasonable, however not prone to bribery or anything similar. It's in their nature to protect their countrymen and city alike. They keep the peace and are inclined to listen to people, however they're not keen on magi blindly using their power. Disdain: -Holds some disdain for Lirram. -Abhor the men of the Falcon and Directorate alike. -Absolutely hates the undead. Respected: -Hail the Northmen and those of Tavora. Hailed: -The Imperial Leadership. Locations: Riding and patrolling Ancastre, seeing as it's an island, their influence would be fairly hefty. Language: Common. Elven. Orcish; and bastardized Valois. Laws: Home rule and Imperial Law. Skin: N/A- I'll grab you a link later.
  15. (08/30/2017) Home, sweet home. (PlasterGoat)

    OOPS! I didn't mean for it to be on that day. My bad. I meant to click the 30th
  16. Staff Journal

    NPC system has been RELEASED Here is the overview. The mainsail objective of the NPC system is not replace or detriment the RP potential of player characters. Rather to enhance the setting and world by providing NPC access to players to superimpose into places that do not necessarily warrant an event dm* or do not appeal to the greater playerbase to take the role of. These characters will be most application based and while public NPCs would be liable to be RPed by dms, characters aimed at interaction with a smaller group of people and have a lesser impact on general RP may be played by the applicants alongside their regular player character. Any abuse by the applicant or those the applicant has entrusted to handle the NPC will result in the NPC being revoked and NPC application privileges being suspended unless an appeal is made. Click here to apply for an NPC and find out more.
  17. 23rd of Venti, 1410

    "With the drive of a new world at our side we fought the burning corruption within our beloved empire. Yet even the flame of hope was not enough to stop the tide of their power..and soon, it fell to pieces in front of our very eyes..like shattered glass falling back into the furnace." -General Cornelius, 1st Salvatorii Legion, "Rightful" ruler of Aestatia. The Aestatian civil war has ended. Though quiet for many cycles on the forefront, the battles were fierce, yet the fallout even fiercer. The lands that were once covered by golden locks and strands now stand deserted, and desecrated by unholy magics. The land is scarred, and much of it cannot even be recognized. Yet despite all this, the cost was sufficient in the eyes of Atlas the First, who, on the night of the 31st of Morto, ended the rebellion by executing General Cornelius and parading his corpse through the still standing capital of new Aria for all to see. The remaining Salvatorii who did not surrender were either quickly cut down by the superior Loyalist forces, or have exiled themselves to the provinces of Aversia. It did not take long after such an action for word to spread..yet since that night, not a peep has been heard from the war-torn nation. Yet more from beyond the provinces, word has begun to spread quickly that a significant event has occurred in the western tribal-lands of Edros. It seems a figure of significant power has risen, and has begun uniting small clans within the realm. Though simply a rumor, many claim that this man will unite the west under a single banner, and threaten the rest of the world in time. In truth however, it is more than likely an upstart, who will soon face reality straight on. To the north, the house Tyhis remains in total control of the frozen wastelands , spreading their informants and ability abroad, with rumor that they may have had a hand in the defeat of the Salvatorii. Regardless of this, with the recent influx of Ombra worship and the waning numbers of Solarii both foreign and domestic, the light of the sun appears to be waning. Or at least, slowly dimming out of sight.. To the north, news begins to spread as it appears the winter cycle has begun far earlier than expected, starting with a sudden blizzard that plagued Anion for many Septs. Already the temperatures begin to drop, and travel ceases almost immediately with the coming news. Hunting for winter seems to have been interrupted quite early on, and so it is speculated Norheim will not be able to survive the winter with their current food stock, yet that is to be seen. In the worst case scenario most hope that Emmeline is competent enough to ask for assistance should she need it. In the lands of Aeoressa, the city of Ostermarch has become oddly..green. Though little flora existed around the city before, vines, trees and massive amounts of plant life have begun to spread. Many rumor it to be Arvora's influence, but those more skeptical than such claim it to be the continued influence of Aspects being summoned into the world by mages previous. Regardless of this, the plantlife continues to expand, and despite gardeners best efforts, the city continues to "Grow" in the overwhelmingly floral sense. And finally word lies upon the Aeklast, and the discovery not of the Falcon, but instead of the Freikorps. Rumor carries that during their exploration of the Mesas..a terrible threat was found. A hive of spider and human-like amalgamations attacked the party, and severely wounded the Lord Kommandant in doing so. Though it seems most escaped, rumor of their sentience has begun to spread. What is worse, is that they seemed to be able to defeat the Military so easily, and have sent small ripples of unrest through the Imperial Citizenry of the realm in doing so, though to little effect..
  18. Last week
  19. Username: Demicha Alts (If required for permissions): N/a Experience with WorldEdit: Quite frankly it has been more than a while since I last used WorldEdit. However I've used it many times before, primarily for terreforming. So I do know most commands and how to use it. What do you intend to do with WorldEdit: My intention is to use it to terraform a plot into something more enjoyable to build on, as well as to speed up more monotonous tasks. Randomizing "textures" on some walls, etc. Do you agree to be responsible, and use WorldEdit only for building, and not in any malicious way that may damage, or harm the server. This also means taking action to avoid any action that may cause a crash, or discomfort to other users?: I do. Do you understand that we withhold a strict policy on abuse of this plugin, and punishments of misuse may result in suspension, or even a ban from the services: I do.
  20. Congratulations, your event has been approved for the 28th! The DM for this event will be @Vadokim. You can view your event on the calendar via the link below. Thank you!
  21. Experienced Mercenary for Hire

    Tiberius looked over it for a few moments, deciding to unpin it and roll it up so it could fit in his pocket, going to use it for a later notice if it were needed.
  22. NPC System

    NPC SYSTEM Guidelines and Overview The mainsail objective of the NPC system is not replace or detriment the RP potential of player characters. Rather to enhance the setting and world by providing NPC access to players to superimpose into places that do not necessarily warrant an event dm* or do not appeal to the greater playerbase to take the role of. These characters will be most application based and while public NPCs would be liable to be RPed by dms, characters aimed at interaction with a smaller group of people and have a lesser impact on general RP may be played by the applicants alongside their regular player character. Any abuse by the applicant or those the applicant has entrusted to handle the NPC will result in the NPC being revoked and NPC application privileges being suspended unless an appeal is made. PUBLIC NPCS Public NPCs are Non-player Characters which exist to interact with the playerbase at large or a population within a specified area. Pertaining to this are town guardsmen and NPCs carrying professions. NPC Guards The NPC system will allow for region owners and political entities to employ NPC guards that are logically present where a guard would be in the real world or a more realistically populated setting. However, the settlement owner can not RP as these guards and may only employ them if a player character is not present. To give a DM guideline of how a guard for a particular settlement should be roleplayed a faction or region owner should fill out the following information. These Guards can be played independently from their character (thus not used as a bodyguard) or RPed by a DM with a notification sent to the guard owner. NPC Patrols Alongside the war system, property holders can delegate sections of their manpower to patrol roads and paths within their territory and would similarly abide by the rules above except appearing in groups no larger than five at a time. These would be plotted out on a map and are eligible to interact with other belligerents within the war system. Name - [Kolchrave Soldat ; Norheim Huscarl ; City Guard] Race - [Demographics, can be multiple races.] Attitude - [General things like, Not easily bribed, disdain for lirram and orcs, etc.] Locations - [Where these guards would be implemented] Language - [Straightforward, typically would stick to one but this could be race or location dependent as well] List of Laws - [If available] Skin - [Link to skin] [If patrols] Patrol Routes - [Link a map of where patrols would be sent.] Professions/ General Public Characters Public NPCs holding professions are permitted to occupy trades and are eligible to be used as a means of acquiring custom items. These NPCs are permitted only to craft up to D grade custom items. To apply for a profession holding NPC for a city or region the following application form must be filled out. NPCs holding professions can be played by a willing dm however the relevant region owner must be consulted first or they may be simply cited in a custom item application with the consent of the region owner. It should be noted that these characters should take a currently not being utilized by a played character, not replacing a played character. Name - [As simple as it sounds/keep it lore friendly and pertinent to the location/culture.] Race - [Simple, avoid any application based races.] Profession - Attitude - [Is it willing to negotiate on price? Not offer its services to Elves? Note this down.] Location - [More specific than region_name, should accompany with screenshot of place of business] Language - [Straightforward, typically would stick to one but this could be race or location dependent as well] Skin - [Link to skin] SEMI-PRIVATE/PRIVATE NPCS Semi-Private and Private NPCs are NPCs created solely to interact with a more specific group or character. These characters will mostly be solely played by the applicant alongside their regular character and not be DMed based like Guards/Public NPCs. Like Public NPCs they are locked out of any measure of magic, divinity or traits. However alongside guards, private NPCs could qualify as officers one could use to stand in to lead other NPC forces during war but can not be used as combat characters in-game unless otherwise specified given the correct context (war events more or less). Private Characters A private character is defined as any sort’ve character intended for interactions between specific groups or players. These characters can be castle/personal servants or workers, siblings which do not have player characters played. These are able to be played by the person who applied with them and not by DMs however like every other NPC variation they are application based. Its best to give these characters a footnote at the end of a character sheet to the character they’re relevant too. These characters are liable to be transferred over to the applicant or another player to continue playing as them with the addendum that the applicant has no further control of the NPC character unless transferred back over. (This process should be recorded if necessary??) These characters may also be utilized in forum rps. Name - [As simple as it sounds/keep it lore friendly and pertinent to the location/culture.] Race - [Simple, avoid any application based races.] Age - [How old they are] Brief Background - Location - [Where the NPC is based out of, use of this NPC will largely be restricted to this area] Skin - [Link to skin; not essential] ________________________________________________________________________ NPC Journals and Applications To recount all interactions with NPCs a journal should be kept in the character progression section that outlines each interaction to keep a consistent basis of what actions have and have not occurred. If you have any questions, concerns or criticisms contact @Hamwagon
  23. Posters would be tacked up in every town, city, and village, with Heilig authority and seal. Places unreachable by foot would be stocked via large mimcrov. The address of the Miklagard garrison would be attached to the bottom for any mailed responses. These posters would read as follows: ______________ Attention; all Heilig Empire citizens, in sovereign counties or otherwise, the highly elite Imperial Freikorps have begun RECRUITMENT of those of ages 16-60 with fair mind and fine build once more. Requirements -Applicants must be capable of enduring the physical and mental strain of battle, as well as the ability to react to dangerous events rapidly, while keeping discipline. -Applicants must have the will to do whatever is necessary to serve his holiness Emperor Waymar Kolchrave II, regardless of the action's nature or circumstances. -Applicants must be literate in at least one language, preferably two. -Applicants do NOT require any prior military training, weapons, armor, or other formal education. -Applicants should not have any past criminal charges, though exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. -Applicants should be of the human race, but exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. Wage and Other Accommodations -Members of the Heilig Freikorps are entitled with a wage of 150 Gelts every season [ 2 OOC Weeks]. -Freikorps members are also provided with comfortable and clean barracks, a healthy diet, medical care, and family leave. -Those who prove themselves in the mettle of battle or otherwise distinguish themselves have the opportunity to receive honorary rewards and titles. -All members of the Heilig Empire's military are outfitted with the best equipment possible; Freikorps included. Application Process Those wishing to apply should either send a letter of application to Feld Komtur Fredrick Franz or appear in person at the Miklagard garrison. Written applications should include all of the following: Full Name- Race and Subrace- Age- Current Place of Residence- Past Criminal Charges- Current Marital Status- Languages Spoken/Written- Reason for Applying- Why should the Freikorps pick you?- All applicants will receive a response, but not all will be accepted. Please think carefully while writing your applications. ______________ OOC- Information regarding the Freikorps can be found here. Those with characters submitting written applications should send a forum message to myself.
  24. *Detailed flyers could be found in various locations across Aversia, especially on many notice boards in well known areas* (The entrance.) A legendary opportunity is nigh, will you dare take part? Soon, a historical mining expedition will take place, with the site of excavation, being none other than the mythical Deep Runs, discretely located within the continent of Aoressa. The expeditionary team is seeking an assortment of talented individuals, such as: vigilant sentinels, keen miners, intelligent scribes, and any other gifted individuals that believe they could contribute greatly to the venture. As we seek to pierce deep into the shrouded veil that is the Deep Run, and uncover the amazing wonders that lay dormant, deep within the treacherous caves. But to the daring be warned, the Deep Runs is a well renowned location for being an immensely dangerous underground system, with not just the danger of being engulfed by it's never-ending maw, to lose your way out, never seeing daylight again, but the treacherous creatures that inhabit it's legendary interior. With the first likely beast to be encountered, being the Shike, an immense bat like creature, hell-bent on spreading it's foul diseases upon you and your companions, with it being capable of spreading the much feared Vallahism curse. But once further inside, the Shike will seem nothing, compared to what lies furthest within. The Reavers, the Reavers are an un-godly, inhuman monstrosity, towering the same as your fellow man, with only the intent of killing all, that isn't itself, or it's un-holy brethren. Even though it being such a dangerous task, the loyal, and the ever so dedicated, will triumph over all else, being rewarded with some of the highestquality materials you can find within all of Aversia, including the system's signature ore, Deep Silver, with it's glow being a truly rewarding sight to behold. Even if not the ore you seek, a fortune still awaits you, for the materials found below, are treasured all across the lands of Aversia, always fetching a beautiful price for the delicate ores excavated from within. If you believe you have exactly what it takes to take the perfect opportunity, send a letter of confirmation to, 𝕯𝔞𝔱𝔥'𝔦𝔪𝔦𝔯𝔢, 𝓐𝔲𝔯𝔞'𝔞𝔥𝔫𝔞𝔯, (Zeashos_Zansair) (This can be from either in-game, PM, or replying below)
  25. [Picture Currently Unavailable] ✠ Sudenwald Regiment I - “Weissmen” ✠ ✠General✠: Count Vladislav von Byrza I [@Me] ✠Officer Staff✠: Sir James von Grimm [@NPC] Serjeant Thomas Braden [@NPC] Serjeant Bronn [@NPC] ✠Nationality✠: Sudenwald - Heilig ✠Composition✠: 912 - Light Infantry/Pikemen 900 - Heavy Infantry 650 - Crossbowmen/Longbowmen 1000 - Light/Scout Cavalry (Uhlan) 600 - Heavy Cavalry/Mounted Knights (Vorreiders) 88 - Elite Infantry (Sturmtrupp) 50 - Pioneer (Siege Engineer) ✠Place Of Deployment✠: Garrisoned at Sudenwald ✠Assignment✠: Training and readying for further Deployment ✠Past Campaigns✠: The Archaedos Revolts [Completed] Die Kaiserschlacht [Aversian-Aestatian War] Battle at the Crossing Battle of Darkwater Dopplerkrieg Battle of the Citadel Battle of Ostermarsch Second Battle of Ostermarsch
  26. Act II: Unearthing The Truth

    Awh, why'd there have to be a week break! That's the weekend I go to uni >.<
  27. Event Name: Magic Mayhem: Towers of the Arcana Event Date: 08/26/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: Mountain Time Event Start Time: 3:00PM Estimated Event Duration: Hopefully Three Hours at most Event Location: The Magical Mystical Ruins that is the Towers of the Arcana Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: I am not sure if this counts as a "Dungeon" , but will certainly require going through a giant ruin full of traps and monsters. Attendees: Ramsey- @me Seraphina- @natureluvr Robin- @Caleo Melodia- @Abbi Horace- @MangoSalsaa (The last may change depending on mangos availability, and may be replaced with another Norheim person) What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Seeing it as a objectively good deed to do, the Fool sets out with companions to "Supress" the Leyline found in the Towers, limiting the dangers that could lurk inside from affecting the public. The other goal of Ramsey is to explore the Life Tower, in hopes of looking through the records that may be found by the mages prior concerning anything about the Soul. *DISCLAIMER*: I am not trying to find the books found in the Arcana library, as everyone and their mother has taken them. I wish to look through and see if any records were left by a life mage who studied souls and may have learned more about anomalies like the "Split Souls" Ramsey had discovered. I know the Arcana was a player group, and so it would not make sense, but concidering that the baddies found in the towers already were spawned from DM's and not former players, I do not see why an NPC mage couldnt have existed and possibly done just as I suggested. However, I will accept it if nothing is indeed discovered. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
  28. Hotfix: 21/08/2017

    All Servers: Using or {item} now no longer breaks if the item in question has Quotation marks in it. Server will be down for Maintenance at 6pm GMT tomorrow for a Permissions system update & Some other plugin tweaks. Estimated downtime is 30 Minutes. New Abilities Include: Refined Whitelister Permissions Staff Ability to Promote and demote specified ranks, better allowing the function of teams.
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