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      Seeking New Team Members   02/20/2017

      We are currently looking for New Player Moderators and People to fill the Global Moderator Position with such roles as Marketing, General Moderation and a few other Miscellaneous roles. If you are interested, please send in an application or update an existing one to show continued interest. We will be reviewing such applications over the next few days. Please note we are seeking people to perform specific roles, and are more inclined to look into people with specific talents, experience, or interests in certain roles (While not required, it will help!). Please be sure to specify such on your application!

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  3. Congratulations, your application has been approved! Your DM will be @natureluvr. You can view your event on the calendar through the link below. Thank you!
  4. Tired old eyes trailed across the poster, reading it just a tad bit too long and to tune of a low muttering. "K... kollll... chrave, Kolchrave" Horst at last uttered. The string of rotten teeth rattled at his belt has he stretch out towards the poster and ripped it of. Methodically he folded the paper, first once and then a second time before putting it in one of his pockets. Surely there are more than this one for others to find, the ragged man though to himself before wandering off. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - OOC Application Format Full Name: Horst Fredich-Bader Race: Human Age: 36 Current Place of Residence: The Road Past Criminal Charges: None Current Marital Status: Single Language Spoken/Written: Common Skill Set or Previous Service: Amputation, Teeth removal, Blood Letting, Cupping, Relocation of Limbs, Removal of Hang Nails and Shaving.
  5. *Passes by the note and glances at it before going back to the poster and looking at it in more detail.* {immortalize...hmmm..} "This might be a good gift for the queen and her son." *Writes down the artists information.* "I'll have to send her a letter or send for someone to find her."
  6. [!] The following posters would reside within Fortvoie, posted obviously throughout the town. [!] Entrepreneurs of Fortvoie Should you be seeking to purchase a storefront in the marketplace, worry not for funds. If you wish for your dreams to come true, and open the shop of your visions, look no further than the aid of the Visrosan Organization of Commerce. The V.O.C is read and willing to pay for any and all storefront locations in full. The contract will grant the business owner the following attributes and assets: Standing Militia to Guard Storefront and All Transactions [Coming Soon] Advertisement and Connections with Other Business both Local and Foreign Discounts on All Other Goods within this Trade Federation Financial Assistance and Insurance The costs for this are indeed very minimal, the contract is flexible. The default price would be 10% financial cut of all sales, and a representation of the V.O.C through the use of banners within your store. Please contact Diana Visrosa for more details. The Mother Protects. @Arcturio | @Seano96x | @Harry.D | @Tybalt
  7. To Mis Myrna of Myrna's Tomes and Tales, Should you acquire the time in your assuredly busy life, I would wish to meet with you in my storefront to discuss business matters. If you are able to accomplish this for me, I would be most grateful. You may find my store in the Marketplace in Fortvoie, where our banners and colors will assuredly be noticeable. Cordially, @Book
  8. People of Aversia! In times of war, all must break the binds of comfort and join the efforts of the realm. It is here that I invite those seeking a job in the field of guard work, to fill out this application and mail it to Visrosa Organization of Commerce office in Fortvoie We are currently seeking guards to ensure the safe transfer of goods and to aid in the war effort. Being a guard in our small force comes with the following benefits: Fair Pay Full Equipment Housing, Food, and Drink Discounted Prices within Visrosan Stores Potential for Rare Artifacts [IC] Application: Name: Age: Experience: Faith: Gender: Race: [OOC] Application: Username: Timezone Availability: Thank you for your consideration!
  9. (START AT 3:40) Ten seats will take Ten knights, such is the will and desire of the Lady. The Table of Ten, where ten of the most chivalrous and honorable of knights of Fortvoie seat, is a quasi-governmental body for the County, second only to the Marquis, himself one of the Ten. This circular convent of honor act in unison and perfect coordination, as Ten would act as One, to honor the Lady in every course of action. The Ten: Marquis, Balthazar Bors du Faucon [Vindicatur] Esquire, Kalanis Mornel [Megadonkey30] @Megadonkey30 Esquire, Avel Maddoc [TZUGARIS] @TZUGARIS Esquire, Joao de Tavora [JorahOfAstora] @Seano96x Esquire, Giovanni de Luca [james_corrupt] @jamesp Esquire, Galahad Galleas [PalaiologosXI] @Brogan Esquire, Pelleas Helmet [Zorastrian] @DrPatriot Esquire, (Vacant) Esquire, (Vacant) Esquire, (Vacant) Knights of Fortvoie are referred to by the noble prefix “Esquire”, venerable and extended version of “sir.” That title does not change depending on the gender, for a servant Knight of the Lady’s valor is not determined by such variable. Cathedral of the Lady, Fortvoie. Those who would claim to bear the cross-laden crest of Fortvoie under knightly oath are honor-bound to the chivalrous code of the Table, and to the customs and traditions of Fortvoie. The Errand and sworn Questing Knights of the County give great care and importance to the noble laws of chivalry, and seek to lead a virtuous life based on these precepts. The Code of honor is reflected in most parts of the life of the Table, from their interactions with foreign elements to inner court life. The Code is mostly based around five vital precepts and mantras; The Table swears undying loyalty and faith in their cause, in the Lady, and in the suzerain. For as long as the majesty and powerful acts with honor, so shall the Ten. This is not about only loyalty itself, but also about fidelity, about trust and about faith, in each other, in all that is good in the world, and above all, in the Lady’s Creation. The Table swears great bravery in the face of great odds, and courage when facing the endless hordes of the Wicked, or any who would do harm upon the innocent. It is a Knight of the Ten’s duty to show strength in the face of adversity, to never waver upon seemingly insurmountable challenges. For in doing so, it is the honor of the Guardian that is made manifest. The Table swears to never act rashly, and always move pen before blade, unless blade is the only solution. Vallahism may be cured, criminals punished and redeemed, betrayal reasoned, all to a level equal to the crime. A knight depicting cruelty is unworthy of the Lady’s Blessing, and shows no chivalry in his actions. The Table swears chivalrous behavior and sacred duty upon all of it’s seating knights of the round, in accordance with the ancient rites of the Lady and the Guardian. It is known that every knight of the Table must act with chivalrous behavior during an Errand, a Quest or service at Court, or face dishonor and banishment from the Table of the Ten. The Table swears Honor as it’s pride, it’s path and it’s course of action. No knight shall ever seek to underhand, subvert or intrigue against another, and shall base all action upon the rest of the code of chivalry. both Questing and Aspirant Knights must seek to resolve any conflict with honor, through the voice or the dueling blade. In Fortvoie, the Table of Ten must always bear ten knights, whatever the circumstances or situation may be. Such is why the County seeks holds multiple suitable to arise to the task of Questing Knights of the Table in a matter of days. There are three ranks that those worthy to place their blades upon the Table must rise through to be knighted Sirrah of the Ten. Those on such path still abide by the laws and codes of Chivalry of the County, and must swear sacred vows to the Lady and the Guardian upon Knighthood. Those recently brought in as sworn warriors of Fortvoie are considered either Squires, which were invited through squirehood to a Table Knight, or Aspirant-Knights, who were knights or similarly-recognized individuals from outside lands. Both of those are considered roughly equal in standing, and are to progressively adopt the Code of Chivalry and the Vows of the Lady if they are to progress further. Their duties are directly related to the Dogmas may encompass: -Volunteering to the broad populace -Maintenance -Guard duty -Peacekeeping/Monster-hunting (if accompanied by at least one Errand Knight or higher) -Education -Training Errand Knights are recognized and Knighted by the Table of Ten, yet are unable to sit upon such, due to it already bearing the required amount of Questing Knights. As such Errand Knights are either professional soldiers of the County, minor landlords or embark upon their own personal quests, for artefacts, weapons or relics of power to bring back to Fortvoie and gather glory and renown. Their duties may encompass: -Peacekeeping/Monster-hunting -Acting as Mentor (if all Table Knights are busy) -Soldiers of the County, in and abroad. -Emissaries and Diplomats (if all Table Knights are busy) -Esquires and landlords. -Architects and Merchants. The Ten Knights of the Table, sworn servants of the Lady, must always number such, for it would be sacrilege to leave the table empty of a name for much longer then required. They are the appointed lords of the lands granted upon them by the will of the Lady, the County of Fortvoie, its blossoming flowers, forest-laden plains and plentiful grapes theirs to cherish and protect. The Questing Knights bear such a name, for it is not uncommon for them to go on Quests or Journeys, either to slay mythical beasts, to gather legendary artefacts, or to gain the Lady’s Favor. The Table also acts as leadership and lords over Fortvoie, with the Marquis as it’s defacto representative in the Imperial Court of Heimat. Once a squire is ordained to be knighted as Errand Knight, he/she will have to pronounce the faithful Oath that shall forever pledge his/her life to the Lady, in chivalrous and noble endeavors. The vows go as follows: "In the name of the foundation, life, and in the name of the elements, the Wall, and in faithful duty against The Wicked, I lower mine blade for the Marquis of Towers and raise mine head upwards towards the gate of Galeafa. Heed mine words, the Lady’s will creates mine purpose, mine will creates mine Destiny, and mine honor lies firmly anchored upon the Pillars of the Guardian. Now, heed, for I hereby swear, that I shall be all good in the world, and that I shall defeat all Evil in the world." Once a Knight Errand is chosen by the Table to seat as Questing Knight, he repeats the same vow, except whilst adding one more verse at the end: "I shall follow the road of many paths until the Heaven promised to those of the Lady, and obey her Will and Reason, as I embark on the endless Quest of the Noble Table of Ten." “Her sword shines, a dream that all warriors scattered in battle, past, present, and future, hold and mournfully exalt as their final moments approach. She carries their will as her pride, bidding them to remain steadfast in their loyalty.” -Lament of the Lady, excerpt. The noble knights of Fortvoie see as one of their prime goals the many errands and journeys possible for them to accomplish in their quest for artefacts, magically-charged items, ancient weaponry or relics of long-gone eras. It is notably required for any who would wish to seat at the Table to have accomplished one deed of notable prestige, such as hunting a beast of great strength or infamous reputation, or recovering a relic of certain power or significance in the name of the Lady. Often, the Table itself will command hosts to embark on specific quests, for particularly worthy artefacts or objects of magical or divine power. The Table of Ten also will often offer it’s services as guardians and professional knights to any faction pure of heart and innocent of will, to act as defenders when all hope is lost. In such cases, Knights and sirrahs of Fortvoie follow a strict code that any would-be employer is required to fullfill, before any binding accord is reached. Such code works in combination with the five Dogmas of Chivalry, and goes as follows: The Ten shall only fight for a cause purest of heart. The Ten shan’t raise blade upon the innocent. The Ten shall accept all payments but those of monetary nature. The Ten shall possess the right to enact forced conscription upon the employer should one of them fall in battle. The Ten shan’t raise blade upon other faithful of the Lady.
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  11. Ah fair enough, just wondered since things had gone quiet.
  12. This is just a place for players to request to have Worldedits done in game, for those who have a hard time contacting staff to get it done for them, or want to set up a larger project. Keep in mind that you can still request one through a "/helpop" or a just asking any of our Administrators. Worldedits that involve copying and pasting blocks, as well as moving from the creative world to the rp world and importing schematics are priced as follows: Number Of Blocks * 3 + 25,000 base fee Note: Number of Blocks excludes mass amounts of Stone, Dirt and Air Terraformings, or large edits to the terrain can also be requested here. The prices for them scale from 50,000 - 150,000 depending on the size of the request. However, upon having a build pasted in all terraforming is free of charge. Removing mass amounts of blocks, such as removing a large chunk of stone will be figured under the same rules as copy-pasting builds shown above. If you would like to request a worldedit with this form, reply below with the following format: Username: Request: Coordinates: After your posting, wait for an Administrator to get back to you either in game or on this thread about your request.
  13. No need anymore XD
  14. Sigal posted a written notice on the town board of Fortvoie, it simply said. Looking for rumors of artifacts. Speak with Sigal at the Sacree Fluer. You can find me at the early hours of the day or the late hours of the night. Whomever can provide me with a lead will be handsomely rewarded 2000 Arunes for the information, and further proof to concrete the information. OOC: I'm normally on at 6-7pm Eastern Standard Time; If you cannot get on during that time but have information I will gladly take the information via PM RP
  15. Earlier
  16. Its to ensure peace upon the world, to honestly answer both parties here. I wouldnt give an example because that can come off as rude. However the reason for political alignment is less trouble for our selves
  17. Port Created.
  18. ((Sending out the finger breakers @Thunderskins))
  19. People are still doing this?
  20. Bumping this thread, the due-date is soon.
  21. A Tech WHAT?! The tech lock has been officially reworked, so prepare to move along with some tech! You can find it [Here]
  22. Any update to this map? @MayaTorres Want to see the case of unclaimed tiles. It'd be also interesting to see a "within Imperium" map, where the direct vassals are depicted.
  23. This is an awesome idea!! I love the idea of like that mystic guard!!
  24. Username: TheLone_Wolf__ Alts: N/A Storage Size: Small Storage ID: D-S-A-12 I'm pat 1
  25. IGN: redwa11 Character name: Ramsey Mc'Grath Character's current home: Cordelia (prior to sterk invasion) Genre: Literature Title: Chance with Madness: An eyewitnesses accounts of foli's presence in Aversia Hope this is the kind of stuff you are looking for @Medvekoma Ive wanted to write this for a while, and this is the perfect format for others to remember
  26. Have you decided on a new date you would like to reschedule, or would you prefer to put this event on hold for now? Again, I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Thank you for your understanding!
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