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  1. Yesterday
  2. Alright buds going to start going through these very soon don't give up hope.
  3. Aethier Forums: Added "Ontime Reports" under the Important Information section
  4. This event will likely take place sometime after our Praha invasion, I'll leave this on hold for now.
  5. Just checking on a couple things. -Is the sizing format lengthXwidthXheight? -Are we allowed to add contraptions, like automatic furnaces? -Can we add chests, or is that the responsibility of the storage owner after purchase?
  6. *The elven woman would traipse quietly across the docks, her eyes half-heartedly glancing to the poster, only to be caught off guard by the title. With a sudden burst of interest and curiosity, she would stoop forward to read the paper, a grin playing on her lips as her bright, pale blue eyes crossed quickly along the script.* "I'll certainly have to seek this out... this is perfect." *She would mutter, before hurrying back along the spirit docks, her pale face bright with renewed enthusiasm.*
  7. Last week
  8. Yet a day passing by, He had almost given up on his request Sitting outside by a tavern, he had time to think through "Should I find another way?" While rethinking his choices, a paper flew by his right leg It was one of many papers of his requests He had noticed the headless Crow scribbled upon the papers, making him believe in hope once again Holding his request, he was determined look for the Artist behind the drawing
  9. With 1.11 aproaching I shall be getting all the mods ready so when the server updates the modpack will be ready and updated.
  10. Holidays! Rites of Spring Mense Quatro of Floreo-Arvora- Mense Uno of Floreo-Oklamat (OOC: Last week of April first week of May) Midsummer's Eve Mense Uno of Imber Bahari (OOC: First week of June) Festival of Shadows Obitus-Morto (OOC: October) Seasonal plants Obitus: Pumpkins Weather patterns Windy Other Things Obitus: Sinnehliv often change from green to shades of red, brown, and orange.
  11. (Im ic waiting by the smithy now)
  12. Likely pm, as it's nearly 3 am EST right now.
  13. Locking due to Necroing of this thread.
  14. The Shadowed Rangers are a group of Rangers who live to serve and help those who cannot help themselves. During the day they stick to normal, regular lives. But during the night they will go out to a tree, which has a large hidden room under it's roots @yoda74. Here they discuss the political and common goings of Aversia, taling information learned throughout the day and discussing it. They then go out to help the people of Aversia. This will include a number of things, such as fixing a door frame, killing a dangerous creature, donating arunes to an orphanage, bringing water to a thirsty soldier. No matter who the person is politically, The Rangers will help them to the best of their ability. They use the information gained through eavesdropping and espionage to predict the moves of people and what they do, helping them in their work. The Rangers can be of any background, and have any job, as long as they are willing to work towards a better world. The Shadowed Rangers carry a list of supplies which are in a book the leader Grey carries, that is free for inspection. These are deemed necessary for a Ranger's survival and ability to aid others in the harsh world Aversia can be. A few notables are: Bow Arunes (in paper) Books and Quills The Rangers limit themselves to bladed weapons and light armor, giving them a fighting style based on speed and maneuverability. To join The Rangers, one must seek out Grey Leaf. After testing the person by traveling with them for a while, he will bring up The Rangers.
  15. Username: ItsDesolator Alts: LordDesolator777, Twerkerella, Ireneus, 41927, CreepyDesu Storage Size: U-Storage Storage ID: D-U-B-12 Finally decided to do this, because why not?
  16. That is the bad step that kills the characters. Nice sarcasm tho.
  17. Username: CheeChar Region From: Greywyn Coordinates From: -2946, 64, -6135 Region To: Western Docks Coordinates to: Anywhere it fits, Comp issues atm
  18. Half Elves History When the first Human was made from the flesh of Fey and the hue of earth, he was faced with endless struggle. The realm of his kin’s birth was one littered with atrocities. The Fey grew corrupted with every step toward their new neighbors, tainted by their sin of murder and their victim’s influence over them. They warred for many years, bitter rivals, but no such feelings can last forever. Just as the Pantheon forgave the Elves over time, so did the Humans. Their daily raids slowed until they reached a completely standstill, and neither sides were particularly surprised when an alliance was offered, followed quickly by trade. The only surprise was when the Elves and Humans began to come together romantically, leading to the existence of an In-Between Child - A Half Elf. Physical Description The Half Elves are a physically fascinating race, being quite diverse in their appearance. Half Elves can be an average of 5’2” - 6’3”, tending to be both shorter than the tallest of elves, and taller than the shortest of humans. Half Elves have defined and sharp facial features, being only slightly more rounded than their Elven parentage. Their ears are also not quite as lengthy as their Elven half, forming to a tip. The length is between that of a human and elves, but slightly more rounded due to their human lineage. Half Elves also tend to remain thinner than their human ancestry, but more bulky than their Elven one. Half Elves may inherit certain traits from their Elven ancestry. The only Elven traits unable to be passed would be the skin tones of their Elven parentage. These have been genetically weeded out over time, being purely recessive and unable to be brought out by any means. This was to help the Half Elves blend in better in settlements.The skin from their parentage is also blended with one another, the skin from dark elves taking far more from the human lineage, becoming less of grey and purple into something more humanoid. Half Elves may have the following colors of eyes: Blues, Greens, Browns, Purples (Dark Elven Parentage), Pinks (Dark Elven Parentage), and Grey. Half Elves can also have the following hair colors: Whites, Browns, Blondes,Greens (Wood Elven Parentage), and Blacks. Lifespan Half Elves will live up to an average of 250 years of age. Society Half Elves usually grow up in stationary societies which border amidst the Elven and human settlements, often coalescing in a small population between the two. There are many instances where Half Elves are shunned from both societies, seen as a sinful interbreeding that should not be able to exist. In these cases, they are cast out on their own and develop their own solitary lifestyles. Other times, they are welcomed within one or both of their parents’ communities and adapt to their chosen lifestyle. Culture Traditions: Half Elves, depending on their parentage, may choose to adopt the traditions of their parentage, including the appreciation of nature, an art in scavenging, etc. Greetings: Depending on their blood and chosen way of life, they may bow in greeting, roughly shake hands, wave, or simply nod. It all depends on their parentage. Celebrations: Most Half Elves will take after their Elven heritage in terms of religion, as the gods chosen by humans are rougher and require a toughness that many do not possess. Diet Whichever side a Half Elf chooses, they convert completely. They may choose an entirely meat diet or an entirely plant diet, very rarely settling in between. A Half Elf with Dark Elven blood may scavenge instead of hunting, but will still keep the full choice. Settlement Depending on their culture, Half Elves can live in caves, huts, or normal housing, but unless they are outcasted, they are rarely grouped together as themselves. They are almost always a minority in a human or Elven society, but in the case that they are outcasted and come together, a mixture of huts and normal housing are the preferred styles. Religion Like many aspects of a Half Elf’s physical composition and lifestyle, their religion is primarily chosen by their parentage and which society chooses to accept them. Depending on their parental subrace they may choose to worship Arvora, Dahriim, or Ombra. A more human based Half Elf may choose to worship Domm for his love of the craft, but rarely will Sterk be worshipped, as their Elven blood makes them struggle with such strength. Mechanical Differences Half Elves rely on one or both of their parents for their unique physical and mental aspects. They are part of two worlds and can adapt to both. A Half Elf has no culture of their own, but because of that they can easily mingle in new societies and settings. Half Elves have a very low fertility rate. (Dividers by Bubble Bwee)
  19. Riding upon the road to Reworks As of right now, all real-life horses and Horse-Breeds no longer exist. The only types of horse that DO exist, are the ones now located within THIS section. Riding upon their backs comes some of the last racial reworks, namely Syrien, Syva-Syrien, Humans, Vilo'Tae most notably, Dwarves!
  20. Please reschedule and await approval. @Strudel
  21. [ ! ] The following poster would not be allowed to hang within Corcilan settlements.[ ! ] "Vigilantes and unauthorised military groups will not be tolerated on Corcilan land."
  22. [!] All posters with replies were collected, the orc reading them over, weighing his options and deciding to give it another two septs, in hopes of a new response. [!]
  23. Yes yes cat i know. Unexpected delays. I was sad i missed that too
  24. "Vully! Vully!" Camry wailed as she soared theough the entrance of the guild. Slapping down the parchment for him to read she pointed at it vigorously with her opposite hand. @DelendaEst
  25. "To Alavara," We have several spots open in our local Guard force here in Lucielle. We are offering a monthly salary of 10,000 arunes. You will also receive basic combat training from me, room, board, and free housing. You may also practice another trade on the side, as we are a majorly a peaceful city. Joshua, Smith, Footman of the Corlica military, and Weaponsmaster of Lucielle."
  27. Just going to leave this here for the memes. If I show interest, I'll submit an application. This is just for the memes.
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