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    Getting Started

    How Does this work?

    Simple, its an FAQ section :)

    New Players

    Where's the rp? 

    A very important thing to have up when travelling is the dynmap. This can be accessed at the top of the forums which can be found in the row to the left of your forum name. This can especially help to see where roleplaying hubs are located.


    Click here if you would like to take a look at the dynmap.

    How do I get items? 

    Profession System:

    The profession system serves as a very helpful starter point for players who do not yet know what sort of job their character will take part in. Not only can it give the sense of purpose when playing a character, but also be a source of income when items are made and sold- or be kept personally, of course. Businesses and other opportunities can sprout if enough work is put forth towards a profession or professions.


    Click here to read about Professions.


    Custom/Material Item System:

    The Custom and Material item systems tie into the Professions system. By creating items, it can build up a character’s experience at a profession as they age. Though usually every custom item must be made from something else already gathered. This refers to the Material gathering system, where a short roleplay is needed about how the character happened to obtain a resource which has been written in lore. Here it is important to delve into the geography lore of Aethier in order to know how and where to get certain materials. These collected materials are then able to be used for a Custom Item, where creation roleplay must be written in order to obtain the item in which you planned to make.


    Click here to read about the Custom Items: Applications, Information, and Rules.

    Click here to read about the Material Gathering System.


    How do I join factions? 

    Consult the second post of the Official Newcomer Guide to view a list of factions on the server. You can also check out the Clubs heading to find even more information. Factions can be found on the dynmap. Approach faction leaders either icly or oocly for help joining. 


    Click here for the Official Newcomer Guide. 

    Click here to view Clubs. 

    How do I get to different cities? 

    Use the command /warps. 

    How do I get different traits? 

    Consult the lore page and determine if the trait you want requires an application. Lore Team generally requires 1 month of server time before a special character will be approved. 


    Traits that do not require an application or events include: 


    Lesser Vallahism


    Jacobin's Bane

    Revenants [If a new character] 

    Aedynian [If a new character] 


    Traits that do require an application or events include: 

    Any Aurum types

    Event Races

    Greater Vallahism



    Click here to view the Lore Applications pages. 


    Lore Questions

    How do I use magic?

    There are several kinds of magic unique to the server, but to get started on each it is recommended you take a look at our Lore Section of the forums to get an understanding of how each functions.


    Here are some pages to help you get a better understanding of the different styles of magic:


    What is the Speed/Strength system?

    Put simply, it's how fast you can run vs. how hard you can punch, all of which is determined by the character race you decide.


    You can read about it in detail in our Guide to Strength and Speed.

    Is character death permanent?

    Only if you want it to be! There are situations where a character may die and be unable to revive, but if you want to bring a recently deceased character back you can do so.


    Check out this page on character revivals for more information.

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