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    • Scuttlebutt
      "I'll never get used to this." He mumbled to himself while carrying a bag full of plants that he and his family had gathered for the beast, each one wrapped and carefully stored within. The cave echo'd his words back to him, it causing him to pause for a moment, rethinking everything that had got him to this point. The torch he held flickered against the darkness, his scales reflecting against its light and warmth. Oh right, a servant. He gritted his teeth before hissing to himself, carrying on to the cave he had found his Master. He ignored the pride that was pulling at him, Akurons were never to be servants but that was all he was in this moment of time. He could be better and would be better, for this was his choice, not being forced but accepting what was given. His back straightened and he nodded to himself. "My choice." Soon enough he stood at the entrance to the beasts lair, setting the torch aside where it could be found again. Looking back in and calling out. "I have returned, Master." @Phantom
    • Anauriel
      "You are welcome, dear. Please make sure you send anyone else you meet with that sort injury right away. Its lethal inside a period of five Septs, so please do not delay treatment," Krianna says and then moves to attend to her next errand.
    • DrJesus
      The boy made sure to follow her instructions, grunting and otherwise giving noises of displeasure at the pain of working. At least until the number agent sets in. Once she applies it, he relaxes much more. A glass of water is given and it is drunk, "Thank you for the help. I didn't realize how dangerous my wound was until it wouldn't close up. That's when I came to the tree." 
    • Anauriel
      "Thank you for sharing. I am pleased to hear the rest of your party is safe," Krianna states. The Elf Maid patient attempts to introduce the tip of her needle into her patient. Provided he allows this, the young woman will guide the needle down the fat layer of his skin and then across to the other side of the wound. As she does so, the needle guides the suture. The same needle also releases some form of alchemical inside of the patient. He will begin to feel numbness spread through the area. The Elf Maid's alchemical is also adhesive, a numbing agent, and a coagulant. Provided Nicolau does not stop her, she guide the object out of the other side of the wound, loops the suture thrice around her needle, and threads it through the loops. Krianna tightens her knot and then repeats the process. She will close her patient's injures and then cut the suture to close each wound. The dark elf speaks one of her attendants in Heilig. He heads off to fetch a pitcher and cup for Krianna. Upon his return, he offers the items to Krianna. She thanks the man and accepts the articles. "Please drink some water," she requests and pours out a glass for Nicholau.
    • DrJesus
      "Then I shall stay." The boy went and seated himself on a nearby couch, holding his arm out. He winces as the wound smarts, but relaxes quickly, "We were trying to find an Orcess. I do not know all the details. We were just hunting for her lair, but ah... we did not find it. My father, Perise, was with me. As well as Orjuus and my mother, Ishani. They're all fine. I'm the only one who was injured." 
    • Anauriel
      "It shall, dear," the Master Alchemist reassures,"the chocolate is a work around for quirky ingredients," she explains," most alchemical of this nature do not go down well," the young woman adds. "I need to treat your wound once the Voiding Poisoning fades." After Nicolau consumes the bar of chocolate, relief rapidly sets in. The wound begins to drip softly like a leaky quill. The stench surrounding the afflicted area quickly dissipates following the administration of the alchemical. The dark elven maiden prepares an odd bone needle to suture the prince's wounds. "You are welcome to have a seat and rest inside of the lobby. Which Fallen were you attempting to locate, darling? Is everyone else who went out on this expedition alright? Would you mind I address you injuries?"
    • DrJesus
      ...Chocolate? Well, he had heard stranger things. The boy ate, forcing himself to swallow the not entirely unpleasant mixture of spices and cocoa. He didn't eat often, however. He broke the bar into pieces and forced them down over a period of ten minutes, sighing softly and sniffing between each one. The made his nose begin to run and sweat beaded on his forehead. "And this will stop the corruption? I'll be fine from... a chocolate bar?" He sounded skeptical, but then, who wouldn't? "I can stay here. I don't need to sleep so I'll just... sit and read a book or three. Do I need to do anything else?"
    • Anauriel
      Krianna listens attentively to Nicolau. The Elfess opens her first aid kit and sorts through its contents. She removes a single portion of packaged chocolate and opens its protective covering. The dark elf presents the item to Nicolau. "Right now, the Void's corruption is attempt to twist and break down your body. Please eat this bar of chocolate. I apologize, but this alchemical is somewhat spicy. You sweating a great deal for a Sept. I would like you remain here, if you can. I cannot treat your wound until the corruption has ceased," she says whilst offering the antitoxin to the Prince.
    • DrJesus
      The boy approached the particular retinue around Krianna and walked right up to her, bowing as he did so, "Hello. My name is Nicolau de Noctis. This sept my father took me with him to try and find the lair of a Fallen. Instead, we found the Fallen herself. She didn't get me, but some sort of flying creature she had with her did." He began to undo bandages on his right arm, showing a claw wound that had yet to close. The veins around the wound ran black, pulsing idly. It stunk of rot as well, a sort of living rot.  "I was told you could help me with this? It won't heal and it stings terribly."   
    • Anauriel
      This particular Sept is a busy one for Krianna. The Alchemist is joggling task after task. The young woman leaves the tree to complete a series of errands. She arrives perhaps ten to fifteen minutes ahead of Nicolau. The Elfess is carrying a small basket of Flesh Oak fruit, when she approaches the front desk and notices the new arrival. There are a few dark robed, silver mask wearing men inside of the tree helping her accomplish various tasks. They look painfully out of place, but they appear to be some form of retainers. Krianna offers her basket to one of the nearby men. He takes it devoid of any instruction. "Welcome to the Spirit Hospital, dear," the Elfess greets Nicolau," Can I be of any assistance for you, today," she curtly inquires next.
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