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      • Cukie1
        As she flew over the dense forest and jungles, it was all that she could imagine and more. Every type of plant, every type of animal, insect, and creature roamed the wilds of Spring.   It would take her some time before she would see a grandiose garden, where at the end a throne sat. She could feel a tug that brought her closer to the ground, bringing her to the entrance of this garden. There, two ceremonial guards stood at the ready and simply greeted her, allowing her to pass.   @Roze
      • Roze
        "Thank you miss Elizabeth" She smiled before pulling herself off the ground and looking around the place. This journey was going to be tough on her but she already knew that.  Flying over head above the tall trees she looked down at the flora and fauna while traveling taking in the sights.  She wanted something just like that back home... Large mushrooms.. flowers.. could all be so pretty  
      • Cukie1
        "Elizabeth."   She responded with a warm smile. She then waved her off, offering a hopeful gaze.   "Oh, he is a busy man, but don't let that stop you."   The rest of the town was just as lively people coming in and out, people socializing and generally having a nice time.   @Roze
      • Roze
        "Half a day.." she repeated softly putting her hand on her stomach and looking on ahead. "Okay... I think I can do that" She turned back and smiled "I'm Irene by the way, It is lovely to meet you"  She gave the young priestess a soft wave "I won't take up to much of his time, I know he is probably busy with having to run this whole court." 
      • Cukie1
        What looked to be a young priestess turned to her, giving a bit of an inquisitive raise of her brow.   "Oberon? He's about a day's walk, but should take half that time if you fly, little one."   The Priestess held a soft gaze, her protege seemed to hold shamanistic runes upon his person, colored in green.   "He welcomes all, so don't be shy."   @Roze
      • Roze
        Her eyes seemed to sparkle with delight as she walked through the dazzling display of live one realm over from her own little city scape. The idea of visiting more came to mind but distrubting their ecosystem could lead to others wanting to join her on these outtings, and then where would the line be drawn.  No she should retrict herself to rare visits every Decade or so. Besides she had a purpose this time.  Walking past the stalls she looked at the fruits and  vegatables being sold curiously and smiled, So similar to the stuff she had back home yet.. So rich in color and smell at the same time.  She gently poked the shoulder of a fey that seemed to be from this court. "Excuse me, what way would Oberon's home be? If you be so kind."  She could make an educated guess but asking wouldn't Hurt right?
      • Cukie1
        And so, once she entered, she would be greeted with the first Spring Village. It was lively, full of life and splendor. Even Fey of other seasons had come to sell their goods around. Irene could see a stall of a Summer Fey, selling hides and meats, and another of an Autumn Fey, littered with pumpkins and wheat.   Further in the village, Spring Fey tended to gardens. They cared for the lands, and animals roamed about the village freely. Anything and everything she could think of lived within the Spring court, all in a perfect harmony.   @Roze
      • Necronome
        God I love wendigos, thank u Redwall
      • Roze
        Irene looked at the guardian at first confused before nodding.  "Of course, I understand. Thank you for the information"  She looked towards the portal again having thought she already  was in one of the courts but perhaps she was mistaken.  "Go through and find my way to him.. I can do that."  She spoke to herself before stepping past the Guardian and into the Spring portal
      • Cukie1
        The Guardian of Spring held a gentle gaze to her, though as he spoke, his voice came out gravelly.   "The portal only leads to the Spring Court. You'll have to find your way to the throne. Perhaps he may come to notice your efforts, but we cannot take you directly. The court is vast, but the Fey may help you along."   @Roze
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