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    • NiNi

      Ongoing Forum Update   05/16/2017

      As you may have noticed, an upcoming forum update has broken the ratings bar, but never fear, this will soon be replaced with the reactions bar.. when the theme is updated. Until then, use the Konami code.. That'll keep you distracted. (Yes, on your keyboard, here on the website). Also, Collabs are now Temporarilly Disabled, while we move over to the newer "Clubs" addon, thats now embedded in the forum software.
    • natureluvr

      Hello Everyone!   05/19/2017

      As you may have noticed, my name has changed from purple to sparkle red. I am now trained and able to process Contribution Store Transactions. This includes but is not limited to: Patron Rank Migrations, Forum Credit Store Transactions, and Custom Title Ticket Redemptions. If you have any transactions you need processed please add myself @natureluvr, Nini @NiNi, and Kyle @Kyle1322 to the PM and we can help you out. Thank you!

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