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    • dogbew

      New Storage World   02/24/2017

      Hello all!   We are proud to announce that the new Dwarven Storage Vaults (found through /warp Storage) are ready to be released. These vaults function in the same way as the previous version, and can be applied for on their thread HERE.   For the next 3 weeks time (2/24/2017 -> 3/17/2017), the old storage vaults will still be found through /warp oldstorage. During this time, we will be offering worldedits to the owners of both Large and Ultra storages, to move their items to their new vaults free of charge. The old Storage World will remain open during those three weeks, after which it will be closed down pending auction of all vaults belonging to inactive players within it. All active players are encouraged to make the transition to the new vaults, however anyone that is unable to due to absence or any other circumstance is requested to contact me (@dogbew), or any Staff Member to arrange something for you.   If you would like to read more on the specifics of the vaults, pricing and how to apply for them refer to this thread:   Note: ALL Storage that are not transferred will be inaccessible after the old Storage World is closed.   -dogbew


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