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Team Leaders

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Team Leader Decision Making


Team Leaders will make decisions in meetings organised and hosted by the Team Leaders on a bi-weekly basis. At minimum, one meeting should occur once per every two weeks.


As of July 2019, Any team leaders hired after this date MUST be active on teamspeak or the public discord server (voice) in order to retain their position.


Teams should work together, and focus on their own roles and departments, and keep inter-team discussions strictly in the nature of cooperation and resolving cross departmental issues. The Team Leader meeting is not for people to stick their fingers in each others pies. A team can only stand in on another team’s workings when:

  • They can prove it affects their department.
  • They make a claim and it is agreed upon that said decision affects the server as a whole, in which all departments may contribute to a vote.

Note: During Team Leader meetings, team membership does NOT count in decision making. You may only speak on a team’s behalf if you are that team’s leader.


Decisions made by Team Leaders must match the following criteria:

  • Team Leaders may take a solo vote if the decision is only relevant and only matters to their own department.
  • Team Leaders must involve any other Team Leaders that can prove that the decision involved their department in some capacity that extends beyond simple opinion.
  • Any particular decision that is voted as “Server Wide”, automatically becomes voteable by ALL Team Leaders regardless of team relevance.
  • Team Leaders may sacrifice their ability to solo vote a decision if they want to make it a ring vote, and involve all Team Leaders regardless of relevance.
    • This is optional and completely at the discretion of the Team Leader. Other Team Leaders should not attempt to force this decision from the Team Leader in question.
    • Team Leaders have the right, and should call forth the policy to allow them to solo, or only involve directly influenced departments in required situations to streamline decisions, and avoid arguments.

    [*]Decisions do not have to be made in Team Leader meetings, and can be made through open communications with other departments, providing these are logged at the next meeting and that the decisions are solo.

    [*]A decision made by a department can be contested by another that can claim involvement. If the claim is valid, HR can be contacted either directly, or via a IA Report, and the decision may be reversed under the right conditions.


  • Whitelisting wants to remove Scenario 4 From the application
    • Who does this affect? Whitelisting Only
    • Who gets a say? Only Whitelisting

    [*]Event Team wants a dungeon building on a certain location on the map for a standard dungeon run, using pre-approved lore.

    • Who does this affect? CT and Event Team
    • Who gets a say? CT and Event Team
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Policy Updated: 25/06/2020

As of July 2019, Any team leaders hired after this date MUST be active on teamspeak or the public discord server (voice) in order to retain their position.

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