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Aethier Teams Code of Conduct

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Aethier Teams Code of Conduct 2018

Rules and Guidelines:


The Aethier Teams Code of Conduct serves as a guideline for behavior and representation in the public view that a Team Members of the Aethier Roleplay Server must uphold. While in the public view, it is expected that a member of Aethier’s Teams is to behave in a way that is both desirable and exemplary. As an Aethier Teams member you are subject to tighter scrutiny and higher standards than that of the regular player base. You are the face of the server and must uphold the responsibility of such a position. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a termination from the Aethier Team(s) and or a Ban at the discretion of the team leaders in a follow up meeting (usually on a case by case basis). This Code of Conduct shall be updated as needed or desired and shall be agreed upon before becoming a full-fledged Aethier Teams Member.


Note: This Document is subject to change, and will be updated by a combined effort of the team leaders in accordance to policy votes. Sections of this document will be used by HR to line up evidence with infractions.

  1. Aethier Teams Members are to uphold a higher-standard image than the rest of the player base.

    1. Somewhat proper grammar
    2. Remain on topic or atleast on a related topic in each official Aethier Discord server (in the correct channels. Off-topic channels are fair game when it comes to behavior within the code of conduct.)
    3. Use common sense when presenting yourself in the public view. Be it discord, TeamSpeak, or on server.

[*]When discussing or disputing an issue of any kind. Be it a disagreement about a lore piece, a decision made by the a team member, leader, or anything you the Aethier Teams team member disagree with shall be discussed both logically and without insulting the other side.

  1. No insults direct or indirect. Player, Fellow Aethier Teams member, ect.
  2. No passive aggression.
  3. Have all arguments well thought out and explanatory. Discuss like an adult, not argue like a child.

[*]No leaking from Any Aethier Teams chat. Self-explanatory but these things happen.

  1. What will and will not be taken action against (The content being leaked) is at the discretion of the Team Leaders, and may be filed as an infraction by members of HR.
  2. The Existence of Screenshots originating from a users account that escape the relevant team chat can be considered leaking. Especially if the screenshot ends up in the hands of a general player.
  3. It is still leaking to share confidential information to other teams, except where authorised.

[*]Anything that requires an application shall be applied for by a Aethier Teams member just as a player would.

  1. Revivals, Special Characters, Magic, Traits, ect.

[*]Refrain from interjecting more than wanted into Other Teams that you (A Teams Member or Leader) are not officially apart of.

  1. If not Lore, refrain from interjecting in lore. If not Custom Item Team, refrain from common interjection in Custom Item Team, ect.
  2. Focus on the teams you are apart of, and keep interjections to where asked, invited, or in emergencies.

[*]Aethier Team Members are to follow the Player Code of Conduct agreement just as they are to follow the Aethier Teams Code of Conduct Agreement

  1. Being Aethier Teams does not put you above the law. If you break the rules, you are subject to punishment just as any player would be.
  2. You are expected to follow the player code of conduct in all circumstances except where either this, or other department specific documents provides a clearly written exception.

[*]Activity shall be reasonable

  1. So as long as you are active enough to do your job both on time and correctly then you are active enough.
  2. Any absences, drops of activity, and or inability to complete a task that occur must be reported to your team leader, or a member of HR who will relay this information for you.

[*]All Applications must be handled by the relevant team, and in a timely manner.

  1. Applications for Team members must be handled by the relevant team leader.
  2. Department specific applications such as Whitelist applications must be handled within department specific guidelines.

[*]To Ensure proper logging of any and all changes made by a department.

[*]To Document and immediately report to HR, and the Team Leaders in any instance where “Emergency Permissions” are used.

  1. HR is granted special permissions to deal with emergency situations, such as banning a player who is hacking, or performing severe breaches of the code of conduct where nobody is available to deal with the situation who otherwise should be doing it.
  2. Emergency Permissions & Systems may only be used for actual emergencies, and the misuse of, even as a joke will not be tolerated and will result in termination.

F.A.Q (To be expanded as needed)


Q. Do Team Leaders have to follow policies for “Team Members”

A. They are members of the team just like the rest.


Q. Do the HR Members follow the Aethier Teams CoC?

A: Yes. The HR Team must follow the same standards as the rest of the Aethier Teams team if not better. Any issues a Aethier Teams member may have with a HR Member will be handled by the other HR Members where possible, or in circumstances that can no longer be handled by the HR team, by the Team Leaders.


Q. What if I accidentally "meme" in a 'serious' topic team channel in Discord?

A: You really do not have to worry about that. It is clear what is and isn't intentional. So as long as you are not disruptive and or obnoxious you will not have to worry about repercussions. Though if you are told to stop, stop immediately. Use common sense.


Q. Who do I go to to report another Aethier Teams Member?

A. Team Members may be reported via an IA Report. Such complaints will be Verified by HR, and handed to the relevant team leader. Issues regarding team leaders will be handled directly by HR. In the event the situation can not be handled by HR, it will be handled instead by a collective vote of all remaining Team Leaders.


Q. What if I've had a bad day and I'm starting to get angry in an official team/Aethier Teams text channel?

A. If you're in a bad mood then maybe you shouldn't be tossing yourself into the stress and fray. The rules and guidelines don't change just because we're having a bad day.


Q: What if i don't agree with a Decision made by HR?

A. Any decision made by HR can be reopened and disputed by any team leader. Please pass any relevant complaints via your team leader, and they will start the dispute process.

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