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Team System Overview

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Team System Overview


The following information contains a general overview of the new system Aethier plans to implement as a means of running the server. More specific information regarding each of the groups/teams can be found by clicking the links provided under the respective team sections.


The purpose of this system is to provide Aethier with a stronger, more clarified means of directing the server and holding all parties accountable for their responsibilities. By implementing this system, we hope to create faster, more efficient teams as well as a functional working environment in which those who do not contribute or who hinder progress will have a means of being fairly and appropriately removed.


In this system, members of Aethier teams will have more of a say in their departments and the team lead will serve as both the representative/advocate of the team as well as the final decision maker in specified matters. Team Leaders will get together to keep one another up to date on server ongoings, and a Human Resources department will be available for issues unable to be resolved at the player teams or team leaders levels.


Player teams, Team Leaders, and Human Resources members all have the ability to keep one another in check, and can also override and overrule in certain specified situations as appropriate. No one group of people is more powerful than another, and all voices are heard and taken into consideration during decision making processes.


Team Leaders & Human Resources


Human Resources:


The Human Resources department is responsible for handling disputes that are specifically passed on to them, or that exceed the appropriate designated waiting time for an issue to be handled by teams/leaders without justification for an extension time. Human Resources may NOT step in and take control of other departments, issues, etc. without either being directly called upon, or having evidence to support the waiting time has been exceeded.


Team Leaders:


Moderation: DatPhantom

Technical: NiNjAiKoToBa

Lore: kyle1322

Event: Monomyth

Whitelisting: Redwa11

Faction: Kaoiyr

Custom Item Team: CrachandCraite




Moderation Team


The moderation team is responsible for handling player questions, concerns, and disputes within the server, forums, TS, discord, etc. They will be the primary team handling the in game ticket functions, and will also be the people that player reports are delivered to. Moderation team will deal with administering warnings and bans as well as processing ban appeals. Combat DMing is also a responsibility of the moderation team.


Operations Team


This department will be divided up into two sections: developers and forum administrators. Developers will be responsible for plugin development and upkeep in game, while forum administrators will help keep the forums running and deal with issues regarding forums, forum permissions, and forum accounts.


Lore Team


The lore team is responsible for the writing, proofreading, approval, and release of Aethier’s lore. This team is also responsible for ensuring all lore fits our setting and may edit/remove lore as needed. Lore team encompasses a number of application based systems, including non-standard character apps, magic applications, divinity applications, alchemy applications, and more. All applications should be responded to and handled in a timely manner.


Event Team


The event team is responsible for DMing player requested events, serverwide events, and random events that occur throughout the Aethier world. Event DMs will be given a permission set to make the DMing experience possible and enjoyable for everyone involved. Trial DMs and temporary DMs may be given a separate permset for their DMing duration. Event Team will also be responsible for DMing player break ins, such as thieves attempting a robbery, as well as break outs, such as prison breaks.

Welcome Team


The whitelisting department is responsible for managing and keeping the application up to date, as well as providing a friendly process through which interested players may be filtered to join the server. Whitelisting department is responsible for reviewing and responding to applications in a timely manner, as well as ensuring that roleplay quality is held as a top priority during application review.


Custom Item Team


Custom Item Team is responsible for pricing and processing custom item applications, gathering applications, and assisting in monthly crate item creation. All custom item team members will be able to help with all three job areas, but each member will be assigned a primary field in which they will be responsible for ensuring a timely response and processing of applications. Additionally, item backup storage will be changing back to an easier, more comprehensive system organized alphabetically by username.


Faction Team


Handles player conflict, political system, and professions systems. During times of war or conflict, works in tandem with moderation team to ensure that all goes smoothly. Must handle applications in a timely fashion.

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