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!!! Clarifications & Changes to Rules & Policies !!!

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Hello Aethier Community! The following thread is a bit long, but I strongly suggest reading it in full in order to get the complete context and reasoning for all of the new changes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the changes, feel free to contact me on Discord at natureluvr#5448 and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can!


First clarification: the Weapon Mechanics (Universal) section of the CRP Moderation Standards thread have been edited to clarify emote times regarding the drawing of projectile weapons. The update is quoted below.



  • It takes one full turn to draw a weapon or switch out one weapon for another mid-combat. For example, it takes one turn to draw your sword, then the next emote you can use it properly. To swap from a crossbow to an axe would be one turn before being able to use said axe.
    • In the case of projectiles, since projectiles already require more than one emote to use, drawing/switching weapons can be combined with the first action of said projectile. For example, if you sheathe your sword and remove a throwing knife, you may still throw it in the next emote and do not have to wait until a third turn.

    [*]Crossbows take 3 emotes to fire unless otherwise specified in an approved application. Crossbows CANNOT be preloaded before an RP starts to avoid doing the full 3-turn round. Loading your crossbow immediately prior to combat inside of the rp is acceptable. One can however load their crossbow just before they initiate combat, as long as everyone present in the rp sees their emotes for loading the crossbow or the fact that it has been loaded a couple of emotes prior is made clear for those out of RP chat range.

    • Emote 1: Draw Weapon/Load
    • Emote 2: Aim
    • Emote 3: Fire

    [*]Shortbows and Longbows take 2 emotes to fire.

    • Emote 1: Draw Weapon/Nock Arrow, Draw
    • Emote 2: Aim & Fire

    [*]Scorpio ballista: For single person use. Can be reduced to four emotes if crewed by two people. Cannot be preloaded.

    • Emote 1: Drawing Back
    • Emote 2: Drawing Back
    • Emote 3: Loading Bolt
    • Emote 4: Aiming
    • Emote 5: Firing

    [*]Nonstandard Projectiles take 2 emotes to fire. This includes lances, spears, pilums, throwing knives, fire bombs etc.

    • Emote 1: Draw/Switch Weapon, Aim [in the case of firebombs, this is Draw/Switch Weapon, Light, Aim]
    • Emote 2: Fire

    [*]All ranged weaponry, magic or mundane, need to follow the projectile rules HERE. Deviating from this system is to be done only under event DM supervision in very rare scenarios.


Second clarification: the Aethier Rules & Policies thread has been updated to include a section under Content Rules addressing references to and use of IRL drugs in roleplay (not counting tobacco and alcohol). This has never been permitted but wasn't written down clearly anywhere, so we've edited that in. The update is quoted below.


2. Content Rules

  • Please use a skin suited to our setting. Do not wear a lewd skin, popular culture references, futuristic attire, and so on. Feel free to ask a moderator if your skin is acceptable should there be any doubt.
  • Please ensure your builds fit inside our 16th century techlock.
  • Complex redstone mechanisms that would cause unnecessary stress on the creative or rp server are not allowed. To determine whether your mechanism is acceptable, contact a member of Operations Team.
  • References to and use of IRL drugs in roleplay is prohibited (with the exception of tobacco and alcohol).
  • Mature Content
    • Adult content is forbidden for our server, its forum, and related platforms. We do not permit brutal torture, over the top violence, sexual activities, or sexual violence of any sort. You cannot backstory Rape or other types of Sexual Violence.
      • The use of the word "rape" is not acceptable under any circumstance whether it is used in a sexual context or not.

      [*]Players can request a ‘fade to black’ to end any scene. The details get discussed out of character, but no further roleplay occurs.


Third clarification: Moderation Team is taking an official public stance with the community regarding a behavior that has becoming fairly commonplace lately.


Situations in which players go up to a Team Member or Team Leader and say something along the lines of "You're biased so I don't respect anything you say or decide." is considered toxic behavior. Saying something like this directly to the team member/leader or making these accusations while they are handling a situation for you is considered malicious and will result in a warning. Nothing good can ever come of situations like these, so there is no reason for them to occur. Concerns of bias should always be brought respectfully and appropriately to the Team Leader if a Team Member is in question or to IA if a Team Leader is in question, along with any supporting evidence. This way, genuine concerns can be properly investigated. This update to the Aethier Rules & Policies thread is quoted below.


1. Courtesy

  • Grant others your respect. Treat them well.
  • Do not abuse, bully, harass, lie to or mistreat fellow community members, including team members.
    • This includes making malicious claims of bias as an attempt to rile up a situation. Genuine concerns of bias and unfair behavior should be brought respectfully to the Team Leader if a Team Member is in question or IA if a Team Leader is in question.

    [*]Do not OOCly disrupt roleplay in any way, this includes flight. Restrain your ooc movements.

    [*]All roleplay is to be conducted in the English Language. Short phrases inside of in character languages are acceptable.



First new implementation: Moderation Team has discussed and reviewed the current precedents and treatments of "combat logging" situations. We are changing the way we treat combat logs in attempt to be more fair and understanding with special circumstances. We are also putting more information about combat logs in writing on the Aethier Rules & Policies thread in order to be more transparent with the playerbase. The update to this policy has been implemented under the No Avoiding RP Consequences section of the rules and is quoted below.


6. No Avoiding RP Consequences

  • Avoiding RP consequences such as avoiding an rp to prevent your character from being hurt or otherwise harmed physically, mentally, or sociably is not allowed. If rp is avoided a moderator will make sure that the rp happens, or that a conclusion is decided on what happens to your character.
    • This includes but is not limited to combat logging.
    • This also includes lying about what happened in RP OOCly.

    [*]Using flight or ports in order to fly or teleport away from an rp that is currently happening is prohibited.

    [*]Combat Logging

    • When a player disconnects from the server after combat had been initiated, the player will have 15 OOC minutes to get back online. If these 15 minutes pass and the player has not returned, it is considered a "combat log".
    • If a player disconnects from the server during combat due to unexpected IRL circumstances such as internet disconnecting, that player should contact Moderation ASAP to explain the situation. Other special circumstances such as health issues will be discussed and determined at Moderation Team's discretion. All parties involved in the combat will have 36 hours from the time of the disconnect to finish the combat.
      • If Moderation discovers that a player lied about having special OOC circumstances causing them to log, the player who lied to Moderation will be banned.

      [*]If combat is not completed in this time, it is considered a combat log and the group that did not log out may decide the outcome of the combat.

      • BOTH parties MUST make efforts to finish the combat within the 36 allotted hours.
      • If the combat logger can prove that the non-combat logger did not make reasonable attempts to finish the roleplay, it will be assumed that the combat logger managed to escape the combat ICly at the point of which they logged off.


Second new implementation: Recently there has been a lot of confusion regarding warnings and whether or not they expire, how long they take to expire, if they should require appeals to expire, how warning expiration impacts potential for bans, etc. Moderation Team has thoroughly discussed this issue and come to conclusions regarding how we want points and expiration to work. We have posted up a new thread titled 'Information on Warnings, Warning Points, Bans etc.' which you can find here. We have done our best to include information regarding Moderation procedures with the goal of being more clear and fair with the playerbase. All warnings given prior to today, April 19, 2020, will follow whatever warning expiration date was stated on the warning.




Thank you all so much for taking the time to read through all of our updates! Sorry for the huge post, but we wanted to roll out as many changes at once as we could in order to avoid spamming the forums with updates. Thank you for your understanding and we hope that all of our changes and clarifications will have a positive impact for the server!!

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