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!!! Another Round of Moderation Updates !!!

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Hello Aethier Community! Moderation Team is back with another round of updates! This may be the last set of changes we push out, but you never know.


First Update: The Aethier Rules & Policies have been edited to provide players the right to request a second opinion in certain circumstances. See the quote below for the update to the rules.


1. Courtesy

  • Grant others your respect. Treat them well.
  • Do not abuse, bully, harass, lie to or mistreat fellow community members, including team members.
    • This includes making malicious claims of bias as an attempt to rile up a situation. Genuine concerns of bias and unfair behavior should be brought respectfully to the Team Leader if a Team Member is in question or IA if a Team Leader is in question.
      • Players are entitled to request a second opinion on a situation in which a Team Member makes a ruling. If a player requests a second opinion, the first available person should come in to help. Neither the player nor the team member involved should seek out any specific individual for this. If no one else is available however, the player(s) MUST adhere to the ruling of the team member present and can bring it up to the Team Leader/Internal Affairs (if the Team Leader is in question) later on if concerns still remain. This provision does not extend to DMs who are DMing an event. You cannot request a DM for a second opinion if it's an event being DMed.

    [*]Do not OOCly disrupt roleplay in any way, this includes flight. Restrain your ooc movements.

    [*]All roleplay is to be conducted in the English Language. Short phrases inside of in character languages are acceptable.


Second Update: The Aethier Rules & Policies have been updated to include the Custom Item Rules in order to make them easier to find. Moderation Team has also worked with Custom Item Team to rework some of the Custom Item Rules as well, but the update isn't out yet. Custom Item Team will post it soon! Below you can see the addendum to the Rules & Policies however.


16. Custom Item Rules

  • The Custom Item Rules are found here and should be adhered to at all times. The lore item related rules section is the most important to take note of.


Third Update: The Projectile Standards system has received quite a bit of reworks. Please read the thread in full to be informed of all the changes. The contents of the thread are also quoted in the next post for your convenience.


Fourth Update: Moderation Team has elected to implement a new system for ban appeal timer progression. We've made this public for everyone to see and be aware of. We've also implemented a system to handle reports against banned players. All of these changes only apply to future ban instances and will not apply to people who have already been given different appeal timers than stated on the update. You can read more information here. We also have the changes quoted below.


Bans & Unbans

  • When a player accumulates 3 unexpired warning points, repeat offenses or not, the player will be banned instead of receiving a third warning notification.
  • Repeat offenses (breaking the same rule more than once) will override warning expiration. This means that if you violate the same rule 3 times, no matter the time between violations, a ban may still occur.
  • Bans may also occur in situations with severe rule violations such as Mature Content, toxicity, harassment, etc. regardless of whether or not there are 2 prior warning points for such behavior. These types of situations are left up to Moderation Team discretion.
  • When a player is banned and makes a ban appeal, if the appeal is approved, their status will be stated on the appeal and recorded in the watchlist. Each unbanned player may have unban conditions different from the information provided on this thread.
    • Unique unban conditions are typically a case by case basis discussed and decided by Moderation Team in the best interest of the community with consideration for the content of the banned player's watchlist.

    [*]If a player is reported for continued unsavory behavior while they are banned, Moderation will discuss the report and host a vote. If the vote finds the reported behavior to be in violation of the rules, the ban timer will be escalated by one level of the ban appeal timer progression below.

Ban Appeal Timer Progression

  • First Ban - 1 Month Until Appeal
  • Second Ban - 3 Months Until Appeal
  • Third Ban - 6 Months Until Appeal
  • Fourth Ban+ - 12 Months Until Appeal


Fifth Update: Ba'Zelli were accidentally left out of the Combat Pet rules so we've added something in for them! You can view the thread here. The update is also quoted below.


Ba'Zelli Special:

  • Walk: 4 meters
  • Run: 10 meters
  • Charge: 22 meters


Thank you so much for reading and we all hope you are pleased with the changes and updates!!

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Sooo I didn't realize Lore Team needed to look over the Projectile rework before Moderation put it out. WHOOPS! Lore Team looked over the system now and worked with some of the available Mods to rework the system again for better balancing. The update is put out and also quoted below! So sorry for any inconvenience and confusion!


Projectile Standards V.1.2

Disclaimer: The Projectile Standard system is intended to be used during player versus player combat. This system does not apply to events. While it may be used during events, use of this system is up to DM discretion, and is not required.


Any projectile, be it a spell, arrow, ballista, etc. must be aimed at a target. In order to achieve this aim, one must declare where they are aiming on a person or target, and then make a roll. The roll must be at or above the DC for the location being aimed at in order to hit.



Natural One: The target is not hit and instead an ally in close range of the origin of the projectile is hit instead. Should there be no close-ranged ally or one in any conceivable direction of the target, it is just a miss.

2-9: The target is missed.

10-12: The target is hit in the lower abdomen.

13-15: The target is hit on their upper torso.

16: The target is hit in their thigh/wing.

17: The target is hit in their bicep.

18: The target is hit in their foot/hand.

19: The target is hit in their forearm/lower leg.

20+: The target is hit in the creature’s cranium/neck or through their eye. This usually results in a swift death of 2 turns should they not be cared for.



You cannot shoot at a spot on one’s body if you cannot see it. If someone’s arm is hidden behind a wall or other form of cover, it cannot be declared to target to shoot for. If the entirety of the body is covered a roll attempt to shoot cannot be made. If someone is using mobile/incomplete cover such as a shield, aiming can be done as per usual, but if the cover is protecting where the projectile will land, it will hit the cover instead. A shield should be declared where it is prior to the projectile being shot.


Plate-equivalent armor offers protection to penetrating shots that would’ve otherwise caused injury on the person. Depending on the material of the armor and projectile being used, a variety of things that can happen. Chestplates will generally block penetrating shots to the stomach and chest by denting the plate or deflecting it. Helmets will generally protect against penetrating headshots and instead of killing the target will instead render them unconscious and dazed.

Projectile Modifiers

Sometimes the choice of weapon or location of origin can provide the one aiming the projectile large advantages. The following are listed below:


Crossbow: +2

Using a bow/crossbow/magic projectile within 8 meters of the target: +3

Using a javelin/spear/nonstandard projectile within 4 meters of the target: +3

Flying: -3


Bombard and Cannon Rules

If you have a bombard and or cannon, they follow these rules. They're mostly intended to hit structures, if they're aimed at a person it will hit center of mass if the roll is passed.


1: The bombard explodes partially, ruining the barrels.

2 - 5: The cannonball is sent out of the barrel, however off trajectory, and doesn’t make it very far from the barrel, landing 5 meters from the barrels muzzle.

6 - 9: The bombard is shot, yet is shot at a less farther range than standard, but not as short as before.

10 - 14: The bombard works as intended, and shoots out at a standard range that it was meant for.

15 - 19: This shot is accurate and is sent out long and far, working as intended.

20: Most accurate shot, guaranteed hit at whatever is being fired at.


Projectile System Clarifications and Examples

  • When the lowest possible roll occurs, with or without modifiers, it is considered a "Natural One". The results for Natural One are detailed under the Rolls section.
    • For example, if I roll a 1d20 and get a 1, that is a Natural One and achieves the results for Natural One.
    • If I roll a 1d20+5 and roll a 6, that is the lowest possible roll I can get with that modifier and it counts as a Natural One. This achieves the results for Natural One.

    [*]Inanimate objects require a 10+ when rolling a 1d20 to hit. If the roll of a 1d20 results in a 10 or higher, the inanimate object is hit where aimed. Anything below a 9 results in a miss.

    [*]Regarding targets such as people who move around, should the person aiming roll OVER what is required in order to hit the target, it commutes down to what they declared as their target. This applies whether a modifier is added to the roll or not.

    • For example, if someone aims for the abdomen and gets a roll of a 19, they will still hit the abdomen and not the forearm/lower leg.
    • If someone rolls a 1d20+5 and rolls a 25 when aiming for the hand, they will hit the hand.

    [*]Regarding targets such as people who move around, should the person aiming roll UNDER what is required in order to hit the target, the target will be missed entirely and will not be hit anywhere.

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