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May Content Contest

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May Content Contest

Hello Aethier! Welcome Team is running a monthly contest for three different categories for members of our community to show off their talents to the marketing team for their work to be put up in use for advertisement of our server to allow more people to come and join us in our community.


Each month will have a different theme. There is no theme for may, but we’re asking that everyone post their suggestions for a theme [HERE]


The three categories are as follows:




Here you’ll write short stories/poetry relating to the theme, and they’ll be linked/shared on our marketing platforms.


1st Place Winner: TBD

2nd Place Winner: TBD

3rd Place Winner: TBD




Things such as drawings, sketches, sculptures, paintings!


1st Place Winner: TBD

2nd Place Winner: TBD

3rd Place Winner: TBD




Media can be just about anything you think media can be.


1st Place Winner: TBD

2nd Place Winner: TBD

3rd Place Winner: TBD


Winners will be chosen at the end of the month [May 30th 2020]. However if you don’t end up with a winner spot, your content will still make it onto our social media platforms or even our PMC!


While not everyone may get a winning place, everyone will have their content showcased on our social media platforms. Each category has its own winner list! Winners will be decided by the whole of the welcome team, who may ask other teams for their opinions if it comes close. First place will get to pick their prize first and so on and so forth.



Prize List: TBD [if you have any ideas for prizes, feel free to suggest it to welcome team while we continue to think of prizes good enough for the contest.]


Thank you, and we’re looking forward to everything you create!


Application Form:





Please submit your pieces on this thread with a comment having filled out the above form!


Follow us on our social media:

Facebook: @AethierRPServer

Instagram: aethiermc


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