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Campaign The First Grand Banquet

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With the following spreadsheet for 2 vs 2's and 3 vs 3's released, starting this week we will be beginning the 2 v 2's. IF your character is in another circumstance, such as dead and cannot attend, please PM @Tree  or Tree#5946 to let them know; Otherwise, over the course of this week, weekend and next week, the 2 vs 2's will take place by player initiative, starting tomorrow. Prizes for the winners of the brackets, overall bracket and grand prizes will be up very soon! Please let @Kyle13222 or @Tree know the results of your match when it is finished.


2 v 2's are until YIELD, though death is optional by technicality of them refusing to yield. Being knocked unconscious also counts as auto yielding in this case. Because of wibbly wobbly timezones, we are trusting you with this to arrange against your opponents and with your teammates, and don't forget, anyone can go and watch it happen live when it does by using /warp event.


If you need the rules of the Mundane bracket, they are simple;

All magical, divine or otherwise abilities are suppressed. Holy relics, etc also do not work. One designated magic item per character of their choice [NOT artifact] is allowed.

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