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Another Minor Update to Bans & Appeals!

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Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Moderation Team is back with another update for you all. We recently realized we don't have a set system in place for handling players who have had their ban appeals declined, so we've written up an official system to help keep things fair across the board! As always, this system will not impact any players who have already been given appeal wait times and only applies to future instances.


Additionally, in order to be a bit more clear about the purposes of warnings, bans, and appeals, I've added an overview section to the information thread we have up in the Rules & Policies section.


All of this information has been updated on this thread and is also quoted below for your convenience.


Overview section:



Warnings - The warning system is in place to dole out disciplinary action to players who violate the rules. We operate by a three strike warning system because after a player is given a warning, we are giving them another chance to correct their behavior.


Bans - When a player is banned, they have been given too many chances or taken things too far to the extreme, so much so to the point where they are deemed no longer fit to be a member of the Aethier community.


Appeals - When a player makes a ban appeal, Moderation Team should review it and host a vote. Moderation Team should only vote to unban the player if they believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the player will NOT violate any more rules after returning, and that they truly have changed their behavior. Ban appeals are NOT second chance opportunities for players. That's what the warnings are for, not ban appeals.


Update to Bans, Appeals, & Unbans section regarding declined ban appeals:

  • If a player makes a ban appeal and it is declined by Moderation Team, the ban appeal wait time will be reset, meaning the player will need to wait out the full waiting period again before they may apply for another ban appeal.
    • Example: I have been banned once. I wait out my one month timer and make a ban appeal. It is declined. I must wait another month before I can post another appeal.


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