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    Job Listing: Moderation Team Leader

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    While a decision has not formally been made yet, I'd like to put forward a listing to gauge interest in the possible Team Leader Position becoming available for the moderation team.


    Due to personal reasons, DatPhantom has expressed desire to step down from this position.


    Moderation Team is responsible for the following: 


    Additional duties may be required during the position.


    What is a team leader?

    A team leader is the sole decision making authority over one of the Aethier Teams. The positions primary responsibility involved ensuring that any tasks related to the team get done. This is more of a delegation/management role. Team leaders are also responsible for hiring/firing the members for their own team and are allowed to do so entirely at their discretion. Team leaders are responsible for handing IA reports against their own team members.


    What can i do as a team leader?

    A team leader can within reason change any policy and decide on the processes of how exactly players can request, use and receive services relevant to their department in any way that complies with policy, and is in not any way malicious.


    Team leaders are also invited into server-wide decision making conversations, are authorised to speak on behalf of their team in any circumstance. There are various other perks to the job, however most of these will be explained at the interview/induction phase.


    What are the requirements to apply?


    • No Active Warnings OR history of bans from the server
      • We prefer moderation leaders to have a clean record, however depending on circumstances we may be willing to provide an interview if we believe without a reasonable doubt that past infractions are no longer a concern.
    • Can not be an existing team leader, unless you are willing to step down from current position if application is successful.
    • Must be able to commit a reasonable amount of time to the role.
    • Must be active on teamspeak/the aethier public discord.
    • Must be willing to and take an active part in engagement with the community



    Please Familiarise Yourself with the following documents before Applying:


    • (Some information may be outdated and will require updating)


    To Apply, Please use the following form and specify that you are applying for the team leader role:


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