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    July Content Contest

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    Hey guys!! I'm so sorry the last content contest was a big flop, it took a while to get forum credits up and running and get permission to give out credits for these contests. This month we're going to be hosting an image-focused content contest to help us with a few Marketing projects we're currently working on! And don't worry, I promise we'll follow through with reviewing all the entries, picking winners, and distributing prizes this time around!!


    July's Content Contest will have two categories: In-Game Screenshots and Playermade Aethier Artwork. You may submit as many entries to either category as you'd like, but you can only win one prize from each category. Submissions will close on July 31. 2020 and the winners will be announced early the following week, no later than August 5th.


    In-Game Screenshots

    In-Game Screenshots should include texture packs and shaders. They should be focused on showcasing unique and attractive landscapes of Aethier's map, playermade builds (with credit to builders), detailed skins (with credit to skinmaker), etc. Some of the screenshots will also be used on Aethier's PlanetMinecraft page.



    1st Place: 3,000 Forum Credits

    2nd Place: 2,000 Forum Credits

    3rd Place: 1,000 Forum Credits


    Entry Format

    Post your In-Game Screenshot on this thread.

    Tell us the general location where the screenshot was taken.

    Provide credit to builders, skinmakers, etc.


    Playermade Aethier Artwork

    This category can include artwork of any medium, but should be original and done completely by you as the artist. It should depict something to do with Aethier. Incorporating artwork of characters/races that are harder to find art pieces for will increase your chances of winning as well.



    1st Place: 5,000 Forum Credits

    2nd Place: 4,000 Forum Credits

    3rd Place: 3,000 Forum Credits


    Entry Format

    Post your artwork on this thread.

    Let us know what the artwork was made to depict.

    Artist name you would like to be referred to when being credited as the artist of the piece.

    Optional: If you'd also like to be tagged on social media when/if we post your submission to be credited, please include your social media names.


    Please be aware that by entering your artwork into this contest, you consent for the imagery you submit to be posted to Aethier's social media platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and being featured in YouTube videos/trailers.

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    The beautiful scenery of Yamashiro!


    Link goes to an imgur post :) !


    Sadly I do not know who has built Yamashiro but big props to them ❤️


    Location is on a hill that is just outside of the city, by the Azai Estate.

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    Honestly don't know who built the majority of the stuff that I screenshot, but credited to the best of my ability I guess

    Shaders used are Sildurs Vibrant Shaders 1.27 Extreme-VL and SEUS Renewed 1.0.1
    Resources packs used are Conquest and Clarity.

    Lucienne pre-expansion, by whoever built Lucienne pre-expansion




    Spirit Isles Docks, made by whoever made the Spirit Isles Docks




    Honestly no clue what this place was called. Might've been Highmeadow or Camilo de Lobos in A4. Credits to whoever built those, I guess



    Conversing by the waterfront in Lucienne. Individuel to the left is LakeLachrymose playing as Sigyn, and to the left is SubSammich playing as Cas



    Lucienne post-expansion, built by whoever built Lucienne post-expansion



    Lucienne underwater district, built by whoever built Lucienne underwater district



    Spirit Isles. If you haven't picked up on the trend yet, it was built by whoever built the Spirit Isles.



    Holmsgard, built by, you guessed it, whoever built Holmsgard




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    • +Team Leader

    Thank you so much to everyone who entered! We loved all of your entries and discussed which ones we felt would be best for advertisement purposes to select the winners. The results are as follows:


    In-Game Screenshots - I've forwarded the winning screenshots for nini to post on the PlanetMinecraft page!

    1st Place: @Aux Congratulations!! The Holmsgard and Lucienne pics are big favorites.

    2nd Place: @Lightning_J For the two beautiful nighttime pics of Yamashiro!

    3rd Place: @Necronome Love that you chose an indoor setting for one of your entries.


    Playermade Aethier Artwork

    1st Place: @Volkrii For the beautiful art of the Spirit Tree! I'm not biased I swear.

    2nd Place: @Shrike For the adorable baby Shike art!


    Thank you again to everyone who entered, we had a great time looking over everyone's submissions and we hope you are all happy with the results! Congratulations to all of our winners. If you could please take a few minutes to provide some feedback here that would be greatly appreciated!!

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