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Awakening from an Ancient Slumber (Chapter 1)

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    • Kyle1322
      By Kyle1322
      Despite the supposed festivities from the other realms, many of the divine have seem to have gone silent. Even the appearance of Demi-servants upon Oklamats plane have dwindled, and people have begun to gradually go home. Despite this, the realm has remained open and stable, until soon enough a sign blocks the entranceway into the realm.
      "Until further notice, the tournament has been postponed indefinitely. Matters relating to the survival of the multiverse have been brought forth that requires our undivided attention."
      If it could possibly get any more ominous then that, a strange pitch black ripple was sent through the skies, which originated somewhere within Aversia. Something had made landfall.
      And then reports of large silhouettes in the sky above every city in the west only called further question of what came next.
      [Expect random events in the next few days in Arkolos!]
    • Kyle1322
      By Kyle1322
      Within the skies of the realm, the glitz and glamour of the divines begin to flourish like golden wisps, blessing the new lands. But all the wisps appear to be going into a certain direction, toward the spirit isle, and a strange glow near the nexus waypoint begins to form...
      What could it possibly be, or better yet-where could it possibly lead? All that is known is that the presence is heavily divine in origin.
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