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    Code of Conduct Changes

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    This is an official announcement of several changes to the Aethier Code of Conduct and appended rule threads.



    Please take the time to review the following changes and linked threads.


    These changes passed a unanimous in team vote and are effective immediately.


    CoC 1.png


    The Following changes have been made:


    CoC 2.png


    The inclusion and mention of rumor spreading or inciting rumors is a breach of the rules and now a punishable offense, this decision was taken due to the seemingly increasing number of rumors going around the server and is an effort to protect our community members.


    CoC 3.png


    The inclusion of this rule change was due to a highlighted lack of representation in the rules about how to handle situations where people join roleplays in which they mind the tone to be  immersion breaking or disruptive of their roleplay. If someone comes to join your roleplay and you feel they may have an issue with its tone or content, ask them if they are happy to proceed. If they are then everything continues, if not then that new player probably shouldn't be joining your roleplay.

    If however, you're roleplay in such a tone and also in a public space then it may at some point be wiser to move somewhere more private if the roleplay in the area picks up. Basically, work together to find the easiest way forwards to enjoy both of your roleplays.


    CoC 4.png


    This expansion of the IC into OOC rule was included due to a large increase of people doing things ICly to hurt or punish people based on OOC differences and arguments that may have occurred. IC should stay IC and OOC should stay IC in these regards.

    Additionally, attempting manipulate someone or a roleplay into going a certain way, like the above example, is something that was previously not tolerated but is now written down to support moderation's stance on the matter.


    CoC 5.png


    All that has changed here is the removal of the Resource Gathering rules, which have been relocated to a new and separate Node Rules thread that can be found Here.


    CoC 6.png


    This section has been re-written and clarified with some links to external rules and policies, additionally the Combat Logging rules have been moved to the Combat Moderation Standards which can be located Here.


    CoC 7.png


    The Plagiarism rules have been re-clarified and given a little more freedom. Now it is essential you gain consent to use someone elses work and to give them credit.

    Additionally, plagiarizing any content from Aethier Platforms to elsewhere is an immediate ban.


    CoC 8.png


    A clarified addition to the rules, included due to an increase of situations like this occurring on the server.


    CoC 9.png


    Removal of mention of Patron Crates.... RIP Patron Crates.



    At this time, these are all the current changes to the Code of Conduct. As always, any feedback, concerns, questions or suggestions can be either DM'd to myself over discord or can be presented constructively in the following thread.



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