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    Notice of Apology - 04/09/2020

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    Hello Aethier,

    Firstly, we hope you all are doing well and that those of you going back to work or to school are keeping safe and well. This announcement and thread is a message from the Team Leaders and also Faction Team and Moderation team by extension. 

    Over the last month or so we have been rather thoroughly investigating and bothering the Angouleme  faction on the server as a result of concerns or reports made to both the teams. Additionally, Team Leaders and HR were involved as well due to some outstanding Internal Affairs reports that required addressing and necessitated a similar investigation of these players.

    From the teams stated above and from The Team Leaders of Aethier, we’d like to apologize for the rather draining and thorough investigations, whilst it is our job to follow up on all reports, we found no wrongdoing in most if not all of our investigations and are aware that the process has been exhausting and demoralizing for the group of players. For that we apologize.

    We would like to take this time to encourage all players to communicate with one another, to be friendly and attempt to amicably solve their differences. Should however situations arise where those issues can’t be dealt with in such a manner then we encourage you to escalate it to the necessary teams with appropriate evidence and reasoning. We would like to ask that forming reports based off of rumors or hearsay serves no one any good and can at times only waste everyone's time.

    Once more, we are sorry for the demoralizing investigations and admit we found no wrong-doings in our investigation.

    Please all have a good day/night,

    -Tree & Serethia

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