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    Welcome to the first official posting of the monthly "Faction Team Patch NotesTM," a.k.a our format of keeping the community up to date and aware of any changes, additions,  updates, or removals of something from a system or even a whole system itself. 



    September 2020:

    As of the current date- 4th of September, 2020-FT Patch 1.0 will now be going into effect in the respective categories:



    • Added the system change to manpower now being affected primarily by active vouchers
      • 1 voucher = 500 MP
      • Inactive vouchers will not provide Manpower
      • Regions that may not have the minimum capacity of vouchers will be treated as having that many inactive vouchers


    • Reduced the amount of MP provided by Biomes, Terrain, and Amenities by a single value (i.e 1000 -> 100 and so on)



    • Added to the system that regions will begin as Encampments in a designated location.
      • the location of an encampment will be determined by a would-be region owner in a predetermined location on the map
      • there will be a 2 month timer given to the encampment to allow for recruitment/starting roleplay/construction of a new region/faction
        • if an encampment goes inactive or the region owner decides they do not want to pursue the region any more prior to making a region application, the encampment will be removed
          • encampments do not require a region app to be made, that is to be made after all other requirements are still meant as usual. 
        • this 2 month grace period will also provide the encampment with protection from War Declarations and other PvP based attacks via war system.
          • this protection period will be nullified, however, should the faction residing in the encampment show hostility towards others
      • Encampments provide only 1000 manpower and will show up on the Manpower Sheet as a settlement


    • Regions are to be required to perform a "Region claim event" prior to acceptance of a region app
      • it is also to be specified and put into written word on the respective system thread of this rule officially


    • Adding the specification that a Nation is limited to 2 towns per city, and 2 cities overall.
      • A "Nation" is referred to a collection of regions with one declared "capital" region.




    • Vouchers will no longer determine region activity/inactivity
      • activity will now be determined by activity of RP being made in the respective regions as well as events that come from said regions
      • region activity standards will be determined by the Faction Politics Branch and is left to their collective discretion


    • vouchers will be locked once declared until the next Activity Check time period
      • vouchers will only be able to be changed during the time that a Activity Check thread is active for that period (see the below point on Activity Checks for more info)
      • vouchers must have a legitimized OOC or IC for switching their vouch
        • this will be up to Faction Politics Branch's discretion


    • Region Owners now automatically vouch for the region they will be in command of.
      • Removed the rule "you can vouch for one region, and own another"


    Activity Checks:


    • Activity Checks will now be held Bi-Monthly for all regions.
      • The Activity Check Thread will work similar to the Taxes thread,  and in turn will have a "Open" time-frame for vouches to be fixed/changed/updated 
        • this "Open" period will be the same as the Taxes Thread - 2 ooc Weeks


    • Player Inactivity is now determined through a combination of the /seen command as well as check on their overall logged weekly hours.
      • the Maximum time away from the server is 42 consecutive days for standard cases, and 120 for those who may have IRL/personal periods of Leave from the server
        • any player that exceeds these limits will be marked as inactive and will remain so until they return


    • Activity Check will be conducted by the Faction Politics Branch


    • The next Activity Check Thread will be posted October 21, 2020 



    • The Citizen's Status system will now effect tax amounts instead of supplied Manpower
      • Content  = No increase
      • Unrest = 50% increase
      • Rebellion = 100% increase
        • Ic explanation is that unhappy citizens do no pay their taxes to their nation, in turn the outwardly paid taxes/expenses of a region are increased as a diminished or no "income" is now being sent to a region


    • Citizen's Status will be added to the Tax Sheet come September's Tax thread.

    War Systems:

    No changes are being made to the system as of the current Patch.

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