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One Domino is all it takes. [20-09-09]

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Snow falls all across Aversia. The plains, the tundra, the swamps, the jungles. Across all of the land, snow and ice pelt across, forming crystals and beautiful ice shards like gemstones which baffles and amaze the peoples, yet fill them with a sense of dread and fear for what was to come from this. In the icy deep hinterlands of Ardemor, a great beam of icy cold light pierces the sky and fills it light that covers the world for only the briefest of moments.


A small group of unknown beings have supposedly stumbled upon and, in their gamble of fate, awoken an Elder Dragon, one of the three which brought about the great cataclysm of the old world. Eldredlar, the Elder of Ice, has been seen taking flight and roaming the northern plains of both Ardemor and Adelona, unknown in its purpose.


Yet those which witnessed the end before know what happens after the first domino falls.


Rumblings in Adelona's south are felt, as another great being has begun to rouse from its slumber. And in the West, the volcanoes of the nine circles begin to erupt randomly, their veins of fire being pushed, triggered and bursted forth as something rumbles beneath the crust of the planet. Where one awakens, others will follow. But will they cause the cataclysm of the world again, or will they instead rally to its inevitable defense?


In Farcanith, the situation continues to degrade, and the rumblings of the prime evils are beginning to become desperate. All the while, the Dragon Emperor continues his reign virtually unopposed besides in the east, as more and more rumors of atrocity and ruthless acts continue to surface from within...

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