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    September 2020:


    As of the 1st of October, 2020, FT Patch 2.0 will be going into official implementation. Here are the changes to our systems that will be coming in the next couple of weeks, the exception to this is any point with an " * " which will be implemented immediately.


    Regions and Vouchers

    • *MP values for Biomes and Amenities have been changed. (See Manpower Sheet)
    • Vouchers have undergone reworks:
      • Villages now require a minimum of 4 active vouchers, Cities now require a minimum of 8 active vouchers.
      • A single Faction/Nation is now allowed to have a maximum of no more than 2 cities and 4 towns.
        • To support 2 villages a faction needs one declared "capital" city.
        • To support a second city a faction needs 1 city and 2 villages prior to construction of a new city.
      • Activity checks are returning to being conducted monthly on the same date taxes are posted.
        • Activity will be based on https://plan.aethier.co.uk/players with anything 3.0 and above being considered active.
        • Alt Account activities do not stack onto each other, one account must meet the activity requirement by itself.
        • Outstanding IRL circumstances can give a voucher a pardon for activity that month. This is purely up to the Faction Team Lead and Assistant FTL.
      • Faction Team Lead and Assistant FTL can still deem regions to be considered “inactive” if said region is noticeably lacking in common RP, even if said vouchers are active. The region owner will be given a notice to increase activity in said region. If by the end of the allotted time the Team Lead and Assistant TL see no change in activity the region may suffer negative modifiers or in other cases the beginning of removal.
      • Cities now no longer have a cap on vouchers, every active additional voucher above the minimum now grants an additional 250 MP to that region. Villages are only granted this boon if the faction they are a member of has their max number of settlements, though their "post-cap" vouchers cannot exceed 8.
      • *Players may only switch their vouch once a month on Tax Day-which is now also Voucher Day as well.
        • The Player Changing their vouch, NOT the Region Owner must inform the FT Lead or Assistant FTL.
        • To switch your vouch from one faction to another requires an acceptable IC reason or good OOC reason to be approved by the FT Lead or Assistant FTL.
        • Factions at war cannot add, lose, or switch vouchers until the war is concluded even while the Voucher Day opening is occurring.
    • Taxes have now been changed:
      • Villages are now 25,000A a month and Cities are now 50,000A a month.
      • Taxes not paid within the month they are due will be counted as Unpaid. 
        • Unpaid taxes will now stack to the next Tax date to be repaid in full.
        • Unpaid taxes now give a -25% modifier to a region’s Manpower with -5% added every month it continues to be unpaid.
    • Unrest: 
      • Having less active vouchers than the minimum requirement when activity checks come around will, until reaching an active minimum number of vouchers next activity check, give a -25% Manpower modifier for every month it is in that situation.
      • Should a region fall beneath 20% of its Maximum Manpower it will enter a period of IC unrest.
        • If the region is a city it will be demoted to a village if there are at least 4 active vouchers.
        • If the region is a village it will fall to the Faction Team Lead on what to do with it, with the most likely option being the region becoming removed from the systems and ruined.
        • Unrest modifiers can stack with Unpaid Taxes modifiers.
    • *This is less of a change or add but it should be restated that regions are encouraged to develop the land inside of their tile claim. This does not mean make an urban area the size of your tile claim, this means develop nice things like roads, farmlands, maybe a few houses to encourage diverse RP within your region.


    War System and Manpower

    • War Events and Battles have undergone vast changes:
      • *Player count participation in a battle is no longer determined based on a ratio of the competing armies. Instead each side of the battle is allowed to bring 1 player for every 250MP that is participating.
      • *To participate in a war event or battle you must be vouched to or allied to a participating region or faction that has manpower participating in that battle.
      • *NPC soldiers are now more relegated as the secondary focus in an event battle in relation to interacting with Player Characters. In response more emphasis is now placed on the player’s actions in regards to each-other to determine the outcome of a battle.
    • Wars and Manpower Usage:
      • *Less scrutiny is placed upon planning for every outcome and scenario in war plans and more focus is placed upon in-game player encounters. (The function and how this is done can be discussed later). Less scrutiny is now placed on the “War Plans” submitted in regards to preemptive plans to try and predict the enemy, specific loadouts for units, and complex battle plans. The only required parts now are unit counts, hex tile movements, spy and scout movements, and any actions done to prepare terrain. Anything else added into it is purely up to the War DM’s choice to give any additional boons or modifiers for.
      • *Factions are now disallowed from trading MP and Ships freely.
        • *The maximum MP a faction is allowed to take from another in a vassal or war treaty is limited to a maximum of 15% of their total base MP.
          • *Manpower gained from such treaties are under the control of the faction given to but the MP must start in its home region.
      • After declaring an OOC War Declaration the faction that declared must make an IC move to attack within 10 days or the declaration is nullified. (Either by an event or a submission of a war plan to be enacted immediately)


    *Encampment Clarification and Edit


    • Encampments: 
      • An encampment is a placeholder “region” that a group of players can request the Faction Team for prior to posting their region app.
        • This “placeholder” region encompasses 1 tile temporarily on the map and has a MP value of 500 MP with no amenities or terrain benefits allowed.
        • If the group has not posted their region app within 2 months since the encampment is placed, their encampment will “disperse” and be removed from the tile and map.
      • An encampment has restrictions placed on political actions.
        • An encampment cannot declare war or join a war.
        • An encampment may still be declared war on.  
      • You do not need to apply on the forums for an encampment, merely get in contact with the Faction Team.
      • Encampments require a single event to explore/map the area beforehand.

        All additions, removals, and modifications in the Patch Notes threads are decided on and discussed by the Faction Politics Branch.
        ~FTL Ginja
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