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    Notice of DNR Status Removal

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    • +Team Leader

    This is an official announcement of a vote taken by the Team Leaders follow a review of Moderation's stance on Evidence and reviewing the watchlists with upcoming changes.


    With immediate effect, the user Rhadimanthius is having his DNR status removed as a vote of 51% majority with Mod lead agreement was passed, with Natureluvr abstaining due to personal connections. This decision was taken due to the lack of any evidence to support the reason behind the DNR they were given. Whilst this decision removes the DNR status from the player allowing them to appeal, this does not instantly guarantee them to be unbanned and they will still need to follow the appropriate channels to achieve such.


    Should you have any concerns or questions, please reach out.

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    • *Founder
    11 hours ago, Fuzzy_Yeti said:

    leaking from team leader chat, banned

    I'm allowed thanks.

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