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    Community Commission Regulations

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    As of today, the sharing of Real Money Paid commission sheets on Aethier is now permitted providing that any users doing so follow the following regulations:


    1. Any users posting paid commission sheets must be active members of the community. We do not wish to provide this service to people outside the community.
    2. Aethier does not take any responsibility for real world transactions for Community Commissions, and whilst may take action in relation to our code of conduct in the event of a breach of community guidelines (For example scamming), we are not liable to compensate any users for their losses and can not help recover any failed payments or missing art pieces.
    3. Real world trading with other users for ingame items such as Arunes, custom items, and so will remain forbidden.
    4. Any Real world trading related to illicit activity, breaches of real world law or our own code of conduct is forbidden, and all involved parties will be handled equally in the event that punishment is given.
    5. Purchasing items on the contribution store for another user in a way that could be conceived as attempting to breach other policies as a method of real world payment could be treated as a violation of any of the above policies.
    6. Aethier will not at any point attempt to ask a user for a "Cut" or "Share" of any Private Commission work undertaken in the community. Anyone attempting to do so should be reported to Moderation, or Human Resources Respectively.


    These rules may be amended at any time.

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