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    The Community Artist Program

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    What is the Community Artist Program?


    This is a new scheme that will allow any member of the community to browse a list of jobs posted by Aethier Team leaders for Artwork of some variety, in exchange for some form of compensation. This being but is not limited to:


    • Arunes
    • Forum Credits
    • Real World Money
    • Vouchers


    Note: Any jobs offering real world money rewards must be verified by @Serethia before the job can go live. Any verified jobs will have a post from @Serethia in the comments confirming such.


    How do I claim a Job?

    Anyone is permitted to attempt a commission job, however only verified Community Artists are allowed to Claim Jobs ahead of time. This does mean as an unverified artists you may have some competition, but in the event of multiple submissions, we may attempt to compensate multiple where possible however this is not always guaranteed.


    How do I hand in a Job?

    Simply post the completed work to the Team Leader in question that submitted the job. Preferably on the forums itself. Once the team leader has confirmed reciept of the task, they will mark the work item as completed and request payment to the submitter upon verifying the work.


    How can you assure me that I will be paid?

    All jobs posted are backed and verified by the Team Leaders, and Operations Team are responsible for payouts. Any issues with payouts should be taken to @Serethia directly for Resolution. There is a possibility issues could happen but we will take every step to resolve such.


    How do I become a Community Artist?

    Simply complete a job, and a Team Leader may then recommend you for the position. You will then retain this job assuming you then continue to occasionally complete jobs, and remain within good standing in the community.


    Awesome! Where do I start?

    You can find the link to the Community Artist Program under the Browse tab at the top of the forums.

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