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    Watchlist & Miscellaneous Update - Moderation

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    Hello once again to the now seemingly monthly/bi-weekly moderation updates that seem to be occurring. 



    Over the last week, I have with some assistance from the team, crafted and transferred the watchlists we as moderation had to the new system, however, there is one MAJOR thing to note. Whilst doing this I went through all, say 140, watchlists and of those 140 only 63 were transferred. This means that I have personally cleaned the record for just under 80 of you. The reason I did this was because many of the things on peoples watchlists were either very minor, had no evidence, were a little shady, or in most cases, the only evidence we had was discord logs from PM's or non-Aethier owned discord servers.


    Which raises the point that from now we will no longer be considering discord logs from Private Conversations or from non-Aethier owned discord servers as evidence, simply due to the fact we are not the internet police and you are all capable of blocking toxic people with a simple three clicks via discord. Regardless, many of you will find that you do not have a watchlist. THAT IS A GOOD THING. Some of you may feel you should have a watchlist based on previous warnings or bans, but if you dont or its not on your watchlist, its been cleaned off your slate. Think of this as everyone's redemption arc.


    Now, to get to the new watchlist, you need to simply go to the place in the following screenshot. To note: You should only be able to see your own watchlist, if you cannot, PLEASE TELL ME IMMEDIATELY. 
    Watchlist 1.png

    Please take some time to go over your watchlist, and I suspect there will be some people with questions or concerns. Please ask them.


    Other than that, there are some other smaller changes we are making to some policies and procedures.


    I will list them here as follows:

    • A policy is being implemented regarding breaking and entering, it is as follows. 'When attempting to enter an area or building without a key or permission ICly, effectively breaking and entering, please call a moderation team member to oversee the scenario. This includes stealing minor objects, however, major theft, attacks or damage to property requires an event as per the even rules [Here]'
    • A policy is being implemented surrounding the process of Voiding and Time-locking roleplay, it is as follows. 'In order to void a roleplay or to time-lock it, all parties must type written consent in the chat box and in full agreement of the terms of the void/time-lock. In cases of uncertainty, please call a moderation member to deliberate.'


    Additionally, I am officially advertising a vacancy for one moderator. I am looking for someone who can participate in active discussions and be open-minded but resourceful when handling situations/conflict.


    Other than that, I will be hosting a meeting at 10pm GMT, this Sunday [27/09/2020] in order to discuss the previous month, field questions or concerns and to address Moderations goals for the next month.

    In the meantime, any suggestions/feedback/concern can be posted on the following thread and it will be addressed swiftly.


    Have a lovely weekend,


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