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    Halloween/Festival of Shadows Art Contest


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    Hello again everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who entered the last content contest! I know a lot of people are excited for the month of Halloween, so this contest is going to run for the month of October and be Festival of Shadows themed! Aethier's version of Halloween is known as the Festival of Shadows and follows similar spooky themes as Halloween.


    Submissions will close on October 28, 2020 and the winners will be announced on October 29, 2020! Some of the most popular submissions will be brought in game on image maps and displayed during the Festival of Shadows event over Halloween weekend!


    Halloween/Festival of Shadows Themed Art

    Submissions to this contest must be some sort of imagery/videoHalloween/Festival of Shadows/spooky themed, and strongly related to Aethier in some way. This could be art of a spooky event monster, art of the actual Festival of Shadows itself, art of Aethier characters dressing up, etc. Be creative! As always, incorporating artwork of characters/races that are harder to find art pieces for will increase your chances of winning. Depicting things that are unique to Aethier will help as well! You can submit as many entries as you'd like, but you can only win once.



    1st Place: 5,000 Forum Credits

    2nd Place: 4,000 Forum Credits

    3rd Place: 3,000 Forum Credits


    Entry Format

    Post your artwork on this thread.

    Let us know what the artwork was made to depict.

    Artist name you would like to be referred to when being credited as the artist of the piece.

    Optional: If you'd also like to be tagged on social media when/if we post your submission to be credited, please include your social media names.


    See this thread for more information on Forum Credits if you don't know what they are/how they're used!


    Please be aware that by entering your artwork into this contest, you consent for the imagery you submit to be posted to Aethier's social media platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and being featured in YouTube videos/trailers.

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    Corbeau Crest signed.png


    This is my character Oberon's armorial, and depicts his family's history and tradition, and their baroque inspired way of life ("memento mori", remember that you'll die) through heraldic symbolism.


    Artist name: SocialDarwinist



    Corbeau Shield.png

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    From a while back, but a fitting piece for the Spooky Season

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    Just a goofy last minute image I felt inspired to draw. Clumsy ol' Erza not being good at the whole Mummy business. 

    Mummy Erza.png

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    Animated Bjorn and Friends!!!!



    We have Necromancer Bjorn animating the poisonous Banshee Vas and foggy Dullahan Mircea

    [costumes not included]

    [this is my first time animating, please be gentle]

    [Also updated to prevent the headache the first version gave >.>]

    [Oct. 28th animation]




    Plain image below



    Edited by Cho
    I missed it by 7 mins
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    Thank you so much to everyone who entered this contest!! All of your art submissions are amazing! After some deliberation among welcome team, the results for the winners are in!


    1st Place: @Volkrii for his awesome art of Ezikia, the decay dragon!

    2nd Place: @Redwall for his terrifying Matekai art!

    3rd Place: @Cho for her detailed necromancer and undead art!


    Congratulations to all of the winners!! Thank you again to everyone who entered, we've had so much fun seeing all the spooky entries. Be on the lookout for another announcement from me later today for our next contest. November will have a Thanksgiving theme and it will be a writing contest. December will be another imagery art contest with a winter theme, so start thinking ahead on art ideas!

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