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    FT Systems Update: November 18th 2020


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    November 18th 2020:


    *Reminder to all Faction Leaders that Voucher Checks are this upcoming Saturday November the 21st.


    Regions and Vouchers

    • Vouchers and Regions:
      • Vouchers who meet activity requirements and are currently not vouched to any other region can be immediately added to the Manpower sheets and do not have to wait till the voucher check to be added. Those who wish to change their vouch still must wait for the voucher check which is every month on the 21st.
      • Taxes will be coming back soon with amount changes in accordance with concerns to the server and concerns of other Team Leaders.
        • Cities will be taxes 100,000 a month.
        • Villages will be taxed 40,000 a month.
      • Regions who show a significant and/or astonishing lack of roleplay can be considered for removal despite having active vouchers, this will be voted on by Politics Team.


    War System and Manpower

    • Player Related War System Updates:
      • *There are no player related system changes this update.
    • NPC/Manpower Related War System Updates:
      • *There are no NPC/Manpower related system changes this update but there will be soon.





    • Faction Team has taken authority over cannons/siege engines/artillery:
      • *In concordance with this, CiT will no longer be making artillery or cannon items. Any cannon or artillery items out there are now null and void. Done in cooperation with @Mercury
      • *Lore Team will no longer be accepting any invention apps for cannons or siege weapons in general. Done in cooperation with @Kyle1322
      • The usage of cannons and siege weapons will fall under the Standard Siege Weapon Rules HERE. This thread will be updated as time goes on to add to what it currently includes.
      • Access to cannons will now be gained by having the Cannon Foundry amenity, available to all cities with FT approval.
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    EDIT: Final Bullet point got cutoff, readded.

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