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    December's Winter-Themed Art Contest


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    Hello again everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who entered the last contest! This month's art contest will be focused on Winter/Hibernias (Aethier's IC version somewhat resembling Christmas)/Holiday themes!


    Submissions will close on January 4, 2020 and the winners will be announced on sometime prior to January 10, 2020.


    Winter/Hibernias/Holiday Themed Art

    Submissions to this contest must be some sort of imagery-based artWinter/Hibernias/Holiday themed, and strongly related to Aethier in some way. This could be an art piece of your character celebrating the holiday, an animation/video of characters having a snowball fight or making a snowman, etc. Art that incorporates things such as less commonly played races and things unique to Aethier will have a higher chance of winning. Be creative! You can submit as many entries as you'd like, but you can only win once. In the spirit of the holidays, some of the prizes this month are going to be a little higher than usual!



    1st Place: 7,000 Forum Credits

    2nd Place: 5,000 Forum Credits

    3rd Place: 3,000 Forum Credits


    Entry Format

    Post your artwork on this thread.

    Author name you would like to be referred to when being credited as the author of the piece.

    Optional: If you'd also like to be tagged on social media when/if we post your submission to be credited, please include your social media names.


    See this thread for more information on Forum Credits if you don't know what they are/how they're used!


    Please be aware that by entering your work into this contest, you consent for the entry you submit to be posted to Aethier's social media platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and being featured in YouTube videos/trailers.

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