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    Moderation Policy Changes: January 2021

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    Welcome to 2021


    To start the year off, Moderation are making some well needed policy changes across the board to move forwards more productively in the coming year. The changes listed below are mainly in relation to the combat and projectile policies, however the teams policy and code of conduct have received some changes.


    As always, please leave any feedback or suggestions on the following thread, or feel free to PM on discord at Tree#5946.






    • Declaring Targets
      • This is a new implementation, players can now choose to declare a target or not. If they choose to not declare a target, they roll a 1d20 with any modifiers and what they roll is where they hit, simply leaving it to luck. In order to roll achieve a headshot, a natural 20 must be rolled, regardless of any attached modifiers.
      • Should players choose to declare their target, the system works as it has done so far where you need to roll at or above a certain roll to hit your declared target. However, declaring your target provides a +2 to the roll.
    • Rolls
      • A Natural one is no longer a strike on an ally, instead the weapon or projectile backfires and is out of order for 3 turns.
    • Point Blank
      • This is also a new implementation and accounts for projectile shots that are taken within a range that means it isn't realistic to miss. When within 2 blocks of the target, all projectile hits are guaranteed to hit however are significantly less damaging. When taking these shots a 1d20 must be rolled with no modifiers. Unarmoured targets require a roll of 15 or more to be damaging or possibly fatal, and armoured targets require a roll of 18 or over to be considered fatal or very damaging. Anything under is superficial due to the lack of distance.
    • Projectile Modifiers
      • Implementation of Declaring a Target modifier and if targets are stationary, stunned or rooted, a +1 modifier is applied.






    • Combat Spectating 
      • If you are watching a roleplay ICly, you must emote your presence, even if only in whisper so that logs show you were there ICly. If spectating OOCly, you should not input nor chat to distract the roleplay at all. Players can request OOC spectators to leave and they must leave.
    • Combat Turns
      • All combat turns are made up of two parts. A reaction and an action, the reaction always takes place before the action and is often used to respond to oncoming threats whilst the action is your retaliation attack.
    • Initiative 
      • This is determined on the characters speed tier and those with higher tiers go first. Those with the same tier, will roll a 1d20 to identify who goes first.
    • Turn Order
      • Whoever starts the combat shall always go first, then this is followed based on initiative and who is fastest. Between turns the groups alternate positions in the turn order. See the examples in the policy thread for more information.







    • The following has been added to CoC#2:  'Members of our community who are below the age of 18 and are found to be intentionally participating in Inappropriate or Adult roleplay will be removed from the whitelist until such a time that they are 18 years old.'






    • The changes seen in here are minimal and the document has simply been rewritten to be clearer on what moderation actually does. The only addition is additional purview of policies and the need to log all actions to further prevent permissions abuse.





    • Work on greater protecting minors within the community.
    • Establish a clamp down on mature content within the community.
    • Create and enable the commendation system.
    • Host more regular meetings.



    Thank you for reading.

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