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    Aeromancy Golem. [Rhazort]

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    Item Name: Captain Falcon

    Creator of Item: Cahir Angouleme.

    Item Type: Gargantuan


    This hawk's core was created by the mage himself, pouring his very own pour into such giving him an innate connection with the golem. The caster almost felt like it was his, bringing the magic to life as it's form began to swirl; the air at first uncontrollable until the caster did best to form such with concentration. Making the form of a Falcon, such was best used as the intention; the Falcon having a daring appearance despite it being made of strong wings protecting the core. 

    Trick list:


    Scout - As an avian golem, the bird is sent out into the air; able to scout for the mage when commanded like a normal Falcon.


    Air Sight - Captain Falcon holds an innate connection to the owner of the golem. The owner will lose sight in one eye when it is active so it can see from its perspective. The owner experiences a loss in depth perception while active due to it being wind. 


    Track - Captain Falcon can be tasked to hunt or track things, via from fallen trees to animal tracks; it can try its best. 




    Due to the size and abilities the falcon holds, this golem only has the set three tricks above. In no way can the golem have strength to attack or fight, as it is strictly meant to be used for scouting aspects.






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