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    Forgemaster - Smithing Golem [Rhazort]

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    Item Name: Forgemaster - Smithing Golem

    Creator of Item: Noire Black

    Item Type: Gargantuan




    The forge master golem is every blacksmith’s greatest dream companion. Given and programmed with the skills of a master blacksmith the forgemaster is a made for only working in a workshop. While the golems body is made as a living furnace as its main body portion, granted its core and living burning passion for smelting and forging weapons and materials. 


    Must have a fire golem core

    Can not be used for combat 



    Burning passion 

    With having a fire golem core inside its body, the forgemaster could produce its own flames and hear within its body to smelt any of its minerals it needs to pour out from its own furnace like body. This would give it full control of what levels of heat it needs. 



    Master forge

    Being a golem made for forging, the forgemaster can make many different types of crafts from metal parts to weapons and armor. Granted if it was something new, the golem would need to be shown once and will catch on. 

    Will need the input of someone with the right knowledge of Smithing. [Master] (If Noire did not make it.) This golem can not bypass Professions. It can only craft at the level of the Smith using it.


    Basic Commands

    Follow, Smith, Smelt, Work

    Reset/Disable - Only a Phrase Noire Black has to prevent the golem from defecting against her or people using her golem against her.


    [Only Noire Black would know how to create this type of golem.]

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