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    A Pale Imitation [Rhazort]

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    Item Name: A Pale Imitation

    Creator of Item: Yuna Kim

    Item Type: Mystic


    (Forgive me I'm unsure what to put for type of item as this was made via a divine ability. I was told I needed to re apply for it. Here is original application: 


    A copy of the pale blade created by Yuna Kim to fool any suspecting hunters of the weapon, forged in the weapons original western appearance. The copy carries the same cursed aura and appearance as the original blade, will bind itself to its user, corrupt their beliefs to serve Foli in a similar fashion and appears to be a perfect copy of the weapon, even going as far as to changes its wielders appearance to a pale complication.


    However, while the weapon is damaging to holy beings much like gold and silver are to profane beings, it pales in comparison to the powers of the true pale blade, being unable to absorb the powers of divine blessed. Nor does the weapon prevent revival or grant any sort of magic resistance.


    Still, this near perfect copy is close enough to fool those who have not wielded the true power of the paleblade.


    tldr for mechanics:


    • This unholy blade is capable of harming any type of ethereal or otherworldly beings, regardless of their origin, and is super effective against holy beings such as blessed, demi-servants or otherwise as if they were unholy themselves.
    • The bearer of this weapon is capable of calling back the blade at will, no matter how far away it may be, and dispelling it just as easily.
    • The weapon binds itself to the first person to pick it up. Turning their complication pale. Excluding its creator
    • Once bond to a person. In a similar fashion to the true paleblade, the weapon carries an influence of indoctrination to the goddess Foli, urging them to fulfil their desires. Although, its maddened whispers are carried out to a slightly lesser extent.

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