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    Notice of Voided Roleplay

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    This is an official notice of voided roleplay.


    After an independently raised investigation of the use of the feyspeak spell 'Soulsight' from Lazaar during the Titus games event, it has been deemed that this spell usage had no realistic reason for being used and ultimately ended in two fallen characters being discovered.


    With no real reason for the use of the spell, and the recent change to soul sight and fallen souls being visibly 'dirty', moderation has chosen to void the use of the spell and the information gathered.


    We apologise for any difficulties this has on subsequent roleplay, but to clarify the following would have been voided.


    - The use of the Soulsight spell at the Titus games event, any aurums or knowledge gained would be voided.

    - The fact Elijah and Thalia were fallen and that this was discovered through this spell will be voided.

    - Any discussion on this fact of the two fallen characters will be voided.

    - The connection and knowledge of these two characters being fallen is voided, removing any knowledge that the 'sisterhood' is fallen or linked to the void.



    Once more we apologise for any inconveniences this cause for roleplay, please reach out if you have any questions.

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