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    Notice of Voided Roleplay

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    This is a notice of voided roleplay, effective immediately.


    In a recent event today, Freydis Hollowgale was turned to fallen during an event. However, upon reflection of this by the Gamemaster/Loremaster, the circumstance has been deemed illegitimate, so Moderation have been asked to reverse the affairs.


    To elaborate, we are voiding the act of Freydis turning fallen and any roleplay directly in relation to that. This notably includes the destruction of Glasgard.


    We appreciate this may be inconvenient for some individuals, but we have moved to handle this as swiftly as possible to prevent greater swathes of roleplay being voided.


    - Freydis becoming fallen is voided.

    - Freydis did not receive a voidsteel greatsword

    - Glasgard was not destroyed

    - Any  other minor roleplay related to this is also voided.


    Please reach out to myself or any other moderation team members if you have concerns or questions.

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