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    Spatial Edge [Rhazort]


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    Item Name: Spatial Edge

    Creator of Item: Reinhold Lancelyn von Kolchrave

    Item Type: Mystic


    This enchantment must be applied to a weapon which holds an edge made of Jenium. When such an enchantment is applied to the weapon, the natural Jenium passive of cutting through winds itself is specialized through Space magic to eliminate its long-ranged capabilities. Instead, when the blade releases its wave of wind forth, it will be trapped within the edge of the weapon and rotate its own axis around itself—creating a great deal of momentum that allows the blade to cut through metals.


    This field lasts for [10 turns] and can only be used once per stressful scenario. Given the nature of this weapon's enchantment, the edge must be exposed to a material for a certain amount of turns before it can cut through metals. Metals of [High] malleability will be cut through with two turns of contact. Metals of [Medium] malleability will be cut through with three turns of continuous contact. Metals of [Low] malleability will be cut through with four turns of continuous contact. Whilst this enchantment is under cooldown, the weapon behaves like it has no enchantment.

    Required Discipline(s): Space


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