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    Open the ports!

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    With the war coming to a close, and both shores and skies no longer under immediate threat the merchant city of Sarweald began to stir once more. With neighbouring nations converging on the linger evils in Gravemont and Yamashiro, citizens and business owners once again drew open their shuttered shops, propped open their glazed windows and began to work once again. The taverns filled and arunes poured in and slightly poured out with the waves of economy once more crashing into the ports of Sarweald.


    Fears, of course, still lingered and so the noble and honest Reeves of the city put their effort into guiding the populous into more pleasant days and nights. Helping to till the farms, sow the crops, unfurl the sails, restock the shelves, safeguard the streets. There was no task to small, for all that was done brought the port closer to prosperity. Some looked to the future and recognised nearing threats and wars and knew that relations would need forming with neighbouring nations and so word quickly spread to all, that Sarweald was in business once more.

    The bounty boards were pinned, the guild masters accumulated quests and tasks for wandering adventurers or helpful heroes to gift their aid to. The storehouses were stocked in preparation for markets and auctions anew and despite the long..... bloody history with the Drakonspyre empire, for once trade with its vassal was a loosely considered option.


    The ports were opened, the sails let down.


    Let prosperity reign once again.

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