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    Gracelyn Chromer

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    Rampage Brush Regular

    Music Vibes~

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    ~:Character Name:~

    Gracelyn Chromer



    Realta (Moon Ghatha)


    ~:Bond Type:~



    ~:Bond Site:~

    Mid-North part of the crystal biome.






    Dream Catcher Tattoo on the back, Bru'tag head




    Lay On Hands (Base Healing Domain Spell)

    Shakti: Three

    Domain: Healing

    Concentration: Medium

    Cast Time: Four turns

    Duration: Instant

    Range: Touch

    Effect: The shaman's hands become semi-ethereal as they sparkle with stars. This spell requires the user to place their hands on an active wound on the patient. This spell is cast at first with three shakti, however, its effects depend on how long the shaman has laid their hands on the recipient.


    One Turn: Minor wounds such as scratches and bruises

    Two Turns: Deeper venous wounds will be healed

    Three Turns: Bones, Arterial Bleeding and cuts, and severe wounds are healed

    Four turns: Heavy injuries that would usually be lethal to the patient. Concussions and internal wounds will be restored and people in a critical state will be stabilized. This spell does not restore someone from a dead state. This spell can regrow limbs if applicable.


    Spirit Form (Base Spirit Domain Spell)

    Shakti: Three

    Domain: Spirit

    Concentration: Low

    Cast Time: Two Turns

    Duration: Fifteen Turns

    Range: Self

    Effect: The shaman releases themselves into the spiritual world, making themselves incorporeal and unable to be targeted. The shaman cannot interact with the world while in this state and is unable to be affected by things that affect incorporeals due to the nature of their displacement disallowing them from interacting with anything. The shaman is able to move at standard speeds and can move through one meter of solid material per turn, however for each meter of solid material they move through, a turn of the spell's duration is sacrificed.



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