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    FT Systems Update: February 21st 2021

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    February 21st, 2021:


    *NOTE: There will be no taxes this month, more to come.


    Regions and Vouchers

    • Vouchers and Regions:
      • Region Alliances, Vassalages and related international treaties have been updated and reformatted, it is suggested all region owners read over this. Treaties
        • The Manpower sheet now reflects this.
        • Any alliance declarations are requested to be reposted with reference to the new mechanics.


    War System and Manpower

    • Player Related War System Updates:
      • Surprise Attacks and OOC War Declarations have been removed.
    • NPC/Manpower Related War System Updates:
      • Terrain MP bonuses (River, Lake, Coast) have been removed.





    • Miscellaneous Updates:
      • There are no miscellaneous updates.
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    - The Treaties thread has been updated following community feedback.

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