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    I have decided to step down from doing Custom Items and Gathering Applications. Lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed with my Aethier workload combined with lots of college work IRL and have made the decision it would be best to let someone else take over the item systems. Thank you all for your understanding and I apologize if your applications take some time to be reviewed and responded to as this transition is made.
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    The Void grows restless. Undoubtedly the world had noticed the great thunder that emitted from Aethius largest mistake-the Aeklast. A great fracture within the sky has torn asunder the very heavens which seem to call upon the gods themselves..and the world itself trembled at its power. A great ripple, a tear, to the very precipice of non-existence, the void, has been opened..and most wonder if it means the end. Though unseen forces malinger within the Aeklast and are causing such a disturbance, already sightings of strange phenomena around the world have been reported, such as odd shapes stalking people at night, or even outright attacking them should they spot whatever they are. Many claim omen to the end times, but the world cannot kneel before a simple fracture..could it? Many harken back to the great war against the Mimic where the world similarly was nearly destroyed and at the precipice of death, but resisted. Many claim the great warriors of old will take up their blades and strike down such a threat once more, bringing the realm and it's world peace again as always..yet strangely, many of them are no longer able to be found.. Could it be the gods wrath? A meager price to pay for the actions of this world, and those who exploit it every sept? Or could it be something else, something far more sinister with plans beyond even that of the strongest elemental lord or champion of light. Regardless of reasoning, the world trembles..and the void, that endless pit of what mortals consider nothingness and corruption, the void which hungers to end all mortal life by devouring it's hope, peace and joy without discrimination..grows restless.
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    The Luk’Mali is the strongest if not even the last surviving Lirram tribe within Averisa, currently residing within the Volcanic island of Spala, the beastmen of the Luk’Mali live a relatively isolated life. Currently a vassal of Tavora, the tribe prefers to keep to its isolated ways, only ever really leaving to fulfil deals made with the Vallah Lords and on the rare occasion trade. Descending from Aversus, after the great exodus the tribe that would soon become known as the Luk’Mali discovering and settling upon a small volcanic island southeast of the Spirit Isles. After their perilous journey to the new world, the beastmen tribe named their home Spala, meaning ‘Miracle’ in Alishi. With their new home, the tribe had a relatively peaceful life isolated on their isle, conflict was rare and when it did arise it would usually either a small feud between another tribe or just light internal squabbles between tribesmen. However, this would soon change, conflicts such as the Aestation war and the Luk’ash-Falcon war devastated the island, isolation from the world had only left them alone and without allies, easy prey for human armies looking to take advantage. It’s after these conflicts that the Luk’Mali were fully shaped into what they are today. Spala is safe once more with a small but wary alliance formed with the Vallah Lords of Naveira, blood and loyalty in exchange for protection. The island home of the tribe being self sufficient, the Luk’Mali tend to isolate themselves from the rest of Averisa, living a shamanistic hunter gatherer lifestyle, taking only what they need to survive for food and wasting nothing. To an outsider their way of life can seem rather primitive and savage at first glance. However, if one could manage to spend an extended amount of time, they would discover a rich culture and knowledge of the natural world which few have. The tribe is lead by an Ondera, a chieftain of sorts that is not chosen through an hereditary lineage like the nobles of Averisa, but through strength. The strongest member of the tribe is the always the one to lead, if a Lirram of Alishi blood loses their faith in their leader, then they can enact a write of challenge know as a filuun spar. If the challenger is victorious, they gain the rightto lead the tribe as the new Ondera. A respected Shaman, known as a Yac’hak, is the second most powerful position in the tribe. He or she is considered a direct connection to the Spirits, able to interpret the signs of the natural world to predict their will. A Yach’ak is chosen by the spirits, when an Ondera dies, it is up to them to decide who shall next take up the mantle of leadership. The Luk’Mali don’t have any sort formal of military. However, it is expected for every male above the age of 14 to train as a warrior. These warriors, referred to as Alishi braves, tend to work best as scouts, archers and other kinds of long ranged fighters due to their ability to easily traverse hard terrain like jungle or other tropical environments similar to their homeland. Taught by a parent or elder, an Alishi lirra will spend the majority of their late childhood and adolescence learning the art of combat to become one, honing their skills to pass down to the next generation. They are the protectors of the tribe, held in very high regard. The weapons of an Alishi warrior are considered a very personal items, an extension of themselves, a warrior will often engrave their weapons with symbols meaningful to them and decorate them with feathers, leaving each weapon unique to the user.
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    Want to play the villain, but scared you won't have anyone to roleplay with? Afraid that you'll receive OOC back-lash from everyone playing heroes, or afraid people will claim your character is generic because they're the villain? Afraid that even if you do play the villain, you won't accomplish anything because you're alone, and Heroes can just revive as soon as you kill them? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Society of the Sinful and Wicked The society of the Sinful and Wicked is an RP-based organization I am working on forming, that will be dedicated to EXACTLY what it sounds like. The organization will be run by my currently-unknown character, who only appears as 'Masked Figure' or 'Masked Man'. Due to the fact that the server is dominated by heroes, this organization will be handled VERY carefully, in order to avoid any heroes IC learning location, or anything of the sort. -------------------- HIRING ------------------- The process of hiring is fairly simple. Commit an act of evil that is fairly well-known, or commit a crime worthy of being contacted by the Masked Man via letter. From there, you will be indicted into the Society of the Sinful and Wicked to assist each other in all of our EEEEEEVIL endeavors. All letters sent will be DIRECTLY to your character, in order to avoid Hero-type characters of other players learning of the organization's members, or locations. If your character commits a minor crime such as theft, or other lower crimes that warrant little punishment, they will not be contacted by the Society. However, repeated acts of these crimes, WILL earn an invitation. In order to help me know when you want an invitation, reply to this thread with details of your crime, Minecraft name and character name. -------------------- INFORMATION -------------------- The group will have it's own Discord and/or Skype to run off of. Events concerning the group WILL be made, and the more members we receive, the bigger these events become. From assassination plans, to full-on Regicide, or spreading of virulent plague. -------------------- RULES -------------------- 1. The character you play as MUST be evil. Due to the nature of the organization, a character will only be accepted if they are willing to let go of all morality and humanity, in the pursuit of a world without order. 2. Before entering, the organization will conduct a simple test in which I or another will play as a generic civilian-type character, and your character will be given the task to kill them with whatever means they wish. This is to ensure that no characters that are Heroes pretending to be villains will be able to enter, without first committing a murder. This will also be to test your character's approach when it comes to an assassination. 3. PLEASE support your fellow villains. Playing a villain in a server dominated by Heroes is a hard thing to do, as you will likely have to deal with OOC back-lash, people claiming your characters are shallow or generic, among many other things. If you see someone being pestered for playing a villain, jump in and help them out. It's the right thing to do. 4. The organization WILL accept assassination contracts from others outside of the group in order to fund the process, the details of which will be discussed below. 5. Finally, be respectful of your fellow villains, and if you need something resolved, we will conduct a 'meeting' on Discord or Skype, in order to resolve the conflict. Understand that some people may be less experienced, or more experienced, and those with less experience should NOT be berated, or made to feel like a poor roleplayer for their lack of experience. Help each other along, and never forget that you weren't always a good roleplayer either. -------------------- CONTACT -------------------- If you are an outside contact wishing to fulfill an assassination contract, you will need to have an IC reason for your character wanting that character dead. It is at our discretion to refuse assassination contracts. To contact the organization for a contract, follow these steps. 1. Get the Society's attention. This is easily done by placing a note at a Wanted Board. (Send a letter to me, emoting the note placed at a Wanted Board.) 2. Wait for a response from the organization. If accepted, you will be given a specific place to meet, in a very open area, in order to avoid the organization being ambushed. You will have to arrive completely alone, while the organization will bring along 1, or 2 more members with the Masked Man. 3. Hand the gelt to the Masked Man, and the contract will be fulfilled. Note: The contract will only apply for ONE death. If the character is killed, and they are revived, you will have to place another contract if you want the Society to kill them again. -------------------- QUESTIONS -------------------- Any questions can be asked here on this thread, or messaged to me via Discord. Discord: SnakeGodYig #0763
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    AKDUN'S HAND The Frozen Wastelands of Anion hold many a dangers, and many a secrets. "The Snow Elves have always been ancient foes, like animals, they hungrily took from us. They staked claims to lands we roamed in and burnt our shelters. Burnt our farms, eviscerated our cattle and executed our men, women and children. They were our enemies. This was the way of our Clans- to portray them as such. Yet some of us were disloyal. A pure Avaltan, a fine lad, grew a fondness for one of their women. From them resulted a half-breed, a scourge. When the enemies discovered the truth - the result of their union - they slaughtered our brother and demanded the child. She came to us, the Elven whore, and sought refuge within our camps. We… allowed it. But on the darkest night of the tsel, the elves came. They slit her throat and stole the child. We buried her amidst our own. As that child grew the Elves corrupted it- fed it lies. They taught it black sorceries. The knife-eared scum are adept at weaving lies, at manipulating… They made the mutt hate us, utterly, and when he grew, he raised the Snow-Elves against our clans. That was when war struck, unlike any before. Akdun’s tilled soil was laid barren by their fires. The bountiful forests of game hunted until they dwindled. Askrvar knew no respite, no hesitation. He drove us from the lands we called home… He drove us here, to Avar-Skia, where we thought to start anew. We’d struck a blow against Askrvar, and thought his memory would die in the Fatherland. But we were wrong. He came here, more powerful, more… scornful. The Corrupt Blood hunted us, sought the end of us all. We fought. We bled. We could subdue him… but not destroy. Five fingers, for five heroes. Five last chances for us to survive the relentless, merciless assaults the Scourge repeatedly batter us with. I fear it, brothers, because I know what it was capable of. Half-bred, Avaltan, Elvish, those were hardly important. Askrvar was a twisted, vile sorceror. He was a warlock with black magic, a menace… his hordes slaughtered Ysagor, gored his son… took Caldr. Only three of us remained to face him when the time came. We’d failed the first time, and we failed the second. We divided him into pieces, had them buried with us." - Torme, Snow Strider Askrvar was defeated, seperated into five; yet he was not destroyed and patiently waits for one of his twisted followers to revive him. It is the Hand's goal to defeat such a scourge, once and for all. Five legendary heroes rose to stand against the aggression led by the half-breed's armies. These are their names, their stories and ultimately, their fates: Ysagor, Valorous Jarl. "To layy ur liffes befarr tha tide, to layy ura braffurs und ur brides - we fitte unfer ar shildes da shatur, beloved suns af Akdun." Led his people against the elvish forces. His son and sole heir, Erlend, slain in a devious ambush led by the forces of Askrvar - gored and left for dead in caves frozen by waste and time. That was the last strike to the Jarl's pride whose strengths waned as his offspring's life had been cut short. In hatred and retribution for the Corrupted Blood, the Jarl eliminated and sealed away Askrvar alongside his brethren. All who dared enter his crypt were met with his beloved's wraith, who protectively defended her lover from outsiders until one worthy enough to put her to the blade would present himself. Resting in his tomb he held a venom for the snow elves and their half blooded kin still, and vindictively defended the remains he swore to keep until two of Akdun's Hand retrieved it from him with his blessing. Ysagor was the one to define the Hand's quest. Torme, the Snow Strider. "Thar blut af ForrFatter - af matter an Akdun" Led his own hunt alongside his comrades against the elvish forces. He and his brother endlessly tracked down the scouts and creatures of the Valley, it is implied he held a last stand against the forces of Askrvar, as stipulated by the artifact he gifted the Hand with upon the end of his trials. It was he who informed the Hand of the Avaltan's heritage and the age old war being waged. In a last attempt to defend the Scourge's precious remains from being retrieved and collected, he hoped to make the Hand leave empty handed. Though there was reason in his voice, it implied sacrificing himself to an immortality of torment as a wraith, devoid of all rest - a thing the Hand shan't see through. Yet there is more to be known, it seems. Caldr, the Loyal Son. Who during the ceaseless wars against Askrvar, the Corrupted Blood, and his armies was captured and held hostage. The Hand knows little of them yet. Ryngfa, the Blue Harbinger. Of whom we know nothing yet. Yngveal, the Arcane Hand. Of whom we know nothing yet. The Frost Giant, Our Forefather, Our Progenitor and Guide, =+= AKDUN =+= -=- "You stand forever in the forebearer's favor, kinsman. For it was by his very flesh that we came to exist. Do not forget this, do not forsake your ancient blood." -=- Be it myth, legend or history, the Avaltan deity Akdun has a clear mark on the history of both Avaltan, Dwarven and Snow Elven peoples in Anion. It is said that Akdun was the one to have made the Avaltan Borne out of his own fingers, having prepared the harshest landscapes by ploughing the fields and redirecting rivers. The first men and women therefore possess his blood, one akin to frigid frost and snapping sleet. Close to their ancestors, it is not to the gods that the sons of the Frost Giant turn to, but their ancestors who cheer from the eternal halls of Vaëtgard. Such power gives no 'clear boon'; not akin to those blessed by the sun god, or those who see the angel god's blessings bequethed upon them, Akdun's chosen rely on steel and spirit to survive and ultimately surpass the others, victorious. Steel, for it is in their prowess that they will eventually overcome. Spirit, for it is in the belief that their heritage watches over them that they will acheive such skill. It is a strong sentiment of belonging that makes the Avaltans one with their ancestors, with Akdun and their people. Such gives claim to the pride they hold in their people, and claim to their venom for those who dare mingle with the knife-ears or orcs. Even if the world has moved on, many of the Clans refuse to produce anything else but a pureblooded trueborn heir. In return for their belonging, the Frost Giant bestows upon them a gift making each an every pureblooded Avaltan capable of communicating with even the most resilient of wraiths and shades. The Hand tends to accept this belief, at worst, many have adopted more southern deities - such as Sterk and Morto. It isn't uncommon for the members of the Hand to mingle both deities in an inevitable clash of culture. As such, they may keep their heritage whilst understanding the appeal there is to the southern imperial dogma. THE HAND'S MEMBERS AND GOALS: Current Members and Patrons: 1. "Hand of Akdun"; Goslynn Askeladden - whose patron is Torme, the Snow Strider 2. "Spear of the Gods"; Asgeir Styrsson - whose patron is Ysagor, the Valorous Jarl 3. [Placeholder]; - whose patron is Caldr, the Loyal Son 4. [Placeholder]; - whose patron is Ryngfa, the Blue Harbinger 5. [Placeholder]; - whose patron is Yngveald, the Arcane Hand 6. "Overseer"; Emmeline Hollowgale - chosen through right of repentance 7. 8. The Hand's Goals: - Put an end to the Scourge for good. - Preserve Avaltan History for future generations. - Understand the manners of living of contemporary Avaltan peoples. - Weed out the distrust between snow elves and the Avaltan clans - (cordial relations at best). - Ensure the Hand's pure lineage never fails.
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    Though the world continues to make way in preparation, so too does the rift. Sightings of thousands of demons continue to be reported, as the area around the great breach begins to be fortified by the forces of naught. The sky looks grim as the harvest season has commenced around the globe, but hope remains stalwart in the face of darkness. The light of the world only grows brighter, as ancient races, once hiding in plain sight have come out of their enclaves knowing that without all of the world together, the realm would be lost. The Aervan, hiding in the deep mountains of Anion and Aoressa have emerged from their hidden nests, and return anew to a society they had once guided with their wise hands, now lost on the path to salvation. The Danakov, once proud broodlings of the three guardians of the realm have emerged from their introverted homelands, as a time of strife means that they too will be called upon to serve. From the Savannah's, the once hidden Leonin have emerged, their tribes and prowess of the wilderness standing ready to face any threat that dares to marshal against their people. And yet more, the world continues it's resistance against the invaders as the rift near Praha, a zone infected with the red plague, has been sealed. The mining operations of the voidlings ended with a swift and victorious hurrah from the elite of Norheim, who near-seamlessly sealed away the evils lurking on the other side. Despite this victory, the situation in the Aeklast grows more unstable by the day. Rumors of the great volcanic dragon, Rohana, have circulated, and what is worse is that she has been apparently spotted with the red plague engrossing her form. Much of the world remains silent to this threat, but the eerie silence does not always mean the end. Perhaps in time, they too will band together, and assist in the redemption of our sins.
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    The world Heaves at it's command..and yet it waits, hiding in plain sight. Ever since the probing of Al'sel, the massive hole in the sky has been almost eerily quiet. Not a sept goes by that hundreds of creatures are not pouring through it..but to where? To what? They seem to be remaining in one place, consolidating themselves for some sort of interaction or otherwise..regardless of this, with the coming of the festival of shadows, the veil begins to grow thinner, and with it, the portal appears to be expanding at a rapid pace. The world holds it's breath as every nation prepares to move against it, and yet people are beginning to wonder if this is simply just another threat..or truly the end of the world as they know it.. Deep in the Aeklast near the supposed "Dark Zone" where the outskirts rest, the lady Lily and what remains of the Corlican contingent have moved forwards to secure the now abandoned Aestatian campsite, to repurpose it as a fort for the soon-to-be attack against the portal itself. Although relatively low on supplies, the troops make do and have begun preparations for when the rest of the world comes to assist them..if they do. Whatever was left of the Aestatian troops either surrendered or fled toward the great portal after the battle, only to disappear soon afterwards. In the cold depths of Norheim, strange amounts of traffic have been seen near the once great city of Praha..now reduced to an Eridute ruin to fester for eternity. What is strange however is that there are no visitor markings, or caravan licenses marked down for them. They simply arrive in Praha..enter, and are never seen again. What is worse is that the same occurrence is being frequented in the fallen city of Fortvoie..where the graves of countless dead are being dug up, and old mementos which were not taken by looters originally are being stashed away, never to be seen again.. For the rest of the Realm, the season of Obitus has entered, and gone are the septs in which the sun reigns for most of the sept. Coming forth is the moon, in which during Obitus and Glacies, it shall reign in place of its comrade of light. The days grow ever shorter even now, and the moon yet persists longer then before. The leaves about the realm begin to change color, and fall off their respective trees in a gorgeous display of death, and the eventual cycle of rebirth. A sight to behold, many are seen walking about the realm, if only to observe the beauty of such a thing for one last time with a threat looming about the world..Many take what little time they believe they have left to enjoy it with family, and friends..for soon, many will be off to war, in what they feel will be the last great confrontation of their generation.
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    Blueforge Trading Company "Trade right, trade Blueforge." Basic Description Blueforge Trading Company, or Blueforge for short, is a company formed from the western province of Aversia and will eventually spread their business across the entirety of the empire. Formed from a small group of three friends, the business deals with what each founding member specializes in: smithing, jewelcrafting, mining, medicines, and collection. A variety of items may be bought, traded, or sold to the company, including but not limited to weaponry, armors, metal, and flora. Formal Structure While there is no true rigid structure or command, much like a military, there are rules and regulations all members must respect. - All members are encouraged to recruit new members, however said recruits must be agreed upon by the rest of the company. - - Each member will treat their clients and other members with respect, and they will be treated the same way. - - All members are allowed to collect whatever they please to bring back to the company. - - Smiths, jewelcrafters, etc. will get a higher cut during trade runs. - - All members may seek whatever client they please. - Items for Sell and Trade The Blueforge Trading Company offers a variety of items for buy, sell, and trade. Their very own weapons are produced from a variety of metals, including those of steel, topegean, deep silver, and even occasionally gweuior. Defensive protectorates may be offered as well, such as masterfully crafted shields and armor. For those interested in pleasuring both men and women, trinkets and odd crafts such as rings, amulets, gems and more may be carved and crafted. Metals itself are sometimes sold when the use for creation of weaponry or armor is not needed. Plants used for alchemists and botanists alike may be provided for use in concoctions or studies for students. For all else, Blueforge is sure to deliver as fast as possible through a simple custom request to any of the members. Each weapon is usually sold for around twenty to forty gelts, however discounts may be provided or some items may even be traded for others if given one of equal value. Members The current members are as follows: - Vara: @llmited - Rancee: @Adan - Freydis: @DatPhantom - Snowheart: @Vmwareguy2 - Eblis (trade partner) - Olivier (gatherer) - Ty (gatherer) - [OOC] Brand new merchant (jew) company is starting up. We'll soon be making caravan threads and such for unique items and weapons, so if you're interested make sure to take a look! We're able to take in most requests, so feel free to ask whatever you'd like for your character. You're sure to get it! Any questions can be directed to either four of our members. If you're interested in joining with your character (likely limited to six members or so), feel free to PM me on the forums, Skype, Discord, whatever suits you and we can chat. Have a great day!
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    After a general lack of use and multiple violations with new processing of alchemy submissions, the "Testosterone Paste" that was used for extensive muscle-mass creation as a substitute for steroids has been officially removed from lore.
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    Event Name: Marriage of Johannes Falkenrath and Emilia Laval Event Date: 09/30/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: EST Event Start Time: 3 pm Estimated Event Duration: 1 hour? Event Location: Santa Lulia Church Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Wedding Attendees: This is a Private Event The following people would have been sent and invitation announcing the marriage with the in character location, date, and time. Priestess - Orchid Morgenstern @DrugsOnFire Joao de Tavora @Seano96x Mary de Tavora @Uni Julian Laval @DayLighter Regulus de Tavora-Laval @Caligula Lucia de Tavora-Laval @Book Maia Layar @Kenophobia Robin Morgenstern-Volakomensk @Caleo Adriana Visrosa @DayLighter Olivier Layar @Marcus Calista Laurent @GeFoxx Karl Amador @Hugh Radovan Dalca @DelendaEst Avel Maddoc @ZooGarrus Esme Vitalis @NeonWaffles Avani Arenas @GeFoxx What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Marriage for Emilia and Johannes Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? No How many DM's do you think you will need?
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    Due to the excessive amounts of topegean mining, the material has become far less common in the world, and this has had its classification upgraded to: Ultra-Rare
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    With desire to ensure social cohesion and wellbeing of the Many, and in wishes of Greater Good, the wise ones divided elven society in stratas, functional and traditional castes based upon both ties of blood and faith and merit, an efficient system where all may find their calling and home. The bricks of such system were placed with dignity and wisdom, ensuring that there would be no lesser, yet that respect where due would be duly given. A pious, traditional society, the Tyr’dorei are well organized and often follow ideals and goals set decades in advance, causing elvish politics to tend to be overwhelmingly conservative and prudent, for the Highborne favor stability and prosperity above all else. The classes are few, encompassing wide swathes of the elvish population, and all serve vital functions within Tyr’dolin’s radiant society. As a proof of the near-unlimited potential one can achieve with dedication, one may take a look at how the stratas are formed, for they emerge mainly of one’s achievements and reputation, and only time can tell if a bloodline may prove itself worthy or not. Atop the hierarchic system seats only the Sovereign Privy, a council of the wisest and highest of Tyr’dorei society, from whom most decisions trickle down through the castes. The Highborne One could know the eldest and most renowned bloodlines and heroes of Elfdom as the Highbornes. Forming what could be considered the “traditional” nobility, they are agents of tradition and culture, youth groomed to be knights, templars and priests, mingling between families of good birth generating much of the elven aristocratic culture. Often made of High or Snow elven blood, it is however not rare to see wood elves reach such heights, as one’s success in Tyr’dolin depends on their capacities and talents, even through the well-worn hierarchy. Most highborne lineages, wealthy enough, possess estates in the Autumn Parish, the noble district of Tyr’dolin, where towers spiral and lavish gardens prosper, as vines cover great walls of marble and stone. The Oldeborne Forming the greater majority of the population, the Oldeborne refer to, as a whole, the elven population of the city. Such encompasses the merchants, workers, various adventurers and soldiers of the realm, as well as the vast populace. Forming a symbiotic relationship with the Highborne, the elves of the Tyr’dorei show deverence to their superiors, yet such is mostly graceful tradition, for their superiors rarely show disrespect or abuse of authority. Being part of the Oldeborne means being finally accepted and respected as an integral member of Tyr’dorei society, able to progress in any desired position or function, based, of course, on one’s desires and capacities. Encompassing most of the population, this strata covers and houses every Court and district of the marble city, filling the streets of the Spring Commons with barter and laughter. Farborne The smaller strata of the population, those recently welcomed into the fold or not totally native are commonly referred to as the “Farborne”. These more often then not represent the farmers, workers and citizens who were raised or born outside of Tyr’dolin, or those who, for various reasons, would have to spend most of their lives out of it. Whilst as respected and important as the majority of the population, they hold a special status, and are gradually welcomed to integrate further within the blossoming culture of the realm. Amongst the Ceìn’orei are the various scouts, emissaries and agents of the Tyr’dorei, but also the newcomers and arrivals to the realm. From this point onwards, one must merely find a path to take and rise within. The Outsiders If there was indeed one group that the elves of the Tyr’dorei see with a guarded stance and doubt, it is foreign powers and members of races judged and profiled . The Tyr’dorei are hospitable to guests and pragmatic in diplomacy, yet restrict rights such as property to specific races; High elves, Snow elves, Wood Elves, Drow Elves, Sinnelivh and Syrien are, as of this era and time, the only accepted folk, to be able to possess property within the pale walls of the city of Gods and Fae.
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    Event Name: Grand Theft Naval Event Date: 10/21/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: GMT Event Start Time: 8 PM Estimated Event Duration: 3 hours ish. Event Location: The spirit isle, random boat that's anchored near the shore. Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Note: May need someone to world edit the location of the ship if successful. Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Robbery Attendees: Bheka Dianthie @DatPhantom Yrsr @Elentiya Cadence @Sylfiah Vivica @Lioln Others maybe + A few NPC warriors. What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? In order to prepare of future plans, the Chieftain of Luk'Mali has decided to commandeer a human ship for his tribe and the lone vessel sitting upon the shores of the Spirit isle seem like the perfect candidate. Main goals: 1. Sneak aboard ship during the night. 2. Capture ship. 3. Sail ship back to and anchor at Spala. Is this a combat-oriented event? Yes Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Event Name: Khazadaurs Adventures! Event Date: 10/14/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: CET Event Start Time: 9PM CET Estimated Event Duration: 3 hours??? Event Location: Eastern Anion, near Icavoska. Location Specifics: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Event is in planning and creation by Vadokim. Event Type: Dungeon If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Private Event: Scholars: Quilana @GeFoxx Myrna @Book Norheim Militant: Brynjar @Olyblob Eleanora @RoguishLaughter Bran @Bromophobe Vara @llmited Rikard @DayLighter Arevind @NeonWaffles Siv @Leondrith Attendees may vary. What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Explore one of the locations mentioned in this Book: Requested DM: @Vadokim Is this a combat-oriented event? Yes Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Sons And Daughters Of The Wuxine Ta'shar food is hardly consistent. With a nomadic culture rooted in trade, it is difficult to avoid the occasional influence of distant lands. Outlander foods intermix with the flavorless, bland staples of the desert, dried vegetables, preserved meats, and exotic spices refined from Wuxine herbs. Portions are predicated on nutrition and necessity. Bountiful meals are reserved only for special occasions. It is considered highly irreverent to not burn a fraction of one's breakfast, a gesture meant to sate Sol, derived from ancient, Desert-Elven customs. The finest drinks in Azahara and the West Wuxine are made from dates- which grow upon date palms. Tea, wine, and many other things can be refined from the succulent, valuable fruits. Yams are also common, often brought down from the savannah and the grassy steppes of Al-Ahzra. Clothes in the Wuxine are loose-fitting, colorful, and protective. There are few exceptions to this, as the harsh environments of the Wuxine do not permit frivolous dress. Appropriate Ta'shar garb consists of headdresses, sarongs, robes, sandals, boots, tunics, scarves, shawls, and the like. Some of the headdresses worn by men can be unraveled and propped up with stakes to form a small, temporary shade from the sun. Less conservative clothing, such as that favored by dancers, city laborers, and coastal fishermen may be worn in circumstances where the elements permit- but going unprotected under the brutal glare of Sol is irrevocably laughable. The tongues spoken frequently in Ta'shar include Common and Elven, with vernacular influences from the remaining Desert-Elven and Yusati clans. Many Ta'shari gestures have been influenced by those of the Kholta-Vesol. Men often greet one another with a grab of the shoulder or forearm, a bow of the head. Such gestures are lead with the right hand- to do so with the left is considered a great disrespect. Women's greetings and farewells are often more variable- influenced as they are by the convergence of many clans and tribes. Generally, their gestures are more jocund and amiable- hugs and quick kisses upon the cheeks quite common. Hugs are often seen in men as well, but only in instances of close friendship or fraternity. Greetings [Male]: The two subjects must meet at close proximity. They place their right hands upon one another's shoulders. Shoulders are released, and hands are shaken. Fists or hands are placed upon the chest to represent appreciation. Greetings [Female]: The two subjects must meet at close proximity. They hug, placing light kisses upon one another's cheeks. The hug is released, and hands are placed upon shoulders. Shoulders are then released. Mourning: After the death of a relative: Loved ones must fast from speech. If questioned, they must place a thumb upon their lips. Ta'shar is a young, fragmented population. Its traditions are numerous, variegated, complex- arising as they do from the ancient customs of families and clans, brought together by collective crisis. Coming-Of-Age ceremonies and Weddings are extremely important, often involving trials and hardships followed by festivities and dancing. This is not an uncommon reaction to military victories as well: in such instances, the Ta'shar erect great tents under which a festival is held. Drums, shofars, and instruments echo across the desert as nomads and townsmen alike come together for two nights of celebration. Marital Prosperity And Date Wine: At weddings, a fine bottle of date wine is gifted to the bride and groom. If they can resist the temptation of the delicious wine for an entire sel and crack it open on their first anniversary, the first decade of their marriage is guaranteed to be prosperous. This is considered superstitious by some, but a tradition nonetheless that few protest. Ta'qusa Muro (The Wuxine Rite): Sevma, children of the clans and tribes, are deeply cherished by their families as they grow. Their comes a time, however, when they must prove their strength if they are to prosper in the great sands. Much like the children of Anion, they are required to undergo multiple trials. While the contents of these trials vary from family to family, they usually involve long treks, hunts, mountain-climbing, or survival in the wastes. While these trials can be very unforgiving, they are often looked forward to by the sevma: the children know that, upon their return, their shall be great celebration, and that they will know newfound respect amidst their people. Ta'shar's favored gods are Sol and Bahari (Called KURUS and HAYASIA). To not worship them would be a slight to the Desert-Elven forbearers in the eyes of Ta'shar leadership. While many clans bring their own names for the Scorching Father and Mother Of Rains, the two deities' images and attributes remain rather consistent. In permanent settlements, minarets, temples, frescos, and statues are commonplace, all built to honor the both of them. Many buildings feature mihrabs, small alcoves, which serve as a place to pray or meditate. Some of them include small altars to make offerings. Breaking Fast (Prayer To Kurus): At breakfast, a portion of one's meal is burn in a fire stoked with camel dung and dry grasses. As it smolders, a reverent prayer is said to the Sun Father. The Three Siblings (Prayers Said Throughout The Day): Between breakfast and supper, three prayers are to be said at regular intervals throughout the day. These are often short- lasting little more than a minute or two, where the Ta'shari takes a knee and lets their fingers glide an inch above the ground. Evening Bounty (Prayer To Hayasia): At supper, a prayer must be said to the Rain Mother, thanking her for her mercy and a bountiful meal. Before engaging in the quiet prayer, one must wet the tips of their fingers in water. They trace two swirls upon their cheeks, and then a single dot in the center of their forehead. Their history begins with the fall of the Yusati and Desert-Elven nations of old, succeeded by an age of tribal warfare. Vilo'tae, Lirram, Yusati, and Desert Elves alike warred for centuries, struggling to survive with limited resources and a barren homeland. In more recent times, this changed. A great exodus of otherworlders came to Aversia, progenitors of great empires and kingdoms that washed over the land like the thunderhead of a sandstorm. During these times, the early Heilig Empire and Valois foreigners forced their way into the Wuxine and seized power. The isolated, fractured clans of the Wuxine could do nothing against organized, conventional forces. Bandits, tribesmen, hunters, rangers- they were strong, they were acclimatized... but they were not united. This was the world that the founder of Ta'shar, Gar Ai-Dahan, lived in, one where the will of foreigners and outlanders was impressed upon the natives, and the last living testaments to ancient glory were steadily dwindling. The first attempt to force out the Empire and restore the Wuxine was a failure- bandit hordes and angered clans mustered together with little organization, little accordance, and--consequently--laughable effectiveness. This original 'insurrection' ended only in bloodshed and massive loss- genocide was nearly achieved in the East by the joint forces of Hestarks and Valois. The golden sands were scattered with ashen piles and charred stakes- sites where countless dead had been sacrilegiously disposed of. As time lumbered on, the restlessness of the tribes died down once more. What remained of an entire race took to the Wuxine again to trade and wander, rarely encountering a living soul. There were still bandit clans to be found, vile men who cared only for coin and blood, and yet also idealists- possessed by a wistful longing for what once was, and plagued by the insult that was the outlander conquest. They would watch over their families, take care of their caravans, and yet always turn a weary eye towards outlanders. They were a raucous, ravenous race, one that could not be satiated. The Desert-Elves could not trust them. The second insurrection began when Piaviste, a foreign settlement established on the old ruins of a Kamarus Citadel, overstepped its bounds. With a crippled Count incapable of effective leadership and a military command plagued by old, hostile sentiments, the Piavistans grew steadily more hostile. Grouping the Elves with Vilo'tae (Something that the Ta'shar did not appreciate), they began to herd them out and kill all who resisted. A people ravaged by war and the intrusion of foreigners had now reached the peak of their despair, of their shame- their very homeland was being ripped away. Little did the Piavistans know, the emigration they forced gave way to grander, greater things. The Desert-Elven diaspora found itself in the West, with little direction or guidance. Many mothers, sons, and daughters feared what was to come. The husbands could do little to comfort them. And yet, in a time of despair and hopelessness, visionaries rose. Gar Ai-Dahan, an Elf who could hardly live up to his newfound reputation, united the clans in the name of reclamation and preservation. To the idealists and elders that longed for the nations of old, such words were quite appealing. Piaviste eventually began to butcher every elf that sought to leave the East, or every Elf they found, their policies only growing worse. Where before they had forced the Ta'shar into the West, they would now tolerate no such thing, instead taking a route to complete destruction. Once again, their actions had an unintended consequence: the Ta'shar grew more agitated, ready for war. Long before the Elves could storm into the East, before they could even show their teeth, the Piavistans destroyed the bridges that crossed the great nahr. They tried to reverse their policies, to sate the minuscule number of elves that remained in the East. They offered homes, farms, work- but such things did not appeal to the Ta'shar. They were the gifts of outlanders, given with the expectation of fealty. When Piaviste attempted to cripple the growing host in the West by offering haven and work, the Ta'shar only laughed. Others spat in Piatra's direction. Farming tools and meek promises did not change the atrocities at old Kavi'nahl, nor did they bring closure to the men, women, and children raised on pikes on the Eastern bank. The 'insurrection' ended with a trial by combat, proposed by a Piavistan, on the condition that its outcome would end the conflict. Dahan's appointed champion, Al Sayyid Edgar Carrion Of The Outlands, slaughtered the Piavistan's brother, a legate who was responsible for a majority of the atrocities. Now, the Ta'shar leadership could focus on other things- the establishment of a homeland, of roads, of trade, and unison in the clans. This immense, arduous endeavor was attacked like a foreign foe- and tackled in the name of the Wuxine. Glorious, golden homeland... the Ta'shar raise their shamshirs. AMIR - ‘Commander’ Amirs are the highest-ranking, most respected warriors and leaders in Ta’shar. This title is afforded to chieftains and soldiers who have accomplished great things on the field of battle or proved their tact as leaders. The council of the clans, which keeps strong ties between the Ta’shar leadership and the peoples it represents, relies mostly on Amirs for its decision-making. VIZIER - ‘High Official’ Viziers can also be found on the council- patriarchal leaders of families, clans, and caravans that represent their respective group. As Ta’shar develops, these men will essentially become governors and leaders in Ta’shar settlements. KASHARA - ‘High Advisor’ Often the wives or confidantes of Amirs and Viziers, Kashar or Kashara offer advice, counsel, and information. They are distinguished from Sayyid in the sense that they have little to no militaristic applications. SAYYID - ‘Master/Knight’ Highly-trusted warriors and specialists that work directly with the Amir(s). These men are the equivalent of knights in Ta’shar, and their counsel is highly valued by the Amir and Vizier alike. SAYYIDA - Wife Of A Sayyid. Alternatively, a female of great prominence. MAGUS - ‘Priest’ Priests of Kurus (Sol), Anasiya (Bahari), or other gods accepted by Ta’shar. They are often elders, and their word is greatly respected by all Ta’shar regardless of personal rank. They are sometimes referred to as Erz'Shaman or Shaman, two titles inherited from the Kholta-Vesol and certain tribes of the Aoressan grasslands. HAKIM - ‘Physician/Scholar’ A Hakim is a member of Ta’shar society who specializes in medicine or an academic pursuit. SEVMA - A youngling about to undergo the Ta'qusa Muro.
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    It is naught often that the sands relent and let forth a secret upon which it has kept for many Tsel's, perhaps Millennia. Yet for those lucky enough to be living in such an age..a new ruin has been uncovered. Original exploration has found much in it's wake, such as a possible age of the ruins, a temple entrance which remains sealed, and the iconography which links to the duality worship of Sol and Ombra. Many theorize, and yet more study, yet it is not the last that will be heard of this secret, and the sealed door upon which countless mysteries lie beneath..if only it were more clear. In addition to this however, it does seem that the sandstorm has entirely subsided, completely clean of any traces of whence it came. Far to the cold North of Anion, a large, and expensive festival had been hosted, and the success of it has let forth an ideal across all nations of Aversia. The festival of love, ironically named in the language of the Laetal, was the first of likely many celebrations to follow it, but has been aptly named due to the clear success of it's objective. Many left the area feeling far more in touch with the world than they did before, and generally across Norheim and other nations, civil unrest as well as paranoia has gone down due to it. The people are happy, and perhaps have finally seen an end to war for now, compared to the constant hectic activities that threatened the world day in and out previously. To the East, in the land of Naviera, the monsters of the dark have not ceased their intentions, and the populations of the villages have been decreased due to the fear of attacks. Many run for the larger cities, while others bar up their doors in fear of any attacks, stubborn enough to not leave their communes despite the danger. Regardless of reason however, the attacks continue, and many wonder when the local lords will do anything to stop them. Though some soldiers have taken it upon themselves to defend some of the villages, they are only met with the success of the creatures deciding to attack another undefended village instead. The issues continues to grow, with no end in sight..
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    Credits goes to @ThatRainbowKitty, official religion lorewriter. hymns were thought of and written by @Xerivex Vicars can be easily spotted due to their generally pale white robes or garments, and large sleeves embroidered finely. A single drape of thick velvet is giving to holders, of generally matte colours that cross their attire and held only be a brooch linked to the Book that they are Holders of, silver for the White Book, forest for the Green Book and pale azure for the Blue Book. The First Vicar can choose to wear their Holder garments, but are generally seen in simple clothes, of the universal white of the Enduring Church. All Vicars are equal, lest they be Holders or the First Vicar. In matter concerning the State of the Church, the Vicars will assemble to discuss and organize themselves. Any information tied directly to the Elven Crown will be brought by the First Vicar, who will act as a judge through the arguments of each and every Vicar to finally deliver their verdict. The Holders have their say in the verdict of the First Vicar, and if there is a majority the choice will be cast on again. They are known to help those in need and educate those that come in their chapel, with the objective to learn and pursue wisdom. Vicars are allowed to have relationships and children, however they are not allowed to marry for fear that this engagement may hinder their search for insight. As such, they are not allowed the whore and have any other type of relationship other than committed and serious. Vicars must remain somewhat chaste, and overall should not abuse of alcohol or fall into gluttony or sloth, as such is terribly frowned upon by the Enduring Church. Vicars should show the example of well behaving, and choose their trust in the Sages and their words over their worldly wants. First Vicar - Spiritual Leader of the Church: Ellein Lorna Val’Vernuit. Blue Holder - Adept of the Blue Book: [Placeholder] Green Holder - Adept of the Green Book: [Placeholder] Grey Holder - Adept of the Grey Book: Ellein Lorna Val’Vernuit. Vicars: [Placeholder] "O Finnyl an Lewr Hidden from sight, around us the glory of the vibrant star! You gazed far beyond Saw into the world To thee I now call, Ancient Scribe, I sing From the shores of the sea, from the coast of the world! O Finnyl an Lewr Watching us from the stars! To thee I cry, beneath the shadow of death! O look towards me, Sage and Scribe! Hear my cry on the northern wind!" "O Fleriam Dumbrav! You saw the mysteries the glory of the southern star! The wonders of life! The shores of creation! To thee I now call, Ancient Scribe, I sing From the shores of the sea, from the coast of the world! O Fleriam Dumbrav! Look upon us from above! To thee I chant, from the womb of life! O look towards me, Sage and Scribe! Hear my chant on the southern wind!" "O Fiore Lui’Leth You who saw the light Beneath the western star! That shone brighter for you than anyone else! To thee I now call, Ancient Scribe, I sing From the shores of the sea, from the coast of the world! O Fiore Lui’Leth! Watch over us in our passing! To thee I sing, In the stream of life! O look towards me, Sage and Scribe! Hear my song on the western wind!"
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    The City of Fortvoie laid in ruined, bandits and private looters had gone to make their claims, attempting to take the last of the city's wealth. However no group so large as the pirates had gone to plunder the once city of gold. Seeking out wealth, and seeing it as ripe for the taking, Camelia set sail with their singular ship towards the continent. Docking it further away from the city in case of hasty escape, the boat was moored offshore, and attended by others. This was the first of many great plunderings.
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    Event Name: Close that door please Event Date: 10/09/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: EST Event Start Time: 7:30PM Estimated Event Duration: 3 hours ish. Event Location: Praha Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Attack If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Emmeline Hollowgale @MayaTorres Freydis Knightlord @DatPhantom Brynjar Hollowgale @me Rire @MaraSov Vara @llmited Other members of Norheim militant I'm too lazy to list them all @people What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Main goals: Assault Praha. Close a rift opening. Destroy a revived Halicarnus Hope to god that for the next public event line we get a new villain rather than things being dragged up from old event arcs Is this a combat-oriented event? Yes Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1 + However many needed I don't know.
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    Danakov Children of the Scale History What ascended forth from the will of magnificent dragons is either considered a legend of falsehood, or truth of the pure reverence that these long lasting creatures could create. Directly beneath these high flying reptilians, Danakov had been unmistakably birthed to resemble these intelligent animals, only smaller and able to further blend in with societal boons. The myths of a culture deeply engulfed into close relations with dragons was soon recognizably true, dispersed throughout the plains of Aversia accordingly to where their connections with winged reptiles could be conjured. Insignificant to a wide variety of the populous, the first Danakov were presumed to simply be mindless creatures of danger, infestations of biomes with extreme weather and threatening to travelers. Oblivious to their kind being wildly denounced as a tyrannical civilization, this race instead lived in harmony with their ancestral dragons during their majority of existence, relying on a symbiotic relationship to uphold the slow formation of a dragon-esque society. On the other hand, Danakov were inevitably destined to experience a world outside of their comfortable lifestyles. The apprehensive discovery of other civilizations whom shared their land was enough to cause a disturbance in the form of curiosity. Scheming a purpose to learn more of these areas, the Danakov's decision to severe small ties with their dragon association would lead to minor consequences. Attempting to integrate in cities and towns either led to aggression inflicted on their side, or a very skeptical and shaky relationship between 'beast' and man. Though they often returned to their familiar environments, they would also bring back with them influences of the more advanced and intellectual cultures than they may have imagined. In a stand-still between their past styles of life and the new, the gradual decline of former habits made for a careful transition. Though this barely lead to a surprise. While the connections with dragons became looser, not all Danakov ended up into the melting pot of Aversia. Those who remained and those who followed their willpower were still thought of as children to these scaled beasts, and therefore never lost the natural spark between two similar beings. Physical Description The Danakov are a proud race, one highly whom value material wealth. Depending on their area, they crown their decadence on their bodies, often wearing gemstones, and are also noted to be 'savage' due to many of them having dark tattoos as well as their piercings. Their clothing and coloration often befits that of their environment and adaptations due to their Brood Dragons, whomst they hold deepened ties to. Sprouting from their head is their horns, which either come from the base of the temple, or near the top of their skull. These horns are reinforced at their base as well as are apart of a hardened front, made to be capable of bashing. Despite this, the faces of the Danakov are seen as elegant or regal, with sharp and pointed features. Their ears are also pointed, reminiscent of Elves. Behind them at the base of their vertibrae comes a long yet thin tail which extends outwards from their bodice, usually the length of half of their leg. Danakov are usually seen wearing clothes of a more practical make. These people being more tied to the land do wish to show the beauty of it, their clothes often no doubt being an adaptation of their conditions. Due to the large variance of climates between broods it is difficult to classify a standardized garb between all parties of the Danakov, this being one of their largest differences. Common Height: Male: 5'5" - 6'0" Female: 5'2"- 5'10" Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph Common Eyes: Yellow, Red, Lilac, Brown, Black, Light Blue Common Hair: Black, Brown, White, Red Common Skin Tone: Terracotta, Red, Purple/Blue Culture Though all connected by the similarities of race, the Danakov are a culturally split society. A clear division has erupted between those who have abandoned their past conduct, and those who are now part of broader societies, causing a common confusion of where they had initially sprung. The Danakov who have not partaken in the split from their traditions have had an opposite, if not more slow path of development. Less uniform in intellectual power, they mainly harvest themselves in tribal behaviors and rarely step out of these bounds. Ranging all across the Aversia wildernesses, their relationship between themselves and dragons is widely complex than one may firstly assume. It is simply untrue they are the masters above the beasts, in fact, quite the opposite. It would be heavily disapproved of if one treated a dragon as a mere pet to aid in serving their commands. Instead, the Danakov regard them in a higher status compared to their position, referred to as family broods and never intend for one to be cruelly dominating over the other. They often gift or mutually provide the reptilians with foodstuffs and expecting something to be given back, some believing they would be blessed with luck by doing so or more easily given something similar in return. Materials such as the Sunstone to the West or Icedust Stones to the North are immensely admired, yet it is considered selfish if the individual who finds a type of gleaming stone does not gift it to that of their kin, receiving some sort of misfortune if they refuse to do so. Though their bonds to naturalistic grounds tend to be strong, so rarely could something overcome the deep connection between this familial affinity. On the reversed end of civilizing, the Danakov that have pooled into the other masses of culture have their own definity. Usually keeping to the familiar and tolerable boundaries of the climates they had been brought up in. Surviving more hardships than that of their tribal relatives due to the long lasting racial discrimination, it lent some time before more prominent talents began to take form which appealed to the more advanced societies. It was beginning to be recognized that they excelled in handiwork, such as various crafts in smithing or more decorative and artistry tasks. Some have held onto a more spiritualistic direction of religion, but the many varying ideals of other divinities sent handfuls of Danakovs sprawling into other beliefs. Though their relationships with dragons have begun to lose more defining connections because of this, loose ties were still prevalent to them due to their family notions, resorting to a more passive sense of contact. The temperament of Danakov are customarily amicable, feeling an either strong or vague kinship towards others of their own race whom have thrived in the same area, overlooking their separations. Though tribal associations are generally closer, even those who have adapted to a more diverse crowd are able to connect with each other by similar geographical standards. All are also known to have a knack for handiwork, especially skillful in steady hands where their more indigenous or modern crafts leave behind small cultural influences. In general, a majority of Danakov still tenaciously cling onto their origin settlements, making them adverse in nomadism and heartily struggle when exposed to different arrangements. They thrive by living on common ground whence they had been born. Either constructing residency in meager encampments or living in more appropriate households of towns, leaving these environs and their connected relations is seldom. Therefore, making them underachieving in conforming to political houses. Further perplexing people of the odd yet mysterious inner connectivity between dragons and their frighteningly similar descendants. Mechanics Lifespan: 175-225 years old on average. Born from the Dragon's will, the Danakov are immune to their respective brood dragon's magic, this being tied to their continent of their family's origin. [Aoressans are immune to Saluun's Magic [All Earth-Based Damage], Anions are immune to Elduredlar's Magic [All Ice-Based Damage], Argiones are immune to Rohana's Magic [All Fire-Based Damage].] The Danakov are resistant to their respective climate, and adapted to be resilient to the effects of living in each portion. The horns of the Danakov are rather tough and strong. Like their bone they are rather difficult to break, especially in comparison to human bone.
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    Aervan Watchers in the Sky Application Required History Considered to be the most venerable beasts to thrive upon the mortal plain, this ancient bird like race was strewed across the main continents of Averisa, predicted to have been crafted by Venti himself so they may ride the gusts of wind in exploratory harmony. Having been nomadic throughout most of their longevity, they spent the majority of their lives learning from their experiences on and above the terrain they became adapted to. The beginnings of their existence proved to be a gradual incline of knowledge, but it never came to them overnight. Even before the extensive dominance of the Hestarks, the Aervans lived in secluded peace due to their dispersed numbers, believed they had purely thrived off their worldly discoveries with the assistance of their specially keen eyes and naturally adapting intelligence. They easily developed into the world they had been surrounded by, having no need to alter the land in order to satisfy their wants, and from this grasped a better understanding of the lands in purest form. Believed that they had appeared with the sole purpose to pass down wisdom from one to the next, the Aervans ingrained their findings into clay and wood to keep their records known and relevant, yet soon matured to writing on parchment. The fastly changing world, however, was not gracious to the astute Aervans. As other competing races began to integrate their way into these landscapes, the knowledgeable avians slipped into paranoia of becoming hedged in their own environments. These free form winged creatures with intelligence that ascended above all others were losing their once established grip on Aversia, and their rooted habits soon became disrupted. Assembling into coalitions of their own kind, maddened with both anger and sorrow their wholesome lands were becoming warped under the many hands of others, they ascended to the skies along with the majority of their written findings. Fathomed with the realization they could not traverse their homeland like they once could, they stowed away in extensive heights of mountain ranges, away from the imperious desires of others. Relations with these ancient beasts have always proved to be complex due to their general limited exposure. Scholars of the now multitudinous cultures have derived from these creatures their odd solitary mannerisms, though some have become envious enough to try and locate their libraries which have been believed to be undisclosed to everyone besides their own kind. Physical Description Aervans have been most simply described by a commoner as ‘bird men’, notably embellishing a beak upon the fronts of their faces though are formerly built in a humanoid shape. Projected to have swift maneuverability along the winds, the abundance of feathers which course along their entire upright body to aid in flight varies in many different shades and patterns, able to be flecked with spots or stripes in simple designs. Their impressively large wings which connect just by the shoulder blades are several feet larger than their own height, the size giving them the capability of flight . The wearing of gloves and shoes is never needed for an Aevan, as their forearms and calves begin to thin from feathers into rough textured skin. Only four fingered on both hands and feet that are evenly the same length, hooked claws are prevalent on the end of each appendage, and therefore granting them very firm grip on even the narrowest of surfaces. Though capable of gliding with the help of these avian features, their overall body density is similar to that of elves and halts them in extended flight, growing tired faster than that of a regular bird whilst flying. Because of this, clothing is a very light factor, only wearing thinner fabrics in order to keep their aerial flexibility intact. Adorning these lighter robes, Elders often bear clothing made from uncommon textiles that have been given as gifts to them. While Aervans are able to carry heavier plating on themselves, flying is proven nearly impossible from the weight. Common Height: Male: 5'8"- 6'2" Female: 5'2" - 6' Common Wingspan: Male: 7'8" - 9'2" Female: 7'6" - 9' Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph Common Eyes: Black, Browns, and Blues Common Feathers: Black, Browns, Grays, White, Russet, Golden Culture Aervans are often high believers of Venti, instinctively tentative to the direction of the winds. They cherish the prolonged gusts which are a constant force that stroke the mountain ranges, having faith that large blasts of air are a signal to assume travel and exploration, as they are able to move longer distances with the aid of these gales. During these times of ventures, Aervans are thought to be those who watch the skies and those down below, silently observing the clusters of civilization they rarely make contact with. The libraries of Aervans are said to be preserved, kept within the vast heights of mountains- and therefore, monasteries are commonly crafted by architects of the race. The carefully chosen locations of these buildings are propped upon exceedingly difficult areas to reach while on foot, though certainly no trouble for the winged beasts. Built strategically to remain sturdy atop peaks, a monastery is usually constructed from stone, a resource easily found among their environment. These buildings are dated back many decades, as these ancient housings have been cleverly yet sluggishly made to last for years on end. While living within them, the Aervans also make more use of these establishments to store away their writings. Often placing their scholarly studies on scrolls and stored away on shelves, they properly organize them from the oldest to the newest, or the other way around. Aervans can be excessively sociable around their own kind, crafting their own limited and loose hierarchy among each other. Elders, referred to as Lauger among these people, are immensely appreciated and respected. The wise and knowing minds of these older people are deeply admired, and it is considered rude to regard them as a simple commoner, but should be acknowledged as someone of importance. Those younger than them often bestow them with gifts, such as the fabrics of Silk or Sagesilk which are deeply cherished not only because of the elegantly soft textures of the cloth, but because they are difficult to come in possession of. Beneath the Lauger, and making up the majority of Aervan culture are the Litterateurs, known as varying ages of adults that have not yet ascended to the Elderly position. Being the sole purpose of exploring, the Litterateurs embellish themselves with vigorous studies, mainly learning from the teachings of their Elders and from their own experiences of performed expeditions. They are the most prominent age group that often fills their libraries with official writings, a much more excitable lifestyle to that than a youngster. The children of Aervans do not have large purposes, often the ones to sort and organize the libraries and strictly taught how to read and write at very young ages. While they do learn mainly under their parents as well as the Lauger, fledglings really begin the purpose of their lives once they have reached the Litterateur age of independence. Mechanics Lifespan: 135-175 years old on average. The Aervan are capable of flight should they be light enough to do so. Ontop of such, it is difficult to the point of infeasible to fire ranged weaponry during flight, much less aiming it. Aervan are able to detect storms with their feathers, able to alert them to ground themselves bad storms or otherwise during flight. Aervan do well in colder climates due to their high ranging homes. Their feathers containing a large portion of this heat retention. Aervan have 4 fingers which end in talons. Whilst sharp, these are not as opposable as human fingers and thus lose a lot of their finesse.
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    Every single Sept, the citadel of darkness grows. Walls now adorn the hillsides of the once holy city of Vendaven, and all communication with the outside is now cut. Scouts from Corlica and the empire no longer have opportunity to examine what was within it's walls, yet rumor of thousands behind it's gates are heard. Time runs out, as ever passing day their fortification-and strength, grows. Even recently, a rift had appeared in the city of Santa Lulia, destroying the docks and burning part of the city only hours after the festival had ended. A daring, and successful raid only weakens the grip near the Aeklast for the Aversians..and yet more dares to threaten them. Far to the west-in the Imperial held lands of Aeoressa, the Lord Kommandant begins plans for the largest military operation the world has ever seen. Thousands of men assemble to his side as the Imperial navy, and Totemkopf are positioned for a surgical strike at the rift. Only time will tell of it's success-but the cause only grows larger each passing sept. Reinforced by the Corlican soldiers in the Aeklast, and Imperial backing at home, the Kommander is confident that victory can be taken from the seemingly invincible enemy. And yet more-a recent meeting with the Arid dragon, Sal'uun, has garnered rumor to a possible draconian ally in the coming days of the inevitable war. Though many in the desert cry out in anger at the very thought of such a thing-it seems some understand that they must take everything they can get if this realm-and this world, is to survive the coming onslaught.
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    Event Name: Ta'shar Operations: Aoressan Elephants Event Date: 10/07/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: EST Event Start Time: 5:00 PM Estimated Event Duration: 2 Hours Event Location: Aoressan Savannah - *Anywhere along the expedition's course is acceptable for encounters/occurrences, but Ta'shar isn't looking to fight bandits in the desert or chase lirram in the grass. Areas of interest are top-priority. Location Specifics: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Adding builds is completely up to the DM. If they want to incorporate signs of elephants /physically/ represented by blocks then that is fine. They could also add some random details to the landscape or points of interest. But neither of those are vital to the objective. Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Taming Attendees: Amir Gar Ai-Dahan (Vadokim) Kashara Avani Arenas (GeFoxx) Amir Zaheer Kholta-Moustafi (AMOH) Sayyid Nkosiphendule (Another_Retiree) Dhakir Kholta-Moustafi (Kissmess) Sayyid Edjar Carión (dannyb300) *Any Other Ta'shar With My/The DM's Approval A maximum of six, a minimum of about three. What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Avani has often spoke of the Aoressan Elephants allegedly tamed and ridden by her tribe. Despite having a way with animals herself, she's always lacked the support and manpower to actually tame such a beast. With the Wuxine conflicts ended and Ta'shar growing, now is an ideal time to invest in elephant-taming and its potential. Meanwhile, Garai is waiting out the Ta'shar scouting operations in the heights. He expects it will be some time before the prospectors return with useful information and potential locations for a mine, so for now he can devote his time to other pursuits. With Zaheer, Nkosi, and other members of his circle, the Amir has planned an expedition into the savannah with the intention of capturing and taming elephants, Kurus willing. OBJECTIVES: I -Investigate Watering Holes / Rivers For Elephant Activity II -Investigate/Evaluate Savannah Fauna III -Capture Aoressan Elephants For Taming OPERATIONAL NOTES: I -The 'Konzi'- Nkosi has claimed that his tribe, Samburru, was native to the savannah until an unnamed group of outlanders gave weapons to a rival tribe. Using these arms and armor, they destroyed Samburru. Garai's intentions in this operation are not combative, but he will actively make preparations to intercept and fend off any local, hostile tribes that may remain in the great savannah. ((This is an element of Nkosi's backstory that I thought was extremely interesting and I may pursue it in the future if a DM is on board.)) II -Sudenwalder Relations- Much like his operations in the Southwest contributed to Visaenium's security, Garai believes that intercepting or locating native tribes will be of benefit to Sudenwald, and leave a good impression on Ta'shar's behalf. *If this occurs. III -Avani- She is vital to the expedition and will be protected at all costs. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Lothryne, The House of Ashes. “Ash bringeth embers, I intend to bring another fire.” -Sudryl Lothryne, First of His Line. “The Wardens of the West. The Men of Ebonhearts. The Undying. The Ashes of Kings.” Leadership of Lothryne Auriel Lorhris Lothryne (Lord/Duke) Introduction The Island-based country known as Lothryne, formally known as the Scorched Lands of Ebonstar is home to a hardy people typically comprised of Man and Elves- most taking up to being knights in training and caring for their wives and families, or sailors abroad making the colors of Lothryne: Bringing glory from below and abroad, seeking treasure and all that comes with it. Within Ebonstar, once known as Triduthia, is a bustling economy and a growing city state that has many aspirations on the political board: and an agenda with that of being men and women thrown down in history for what they were: a hardy people, a strong and resilient people on the basis of values of both Aoressan and Argionii backround. For the forlorn soul is that of debauchery and drink for the weary. History The history of the house of Lothryne stretches back to the days of Ancient Malstellas after the days of the Old Lands, where it’s leader was born and raised, forced to grow old years before his age was to come. Sudryl was a field medic back in the Rhosean/Malstellas conflict, being on the wrong side of the war, the young man went off to Fortvoie after the Aestatian Invasion basically exploded throughout the land and caused great disarray over the Empire. It is here where the Guild of Starlight began, Sudryl’s first accomplishment which was being knighted by regal men, the Lord-Commander of the Stellar Accord. It is in this time the fall of Fortvoie began and Sudryl took all of his men from the newly renamed guild- “The Red Guard” away and to Triduthia, where he was given command of the place in title and name, not wishing to take the name ‘Luniath’, he went forth to the Emperor and drew forth his old name; ‘Lothryne’. .it was there the name was spoken by power incarnate and the house began. Malwish and discontent came to the efforts of the Red Guard and their pursuit of the dangers towards Fortvoie. It was in this time period that the Guard’s hand was forced, and Sudryl would not endanger those loyal to him. The disrespect drew Sudryl over the line and directly into a war with the Golden Army. It were a stalwart sort of the thing, the war was swift, bloody as all are, really. The militant of Lothryne of Ebonstarwas beaten bloody, only to rise back to the challenge once more as Sudryl raised his armies once more. It were now, though, that he suddenly began to grow sickly, old, at some points. It was a state of being and not at all intentional. A sweet lullaby taught to Auriel, Sudryl’s only child; demented as it were, it was his love for his child that wroth forth that the child would begin learning the prospects of being the new Lord of Lothryne. We now have the present day, leaving a young man with an aging Syrien as Lord-Regent until Auriel comes of age. The young man seemingly wizened by that of conflict and storybooks written from the past, detailing ancient histories and legends that surrounded his own father, knowing He himself, a /sprite/ would one day mount the Lothryne seat once more. Political Views The state of the House of Lothryne is that of high patriotic views and faith in an enlightened figure, oddly enough such is the Lord of Lothryne in a line of succession, a rite of passage is typical for the hardy people of Ebonstar and underlying territories that the young lord typically commits something that may be considered an atrocity by others. The Golden War being Sudryl, the father of Auriel. The inter-country enlightened council is a Blood Court that seeks the ascendancy of it’s lord/duke or duchess through acts otherwise considered that of royal stature and high note. Despite the age of those in the bloodline, they’re taught and respected; known to grow into strong leaders be it mentally or physically. The political lobbies of Ebonstar Proper find themselves in contemplation throughout reforms. Oddly enough, all of these political parties find themselves aligned with one another as they are seemingly nationalist and patriotic towards their Enlightened, Hallowed Lord. The politics of Ebonstar are as follows. The Crimson-Silver Accord: Made in model after Sudryl’s attempted occult prior to the Golden War. This political faction is based purely on the enrichment of the Ebonstar Military, kept alive after Sudryl’s unbenownst disappearance. It is hellbent on assuring the military is powerful and within it’s own right: Elite. They are the first to serve in times of strife and conflict.. And the first to explore an ancient dominion.. The Enlightened Beacon: Made after the beginning of Ebonstar’s construction and prior to the Golden War. This political faction is based on the merchantile affairs of Lothryne, typically headed by one Knight-Commander- the Tradesmaster of Ebonstar and Abroad. One might find themselves in this place if they’re keen on trading and gaining an economical high-ground, being one of the prime reasons it exists. After the recent situation with the Western Aoressa, they’ve become reclusive, only trading with island nations and northern settlements. The Celestial Company: Founded after the death of Sudryl Lothryne and before the ascension of his son, Auriel. This political faction is hellbent on the patriotic, nationalistic values of the House of Lothryne. They seek to advance in the sciences and magicks of the world, and upgrade the technology of their countrymen to enhance life. While they are the smallest of the factions in Ebonstar, they’re the most prosperous and hold most influence. It is headed by old friends of Sudryl from Fortvoie long ago. Culture In the land of Lothryne, vibrant colors and merchantile superiority is at a height, with their hand extending all across the realm of Aversia and possibly even beyond. With the families of Ebonstar reeling after the Golden War, the garrisons have returned, starting families and caring to their own. Fathers buried their sons and sons buried their fathers: but the resolute mind of the Lothrites were unable to faulter and so came an era of prosperity, and tense politics.. It is oft seen that men and women in Ebonstar bare clothing of regal design, rich or poor; the peoples do their best to be presentable and due to their low count, they can manage this with ease. The military on the other hand conditions day and night at times during uneased, tense times: baring gambeson imbued of chain all the way to real, formed plate harnesses. Headwear ranging from tea-hats to berets and hoods rarely; it is not unheard of. Sons begin constructing their own staves or berets from time to time, while the daughter typically has hers created for her by the man of their choosing once they are wed which is typically at a ripe age between seventeen to twenty five. Shoulder-cloaks and accenting belts are not uncommon within the Realm of Lothryne and are typically outfitted with sheathes by soldiery, modifying their own loadout. In days of feast ‘oer festival, it is seen that men dress in black, red or grey, symbolizing the past, present and future to come. Women do the same typically and bare that of frilly red and black dresses known best to be accented by corsettes or a large amount of belts; for a woman to be unsavorily-dressed within Ancastre is not at all common, meaning they typically find the work of a Courtesan or Escortante to be either entertaining, or it is simply something they take pride in. It is vice versa for a man who is underdressed finding themselves to be a jester, most aspire to become ‘Court Jester’ to the Lord of the House of Ashes. Oft’ is it seen that members of Lothryne salute fellow citizenry with that of high renown. For a man it is a simple fist to the chest over the sternum, and for a woman it is them clasping their hands, typically gloved- over their stomach and gently curtseying at the knee. Both seem to incline their head downward upon sight of the being at which is worshipped to that of an enlightened being. When returned- or a fist is risen, the salute will drop as it has been acknowledged. As this is a smaller province than most, all citizenry ranging from the ages of 5-8 are taught to be literate in reading and writing in Common and Elven typically. Bastardized Valois for reasons unknown to most besides that it became a slang for bad words and insults. A deeper, more enriched language is currently undergoing reform, known only to the noble family and line of Lothryne. Auriel being the one who is currently learning it- it is referred to as ‘Aliin’, or ‘Celestial’, which resembles broken latin, similarly like it’s breaking into a baltic-sounding language. Sought Professions While the House of Lothryne is finding power in many places, it has spots to fill even still, barkeeps, more knights for the garrison and army. Blacksmiths are always welcome and women to keep the company of the city. Typically found are bounty boards throughout the city for civilians to see and take to, soldiery and craftsmen are in high demand as are farmers which are offered homestead throughout the Isle of Ebonstar. Sellswords are taken with open arms. -Craftsmen of all kinds -Smiths. -Scientists/Alchemists -Magi -Soldiers and Grave Diggers -Escorts -Sailors -Farmers and Stablemasters -Miners Capital City Alignment Lawful Evil. If you have any questions please contact me on Skype @ vector.grand - or discord, Raphael_Payne#2014
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    Hi everyone! I hope you're having great weekend! I've put together this short survey in hope of gaining an insight into the current community mood. I've heard a lot of whispers from a lot of different groups and it's sometimes hard to get an overall feeling on how the players think we, the staff team, are doing. This survey isn't just about the staff team though, I'm also interested in how you feel the server is doing. All answers are anonymous and I'll be the one going through your responses and passing them onto the staff team! ...This also makes me the meme filter. Answer the questions as honestly as possible and remember, the only way to change something is to speak out and be heard! Thank you! The Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQ4TJWCXV1x9igmfLIlOi-8YvHtgmac_bpVkUVVj677GNCqQ/viewform
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    The fracture has turned into a Hole. A great breach lays in the sky, and the heavens themselves tremble at it's strength. Yet an all too familiar voice calls the heroes of the world to the one place where the world once nearly shattered. The citadel. There, they will learn, they will become enlightened. And there, they will begin the reclamation.. I hope.
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    Event Name: Saving Private Flannery/Carmen Event Date: 10/20/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: BST Event Start Time: 8PM Estimated Event Duration: 2-3 hours Event Location: The northern desert of the Aeklast. Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Rescue mission. Attendees: Rina Artorius @Sylfiah Jesper Dupree @Curtissss Diana Vors @DrugsOnFire Auriel Lothryne @RafaelDarkwood Vara Vors @llmited Joao de Tavora @Seano96x Eredin Shadowheart @toxicvenom Orjuus Grisgale @ThatRainbowKitty What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Save Flannery and Carmen from the Cannivere, preferably by stealth. Requesting @Vadokim as DM. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Credits for this great lore goes to @ThatRainbowKitty, official religion lorewriter The common faith of Elvenkind is that of the Enduring Church, the most ancient and deep rooted belief to have grazed the land. It is the path of understanding and reflection upon both worldly and philosophical concepts. Guided by the teachings of the three scribes; Finnyl an Lewr Aw Wrott, Flerian Bucura Dumbrav and Fiore Oregrel Lui’Leith. A triumvirate of unbounded wisdom and understanding of the collective mortal mind, and philosophers and theologists that have depicted the gods themselves as Stars, though that is just a metaphor to illustrate their immensity. The Scribes did not live at the same time, nor in the same age, but coincidentally wrote a trilogy of volumes that follow each other’s concepts and ideals that is praised throughout their kind, and revered as words of truth. None follow the scribes themselves, praying or praising their name as prophets, but all followers of the Enduring Church try to contemplate and understand their words, as well as adapt their own lifestyle to these codes. However, they are to follow the Ancients and their branches, each Primordial Deity have their own triumvirate of gods to illustrate the words of the book. The Olde Star, commonly known as Vassas, educates the Constellation of the Just, being Dahriim, the Ireful, being Sterk and the Mist, being the Void and Morto. The Kind Star, commonly known as Arvora, educates the Constellation of the Waves, being Bahari, the Mountain, being Domm, and the Clouds, being Venti. Finally, the Vibrant Star, commonly known as Vikret, educates the Constellation of the Blaze, being Sol, the Waning Lady, being Ombra and the Shooting Star, being Oklamat. The Enduring Church is by far the most ancient of religions, as it’s belief dates back to only recently after the birth of Elvenkind, and the fall of the Fey. As such, their beliefs and philosophies have many times warped to refine into wiser versions of themselves, an old faith that has aged with it’s people. It has changed names over the course of the centuries and millenniums, warping from the “Church of the Scribes” to the “Astral Faith”, finally taking up the name of the “Enduring Church” to symbolize it’s old nature and origins. The church does not have any prescribed way of following the Scribes’ teachings and the everlasting Stars, apart from the extensive readings of the different version of the Three Books and a few Edicts, olden rituals that have stuck along with the Church’s growth throughout the ages. Likewise, all are equal under the Stars, and all the Church’s followers are able to experience the Edicts, from lowly peasant to the highborne lord, though this is in fact limited to Elvenkind. The Church organizes itself around an order of Vicars, all of which are supervised by the First Vicar, the wisest and most studied of them all. All Vicars are self-taught believers in the tomes, and through a most holy Edict are able to join the Church as an integrity in search of yet more wisdom, or to spread that wisdom. There are, however, three Vicars, may they be Oldeborne or Highborne, that have a higher set of influence within the Church. They are called the Holders, and are the specialists of certain tomes, and are named as “The Green Holder”, if they are the Adept of the Green Scribe and so on. The First Vicar must always be a Holder. Written by Finnyl an Lewr Aw Wrott, this immense tome describes the importance of the material world and the beauty hidden within it. Centered around the teachings of the Vibrant Star, known to the foreign folk as Vikret, the book expands on many parables and teachings of the Scribe. Most elves have already read the Blue Book, for it is common knowledge and general culture. The Blue Book also describes the existence and hierarchy of the other astral beings, two other stars and a plethora of constellations, these two being the Kind Star and the Olde Star, which paired with the Vibrant Star form the Ancients, the oldest of Gods. Constellations are seen as lesser gods compared to the Ancients, but all are granted parables in different books. The Constellations are separated in three trees, each described by the three tomes. The Blue Book tells the tales of the Constellation of the Shooting Star, the Blaze and the Waning Lady. The latter represents the peace of mind, fulfillment and distracted spirit of the people’s life, whereas the Great Blaze represents the want for approval and ambition of the living, The two conflict each other, and chase after each other, while the Shooting Star depicts the fleeting existence that pass between these two ideals. While this rivalry between ambition and peace of mind, and the relation of transient lives to them, the gods can also be seen as many other examples, and some implicit meanings have not yet been understood. Truly the work of the Scribes is mysterious. Written by Flerian Bucura Dumbrav, this immense tome describes the importance of life in all it’s forms, and the worth that makes it valuable. Centered around the teachings of the Kind Star, known to the foreign folk as Arvora, this book expands on may parables and teachings of the Scribe. Some Elves, though mostly Wood Elves, have already read this book, as it is considered a must for the educated and literate. The Green Book also describes the creation and benevolence of all life and beings, through both logical and parable that describes the material world in a beautiful sense and demonstrate a plethora of Constellations. In this tome is depicted the Constellation of the Waves, the Mountain and the Clouds, that represent the fragile balance between nature. While these assets do indeed represent a stable balance, the Green Scribe has purposefully fleshed out these stories to be more than just explicit, and represent a stable harmony with one another, to make an organized world. The Green Tome does not only remain on the matters of equilibrium, also describing the differences between all beings by their worth and self-research, by their will to understand and seek out purpose to their life. This once yet relates to the very first tome, the Blue Book of Reminiscence, as it mentions many times the hardships and struggle between Inner Peace and Ambitious Desires, faced with the inevitability of one’s short life. The Green Book also illustrates the history of the land, and the beginnings of Elvenkind. Written by Fiore Oregrel Lui’Leith, this immense tome describes the importance of virtue, culture and eventual detachment to the material world. Centered around the teachings of the Olde Star, known to the foreign folk as Vassas, this book expands on many parables and teachings of the Scribe. It is the most reputable and known of all three tomes, as well as the most recent of the lot. The Gray Book also describes the value of purity of existence, absolution of fell thoughts and study of one’s existence. The book explains the balance between every factor of the known world and what is made by man, and explains that all that mortals creates are in fact a reflection of what Nature has made, linking to the Green Book in that sense. Furthermore, it accentuates on a bright, illuminated thought: the short existence of mortals and inevitable downfall and uselessness of their action, though striving to do so anyways. The Constellations and parables depicted by this tome are that of the Just, Ireful and the Mist, representing Dahriim, Sterk and Morto. These Constellations represent the struggle of being virtuous and leading an eventful life, the anger and desperate control of one’s life and, eventually, faced with the Mist, the inevitable death of all things. The Gray Book, amongst many, many other teachings, tutors the mortals into accepting their individual inferiority faced with crushing immensity and living on anyways, living in simplicity or ambition anyway. The Gray Book is often considered the more modest of all three, and for just reasons. Within these parables are hidden hundreds of other teachings, and many of them have not yet been unravelled from the original texts.
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    From the album Kuma's Art

    Decided to have a go at drawing one of the new races This was a lot of fun to draw and gave me a chance to practice at digital stuff
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    Aethier RP Server: /char updated You can now toggle "/char" scoreboard You can now have upto 5 Saves Characters You can switch characters with "/char select 1-5" You can now see the active character slot someone is using by left clicking their name in chat, or right clicking their player model. Known Bugs: Chat channel shows as null. This will be fixed later.
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    Event Name: Santa Lulia Reopened Event Date: 10/13/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: PST Event Start Time: 2pm Estimated Event Duration: 2-3 hours Event Location: Santa Lulia Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Festival Attendees: This is a Public Event What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Want to throw a banger!!! Get some NPC Vendors, some auctions, host some events like jousts and do spooky stuff on spooky day!!! Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Hello there! I am happy to announce the addition of the Custom item Team, or CiT, to aethier’s roster! Applications for these jobs are open as of this post, however processing them will be delayed another day or two as permissions are being set up. It is preferable that those applying have experience with /lore plugins, however training will be given if such lacks. This job will mainly be done via the forums, those applying are required to have a decent amount of ingame hours, and a high amount of forum ontime. Do be warned that those accepted will just as quickly be demoted or receive an even harsher punishment in the case of abuse; there will be zero tolerance for such. Applying is as easy as going into our application section and selecting the custom item team option, and posting!
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    The Emperor looked between the vassals as each spoke, baring a characteristic placid gaze. After Avet's final speech Waymar rose a gauntleted right hand to cease any further discussion before grasping ahold of the podium and speaking up himself. "It seems there has been talk over the candidacy of Richard Avet for Lord Chancellor. Seeing that no other delegation has brought forth a suitable candidate for the Lord Chancellory I shall request that the House of Lords vote on the approval of Richard Avet. To be eligible to vote you must be in the representation of a direct vassal of the Empire, holding a title of Count or higher. Firstly...I call those in favor of approving Richard Avet for Lord Chancellor and then all opposed." [If you're eligible to vote just rate upvote for yes and downvote for no to make things run smoother.]
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    Leonin Born from Stardust History The Leonin have an ancient past along with many of the other races of the realm. Theirs however is not of this world, or this is what the clerics of the Leonin tribes believe. Early in the first great morning, the suns blazing over the ever-expanse of the great multiverse, Sol looked over his domain, spotting his most prevalent and brightest star was dying. Saddened by this, and not wishing for the dust to succumb to the dark of his proud warrior, Sol took the dust within his hands, and blew it over the Provinces of Aversia. Creating the savannah of golden grass from his breath, and the first of the Leonin, a proud figure referred to in their tongue as 'Simgonya' or 'Birthed of Light'. The proud humanoid lion figure traversed the realm of man in seclusion, bringing light to the dark. It is said his fur was so golden it allowed few shadows to hide, causing creatures of the night to flee in despair, to run and hide from his might. The hunter put those who traversed the night to shame, as his might easily overpowered those who tried to hide. Ombra could not allow such a creature, and thus the goddess decided to spite Sol. Bargaining with the god of death, Ombra had given the man mortality, making him unable to stay within the realm forever. With his dying breath, Simgonya once more birthed life into other beings. Making figures of clay and long grass, Simgonya spent each day of his remaining life to form these totems, erecting them tall into these grassy plains. Sol recognizing this once more spread his light amongst these, creating the first Leonin, one for each hour in the day. Holding fragments of recollections of his past, these Leonin passed down tales of his might into the future and through the tribe lands. It is said that when a male Leonin has his Simgonya Vision, it is required of him to challenge the current leader in a test of strength. Of course, scholars of the Empire have come to view this as farce, and see the birth of the Leonin people entirely different. Having been birthed from the savannah and looking very similar to the lions of the area in most cases, they are thought to be a sentient evolution of the lion. In this belittlement of their culture the two sides come to blows most often. Through this diversity no solid conclusion of the race's birth has been formulated, however there seem to be hints that both of these rumors could hold true. Physical Description Leonin are lion-like humanoids which were birthed from the savannahs. Both male and females have thick fur which cover their bodies in varying shades. Around the neck and head of a male Leonin, is what some consider the 'mane' or 'sun's crest'. This is found on most non-runt male Leonin. It is said that the bigger the mane, the more blessed the male is by the first, Simgonya. Women Leonin however lack the man entirely. All Leonin have retractable claws on their hands, with thick claws which always extend from their padded feet. They do not require shoes like many other races in most cases, and are able to grip and move much better with bare feet. Leonin have jaws and facial structures like that of a Lion more than a human, yet are meant to stand entirely upright. Leonin clad themselves in loose and light fabrics to shield the sun from their fur in order to not be burned. These are often vibrant in color, though the more vibrant and unnatural the color, the more it is viewed as a symbol of status. In this way, Pride Leaders are commonly seen in purples or blues adorned with gold and bronze embellishments. Sunstones also hold cultural significance, and a small susntone bead is gifted to the Pride Leader's son upon his death. Leonin do posses enough talent to make padded and metal armors, however it is unlikely for them to do so most times. Scarring is viewed as symbolic and important, the more aged and learned a Leonin is, the more scars they hold. Common Height: Male: 5'8" - 6'4" Female: 5'6" - 6'2" Common Build: Mesomorph, Endomorph Common Eyes: Browns, Silvers, Golds, Olives, Blues Common Fur: Golden, Brown, White, Black, Mahogany Culture Scholars of the Empire have noted the culture of the Leonin as being 'simple', however this could not be farther from the truth. Leonin have a social hierarchy, and many of the facets and portions of other humanoid societies. Leonin are a strong and proud race, although in the grand scheme of things are rather new. Their most common places of inhabitance are the savannah of the western continent of the Averisan Provinces, as well as Edros, the far western continent. They can be found elsewhere with alterations and adaptations to their location, however are found far more sparingly in these cases. Leonin are firstly considered a proud race of humanoid, surpassing that of most elves even. Leonin are steeped in tradition, and often refuse to appropriate to other cultures which surround them. Religion and superstition are deeply found within the Leonin of the realm. Most worshiping the god of the sun as their figure, they have come to view the world, the light, and the warmth with great reverence and respect. The Leonin live a minimalist lifestyle, being sure to take not more than they need, and to promote the balance of the savannah. One main tradition is what some call the 'pyre' and is done once and the beginning and end of each summer. Large straw figures of the earliest Leonin are erected, 24 in number. Assembling each into a large circle, and burning them as the sun begins to set. It is said that should the fires last through the night and remain controlled that good fortune will remain with the Leonin Pride throughout the year. Leonin are established into large conglomerates called 'Prides'. Being a Patriarchy in terms of ruleship, the Pride Leader, or 'Simheli', is passed down hereditarily by nature, some families having stayed in power for a many centuries. Yet, it is not required, and strength is greatly respected amongst these people. If a leader is to grow weak, the lesser Leonin of the tribe are to challenge their leader to try and take their spot on the rock. Women also hold a role in leadership however. The mate of the Pride Leader is the spiritual leader of the tribe or the 'Simshayeli'. Using almost occult-like prayer, the 'Simshayeli' are said to be granted powers by the sun which allow them to commune with the ancestors who are not currently within the tribe. The Simshayeli and Simheli are both often adorned in fine garbs with rudimentary sunstone embellishments. It is common for them to have large chains of gold or bronze alongside these, similar in color palette to the savannahs they are born from. An important theme which runs amongst Leonin culture is that of rebirth. Those who seek to live enlightened lives within their tribe, and being benevolent to their people are said to return to the stars, only to come down and inhabit the realm once more they are needed. It is the job of the Simshayeli, or the 'Caller' to carry out funeral rites amongst the dead. The most respectful funerals are said to be where a large bundling of wood and brush is gathered beneath the body, and they are sent to turn to ash, just as Simgonya had in his many reincarnations. Leonin Prides do not hold the same hierarchy as many other humanoid species do. Artisans are held in lesser importance than military men, since the Leonin are not renowned jewelers or craftsman. They are able to produce weapons and armor like other races, but do not hold the skill or accuracy as other races do. Most prides do however have similar weapons and armors. Having thick furs, and usually being prevented from wearing a great deal of armor due to lack of resources and the dire heat, Leonin weapons are more profoundly known for cutting. Having more curved blades and axes, they are more commonly seen using these weapons to fight. Not every Leonin is blessed with being a strong warrior however. Sometimes, and more commonly on the New Moon, a newborn is made that is the 'runt'. These runts tend to be more spry, more mobile, but certainly less bulky than their common Leonin brethren. If they are able to survive early childhood, their lifespan is equivalent to that of the rest of the Leonin, however during those early years, they are more susceptible to disease and being bullied and preyed upon by others. These runts can be outcasted, disowned, and are most commonly seen to have bad blood, or be disgraces within their family. They are considered 'moon-tainted' by their common Pride. These shorter, thinner Leonin often take up the jobs of thiefs or travelling merchants and worship the Mother Moon who set them on a different path in life. Leonin are strictly carnivores, and usually are seen hunting bigger game within the savannahs. Unlike what most human scholars believe, they utilize fires to cook their food, and can be seen uttering prayers to the fire to clean disease and to promote strength within their families and pride. Leonin do have their own language, called Sulimi, which is spoken through almost growls and harsh words and tones. Leonin use roaring to scare other lesser creatures away from them. Other races are able to speak this language, but to less effect. Written forms of Sulimi are rare, and are most comparable to pictographs, words being formed from shapes and depictions of objects to describe them. Mechanics Lifespan: 55 years old on average. The build of the Leonin is meant for them to walk entirely upright, being on all fours causes a major disadvantage to their speed and agility. The strength of the Leonin is said to rival that of an orc, yet they are said to be not as fast, nor quite as agile as the elf. Leonin are by no means able to do as precise work with their hands like the other humanoid races are. Their four fingers are rather stocky and broad, and are not able to bend as well as the other races. They do have a thumb for added stability though. From each finger tip, thick and sharp claws are able to be extended. Although they are furred like a lion's paw, they are much more similar to a human hand in structure and shape. Leonin have heightened night vision, and are able to see easily during the moonlight. They cannot however see very well in pitch-black settings such as caves or other such times. Leonin have heightened senses, being able to smell, taste, and hear better than other races. Leonin are somewhat adaptable compared to some other races. Some Leonin can be find across the world in various climates, however alterations to their fur and amount of it are made. It is unlikely for a Leonin to be comfortable moving climates however, as many Leonin stay in the climate they are born in most of their lives.
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    sign me up as reynauld i love being a lemons
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    O! Wandering folk, the summons heed! Come haste! Come haste! Across the waste! The king of friend and kin has need. -Tolkien It took little more then days for the summons of the High Lord to reverberate across valley and plain, as the scattered old ones were beckoned back to their roots. Roots there would be, bristling leaves taking the gentle, warm tones of orange characteristic of Autumn, as elves much amazed passed the gleaming doors of Tyr'dolin. The Pale, White city covered in nature and meticulous works hummed a feeling of hope and benevolence, as bold spires pierced the skies far above, all outmatched by the brazen Tower of Flame. The calls were many and bold, and soon, all across the Provinces heard of the regal of Elfdom, of the legendary beauty solidified in marble and timber that was their new Metropolis, Tyr'dolin the serene. Already, houses were filling, streets resonating with the laughter of children, as the watchful eye of sentinels and steadfast protectors stood upon the mighty circlet of stone that sheltered the spiraling city. The bazaar soon covered itself with silks and jewels, the beauty of their craftsmanship near-unmatched, and the taverns and inn filled with lavish feasts and celebrations. Prosperity what was they sought, and surely Tyrdolin would grant upon the elves such aspiration. Already, one could hear rumors of an upcoming celebration, a festival, even in these dark times, one dedicated to the end of one's labor, and the turning of an age- for the Tyr'dorei saw this as a sign, a sign of an upcoming Golden Age, beyond the dark, for there was always light at the end of the tunnel. It was indeed needless to say that for every single elf of the snow, of the forest, for every Syrien and every High-elf, one would know of Tyr'dolin's open, welcoming doors, of the Stronghold's beckon to it's children, as far and dispersed as they could be, to return to the fold, promises of free housing, warm hearth and salvation adding to this Elysium's appeal.
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    To the Lords and Ladies of the Imperial Fiefdoms, In preparation for the second assembly of the House of Lords, it is the wish of the Reikstag and of his Imperial Majesty that the Lords and Ladies of independent holdings convene within the Imperial Spire in Miklagard to contribute to and discuss the prosperity of the Empire and its individual realms. It is the duty of position to serve those governed under us, and to represent their right to prosperity under the Imperial flag. As such, the readiness of the represented fiefdoms must be assured. Topics of discussion may be subjective to an individual fiefdom's interests or relevant to the Imperium's entirety, and must me made clear to myself before the advent of the meeting. To ensure this, it is my wish to meet privately with the Lord of each fiefdom in order to better acquaint myself with the popular interests of the Empire, and therefore how to represent them appropriately. Although the presence of the land-holder themselves is preferable at the assembly, a representative educated in the realm's political etiquette and of their fief's concerns may serve in their place. This must also be made clear to myself, and the elected representative must carry verification from their Lord for the duration of proceedings. The list of preconceived notions pertinent to all Imperial holdings are as follows: The eminent threat of the void. Introductions of standards and requirement for the upkeep and infrastructure of Vassal-states. The Introduction of the definition of 'heresy' to Imperial Code of Law. Any unresolved issues put forward for debate at this assembly will be reserved for discussion in the Imperial Diet, where a resolution may be reached in the best interests of all Imperial fiefdoms. Signed, Lord Chancellor of the Heilig Empire.
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    Morthwyl Mining settlement and Home to the Craftsman. Overview--- This settlement within Norheim territory will boast with a large mountain range almost entirely surrounding it which would be considered rich with ores and stones of worth. Artisans and craftsman of any skill or type are welcomed warmly as well as strong-willed citizens desiring to serve a humble town such as Morthwyl. Laws and Regulations--- The rules are specified simple and held firmly but are in no way demanding or controlling to the citizens, races and religions of all types are welcomed and not discriminated against in Morthwyl but certain procedures are in place to accommodate as necessary. Trade/Export--- Traders and likewise are welcome and encouraged in Morthwyl, the primary trade in the settlement’s territory would be the sale of ores and stones but the variety of resources or products the town can export varies with the diversity of craftsman calling Morthwyl home. Foods--- The foods would vary in meats, fruits, vegetables, and drinks as the cultures of the town would be just as various, the farms in town supplying apples, wheat, and berries. To the north in the Garrine Forest game ranging from deer to rabbits would be hunted and feed the town as well along with whatever food the citizens individually would desire to have. Clothing--- The regulation over clothing is rather lax, one is expected to at least have clothing for their privates and the surrounding area. Colors of clothing would not have any popularity or distastes though within Norheim territory light use of blue is appreciated or reflecting the banners of Morthwyl navy blue and tan. Gestures--- The common gestures and etiquette apply to everyday town life though is not limited to such, if one's cultural norm is found unpleasant in another's standards or offensive any hostilities are advised to be settled calmly. Common Language--- Commonly found languages in town would be both Common and Elven, at times Dwarven can be heard from a few though is not a norm. Traditions/Festivals/Holidays--- There is no set traditions or any of the sort, if an idea for a festival is brought forth to the town’s leader one may be organized and set up. Beliefs--- The town would be influenced by Domm primarily but not limited to that or completely open, the range of accepted worship is broad until reaching the line of worship relating to public or human sacrifices. History--- The town would be a small idea and given life by faith and ambition, with the creation of Verexia an impressed miner would seek his own claim to call his own and manage as he saw fit to better his occupation, obtaining the necessary permissions and supplies Morthwyl was created, the worshiper of Domm would seek to have a town in the faith’s perfect image, a place infested with creativity and craftsman of all types without discrimination or feud.
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    Best of luck to you, Gina. Thank you for everything you've done for me personally and everyone else! I hope you come to feel much better and, of course, kick some college class ass!
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    Hello, I have come to offer my services I am a negotiator/Diplomat Thomas and would like to help menage a royal house. I am diplomatic as well as smart I would enjoy serving as hand of a lord, I promise if you give me chance you will sparsely regret it
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    Username: Olyblob (iLeggo atm will be changed back in 30ish days) Type: Patrol & Guard Name: Al'sel Keep Royal Guard Attitude: >See other Norheim patrols/guards Locations: Al'sel keep guard would have around 100 men patrolling around the walls and inner halls of the keep. However, there are a few specific places that will always have a pair of sentries in place that will rotate with the patrolling guards throughout the day. Sentry position one: Dungeon exit. Note: Guards would not leave this gate open at any time. Sentry Position Two: Outer Gate Two guards stationed by the outside of the main gate to the keep, two guards stationed by the heroes ebony tree. Sentry Position Three: Inner Gate Two guards would be stationed either side of the inside of the gate to the courtyard Sentry Position Four: Throne Room Two guards stationed either side of the throne with orders to let no one sit upon it. Language: Laetal Common Elven Laws: Norheim law Skin:
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    Username: Ollieblob Type: Patrol & Guard Name: Spala Warriors Attitude: Race: Leonin If seen approaching the island, Luk'Mali warriors will be hostile toward, to be captured or chased off: Un-aligned humans [Human's bearing no banners/colours of other factions] Un-aligned noble elves If seen approaching the island, Luk'Mali wary and prejudice toward: Tribal elves, Orcs, If seen approaching the island, Luk'Mali warriors will be neutral toward: Any human, noble and tribal elf bearing the colours/banner of a relevent faction. Any outsider beast race, (Other leonin, Aervan, Danakov, syrien) Welcoming toward to: Members of the Luk'mali. Locations: Spala island. Language: 100% Alishi. 60% Common. Laws: Full list of "laws" will be posted on a culture thread soon but for now you get a simplified version: Crime: Punshiment Theft: Removal of hands Assault of a tribesman: Removal of Hands Murder/attempted murder of a tribesman: Death Trespassing: Removing of one foot Disrespecting the Ondera: Removal of tongue Skin: (Place holder skin)
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    Event Name: Khazadaurs Adventures! Event Date: 10/14/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: CET Event Start Time: 9PM CET Estimated Event Duration: 3 hours??? Event Location: Eastern Anion, near Icavoska. Location Specifics: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Event is in planning and creation by Vadokim. Event Type: Dungeon If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Private Event: Scholars: Quilana @GeFoxx Myrna @Book Norheim Militant: Brynjar @Olyblob Eleanora @RoguishLaughter Bran @Bromophobe Vara @llmited Rikard @DayLighter Arevind @NeonWaffles Siv @Leondrith Attendees may vary. What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Explore one of the locations mentioned in this Book: Is this a combat-oriented event? Yes Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1 ---- DM: @Vadokim
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    Event Name: omae wa mou, shindeiru Event Date: 10/13/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: CST America/Canada Event Start Time: 5:30PM Estimated Event Duration: like half an hour I guess Event Location: The Anion hot springs Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Exploration If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Say'to Sakuro @Doug Wood Carver @DelendaEst What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Two guys want to make a cool shrine devoted to ((((inner peace))))), and there's an ominous cave opening right beside where they want to do it. Uh oh! The two, an aervan and a ork, plan to make sure there's nothing spooky lurking inside of it - and if there isn't, begin construction on a small hut that will contain the shrine! (can make a static region here if necessary for the build itself.) I was told I couldn't just apply for a region and hole up the cave entrance. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    The City of Fortvoie laid in ruined, bandits and private looters had gone to make their claims, attempting to take the last of the city's wealth. However no group so large as the pirates had gone to plunder the once city of gold. Seeking out wealth, and seeing it as ripe for the taking, Camelia set sail with their singular ship towards the continent. Docking it further away from the city in case of hasty escape, the boat was moored offshore, and attended by others. This was the first of many great plunderings. ----- DM: @Hugh
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    Event Name: Carce Harvest Ball Event Date: 11/03/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: BST Event Start Time: 10pm Estimated Event Duration: Until people get bored (Like 1-2 hours) Event Location: Carce Castle Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Casual RP Attendees: This is a Public Event What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? PLAYER INTERACTION. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? No How many DM's do you think you will need?