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    • Kyle1322

      Public Lore Removal Notice   12/02/2017

      On the 20th of December, the Public lore section will become temporarily private in preparation for the new world. If you have any final notes or things you wish to do, do it before the 20th! When the exodus happens, it will become available immediately afterwards, so it won't be gone for too long.
    • Serethia

      The Hibernia Grotto   12/04/2017

      This year's Hibernia Grotto will be appearing over the next few days! Be ready, as its opening times may be somewhat random over the course of the following week.


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    Regions Taxes will be coming back. All regions will have to go through application again Regions wanting to be accepted should be complete, meaning they are built to a functional standard before they will be accepted Regions will be slowly transferred in, larger the city longer it will take for it to be put in. Noble houses are being reset to clean out inactive ones. Those still active will receive full refunds at staff discretion. Accessibility to the map itself will be available soon for viewing. Magic Mages will start out without their magic and get one tier back every other week. Archmages will be a tier ahead of other mages to help them teach. All magical items and artifacts are being removed and reset. Archmage keystones are exempt from this revocation. The list of all items being removed are: All artifacts. Player-created magical items. Casting instruments with additional magical properties. Event loot with magical properties. Items that are not being removed include: Materials and alloys (including those acquired from events.) Player-made materials and alloys. Casting instruments without additional enchantments. Trophy event loot. Mundane event loot with no magical properties. Player-made weapons and armor. Traits Divine traits are getting removed from players. Vallahism is not a divine trait and is not going to be removed from players Championships are included and will be taken from their current holders. Profession Professions will be getting a system that benefits players effort, more information will come at a later date.
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    A call is sent throughout the lands of Aversia, every able bodied man or woman that Eliza’s word could reach. Sal’uun’s corruption has sparked a new point of interest,- The final dragon. Without it Vindicus is surely going to corrupt the rest of the realm within the blink of an eye. With the assistance of Queen Emmeline Hollowgale, a group of explorers is required to crack open Vik’daldrum. The outside has been mapped and is safe from voidlings and the like, at least for now. Scholars, Warriors, and Craftsmen such as blacksmith are all required to be able to survive. Eliza urges all those who seek to take their crack at the largest unlooted ancient wonder to bring packs of weapons and supplies, including the means to create a rudimentary smithy. OOC -Multi Day Raid along with campsite Rp and Party systems -The dungeon can result in permadeath in some areas, Extreme Danger ahead. -Puzzles, Riddles, Hunts for Items, Stories and Combat included within
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    When places are abandoned, the force that’s sieging it does not stop at just there. Left without a force to fight it, it merely consumes. It grows. It seeks out more. With the consumption of Arvora by Vindicus, the void’s next target is the tree itself, the last bastion of her power in the world. However, a decision must be made once again in tandem with it's defense. Vikerne and Verexia both are having the voids armies eyes set upon them. Will the mortals protect those that bring them back from the dead..or will they attempt to hold the line in their cities, until they can no longer feel their legs? The choice is theirs, and yours. OOC: This event does contain a dungeon run as well as the sieges themselves, so keep an eye out depending on which you are interested in, depending on your preference. The dungeon run will be happening on the 23rd, while the siege of Vikerne and Verexia will happen on the 24th.
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    Unfortunately i'm unable to announce the exact date of this just yet, but @Kyle1322 will edit this in once the Final Exodus Date is announced, but for now you can assume it will be the same day. To save wasting anyone's time with a huge explanation of the issue- You all know the RP server is having troubles, and its really just an amalgamation of issues scattered everywhere that I just cant continue to keep fighting for it to break the next few days. So what am i doing about it? I'm going to scrap the RP server and rebuild it from scratch. New Server Instance, Completely rebuilt plugins and Databases from the ground up. Make sure to request a Storage World Vault, or gain space in someone elses as this is the ONLY way you will be able to move your items between the servers. Information on how to do so can be found here. Staff members may conditionally provide discounts given the current circumstances when providing you a vault, if options such as the Micro vaults, or borrowing space in someone else's is not an option. What will this mean for you? During the final Exodus event, you will NOT be teleported. Instead you will be required to leave the old server, and switch to the new one using the command provided ingame. This also means that over the next few weeks, things will slowly be taken out of the RP server as I redirect the resources into the new server, eventually the new Server will take over the Existing slot for "RP", and everything will go back to normal. Things you should be aware of. Please read the below carefully!: Playerdata is being Reset. This means the following: - You will lose ANY items you are carrying at the time, and these will not be recoverable. You will be offered a final chance to dump your items before moving, but you will be not able to immediately recover your items post exodus, while we process the transfer of the Storage World. - ALL items you wish to transfer must be kept in the Storage World Pre-Exodus. You will not be able to recover them for a short time after the EXODUS during the Transfer, but you WILL get any items stored in the Storage World. - PlayerVaults will be reset, do not keep any items in these. - Enderchest Data is also being reset. Do not keep any items in these - Economy Balances will be reset, and you will be required to request a Manual Transfer (You will have three months to do this, and must be active to make the request) - While it is not impossible to recover Items you lose in the transfer, it will not be possible forever. The old server will only be accessible by staff for around a Month after the Transfer before being shut down. This means you have until sometime Early 2018 to recover items before they may be lost forever. McMMO has already been decided to be removed Post Exodus. Anyone with Paid Perks for McMMo will be able to exchange them for Store Credit at an Equivalent Value after the plugin is removed. Home Data will be lost during the Exodus, however the change of map would mess this up anyway. There will be no immediate access to any resource world maps Post-Exodus at this time. This may change however as development furthers. The Black Market and other NPC markets will be unavailable until the world Develops a little more. The actual objects available and values may also change. Certain Plugins will be removed. While the intent is not to remove many if at all any features, some commands may be remapped and function differently, or output differently. During the Development and Transfer, Many changes may be made to the Live Permissions Database. In some circumstances, Complaints due to failing plugins or "Non Essential" features may be ignored, unless they cause genuine issues or anything Server Breaking occurs. Such actions may be the result of permissions cleanup, but can give you an indication of what might not work, or what is changing in the transfer. (The Switch from Essentials to CMI being a big one) A lot of stuff will be weird, glitchy or broken. A new server will have a lot of things that get past internal testing. But nothing I cant fix. Just be sure to make me aware. Chances are, Nicknames, Titles and other cosmetic information may get lost in the transfer, but you will have the facilities to easily rectify this after the move. A large quantity of old data will no longer be kept on the server to improve performance. This means that after the window closes, Anything NOT transferred by the end of March 2018 (Which is when i plan to actually start erasing Data Post Shutdown of the old server), will no longer be recoverable by staff. I have every intention of preparing and integrating this new system as Seamlessly as possible, however to do this, I can not do this alone. If you wish to help, Please Reply here, or Contact me Via Discord: Serethia#8312 And I will get back to you and grant you access to the testing server once the Early Builds are Available. I will make every effort to try and ensure this process goes as seamlessly as possible, with as little data and item loss to players as I possibly can. Rest assured, i am only doing this process to improve the player experience, and NOT to take anything away from people. You will get the help you need.
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    @Serethia we really really really NEED common and elven to be different colours, can such please be made possible?
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    From the album Phantom's Art

    literally the last lirram @Shale
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    Key: Green = Alive/Safe (You can go here at any time without fear of random attack, However Fallen may still lurk about in the shadows!) Yellow = Contested/In Danger (Random Encounters lurk about, be weary!) Red = Conquered/Destroyed (This place is in the hands of the Enemy, it would be Suicide to go here!) Major Cities Tyr'Dolin Al'Sel Miklagard Santa Lulia Verexia The Spirit Tree Minor Settlements Morthwyl Ancastre Darkwater Ebenen Laru'Lael Ostermarch Carce Vikerne Azahara Makorath (Castle) Cordelia Deltrias Sudenwald
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    Following a request, the following changes have been made to Subscriber Ranks: All Subscriber Ranks have been condensed into a Single Subscriber Rank Subscriptions can now be bought instead as a single transaction, buying set time as opposed to setting up an automated payment. You can now buy Subscriber time as a Package of 1, 3, 6 or 12 Months, with discounts applied for the larger packages.
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    The ancient Faith of the Three goes back centuries in the ideologies of the Valois, who has faithfully depicted them in art, sculpture, and teachings for millennia. This melding pot of varying cultures has led to a rebirth of the faith, which has since realigned which tenants each god possesses, and how they are viewed within the realms of men. The Gods are said to have created man in their image; who continue to distantly watch over them in their daily lives, devoting themselves to the prosperity of man, and defending from the corrupted. The faith values prosperity, balance, order, tradition, artistry, and family, which are held in high regard and praise within the church. The church is an evolution of the former church of the Three, having since replaced its Guardian for the Lord, who has come to incorporate more reverence with the common populace of the Valois since the fall of the capital of Fortvoie. Due to the emphasis of law, and the occasional necessity of oppression and destruction, the church has come to recognize the Wicked as another entity than it had been formerly. Worship is varying from person to person, though usual traditions might be the attendance of church on the day of peace, every Sunday, where different families take the day off from work and are sure to visit church so they might pay respect to the Gods. Song and verse are read from the Holy Book of Saint Alexis, in an ancient tongue of Valois. Others might find themselves praying before meals, or kneeling before a candlelit statue of the Lady at night before they sleep to grant pleasant dreams, and enlightening visions. The afterlife is a most joyous time for those who have lived a virtuous life. Upon the death of a person, they are said to go to the realm of many names, the Olipith, the Silver City, Heaven. High in the clouds, this heaven is a vast grove of wealth, and is said to hold all the secrets which man has yet to discover, as well as all the beauty and purity which could exist in the world. The gate to this realm is watched by the Lord. Upon the death of a person, two coins are to be placed over their eyes as a tax to the Wayman to bring their souls to the eternal realm above. Once allowed in, they might rejoice with friends and family. It is also of note that on rare occasions the Lady will request a soul to return to the mortal realm, one who is but pure to take hold in the body of an infant. These reincarnations are said to happen in the most dire of times to combat the pull and allure of the Wicked. Those who have fallen for the temptations of the Dark God are instead cast down upon death into a realm of pain and nothingness. Being both regarded as Hell or the Void, this dark space of solitude is a realm of eternal torture, where such persons will act for eternity in manners which punish them for their sins. A man who might have drank himself to death might find that he is surrounded by liquor, thirsty but unable to drink. A man who butchered those in his life might hear the pained cries and screams of those he loved or those he hurt. This pained and eternal existence is without remorse, and everlasting. [Pending] The Lady is an ancient and central figure in the Valois culture. Cultivated in the origins of man, she has come to symbolize fertility, innocence, intellect, motherhood, family, and marriage. The Lady is also the founder of life as known, as well as its many benefits and pleasures. Depicted as a fair and elegant woman of high stature, she is one of the most prominent of the three deities, her image everywhere from blessing the doors to a church, to being outside of a bathhouse to represent the cleanliness of man. She is the bringer of spring and the one who blesses the world with harvest when the time comes. She is protective of her children and is said to have employed the first knights to protect the realm. Though it is said that she holds onto the power of mysticism, the Oracle is said to do not but good and weaves the fates of men into that which protects them and gives them prosperity and peace. The Lady gave the first code to man, this being the Lady's Decree. A misinterpretation of Valois, the Lord, is perceived to be the ‘newest’ of the deities in the pantheon, not by age, but by recognition. As ancient as the Lady, the Lord has always kept watchful eyes over man, giving them the capacity for strength, honor, duty, law, order, and heroes. The Lord as a figure is who patrons the knights which protect the realm from ill, and is said to be the first which armed them in ancient times to fend against the wretched and depraved. The Lord has come to represent society itself, its structures and traditions which uphold it and protect it from the chaos which ensues upon the intervention of the Wicked. The Lord is the first utilizer of the Casus Belli and continues to wage the war against ill. Statues and representations of this figure are seen guarding doors and within government halls, always presiding over due process. The Wayman is the wanderer and the child of both the Lord and Lady. He has come to symbolize man’s creations, as well as commerce, architecture, beauty, travel, and luck. It is said to share one’s fortune and spend most frugally is to invoke the luck which the Wayman might come to bestow on a person. The Wander is praised oft like the others, but most commonly in song or hymn which are sung throughout the lands. He is said to guide those who seek it to good fortune and wealth, and lead the Valois to prosperity since he has done from the beginning of time. The deity of invention, he is said to be the one who stole the first flame from the Wicked and gave the invention to man, fleeing the wrath of the deity thereafter. As the deity of wonder, his depiction can be seen on most any structure, but more commonly standing outside the harbor, or inside of lighthouses, guiding coming and departing ships to their destination with his light. The Wicked, the Depraved, the one who formed alongside the Lady and Lord in the beginning. Once all allies for the greater of the realm, the three worked in relative harmony. Growing jealous of the other two’s ability, the Wicked came to manifest into what its form is currently dependent on: chaos, the flames of Hell, vanity, destruction, and overindulgence. This deity of passion would later come to be replaced by the son, the Wayman, who as a child stole his fires and gave it to man. Since the earliest days, the Wicked has since come to try and destroy that which man makes out of jealousy for this Wayman. Though rarely taking form directly, he is said to send shards of himself in each person to be contained as a test of their will. Those who are overcome by it are sucked within his grasp and cannot only destroy themselves but others around them. This depraved being is rarely depicted, lest it be in an educational fashion. Imagery of this daemon will never be seen on holy grounds and must be shown elsewhere to keep the sanctity and purity of the House of the Gods.
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    Due to a Scheduling concern, the Dungeon run of the event "Secrets" will be taking place THURSDAY the 23rd at 5 PM EST.
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    Event Name: Commune Event Date: 11/20/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: EST Event Start Time: 8PM Estimated Event Duration: 1 hour, not even Event Location: Temple at Hattsettir Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: War If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: -@Kyle1322 for whom I am making this event -@Olyblob (Brynjar Hollowgale) -@DatPhantom (Freydis Hollowgale) -@MayaTorres (Emmeline Hollowgale) What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? This was originally meant to be a like 20 minute impromptu DM with Kyle at any point before Verexia’s attack but he asked me to make an event so here it is— I’d really prefer not to do this on Thanksgiving but if worst comes to absolute worst it can be moved, again, to any day before Verexia and the Spirit Tree are attacked. Kyle knows what this event is for. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Clan Ducaran Overview The Ducaran clan of Danakov are a tribe that has existed for several generations, going back to date to the time before the corruption of the Eastern continent Agrione, which was once home to this clan of Danakov. The founding member of the Clan was named Duratan Torik Ducaran; and since his founding of the clan, the Chieftans of the tribe have passed on to each new generation of Ducarans, Appearances: Of the Ducaran bloodline, traits such as the yellow eye color are almost always the case, with usually either red or purple skin. Others of the Ducaran clan who are not of the bloodline are typically also a dark purple or red color, though with occasional varying eye colors. New danakov are accepted into the clan occasionally, giving variation to the colors the danakov of the clan can come in, ranging from blue, to red, to purple. Outsiders welcomed into the clan are given the same rights and treatment as any other member of the tribe in most cases. The danakov of this clan are a practical people, and more modest than most other danakov when it comes to being flashy, however tattoos and other flashy apparel are common, merely less frequently seen than other tribes. Traditions/Rites: Among the rites of passage for the members of the Ducaran tribe, are four trials. These rites were connected to the change of status and transitions in life a person experiences, such as birth, adulthood, marriage and death. The Rite Of Kiindah is the naming ceremony that takes place after the birth of a new Danakov, where the newborn will receive their names and often gifts to the family from wellwishers. The ceremony is a small one, though vital for the futures of the newborn danakov in question, for not receiving this rite of passage after being born into the clan brings dishonor to whatever name the newborn is given without the ceremony. The Rite Of Naram is the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, this trial is passed by either by having a successful first hunt and kill, or successfully forging a weapon with materials provided by the clan. The Rite Of Lokaal is another important tradition among the Duracan tribe, though not as vital as some of the other rites. Commonly called the Lokaal Ceremony, this is the wedding ceremony among the tribe, uniting two danakov into a partnership that lasts until the deaths of one or both of the partners involved. Divorce is considered dishonorable, however, remarrying after the death of a partner is considered acceptable, as the union was broken by the death of the partner, unless, by some miracle the partner should somehow return to the living, which restores the union. The Lokaal Ceremony is often one of great celebration and happiness. The final Rite of passage in the tribe is named the Rite Of Saan. This is the funeral rites for the safe passage of a fallen soul to the afterlife, and a funeral ceremony. It is easily the most saddening of the rites, and is considered rude to the dead of the clan who are not given this rite, however exceptions can be made to not giving this rite to the fallen depending on the situation. A tradition among the clan for selecting a new leader is called the Fanjur. The Fanjur is the right given to the blood relatives of the current chieftan to challenge a chieftan the believe unfit to lead the clan. The winner of this challenge is determined by a fight between Chieftan and Challenger, the fight lasting until one surrenders, or one dies. If one of the fighters is unable to surrender but also of unable to continue fighting, the victory is passed to the danakov left standing. Another tradition, similar to the Fanjur, is the Faymah Traas. This challenge is one that can be made by one member of the tribe to another, though none who are not blood of the Chieftan can start a Faymah Traas against the Chieftan, however the Chieftan may start this challenge against someone else. This fight is to settle disputes between clansmen, disputes between outsiders and clansmen, and disputes between a clansmen and another tribe. The fight goes until one surrenders, or one dies. If one of the fighters is unable to surrender but also of unable to continue fighting, the victory is passed to the danakov left standing. Should the Chieftan start a Faymah Traas with another member of the clan and lose, the clan member challenged replaces the Chieftan and must adopt the previous Chieftan's family as their own, as well as the Ducaran name. Interrupting or not abiding by these rites and traditions is considered highly dishonorable. (More will likely be added in the future, check in occasionally if you have a continued interest in the development of this group's culture. If you would like to join this tribe, contact me in game, on Discord, TS, this post, or forum PM. Pretty much anywhere works.)
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    Event Name: Search and Rescue. Event Date: 12/02/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: GMT Event Start Time: 11pm GMT Estimated Event Duration: As long as the DM deems it. Event Location: Starts at Sudenwald, through the In'Dar forest, and stops at the Savannah Graveyard which is now taken by the Void. Location Specifics: Location is partially build and needs building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: In case the DM requires anything in particular to be build for his scenario. Event Type: Hunting If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Goslynn Askeladden | G3RN | @Bromophobe What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Goslynn has decided to retrieve the Icon of Morto from the corrupted graveyard; seeking to ensure its safety knowing the rest of the holy site has been flooded in void muck. Not a material faith, Mortoism does hold little regarding one's earthly symbols or possessions, nonetheless, the Sentinel aims to accomplish this feat within reason. If the mission is evidently doomed: he shan't pursue. ('Doomed' being a rather high standard.) Is this a combat-oriented event? Yes Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1 ---- DM: @Kyle1322
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, The "Cock and Swallow" is looking for barkeepers, brewers and servants for a reopening! All you need to bring for such job are your own arms and legs and a lot of dedication. Come forth and seek out Akkarin in Santa Lulia! Fliers and Posters like these could be found all over the island of Naveira where allowed, with a map of Santa Lulia attached to such, directing one to the location of said establishment. An additional note may be found on the posters, letting those interested know that they may also send a letter to the tavern, if they desire.
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    "Ah, Miklagard..and at it's center, the great tower peaking at the height of the world. Below it, the largest city that has ever graced the face of Aversia. The great home of the Imperium, the nation which has driven back countless threats from this world and has kept the peace despite all odds. It's reputation of unwavering courage in the face of all odds is known from the lands of Rift-Torn Aestatia, to the wasteland of Edros, where only scant few survivors remain. All hope of this world falls onto their lap in the end. The mortals of this world pray that they will find a solution..a way to drive back this infinite darkness. The city stands proud, a monument and symbol of prosperity in trying times. A grand symbol that will inevitably seal the fate of this world, and all those who live within it. A final calling..a true realization that this great crusade against us was doomed from the very start."
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    Event Name: Tipping the scales Event Date: 12/03/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: GMT Event Start Time: 9PM Estimated Event Duration: 3 hours ish. Event Location: Eastern event zone Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Exploration If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Bheka @Olyblob Arsha @Elentiya Dianthe @DatPhantom What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Main goals: Locate Lava Born Dragon nest secondary goals: Explore the volcanic area circled. Acquire a Lava born dragon egg. Side notes: Stealth mission, the main goal of this event is to attempt to find a dragon nest to see how easy it would be to take a lava born dragon egg. Any situations that actually involves fighting a dragon will most likely be avoided. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Event Name: idk man mining some gwueior Event Date: 11/30/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: PST Event Start Time: 6pm Estimated Event Duration: 1-2 hours Event Location: North End of desert, by ruined boat- deep run entrance. Location Specifics: Location is not built and needs building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Hunting If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: This is a Private Event What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? I want some gwueior boss idc if there is combat but I would rather something innovative in terms of challenge Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    An endless tide, a reckless divide. The forces of the world are split on countless fronts, and the infinite armies of Vindicus march ever closer to victory. The next locations to be attacked have been predicted..and it seems that their horizons have begun to expand. Will a solution be found? Or will the prophecy begin to take root..and the cycle renew once more? OOC: Targeted locations: Verexia, The Spirit Tree, Darkwater and Morthwyl
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    The news was quickly sent forth from the Holy Hospital, word travelling to all major settlements and then into the smaller towns and hamlets surrounding. Posters were put up wherever they may be allowed, the seal of the Ascended and the Hospital presiding neatly at the bottom of each poster. Criers would call out in town centres for willing applicants to step forth and make their way to the Tree. The Spirit Hospital was calling for workers and the world would surely know. Once more was the hospital opening its doors to new recruits. Only two knew the real reason for the call to employment, for the rest of the world it simply came across as another recruitment drive. All letters would arrive at the Ascended in charge, Alda. OOC: Basically the Spirit Hospital is hiring staff once more and you, yes you the people of Aethier, are invited to apply. The applications are OOC, but would be counted as IC letters. You can either respond here with the application or PM me. Up to you. IGN: Character Name: Character Race: Character Age: Why they want to work at the Hospital: Do they have any medical experience, if so what?: Are you having a good day?:
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    Event Name: gayore mining Event Date: 12/12/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: PST Event Start Time: 3 pm Estimated Event Duration: as long as dm deems it Event Location: Deep run Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Gathering If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Freydis Hollowgale @me Avel Maddoc @ZooGarrus Aemon von Amador @Nerdlord57 Darys Musil @Kaoiyr What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? i want gweuior because i need like 13 more kilograms so the goal is 1. not die 2. get enough for black armor as not loli elf so throw whatever u want my way idc Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Caleo’s comprehensive guide: Tabbychat 1.12 (If you’re lazy, follow the screenshots and you should be fine.) (Installs Forge, Liteloader and Tabbychat) So, you want to install Tabbychat- Well, you’ve come to the right place. As with all mods these days, your journey will likely start here. This link specifically will take you to the 1.12 version of the minecraft mod manager forge. There are only two options that will generally help you install the mod- Either the universal launcher, more useful for Linux and Mac OS, and the windows launcher which works better for windows. Once you’ve installed the program and have launched it, simply extract it as instructed. Likely you will not have to change anything as the files know where to go. Make sure the installer is set to client installation and hit OK. Launch the minecraft launcher and change your profile. Once you’ve selected it, launch it and have it load up, before closing it. Now that you’ve installed Forge, you’ll be able to download many other mods, such as MorePlayerModels and any illegal X-ray mods you wish. Keep in mind that only the former is actually allowed on the server. Your next step is to download LiteLoader. Liteloader is another mod manager that helps out a smaller set of mods to operate, Tabbychat being amongst them. The 1.12 installer files for this mod can be found here. There are once again two options available for you. As with the above, choose the version that’s best for you and click to install. Important: Note that you will have to change the liteloader extension to the version of forge you use- I have two, more than likely you will only see one. Always choose the latest one. Once you’re done, follow the steps in the second picture once more. Alright- Now that you’ve done that, you’re ready to actually install the mod. The above setup is often a very good one for installing a large majority of mods in the first place, and I recommend it for installing any mod. Installing Tabbychat is simple. All you need to do is go to the city on which the mod is found (In this case you will find it here) and download it. For Tabbychat you will only need one file! (As of 1.12). Download it, and it should go in your downloads folder. Track down where the file is, and keep a mental note of its location. Hit the search function on your computer and look for %appdata%. This is the roaming file of your computer, and the location in which you will find minecraft under the file .minecraft . Click into it and track down the mods folder. Make a new file explorer window and move the mod to its destinations in the correct folder (In this case, the 1.12 folder for mods.) If you’ve done this all correctly, your chat window should have been altered in some rather.. Odd ways. Welcome to the mysteries of Tabbychat setup. Don’t worry, there’s already some things I can help you with to make things easier. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Setting up Tabbychat for General Roleplay and Ease of Access The next step to installing tabbychat is to make things work. A prior note to those who frequently switch between things like minigame servers or the likes; Tabbychat isn’t perfect, and hates remembering what you’re telling it to do. For every new server you are in, you’ll have to change the configurations. The ones I’m going to be laying out will be for the Aethier roleplay server, meaning they’ll be most effective there. This button is the main chat of tabbychat. Right-clicking this will open the settings for Tabbychat, while left-clicking will take you to the main channel. Note that you can drag the window wherever you want, and can resize the chat to your desire height and width. Feel free to play around with it before continuing. Assuming you’ve right clicked, your first menu will be the one above. This is the general tab of the settings. All of these commands are optional, though I recommend turning logging chat on and adding the anti-spam filter at a 0% prejudice. This will filter out spammy messages caused by certain plugins. Your second tab will be the server channel. It’s rather important that everything in this tab is the way it is in this screenshot. If not done correctly it will end up filling your screen with tab chats from any source it can find. Your third tab is the Channels tab. It looks rather nice. I’ve never used it, and don’t think you’ll ever have to. That was easy. The fourth tab is the colors tab. This is all aesthetics and is completely up to you. The Fifth tab is the Advanced tabs. You’ll have to change the Chat delay to bypass spam protection. Spellcheck is optional but it doesn’t correct, it simply points out your mistakes when you make them. If you’ve done everything as described above, you should just be left with a single chat in which all messages place themselves. Basic tabbychat like this works just fine and will help you out with posting multiple lines. The true gem within Tabbychat is the chat filters you can set up. To make these chat filters you use Java Regular Expressions. If you know exactly what that is, then you can start creating them. If you want to learn more about them I’d recommend this site. It’ll teach you a lot through examples and I’ll be showing some of the things below. If you can’t be bothered to do much about it, then don’t worry. I’ve made three expressions that immensely help me with roleplay, and I’m happy to share them here. To start a new filter, you’ll have to make one first. You’ll find it in the server tab, as pictured above.Create a new filter. This will make a new filter appropriately named “New Filter”. Click to edit the filter. The first filter will be for all roleplay tabs. This excludes any chats purely for OOC, as well as death messages, general messages and server errors. The expression for this is as follows ^\[Common]|^\[Indoors]|^\[Shout]|^\[Whisper]|^\[Elven]|^\[Dwarven]|^\[Magic]|^\[Combat]|^\[Lahn]|^\[Aquatic]|^\Valois|^\[Event]|^\[EventDM]|^\*|\[AethierRTD]|^\[Aethier Chat] In regexr it will show this: The next one is specifically for people who combat roleplay. Setting this in a separate instance will split the logs for your combat RP, so you can scroll up or reread everything whenever you need it to. The expression for this is as follows ^\[Combat] In regexr it will show you this: Note that it will block out regular RP chats, so being in there while actually RPing is generally wiser. The chat only helps you log information. The third filter is for people who want to be able to know when their name is said. Whether this is in OOC channels or Local, all you’ll have to do for this filter is enter the names, separated by some odd bits of code. The expression for this will be [^a-z]name1[^a-z] or [^a-z]name1[^a-z]|[^a-z]name2[^a-z] Note that you can mix and match some of these filters. As I said before, regexr is a very good site just to test these things. There’s no risk, and I would definitely recommend trying. Lastly, I thank you for your attention in this. I realise the information is a lot to take in, which is why the screenshots offer a large aid in explaining this guide. If you have any questions, or if you need help setting anything up additionally, let me know and I’ll get to you when I can.
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    you make my life difficult,,, updated
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    From the album Kuma's Art

    I wanted to get more practice at face shapes, so I used Ravyn for reference
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    From the album Gol's art

    The art style is amazing and nothing can sway me.
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    Note: Some Updates have not yet been pushed to other servers and are only active on the RP Server itself. The Aethier Network: No Updates Note: Chat system not fully operational on this server yet. Hub Server: Minor Tweaks in Progress to reduce Memory Leak Creative Server: Updates Planned, Not Yet Pushed to Live Server Note: Still using OLD Chat System for now. Aethier RP Server: New Chat System Implimented /leave added as an alias to ignore channels. Some chat channels can no longer be ignored based on administrator Preference. Staff and soon to be DM's now have access to "/broll" - This command is like /roll, but broadcasts server wide. - Broadcast Rolls now have a Red tag not gold. Channel Magic has been added with no notification messages of players not being nearby, to aid with Magic Proficiency Training RP. - Channel NOT designed for usage other than training for screenshotting purposes - Channel programmed as an Indoor Channel with a 10 block Range (See Green Color Coding) All Chat channels now have a color coding scheme based on what they are - Orange Brackets are Roleplay Channels - Grey Brackets are OOC Channels - Green brackets are Private Channels, For Teams Such as DM Comms or Staff: - Yellow Text Chat is Normal Speech with a 35 Block Range - Green Text Chat is Indoor Speech with a 10 Block Range - Dark Green Chat is Combat Chat with a 35 Block Range - Cyan Chat is Permissions Based Language Chat, with a 35 Block Range Such as Aquatic - Orange Chat represents Ambient Messages, not aimed or directed at or from specific characters - Purple Chat is considered Whispering, at 3 Blocks (Square Radius) - Pink Chat is shouting, at 75 Blocks You can list chat channels you have access to with "/ch list", or by typing an incorrect channel name - Channels can be clicked, or hovered over to see the short alias to access the channel. You can now talk to the discord server with "/ch discord". Permissions to talk back into the game will come later. "/cmi sit" has been added. Permissions a little buggy though You can now send Ambient messages with "/ch ambient", or "/a Messagehere" - A DM Version is available with "/adm" - Hovering the Asterix tells you who sent it! You can click and hover parts of peoples messages to find out information, such as realnames, quick channel switching, and character card viewing. Also features rank display More Updates to come! Thread will be updated
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    IGN: Oreocake86 Character Name: Miriam Ranvine Character Race: High Elf Character Age: 111 ish? Appears late 20's Why they want to work at the Hospital: She's a practicing field medic. Do they have any medical experience, if so what?: A bit, I can link logs of rp if needed. Are you having a good day?: No. Miriam would apply due to the current goings on of the world, seeing to it her growing skill is put to use in better means, and hopefully able to learn more under whatever doctors there are working at the spirit tree currently.
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    Event Name: Grand Theft Naval 2 Event Date: 12/19/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: GMT Event Start Time: 9PM Estimated Event Duration: 3 - 4 hours-ish? Event Location: The vessel stolen by the Luk'mali newly dubbed the Fair Ascended Location Specifics: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Luk'mali ship is built. However, DM may need to build boats if we come across any. Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Pirating Attendees: Bheka @me Amati @Shale Ons'Kaish @Lioln Arsha @Elentiya Dianthe @DatPhantom Pumenui @GeFoxx (Maybe more people) What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Posing as traders, sail around the marked area hoping to find a smaller trade vessel. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Event Name: ¡ Manticore hunts, primo ! Event Date: 12/19/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: EST Event Start Time: 9:30 Am Estimated Event Duration: 1 - 2 hour average maybe more, maybe less. Event Location: Having lived and been raised in the Wuxine desert for quite some time, Faceless would know which areas were safe and which ones were not. With that being said I picked three locations that best fit the term "Crags" in the lore. Whichever one would be known to my character as a potential Manticore area is where the event will take place. Location Specifics: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Cave or some such thing might need to be generated. It is up to your discretion. Event Type: Hunting If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Faceless @Suldar Nufai @zergling500 Tombstone @PlasterGoat Ludvig @ThatRainbowKitty What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? We huntin' a manticore fam. Using my characters desert elven abilities or zombo matekai bod to sense them beasties. They finna get ganked, maybe. Requestin' the homie @DatPhantom but she might be educatin' so if not her then anyone else works. Is this a combat-oriented event? Yes Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Redwall said he'll attempt to make the 14th. I've moved your event. Next time consider moving backwards instead of forwards on the calendar, thank you.
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    yeah its pretty gay. Approved. DM: @Kyle1322.
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    Event Name: gayore mining Event Date: 12/12/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: PST Event Start Time: 3 pm Estimated Event Duration: as long as dm deems it Event Location: Deep run Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Gathering If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Freydis Hollowgale @me Avel Maddoc @ZooGarrus Aemon von Amador @Nerdlord57 Darys Musil @Kaoiyr Erik @Captain_Kolibri cool guy @Olyblob What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? i want gweuior because i need like 13+ more kilograms so the goal is 1. not die 2. get enough for black armor as not loli elf so throw whatever u want my way idc Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1 --- DM: @Kyle1322
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    Please reschedule, @Retired. You unfortunately cannot have an event on the same day as a server event. Thank you for understanding!
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    Your event has been approved, and the DM will be @Redwall. You can view your event on the event calendar with the link below:
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    Hey. . . Phantom. . . I love ya. . . but y'know. . had a lil chat with redwa11 and we're going to be canceling this big event. (As well as several of the people be canceling out on us so the event is going to be downsized af and doesn't need an actual event post.) I'm sorrryyy, <3
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    uhhhhh o-oh okay Congratulations, your event has been approved! Your DM for this event will be @Redwall! You can view your event on the calendar by clicking the link below. Thank you for applying, and have a nice day!
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    From the album Gol's art

    Goliath as a mob boss (boss) if he was in Cuphead. Would probably be a part of the casino area.
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    Event Name: Manticore Hunt Event Date: 11/28/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: EST Event Start Time: 5:00 PM EST Estimated Event Duration: Hopefully no more than an hour Event Location: Southeastern side of the Indar Forest, possibly moving further southwest or straight south into those mountains, depending on what trail the beast has left. Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Hunting If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: This is a Private Event- Myself (Quince), Fern0507 (Freya), Exitiale_ (Stancis) What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Hoping to locate and slay a manticore that had been injured in the process of Quince attempting to find two girls who had wandered into the forest previously. Open to any other encounters should they not find their quarry. Is this a combat-oriented event? Yes Do you require a DM? Yes, Redwall if possible as he dm'ed the first encounter. How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    Congratulations, your event has been approved! Your DM for this event will be @Kyle1322. You can view your event on the calendar by clicking on the link below, thank you for applying and have a nice day!
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    Event Name: A Birds Nest. Event Date: 11/23/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: EST Event Start Time: 11 AM EST Estimated Event Duration: 1 Hour Event Location: The southern region of the Pine Forest. Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Hunting If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Attendees: Emery Ranvine. @Rangere1 Possibly Others. What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? Emery intends to travel to the southern regions of the Pine Forest in Anion to search for nesting dark-wing hawks. If he manages to find some, he will attempt take one or two young birds from the nests to domesticate and train. Goals of the Event: Capture dark-wing hawk eyas to domesticate and train. Requesting @Bromophobe as DM. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1
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    u-uh. . . oh ok sry @Caligula my mistake
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    Good Day @DatPhantom, We're sorry to let you know, but, due to your being on the "Edge List", a list of people whom are known Edge-Lords, we simply cannot permit you to travel to such a hive of edge and villainy! Thank you, and have a good day.
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    Event Name: Mother's Doing? Event Date: 11/20/2017 Event Leader's Timezone: EST Event Start Time: 3 pm Estimated Event Duration: 1hour Event Location: Event location to be disclosed to DM Location Specifics: Location is already built and does not need any building. If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: N/A Event Type: Other If selected "Other" in the field above, clarify: Meeting with his goddess. (Foli) Attendees: This is a Private Event @PlasterGoat Npc Priests What are you attempting to do / What is the end goal of this event? With the continuation of the spread of the void and the war against the realm that he and his peers had called home, Ma'rue would continue to be filled with questions. There was no doubt in his mind that this void and the future of the world had something to do with his goddess. He had partially at least fulfilled her request. He had gathered a small following of priests and established an order in her name and to worship her. Not only does he wish to ask her about the void and what she wants from him, but she also wants to express his success in garnering Kith and Kin in her name. Is this a combat-oriented event? No Do you require a DM? Yes How many DM's do you think you will need? 1 ---- DM: @Kyle1322
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    From the album Kuma's Art

    Atawn, commissioned to be by @That_one_niceguy I had a lot of fun doing the tattoo
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    From the album Best Art on the Server

    Tymoteusz, the Younger, paralysed by fear during his encounter with the void.
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    The Morrigna are a Clan of Snow Elves who can trace their origins back to Eiduwis, before the kingdom’s collapse, before Yara’s demise, the Tolva uprising and the emergence of the Black Council. After centuries of isolation within the depths of what is now known as the Deadlands, the Morrigna emerged with a shifted view on the world, and a drastically morphed pantheon of the Divines. The Clan of Morrigna was once made of many tribes, who went by the title of families. These families were brought together by a legendary figure, Finnian MacLlyr, into one entity. The many snow elves laid down their differences for the greater good and accepted to work together as a single functioning unit. It was by merging the sea faring Brannissils, the warmongering Skarsgard and the mercantile Croi Croga that the Morrigna Clan was constructed. The Alliance between all three families gave birth to the clan symbol, a knot that represented their common belief in the morphed deities of the Triskelion faith and the strength of every family’s unity to one another. Amongst their many mottoes come two that accompany this mentality: “Strands may break alone, but twisted make a braid” and “In unity: there is strength.” The elves of the Morrigna hold many a traditions and beliefs that both concur or differ with their neighbouring northern tribes, be it Avaltan, Dwarven or fellow Snow Elves. The Clan members hold a special attraction to music, poetry and oral traditions are ripe within their ranks. The ministers of their faith believe that paper is dull and dead, and therefore many rely on stone tablets, or memory alone. Whilst they keep the fundamentals of their species - survival at all costs - they are tightly bound to many other things that they deem important. The Morrigna tend to believe that the stars are living entities, who guide the paths of those who can read their signs. They believe in the power of well toned words, each letter part of an elaborate composition that holds a magic of its own. Family is key to their survival and unity should not be broken under any circumstances, regardless of differences in opinion. Again, the Hearth - or the family - must be kept safe, and tradition must be upheld lest “the Gods make the skies fall.” They fear the Gods because they are the givers of life, and bringers of death. The fate of the First Born is decided by these all mighty beings, and regulated by the many spirits who serve them. Death is sacred, and even in such a state, the deceased remains a close part of the family. Every part of nature: the winds, the waves, the mountains and the forests are alive with its own voice. The world is a living organism that with each breath sings. Lastly, the identity of the Clan must be upheld at all costs, regardless of present allegiances. Never will one hear a First-Born claim they are first a citizen of this or that kingdom, then a Morrigna. The members of the Brannissils, the Skarsgard and the Croi Croga are first and foremost Morrigna; not only do they belong there, but they are proud to admit it. If ever you want to make a character that originates/is part of the tribe or culture, please fill out the form underneath: https://goo.gl/forms/P3mlBgE7rTVmd8Q63
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    Alchemy Item Submission Process An individual who has created an alchemical substance through current use of Animal, Metallurgical, and Plant lore, is required to fill out a forum conversation or post applying for the substance- be that a Paste, Salve, Potion, et cetera. The format shall be as follows, and will include the Lore Master, @Kyle1322, and the following people in the conversation, or tagged into the post itself: Plant/Animal-related Alchemy: @Zickery, @DayLighter, @ItsRhad Material-related Alchemy: @Zickery, @Duncan Steelfist Forum Conversations are usually suggested for alchemical substances that one wishes to keep private. These shall be approved, or denied in the forum conversation, and filed away. All Alchemical Concoctions will be posted in a Public Lore section, however, only four segments of information shall be present. - Character Name of Creator, Name of Substance, Type of Substance, Effects Description. Special Clause: Should the creator wish to appeal for a Non-Public Alchemical Substance, this is to be decided by Loremaster and the Alchemy Team. Special, case-by-case basis. The Submission Format which should be adhered to, is as such- Name of Alchemical Object: Character Name of Creator: Username(s) of creator: Ingredients: Proof of Material Collection: (Screenshots) Proof of Creation: (Screenshots) Evidence for Testing: (Screenshots) Method of Use: Immediate Effects: Long-Term Effects: Overdose Effects: Please note, all effects are up to modification and interpretation by the members of the Lore Team, as well as the Loremaster. Ingredients must be proven through RP Screenshots, and the Creation must be proven through RP Screenshots, of Server Roleplay. Use of Forum Roleplay is not canon for the creation of alchemical brews. Upon Approval of the Alchemy Submission, a single custom item will be issued representing the substance. Any further custom items representing the substance must be applied for by use of a Custom Item Application, with appropriate gathering and creation RP, with the member/s of the Lore Team who approved the original substance tagged in the thread. Use of the Alchemical Substance is only available when the player possesses the custom item representing it. Failure to present the item under Staff scrutiny will result in punishment. Basic Alchemical creations such as basic pain relievers, sanitized bandages, and lesser relaxants, general medical supplies as well as basic infection-fighting substances can be automatically applied for as a custom item with lore team approval only needing to be marked on the thread itself. Poisonous substances, and lethal doses of a certain type of medicine go beyond basic alchemy, and otherwise require approval in an applicable manner. Alchemy Definitions Recipe: The recipe of the Alchemical Creation defines the process by which it is refined into the combined form. It includes the component materials required to create it, as well as the process and technologies required. Whether this is written down In-Character or not, a recipe must be created initially, before something can be created. Skillset: This references the skill of the character, or characters, involved in creation of the alchemical substance. Over time, characters develop a higher level of skill, through practice and the creation of lesser alchemicals. An example of skillset restrictions, is the stipulation that a novice alchemist would be unable to create something out of a rarer material, such as Kalapis. Tools: Alchemy requires specific tools of the trade, so to speak. The creation of alchemical concoctions becomes ever more complex as one becomes more skilled and knowledgeable. A tool can range from a simple mortar and pestle, to a complex machination of pipes and flame for distillation and calcification processes. Type: There is a myriad of alchemical products that can be created, however these are aligned to certain types. Each type of alchemical creation varies, and the processes by which it works, and is created varies heavily as well. For example, the basic range of alchemical types are- Medicinal, Poisonous, Offensive, Defensive, Alcoholics- and the list is as wide as the individual who creates the craft intends it to be. The Crafting Process Alchemical items are crafted through a variety of processes applied to mixed ingredients in order to create different and stronger effects out of different materials. Ingredients used in the alchemical arts range from the parts and pieces of animals to even the various stones and metals of the land. Some alchemists even dabble in the use of the magical arts to try and better their trade. While there are a variety of methods through which one can craft an alchemical item, there are several base and universal processes that almost every alchemist learns and proceeds to use in their process of creation. Use of these processes, which are described below, should be included in the RP. However- use of these processes without properly being taught Alchemy, is not permitted. Calcination: A process that is defined as the burning, or debasing something to the most basic minerals and elements that are contained within it. The precise method is fairly simple, and usually results in exposing the material to an open flame, quite literally burning the organic tissues from it. There are very few alchemical reagents that are not entirely destroyed by the act of calcination, though in the right application it can be beneficial. Ceration: This process entails the addition of a liquid substance to a previously hardened, or dried out substance, in order to liquefy and reduce the potency of the solution. Depending on the liquid, whether or not it is heated, or chilled, the chemicals and proteins in the solution can have varied effects. For example, a very hot liquid added to a protein-rich solution, can denature certain proteins, resulting in a heavily reduced effectiveness, or an entirely inert solution. Congelation: Congelation is a process by which the addition of a thickening agent, usually inert- though at times active, like a material such as Bungmoss, and the chilling of the solution increases its viscosity. This can be utilized to create pastes, and thick liquids that can serve as healing agents, among other things. Defenestration: A process named after the act of throwing something out the window, this is the method of removing or weakening magical properties in an alchemical creation. The exact method to go about this varies depending on what an alchemist has on hand, but it is often done either through the careful use of magical spells or the addition of specific metals. Digestion: In this alchemical process, a solution is heated, and is allowed to slowly over the course of a great period of time, boil down to a thicker, and more sticky form of itself. With vaporization, the chemicals within are allowed to concentrate down into a semi-pure sludge form. Distillation: Distillation pertains to a process by which a singular element is divided from a solution, or a section of plant matter. The solution, or plant matter, is placed into an iron crucible, which is heated, allowing the vapor of the lowest vapor point element within to float upwards into a condensation chamber. After it has condensed, the separated element flows downwards into a collection chamber. Distillation is complicated, and cannot be done by lesser alchemists- however, it creates the most pure substances possible. Earthing: Earthing is a process by which an amount of fresh soil, or other nutrient-rich solution is combined with the alchemical reagents. This allows the combined mix to begin leeching nutrients and base minerals from the nutrient-rich soil or other concoction. Though, this takes a considerable amount of time, it does result in an increased potency in objects such as healing creations. Exposure: The act of exposing an alchemical substance to the natural elements or significant airflow, it is an alchemist’s way of allowing the natural world to work upon their creation to alter its properties. The results of this can vary drastically depending on the creation’s composition, though they’ll be strongest with primarily organic creations. Fermentation: Fermentation is the process of allowing a compound to break down naturally at the hands of bacteria and other organisms. It generally alters the potency of an alchemical creation’s properties, although by how much and what can vary heavily. Filtration: The process of using a filter to remove materials from a brew, this can have varying effects depending on what’s stripped from the alchemical creation by the process. Generally, this removes or weakens side effects of a creation. Imbuement: The process of adding or strengthening magical properties in an alchemical creation. While the exact means of going about this varies, it is most often done by various magical spells or the addition of magical ingredients. Sublimation: Sublimation is the process of converting a liquid or semi-liquid alchemical reagent to a solid. It operates under the process of heating the reagent to a high temperature, vaporizing it to the upper end of a sublimation container. Once cooled, the reagent will solidify, having lost the water and vaporous qualities, thus becoming a solid.