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    First, reports were silent across the world. It felt as if the political turmoil before the maddened destruction of Foli had finally begun to set back in. Kingdoms squabbled, some vying for war, others searching for the next looming threat. They didn't expect it to begin so soon. All across Aversia, mysterious disappearances of townsfolk is taking place. Some who were good hard working people, others who might have been a bit shadier, to even some of the upper aristocracy. All without prejudice, all gone, with only a single mark upon the walls of their homes or stores. That of a Brass Chalice, filled with a purple liquid and that oh so familiar eye shape in the center. Yet within a few days, it all stopped without a trace. No more abductions, supposed kidnappings-the already depleted population of the world was left with even less. And then Florentia, as well as Mittelreik receives an important report. It soon spreads everywhere like wildfire, as the symbol makes another appearance. The friendly Rahktari tribe located in the desert sands were found by a patrol almost a month after their interaction..were dead, slaughtered in bunches along with their children and their leader. And that mark lay plastered against the wall. Soldiers told of strange whispers if they spent too much time inside there-a feeling of something watching them, and there was no evidence of a fight. There were no wounds, no blood, no battle..merely the smell of rotting corpses, and the strange dark whispers. And despite all this, the peasants, few now in number along the borders of Mittelreik and Versieva begin to mumble as the creeping frost approaches. "Isn't Glacies comin' a bit early?"
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    Hello everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Ginja, some of you may know me, some of you may not, some of you may still be wondering "Is it pronounced with a soft or a hard G?" (It's soft) Because of this I am planning on making this introduction proper. I have been a part of the Aethier community since early 2015, where I played a few minor characters for about a year or so before moving on. That is of course until the most recent Exodus in which I returned with a hopes of a fresh new start. Since then I have been enjoying seeing how much the server, its lore, community and experience has grown since then and I hope to continue building on that experience for the future. In the real world, I am a 24 year-old Ginger built like an asparagus currently living near the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. In life, I am a Union Carpenter as well as a freelance photographer, which I have been working as for a combined 4 years now. As the new face of the Faction Team, I hope to be able to ensure a productive, efficient, and overall successful future for the team as well as the rest of the Aethier community. If you happen to have any questions, concerns, or otherwise please feel free to message me here on the website, in game, or on discord. See you all around! ~Ginja.
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    Please stop making IC forum threads that are just redacted. If you need to send a private letter/report/etc and don't want it seen publicly on the forums, please include the information in a forum PM instead.
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    It began as a subtle shift in their behavior. Scattered reports of shadowed silhouettes of massive beasts and giant horned men, once rarely seen outside their own land were now being spotted in remote areas all across the provinces of Aversia. It didn't take long before these silhouettes turned into different colored draconian beasts and armored knights, seeming to be recovering old data from caches and scouting the terrain that seems to have changed somewhat since the last time they once ruled the lands. All but a few outright refuse contact, and most flee before others get close. Despite the sudden increase in activity, their purpose and objectives were not officially concrete, at least until now. With the Emperor of Drakonspyre making his appearance at the shambled mess that was the world council, it seems the emperor, now more than ever-believes in a vision to reclaim his birthright and prepare for war against the void, be it unity by peace or by force. There is little time to prepare, and it seems his timeline is shorter than others. In the land of Drakonspyre, armies are gathering and a navy is being hastily constructed as the forges roar to life. For the first time in an age, the Drakonspyre Imperium are looking outwards beyond their current borders, and seeking to reclaim what they once lost. The giants have returned to the playground. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This marks the beginning of the first true Arc of the 5th world, and from here it will continue in rapid succession until Arc 3-4, depending on player choices made during those times. I think the players have had enough time to get themselves properly set up, so from here on out the train has no breaks!
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    [Contact the Loremaster if you desire to add or input anything.] Era One (First World) 96 BE; First written language found, start of the Era calendar and the new Cycle. 94 BE; First civilization emerges with the coming of the Demi-Servant Erika. 92 BE; City of Haven established, Harry of House Lancelyn crowned first King of Aethius. 89 BE; Harry Lancelyn deposed shortly after ascension, Duncan Steelfist crowned second King of Aethius. 87-86 BE; First noted history of a major bandit raid, city of haven razed by the "Alverton Bandits." 85 BE; City of Stormfall is founded, Duncan remains as the second King of Aethius. 85 BE; Magic is once again found and mortals embrace it, the first mages in millenia are raised from nothing. 84 BE; Popularity of King Duncan plummets, and he abdicates the throne, shattering the crown into three pieces. 84-80 BE; Chaos overtakes the continent of Aversus, and many warlords pop up and form noble houses across the realm. 79 BE; Azuran Mal'arn recovers the three pieces of Duncan's crown and with the help of Erika reforges them. Azuran is crowned King. 78 BE; Azuran's harsh policy on the growing populace of Vallah forces them into exile, led by Rune Ardugon. 78-76 BE; Stable period within the kingdom, but rising dissent risks the crown being deposed once again. 75-74 BE; Rebellion shook the Kingdom as thousands died from riots and battles across the continent. Warlords rise and fall in the process. Much of written history is lost. 73 BE; Erika destroys Stormfall, ceasing the fight for it and gathers the remaining warlords. 72 BE; Erika triggers the first EXODUS, as the world becomes too unstable to remain within. Everyone escaped through a portal. Era Two (Second World) 71 BE; Arrival in the second world, the beginning of the second Era. 71 BE; A council is gathered lead by Felix Belmonte known as the first Triumvirate, Felix is crowned King and Sonaris declared the capital of the Kingdom. 70-65 BE; Rebuilding efforts begin to re-create stormfall, stable period for the new kingdom. 64 BE; House Eridiahl established by the exiled Ex-King Harry, The god Dahriim declaring the city of Ulntroth his sanctuary and Harry his champion. 63 BE; Christian Ardugon declared disciple of Belek, the Lucem-Ira wars begin. The Kingdom of Belmonte collapses from rebellion, the council of houses formed. 62-58 BE; Lucem-Ira Wars draw to a close with a stalemate, both deities revoke their blessings due to external pressure from Vassas. 57 BE; The purple plague created by the Black council ravages Aversus. 56 BE; The lich Khisa appears, turning Althalos into his minion who wreaks havoc and destroys many cities. Is later stopped by Ryuko and Apollyon, and the plague ceased as well. 55 BE; Khisa is stopped with the help of the realm and the council of houses. 54 BE; Ombra followers desecrate Sol holy site, Vallahism re-emerged. 53 BE; Enur overtakes the council of houses, is crowned King of Aversus. Taxes, infastructure and feudalism form. 52 BE; Enur abdicated the throne to Ester Carina, unrest followers. 51 BE; Ester Carina abdicated to Duncan Steelfist, rebellion and secession follow with the formation of the Enclave. 50 BE; Cold War ensues, Arendan, leader of the enclave assisted the King Duncan in faking his death. 50 BE; Enclave declares independence, Archontas of House Deskalos ascends with the backing of the Enclave. 49 BE; Archontas reigns in the unrest of the noble houses, appearance of mysterious being known as Fovamai. 49 BE; House Kolchrave is formed. 48 BE; Fovamai decimates the population, unleashing old villains upon the world, beginning the second EXODUS. 47 BE; Authority falls apart, Iris and Erika form a last minute portal and evacuate the remaining denizens to a new world. Era Three (Third World) 48 BE; Arrival in the third world, the beginning of the Third Era. 48 BE; Formation/Reformation of the following houses: Lohegrin, Hollowgale, Kolchrave, Deskalos, Culnax, Eridiahl, Ivengarde, de Leon, Karanus, Adeste, Huntly, Quintus, Ardugon and Vandgriz. 46 BE; Colonization begins, warlords vie for territories scattered over the 3 continents: Argione in the East, Aeoressa in the West, Anion in the north. The spirit isles lay in the center. 45 BE; The Rhosaen confederacy is born, led by house Karanus in the west, with house Culnax and Kolchrave as subordinates. The Citadel declared the Capital. 45 BE; The Kingdom of Malstellas is formed in the north, led by house Deskalos with house Lohegrin in the west and house Adeste and Ardugon in the north. Sonaris declared the Capital. 45 BE; The Kingdom of Eridiahl forms with house Eridiahl at its head in the east, with house Huntly in the west, house Ivengarde and Quintus in the east. Lucille declared capital. 45 BE; Kingdom of de Leon formed with no subordinates on the Isle of Makorath near Aoressa. 44 BE; Colonization ends, organized expansion begins. House Vandgriz forms vallah kingdom underground in the north. 44 BE; House Hollowgale colonizes the northern wastes, grows in status to regional power and shares Anion with the Kingdom of Malstellas. 43 BE; Aymer, lord of house Adeste attempts to defect to the Rhosaen confederacy. Is jailed and imprisoned, and put to death for treason. House Deskalos directly annexes their lands. 43 BE; Diplomatic Insult delivered by the Kingdom of Eridiahl when house Huntly expanded into Rhosaen lands without permission, Rhosaen Confederacy declares war when Eridiahl denies such claims in a reconquest war. Malstellas and the Confederacy signs a formal alliance. 43 BE; Kingdom of de Leon joins the war on the side of the Rhosaens after a temporary alliance, referred to as the "Coalition." Mercenaries hired on the side of the Coalition. 42 BE; The fall of Lucielle and overwhelming victory for the coalition. Every city was seized in a three pronged assault that lasted less than three mense. House Huntly and Eridiahl disbanded. Kingdom of de Leon annexes northern Argione and vassalizes Ivengarde and Quintus. Kolchrave military might shown on full display. 41 BE; Tiberius, King of house de Leon formally joins the confederacy and pushes to take leadership with its expanded power. 40 BE; Called to the Citadel by the ruler of the confederacy, Tiberius is assassinated by the alchemist Grauzu Dojjur on the orders of Anthal Karanus. War is declared on de Leon and Makorath is occupied by the confederacy. 39 BE; Hollowgale joins the kingdom of Malstellas. 39 BE; The confederacy falls when an ancient being known as "The Mimic" destroys citadel, Anthal Karanus assumed dead, makes the city its home. 39 BE; Makorath liberated by de Leon forces. Beginning of the Mimic war. 38 BE; House Lohegrin declares independence, colonizes southern Argione and moves the capital to the East. Becomes a regional power. 38 BE; House Kolchrave solidifies small Barony of Vikerne, establishes the village of Redrock. 37 BE; Hollowgale successfully usurps the Kingdom of Malstellas from house Deskalos by vassal vote. Civil conflict ensues for a long period of time. 37 BE; Mimic war casualties rising for every nation, holes in the veil appeared leading to different realms. Long lost sister of Mimic found, recovered from native world. 36-34 BE; Mimic war continues, ending with the battle of the Citadel where Albrecht, Karl and Tiberius destroy the void corrupted being, banishing it to its orb. 34-33 BE; Peace reigns across the realm, colonization and development continues. Citadel lays abandoned as a monument to the mistakes of the past. 32 BE; House de Leon and Kolchrave declare war on Vandgriz, destroying it and establishing the independent Sol kingdom of house Hawklight, led by Kraven Hawklight. 32 BE; Rise of the Heilig Empire; The first Vikerne award unlawfully annexes Lohegrin lands in the west. Pressure from de Leon on the side of Kolchrave prevents Lohegrin from declaring war. 32 BE; Kolchrave annexes Aoressa under the second Vikerne award, any rebels are swiftly put down in police action. 32 BE; Ravinius, lord of house Lohegrin assassinated in the north by Emmeline for illegal poaching. The Kingdom Corlica led by Eblis Indigo comes to power, vassalizes under The Heilig Empire. 31 BE; Kingdom of Arcturus holdings in the east annexed after swift invasion, to save more lives Tiberius bends the knee, relinquishing all but the Isle of Makorath holdings to the Kingdom of Kolchrave. All de Leon vassals taken by Kolchrave. 31 BE; Kingdom of Malstellas falls, house Hollowgale directly annexes the north under vassal rule. Bends the knee to Kolchrave by way of Royal marriage to the heir apparent Waymar Kolchrave. 31 BE; Construction begins on the hidden isle in the north for the worlds capital, named Miklagaard. 31-30 BE; The Red Plague infects the northern province of the empire, "The Red War" ensues, resulting in Albrechts death against a plagued matekai. Regency for Waymar held by the champion of Sol, Desimir. 30 BE; House Sindora on the isle of Carcenatorum forms, house Faucon forms on the coastal banks of Aeoressa. House Kolchrave, Sindora, Faucon, Corlica, Hollowgale, Luniath, Hawklight, Arcturus, Ivengarde, Quintus and Nerine remain as the current empire, with Kolchrave at its head. 29 BE; Siegfried attempts to influence politics of the empire, is purged by Kolchrave and Kaladin du Faucon rises to power. 29 BE; Waymar ascends the throne as the second Emperor of the Heilig empire. 29 BE; Infiltrators from Aestatia Destabilize and falsify plans relating to an Invasion of Aoressa, causing the emperor to focus his troops in the west. Ivengarde falls due to internal strife when Desimir marries Kyrie after Enzo commits suicide. Quintus takes the lands. 28 BE; The Aestatian invasion begins, the Spirit isle is occupied, Southern Aoressa comes under contest by the Aestatian Empire. 28 BE; The Aestatian War. Argione falls in a matter of months, South Anion and Aoressa fall swiftly along with the nearby isles. Resistance by the Empire leads to the battle of Darkwater, the current capital, resulting in the death of General Halicarnus, the champion of Sterk. Emmeline declared champion by striking the killing blow. In Anion, general Ausalis is slain by Emmeline after prolonged guerrilla conflict. Fortvoie is built and becomes the largest city in the empire led by Kaladin du Faucon. Miklagard, the new capital, finishes construction and is moved. 27 BE; End of the Aestatian war. Argione is detonated by the misuse of a darkwell which linked to the void causing the continent to shatter, forming the Aeklast. The final surrender is signed by general Cornelius and his one remaining legion left in southern Aeoressa, lead by Karl's forces. Brief exploration begins. Kaladin goes insane after Fortvoie was destroyed by the new house of Naveira and Hollowgale, becomes a pirate lord and is later killed in the Aeklast. 26 BE; The void invades extremely early due to the detonation of the darkwell. The void war begins and ends with a decisive void victory against the weakened empire. 26 BE; The citadel of the Void appears in the center of Aoressa, Vindicus created through the use of Halicarnus body starts the beginning of the end after a failed assault by the mortals. 26 BE; After decisive defeats in Aoressa, The empire is forced to pull out after the fall of Ebenen when Vindicus consumed Arvora's powers. 26 BE; The remaining survivors of Aoressa briefly occupy and evacuate via the ruined port of Fortvoie. The Mimic fails to stop Vindicus, but buys enough time for the mortals to evacuate and fight on in Anion and Miklagard. 26 BE; The spirit isle resists a void assault via the powers of Erika and the defenders. 25 BE; Laru'lael defenses finally collapse, the void begins the invasion of Anion in full force as the capital of Norheim collapses. Al'sel remains as the last bastion on Anion. 25 BE; An overwhelming void force invades the spirit tree, attempts to corrupt the heart via the enslavement of Foli. Mortals manage to get Foli to betray Vindicus, has her godly powers consumed by Vindicus, but lives. The heart remains safe, but everyone evacuates the isles as it falls to the void. 25 BE; Miklagard is assaulted by overwhelming forces, the Empire's capital falls in a matter of days. 25 BE; Remnants of everyone gather in Al'sel, learn of a way out buried deep beneath the Imperial capital, the heart of the voidlands. 25 BE; The final assault for Miklagard begins, they manage to get access to the tunnel and escape. Grauzu, the Mimic and Eliza stay behind to hold Vindicus off. 25 BE; The third EXODUS, and a new cycle. Vamaer sacrifices himself and stays behind. Era Four (Fourth World) 24 BE; Arrival in the Fourth world, the beginning of the Fourth Era. 23 BE; Founding of the Kingdoms of Norheim, Mittelreik, Verseiva, Florentia, Folset and the Luk'Mali tribes. From north to south, respectively. 22 BE; Luk'Mali tribes attack and conquer a minor greenskin tribe in the southern islands, annexing and exiling/executring the orcish leader, Oaklum. 19 BE; Beginning of the great Elven wall to encircle the lands they control. 19 BE; City of Byrgenmyre burned to the ground by Verseivan and Florentian forces due to the presence of necromancers. Annexed into Verseiva shortly after. 18 BE; Aestatian colony Revenhault assaulted by expanding Mittelreik forces, the siege was repulsed after a decisive Aestatian victory. 18 BE; Rise of the tribe of Hatiblut, lead by a powerful Lycanthrope named Ake and begins harassing the settling Norheim. 17 BE; Second assault of Revenhault results in a Mittelreik victory, city is occupied and annexed into the Kingdom. 17 BE; Folset purges and settles the last of the goblin infestation within the grand walls. 16 BE; Failed magecraft experiment in Mittelreik causes widespread damage in Verseiva, threatening the kingdom with famine. Tensions rise. 16-13 BE; The Dark elf civil war begins, with the reigning kingdom attempting to exterminate their mutated, crystalline cousins. 15 BE; On the brink of war the newly named Reiklands (Formerly Mittelreik) meets with Verseiva, concessions granted as the Reiklands lose the city of Holzgard and border adjustments finalize at the natural bend of a river. 15 BE; Holzgard renamed to Palmela following its annexation. 14 BE; Dark Elves call for aid from mercenaries of the surface, roving bands of soldiers flood into the depths to assist in ending the civil war. 14 BE; Revenhault seized by the former Aestatian soldiers in a revolt, causing a brief bout to retake the city. 13 BE; Dark Elf civil war ended, Kingdom wipes out the mutants and peace returns to the underground. 12 BE; Exiled Hanese soldiers set up a new country in the north to challenge Norheim; the Zheng Khanate. 12 BE; Ake is slain by Freydis in a final battle, ending the Lycan threat in the north. 11-9 BE; Taking advantage of perceived weakness, the Khanate declares war upon Norheim. The Duchy of Rivedora within Verseiva joins the war on Norheim's side due to the Duque Gabriel being married to the ruling Jarl Hilda. 10 BE; Near the plains of Yan'Sha, a 3 day battle occurred, ending in the retreat of the Zheng from the city of Yan'Sha after it was rigged with explosives. 10 BE; Yan'Sha is detonated, the city burns to the ground, taking the Duque Gabriel with it. 9 BE; A silent Armistice is made, unknown causes collapse the Khanate from within, the people scatter to the winds. 9-4 BE; Beginning of the Foli war against mortalkind. 8 BE; Twelve pillars erupt from the land, causing divine energies to be blocked to the mortal realm. 7 BE; Battles at the pillars ensue, resulting in defeats for the mortals as they can't get access to the pillars to destroy them. 6 BE; The first pillar crumbles under the combined weight of Folset and the Reiklands, the battle for the other pillars continues. 6 BE; Revenhault is leveled by a massive skeleton known as Gargantua created by Foli. 5 BE; Battle of Oleiros occurs as a pillar rises within the city. Sterk and Veltes lead the way with the Mortals vs Foli, results in the capturing of Sterk and severe wounding of Veltes, but the Pillar is destroyed. 5 BE; The last pillars are destroyed, and the final tower forms in the center of the world. 4 BE; The mass assault on the tower begins, Gargantua is defeated and the people rush inside. Some stay behind as Sterk's forces surround the tower and lay siege from the outside. 4 BE; Foli is defeated by Alavara by betraying her trust and harming her invincibility with the forged weapon Sunspear, is turned to a shard and banished to Vikret's realm by Mikael Merrigold. 3 BE; Instability and tensions rise between Folset and Verseiva. Nothing comes of it. 3-1 BE; The Dragons reawaken from their slumber and split the continents into three, causing the fourth EXODUS. 3 BE; It is decided the only way out is to re-activate the twelve pillars, and use the world creation tool Foli held in the tower. 2 BE; A campaign takes place by the Reiklands in the north to reestablish six pillars. The dragons attempt to stop them, to no avail. 1 BE; The last pillars are erupted despite the resistance of Vassas. The portal to the tower reopens, and after losing to Tempis are allowed through after the outside is advanced 2000 years into the future to re-establish habitability in their old home. The Interregnum and Post Revitalization (BE to AE) The Dragons continue their fight as the world around them shatters to pieces. As the conflict escalates further to engulf the other continents, the Pantheon steps in and silences them, putting them back into their slumber. The chosen remain alive and awakened as punishment for their interference with the mortals. The other nations of the world focus internally, attempting to solve their problems so as to not suffer the same fate as Aversia. A large period of unmoving events occur, as everyone looks upon the ruined Aversia with terror. Life continues for many centuries uneventfully across the world, until the cogs begin to turn. Generation after generation of Pharaohs pass in Ayinar with the greenskin threat only growing more severe. In response, Pharaoh Atum re-institutes slavery for greenskin races only, in an attempt to cull their numbers. Honji undergoes its centuries of peace with the Empress for a long, long time. Eventually, all good things must come to an end, even for the rising sun of the empire. Internal court conflicts begin to start due to uppity and complacent nobles worrying about the now rapidly aging Empress. In the lands of Bannesiel, The von Ruden family has been overthrown by a Hestark family, lead by a man named Otto von Einar. Pharaoh Atum's policies carry success, fit with his more militaristic style of ruling, many old abandoned settlements infested with greenskin tribes are pushed out, and the settlements rebuilt with orcish labor for Yusati hands. The nobles of Honji begin to take more local power, while the aging empress becomes less and less capable of doing administrative work within the empire due to her advanced age and focus upon the capital city. With his newly found powers, King Otto begins a full scale inquisition of the cursed people within his lands, but this quickly leads to a civil war when most of the nobility is found to be just as cursed as their old king. Two major battle are fought, both in favor of the King. Battle of Lugengrad, King Otto I [11,000 Infantry, 5,000 Cavalry, 2,000 Archers.] - Rebel King Raul [8,000 Infantry, 2,000 Cavalry, 1,500 Skirmishers, 750 Lycanthropes.] Pyrrhic Victory: King Otto. NOTE: Major casualties caused by unknown threat of Lycanthropes. Battle of Sifeldorf, General Aldert [4,000 Infantry, 2,000 Cavalry, 1,500 Archers.] - Rebel King Raul [7,500 Infantry, 1,500 Cavalry, 500 Skirmishers, 200 Lycanthropes.] Decisive Victory: General Aldert NOTE: Raul slain in battle by Aldert in a duel. [*]As peace and prosperity begins to set in through multiple generations, the people of Ayinar see an unprecedented level of power that has not been reached since ancient times, and Atum is heralded as the mortal aspect of Vikret, and the people's salvation. [*]Within Honji, a small revolt erupts within the empire-the first in over three-thousand years, and marks the end of the Hanese golden age. Many forces within the courts now begin to no longer unite together for the favor of the empress, but work against as they gather support for their local powers. One battle is fought. Battle of Tianjui, Daejang Dae-Hyun [120,000 Infantry, 40,000 Cavalry, 75,000 Archers.] Rebel Warlord Jung-Hwa [23,000 Infantry, 8,000 Cavalry, 5,000 Archers.] Overwhelming Victory: General Dae-Hyun NOTE: Overwhelming numbers in the Grand Hanese Army snuffed out the revolt before it could ever take off. [*]While the King Otto inevitably wins, he does so with extreme losses to manpower, and depopulation is rife throughout the land as much of the population was purged due to their curses. [*]Aestatia solves its internal civil war, with the republic emerging victorious. The top general, a man named Octavian is named the first Consul of the second Aestatian Republic. The battle of Eretnum seals the fate of the empires forces. Battle of Eretnum, General Octavian [16,000 Infantry, 4,000 Cavalry, 4,750 Skirmishers.] Emperor Marcus [23,000 Infantry, 8,000 Cavalry, 6,000 Skirmishers.] Decisive Victory: General Octavian NOTE: Use of higher ground and out-pacing the Empire's forces allowed the exhausted men to fall like ants when the battle truly began. Emperor Marcus Slain on battlefield. [*]In Belinard, merchant and pirate lords rise and fall every day. Even after two thousand years, not much ever changes in this chaotic archipelago. [*]The renewed militaristic identity burns in the Aestatian people, and the invasion of a far away land called Mycthenia is undertaken, with the lands being partially annexed into the Republic after the battles of Hieraclia, Tarsopolis and Caledocia. Battle of Hieraclia, General Octavian [20,000 Infantry, 8,000 Cavalry, 12,000 Skirmishers, 6,000 Mycthenian Auxiliaries.] General Koltrad [12,000 Infantry, 4,000 Cavalry, 6,000 Archers.] Close Victory: General Octavian NOTE: Mycthenian army inflicted major casualties and managed to retreat in order with moderate losses. Battle of Tarsopolis, General Atrius [16,000 Infantry, 6,000 Cavalry, 9,000 Skirmishers, 1,250 Mycthenian Auxiliaries.] General Koltrad [10,000 Infantry, 2,000 Cavalry, 4,000 Archers.] Decisive Victory: General Koltrad NOTE: Ambushed the Aestatian forces as they neared the city of Tarsopolis. Only 2,000 Survivors. Battle of Caledocia, General Octavian [15,000 Infantry, 5,000 Cavalry, 7,500 Skirmishers.] General Koltrad [8,000 Infantry, 3,500 Cavalry, 5,000 Archers.] Close Victory: General Koltrad NOTE: General Octavian called an organized withdrawl as the crown of Mycthenia signed a treaty annexing the western shores to Aestatian control. [*]Returning home with a triumph, internal strife within the senate while he was away begins to have light murmurs of another civil war, and Octavian is named Dictator for life by the loyal senators to deal with the problem as he sees fit. A purge begins within the senate and ends only when Aestatia is safe to his mind. This decimates the aristocracy. [*]Generations later, all the power built within Ayinar turns to naught when during the rule of Pharaoh Kutal, the greenskin slaves revolt, and the now ill-trained and complacent military fails to stop them as multiple new settlements are razed to the ground. Massive damage occurs within the capital city, killing thousands before the threat is quelled within it. [*]A son is born to Octavian, named Trajanus. [*]The final conquest of Mycthenia begins for the Aestatians, with General Octavian bringing an overwhelming force to defeat the legendary General Koltrad. Mycthenia is annexed into the Republic after the siege of Mycthen. Siege of Mycthen, General Octavian [65,000 Infantry, 24,000 Cavalry, 36,000 Skirmishers, 20,000 Mychtenian Auxiliaries.] General Koltrad [24,000 Infantry, 10,000 Cavalry, 12,000 Archers.] Close Victory: General Octavian NOTE: Most of General Octavian's army was defeated, but traitorous generals within the walls opened the gates for the better trained Aestatian forces. General Koltrad died after ten stab wounds pierced his body, and thirteen Aestatians lay dead. [*]While still mostly stable and unmoving like the great meteor which makes its capital since the revolt, instability begins to draw cracks in the eternal empire from within. The Empress is managing to keep it together with the last of her power. [*]The Pharaoh executes all greenskins, revolting or not and bans their slavery. Civil unrest follows as construction and work slows to a halt. The Pharaoh is soon deposed in favor of his brother who renews the laws, but this does not stop the rapid collapse of centuries of progress. [*]Only fourteen years of age, Octavian is assassinated by traitorous senators, and Trajanus is thrust forth as the heir to an already dying republic due to the corruption within the senate. [*]King Otto passes away in his sleep peacefully, though there is the suspicion of foul play. His son, Konrad ascends to the throne, and recovery efforts continue within the continent. [*]The new emperor of the second Aestatian Empire is born into the realm at age fifteen by the senate. Stability and internal peace rapidly rebuilds the battered nation due to the policies of Trajanus himself and his loyal advisers, and they return to a status and symbol of great power, rivaling that of Honji itself. [*]The Pharaoh is assassinated, and his brother, once deposed-becomes Pharaoh once again. Under his leadership they salvage some of what was lost, and begin a period of internal stability once more. [*]War breaks out between Aestatia and Bannesiel for conquest of fertile islands rich with resources between the two, and ends after two decisive naval victories in Aestatias favor. The treaty of Grundorf is signed, and the islands are annexed into the Empire. Battle of Ultgard Coast, Admiral Earnest [125 Ships.] Admiral Maximus [75 Ships, 50 Transports.] Decisive Victory: Admiral Maximus NOTE: Aestatian ships were much stronger due to the addition of Cannons in most of their Quadrireme ships. Second Battle of Ultgard Coast, Admiral Earnest [67 Ships.] Admiral Maximus [72 Ships, 50 Transports.] Decisive Victory: Admiral Maximus NOTE: The entire Bannesiel fleet was sunk during this battle, ending any contest for the region. [*]Soon after this humiliating loss, Resistance movements of cursed entities results in massive cults spreading all across Bannesiel, and the fate of the continent yet again hangs in a precarious balance. [*]War between Honji and Aestatia seemed inevitable as outlying islands began to be seized by Imperial forces, but due to turbulence within the court of the Empress, nothing comes of it and the islands are integrated into the Empire without resistance. [*]Seeing the vast amount of time it is taking to re-create the split land, Arvora unleashes her divine power to re-seed the blasted lands, and life takes shape once more. Settlers across the world begin to make their way back. The colonies of Drakonspyre, Sarweald and Cin-Je are created. Post Revitalization The Kingdom of Sarweald establishes coastal colonies along Arkolos, and Cin-Je expands across the continent of Ardemor to create the Kingdom of the Dawn. The first raids from Angarvunde destroy Sarweald colonies in Adelona, causing them to expand with greater security and effort. Sarweald colonies grow more ambitious within Arkolos, as they venture west to set a new frontier..they do not return, and further expeditions are halted when all that remained were piles of ash when others went to see the survivors. The rumors of dragons throughout Arkolos becomes persistent in all the colonies, and soon, a dragon the size of a town makes its way over to the city of Sarweald. Upon it a single knight in armor, and a declaration of war. This mysterious place, only known as the lands of Drakon, now embark on a war of eternal conquest. These missives soon arrive at Kingdom of Dawn as well. Within the span of a sept, five colonies disappear from the map, with nothing but ash remaining where they once stood. Sarweald sends a medium force to the continent to attempt to defend their final colony of Ebonsport, which leads to a battle. Battle of Ebonsport, Hezard, The Silent Second [One Dragon, Hezard.] Commander Haiden [6,000 Infantry, 2,000 Cavalry, 3,000 Archers.] Decisive Victory: Hezard The Silent Second. NOTE: The city itself was mostly spared, but every soldier was wiped out by Hezard or his dragon Liqwd with previously unseen power. [*]Ebonsport was conquered, and made the first hold of Drakonspyre that was not the capital itself. The first of many conquests, with Arkolos secured, the Emperor looked northward to the Kingdom of Dawn. [*]Wasting no time, The emperor himself on his Dragon Jango arrives in the only port city in the Kingdom of Dawn, Haizhou, and initiates battle with the garrisoned forces there. Battle of Haizhou, Aurelion [One Dragon, Aurelion] Commander Shan [2,000 Infantry, 4,000 Archers, 5,000 Aervani Warriors.] Decisive Victory: Aurelion NOTE: The city of Haizhou was razed to the ground by Jango, Aurelion's dragon, and all survivors slaughtered soon after as he was allowed to feast within the city. [*]Seeing the destruction capable by a single man, the leader of the Kingdom of Dawn, who's name has been lost to history due to the scorching of any record of him, created the largest force the continent would ever see on its own soil to march and defeat Aurelion, who now rested in Haizhou's ruins. In response, and perhaps a show of power, all of the twelve Drakonspyre knights arrived for the battle. 2nd Battle of Haizhou, Emperor Aurelion [12 Dragons, 12 Riders] King of the Kingdom of Dawn [20,000 Infantry, 12,000 Cavalry, 30,000 Archers, 15,000 Aervani Infantry.] Decisive Victory, Emperor Aurelion NOTE: Eight dragon riders were used in the battle, including Hezard. All enemy forces were destroyed or routed. The King did not survive. Three dragons were wounded. [*]Following the 2nd battle of Haizhou, Aurelion ordered the forced relocation of all Kingdom of Dawn settlements to the now reconstructing Haizhou. The cities themselves were to be destroyed and all history of the kingdom was to go with it. Upon inspecting the utterly defeated Kingdom, Hezard spoke three words to Aurelion. "Kingdom of Dusk." One of the few times Aurelion was noted to smile, and even breath a chuckle. [*]As the Kingdom of Dawn was utterly defeated to the north, a small enclave managed to hide and create a village deep within the pines of the northern forests. They remain alive to this day. [*]Sarweald, seeing the final defeat of the Kingdom did not sit idle. Ever since the defeat of Arkolos, it invested heavily into ballistae and archer-based garrisons all around the colonies, including the city itself. They were never able to be tested properly. [*]Aurelion sought to finish the fight with Sarweald as simply as the Kingdom of Dusk. The Dragon riders bypassed the colonies, heading straight for the capital. King Harren saw this, and rallied every mercenary and soldier-militia, even, he could find. Together, south of the now aptly named river of fire, the battle was fought for control of Adelona. Battle of the River of Fire, Emperor Aurelion [12 Dragons, 12 Riders.] King Harren [12,000 Infantry, 6,000 Cavalry, 16,000 Archers, 20,000 Militia.] Decisive Victory: Emperor Aurelion NOTE: The bodies and ash that layered the ground after the defeat is rumored to have caused the fungal biome to appear near the mountain range. [*]After the defeat, Sarweald submitted to Drakonspyre rule, and all of their colonies were relegated back to the city itself. The provinces were now ruled under a single, ambitious banner of the Drakonspyre Empire. The river where the battle was fought was then aptly named by the people of Sarweald, as they could see the reflections of the battle from the city itself..including the aftermath. [*]In the northern wastes, the survivors of the split cover the fields, mutated and disillusioned toward the terrifying reality they now live as they awake from a long slumber. The settlement of Angarvunde is built to centralize their people, whom soon adopt the identity of notorious, mutated raiders. [*]For over three centuries, nothing changed. Drakonspyre consolidated its rule, and colonists from the capital formed villages and cities all over Aversia. That was, until the day known simply as the Great Destruction, when the Prime-Evil K'Daai erupted from the largest volcano in the nine circles. The empire after the fall of the capital was devastated, and the Emperor assumed dead. Everything began to fall apart. [*]Sarweald, about a Tsel later, declared its independence, and forcefully relocated all Danakov of Drakonspyre from Adelona and Ardemor back to Arkolos. Not long after, a decree from the emperor, within the ruins of the capital, called all citizens back home. Somehow, the Prime-Evil was contained beneath the circles once more, and the Emperor alive and well. [*]From this point on, Sarweald assumed the Empire destroyed and instituted a republic government to better run the nation, as a monarch could not be agreed upon to rule it. For a century, peace ruled, except for the occasional raids of Angarvunde, whom blossomed into a threat that kept anyone and everyone out of the northern wastes. Era Five (Fifth World) 1 AE; The Aversians arrive once more into the world at the Spirit Isle after two-thousand years, whom are greeted by the Avatar of Arvora and the Demi-Servant Erika. They are told the brief summary of the past two-thousand years since they were away. 1 AE; Erika makes a deal with the Republic of Sarweald, selling her a few ships to allow the Aversians to explore their new home. The first leads to Adelona, and to the port of Sarweald itself. In the lands of Adelona, the Reiklands, Shogunate of Zheng, The Heartlands and the Duchy of Gravemont are formed, alongside a small hamlet named Sanctuary. 1 AE; Expeditions to Ardemor find the lost Pine Village, the Aversians are met with surprise and some hostility. Further colonization allows the creation of the Kingdom of Boleira, The Skjøldfólk and the Mundas'Ranaz tribe. 1 AE; Drake Annex, the leader of Sanctuary, and a high ranking officer of the Shogunate duel due to a dispute about a punishment dealt to his son. This leads to increased tensions between the two factions. 2 AE; An expedition to Arkolos discovers the empire alive and well within the city of Drakonspyre, and the Sarweald forces are wiped out. Further colonization of the continant forms the Archduchy of Avalon, the Kingdom of Ara'Sil and the County of Holmsgard. 2 AE; The Islands surrounding the continents are then settled last, with the Vallis Academy, and secretive Illysari. 2 AE; A brief skirmish erupts between the Heartlands and Duchy of Gravemont, resulting in minor casualties over military access issues. This ends in a stalemate, with Gravemont eventually repulsing the Heartlands. 2 AE; The increased tensions following a variety of other minor issues and reasons hidden behind closed doors results in the beginning of the Zheng-Sanctuary war, with the Heartlands, Illysari and men purchased from the Duchy of Gravemont supporting them. Sanctuary reached out, and the Archduchy of Aveyron, the Reiklands and minor support of Ara'sil in the form of selling ships to Aveyron.
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    Vikarus The Second Sin Physical Changes: Those who find themselves cursed into becoming a Vikarus share universal traits with one another. During the night their noses will curve forwards and form into that of a beak, hovering just above their mouths. Feathers will grow in two colors, one of which being a vivid golden yellow and the other being the natural color of their hair. Should the Vikarus be blonde, the feathers will be golden yellow and white. This process is extremely painful and maddening, as their bodies are physically morphed to something they are naturally not. These feathers cover the entirety of their upper face, only leaving room for their mouth and chin underneath their beak to be shown with skin. It then travels down their neck, shoulders, sides, thighs and all along their arms and hands. Their fingers will contort into growing long talons in the place of finger nails which are pitch black. The middle of their back is free from freathers oddly enough, however they will grow a tail of feathers that goes all the way down to their knees in length. The Vikarus’s ears will also become covered in feathers, often sticking out of their hair even if their ears would otherwise not. The eyes of a Vikarus will always be silver, though upon changing to night the whites of their eyes will turn black and the silver will glow softly as if emitting moonlight. Mental Changes: The Vikarus have no notable mental changes besides that they tend to avoid the night time as well as darkness, due to the painful transformation that occurs to them every time the sun disappears from the sky. Origin of Trait: The original sin is one which has been spoken and known since the beginning of its reign. Fanatical ombrites who, in their fervor, slew the peaceful men and women of a Solarii cathedral were cursed by the Deity Sol to be shunned away forevermore from the sun. As a group of those seeking wonder and exploration, a peaceful Ombrite church soon became a victim of the same history that cursed those ombrite with what is known today as Vallahism. Now known and spread since its conception in word of mouth and history, the Vikarus, commonly referred to as the second sin, is a curse given from Ombra to change those of the sun to be shunned and malformed in the face of the moon. Acquisition: Those who were cursed have become what they originally sought to destroy. This is not generally applicable save for those who hate the cursed Vikarus. The curse was born for those who bore hatred to vallah and thus signifies how cyclical hatred can be. The curse when manifesting twists the cursed into madness and fervor, having fallen from the grace they once sought to bestow on others. This cursory hate develops from what they are rather than who someone is, judging others based not on their ideals, but their appearance and presumptions. Mechanics: Feathers cover their body and their nose turns into a beak, though only the top half of such, as well as their nails turn into bird talons. These talons have the same strength as iron. Their feathers feel waxy and cannot ignite as easily as regular feathers yet this does not stop them from being burned. The talons are capable of holding flame much like it was a liquid indefinitely, their hands unable to be scorched by the flame. Flames will not burn out when being held by their talons as their feathers serve as an unending fuel source. They can mold this flame into a ball the size of their palm like a snowball and throw it in two turns. This flameball will stick to surfaces and inflict second degree burns, however without anything to burn it will only last for a singular turn. [*]Transforming into their feathered body during the night will remove any sort of wings from races that naturally have them, preventing them from flight. This process is extremely painful to transform into and takes two turns to fully transform. They will feel as if they are being burned from the inside out during the process, reminding them of their sin. [*]Vikarus are weak to holy items and silver. When coming into contact with these items they will receive burns that vary on the longevity of contact. [*]Vikarus have to hunch over during night time as they become frail. Their strength is decreased by one level as well as their speed on the racial chart. Strength: Goblin > Skrayln > Elf > Human > Orc > Bru'Tag > Minotaur > Hrim Giant [*]Speed Hrim Giant > Minotaur > Bru'Tag > Orc > Human > Elf > Skralyn > Goblin [*]While in darkness the Vikarus are unable to see unless they have a light source present with them. They cannot see in dim light either and can only see in moderate or bright light. While in moderate light their eyes will strain to see, though bright light they can see normally. [*]In contrast to being unable to see in the dark, they cannot be blinded by bright flashes of light. [*]When in the presence of moonstones they will be forced into their more avian appearance with all of the drawbacks included. [*]Docile creatures of the night will be naturally aggressive towards them. [*]The eyes of the Vikarus are constantly silver. [*]Vikarus do not have a reflection in silver-backed mirrors. Races that can contract Vikarus: Humans Elves Orcs Goblins Halfbreeds (not Half Mer) Danakov Dwarves Satyr Dryads Aervan Skralyn Fey
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    The cultists chanted, their candles and chalk laid upon the stone. A circle of magic so large it could rival the diameter of the tower Foli erupted from the earth. Each rune, each sigil lit up with violet energies, transferring to the next. Even without the staff, they would have their result. The end demanded it so. The man in the center released his collected divine energies he absorbed, killing every other cultist within the center, including himself as the sigil lit up with their blood spilled onto the stone. And then the very world itself cracked nearly in twain. The explosion was deafening, and the power of its shockwave shattered every piece of glass, both ornamental and functional without a second thought. The very ground around the mountains cracked open like an eggshell, and magma poured out from all sides, decimating any chance of survival that those near the explosion had with them. From Frjalstad to Tyr'Varune, the smoke and flame could be seen as it covered the skies above with ash and soot. Even the Aestatians, the Hanese-all could see what just occurred. To those near the center that were not instantly vaporized, they would be deaf for the rest of their lives, as the volcanic eruption sent such a sound that the world itself heard it four, no-five times over. Rubble was thrown into the air, going across the world as fireballs of hot rocks came down like meteors from the sky. Armageddon. If it wasn't that, it was a bad omen, or yet another mistake of mortal man that the world must pay for... And then from it yet louder, the cry of a Dragon roared, and the sky itself darkened from her flaming wings. After the Initial shock and awe, Monsaraz and Lorena were buried beneath the magma..and the world itself heaves as it continues to split, and shake. Soon, reports of dragons appearing, sightings-even attacks on the outskirts of every nation began in earnest. And yet it is far from over...
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    Snow falls all across Aversia. The plains, the tundra, the swamps, the jungles. Across all of the land, snow and ice pelt across, forming crystals and beautiful ice shards like gemstones which baffles and amaze the peoples, yet fill them with a sense of dread and fear for what was to come from this. In the icy deep hinterlands of Ardemor, a great beam of icy cold light pierces the sky and fills it light that covers the world for only the briefest of moments. A small group of unknown beings have supposedly stumbled upon and, in their gamble of fate, awoken an Elder Dragon, one of the three which brought about the great cataclysm of the old world. Eldredlar, the Elder of Ice, has been seen taking flight and roaming the northern plains of both Ardemor and Adelona, unknown in its purpose. Yet those which witnessed the end before know what happens after the first domino falls. Rumblings in Adelona's south are felt, as another great being has begun to rouse from its slumber. And in the West, the volcanoes of the nine circles begin to erupt randomly, their veins of fire being pushed, triggered and bursted forth as something rumbles beneath the crust of the planet. Where one awakens, others will follow. But will they cause the cataclysm of the world again, or will they instead rally to its inevitable defense? In Farcanith, the situation continues to degrade, and the rumblings of the prime evils are beginning to become desperate. All the while, the Dragon Emperor continues his reign virtually unopposed besides in the east, as more and more rumors of atrocity and ruthless acts continue to surface from within...
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    The Imperial prestige and knightly system The Imperial Unity https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/topic/48512-❖-the-imperial-unity-❖/&tab=comments#comment-287600 “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True Nobility lies in being superior to your former self” -Hemingway Although the Eastern Empire is a land of many cultures and ways where Merit is queen amongst values, the backbone of the Great Nation’s upbringing and stability remains the noble estates, those from whom the ownership of the land, the mastery of the mind and the leadership of blades most often derive from. To ensure that all kin remain equal and that the merit of all is judged adequately, it is in the Empire’s best interests to quantify, recognize and grant true legitimacy to its nobilities. For a land where the lowest bear no respect for the highest and the titles of one can be self-given is no true state at all. As they are recognized by the Imperial Throne, any and all bearers of titles listed below are to be recognized across the Empire as such with all due honors and deference; for the cult of Merit only survives through acknowledgement of the sacrifices and dedication to the Imperial Cause displayed by those bearing its weight on their shoulders. Let it be known that the Imperial Throne will henceforth legitimize all current noble landowners and kin, and henceforth bestow upon the deserving their newfound titles; so that all may treat rightful might and mutual respect with the deserved deference. In such a mindset, what is defined as “Noble” may be separated into three categories; The titles of the Land, of Virtue and of the Blade. The most conventional and feudal of the three, the titles of the Land define all current and soon-to-be landowners within the wide swathes of the Empire. From lowly samurais and knights to Daimyos and Dukes, all such rulers whom often bear land, lift military levies and own estates and castles are to be considered Titles of the Land. Titles of the Land are, unlike the other types, sometimes inherited through primogeniture, although such is usually frowned upon unless the heir apparent has proven their capacities and skill sufficiently beforehand. Landowner Dynasties, Clans and Houses of the Empire are often amongst the oldest running nobilities, yet must nonetheless constantly fight and endure to maintain their reputation and status. Those who cleave into history through virtue and merit claim hold to a set of titles that overwhelm even the most prude of aristocrats. Through action and deed one may become granted a position within the Imperial Court that reflects the prowess they truly earned. One that holds a Title of Virtue are the heart of the Empire; truly embodies what it means to hold prestige, unity, and honor. Amongst their ranks are ladies of the court, scholars, gentlemen and honored masters of arts and spirituality. These titles are seldom if ever inherited, but granted by royalties and the Imperial Throne itself for exception and excellence. The ancient paths of honor, and ways of the sword have been taught, trained, and practiced from the very ancients that united Honji, to the explorers that explored not land, but spirituality, honor, and techniques of war. The Imperial Army stands to not only protect the Empire, but bring forth the ideals that make the Titles of the Blade, much more than just military ranking. Granted through the ranks of the Imperial Army or from the Provincial Armies, titles bestowed are most honored and respected from their service. Obtaining rank, recognition or power in the Empire A meritocratic system, the Empire presents more straightforward paths to power, paths that by and large exclude dynastic plotting and familial cloak-and-daggery. If one settles on a path they wish to follow, seldom it is that they will be stopped in trying, should they prove to bear the skills and expertise necessary. Concretely, titles are bestowed unto one by the Emperor himself, at predetermined times or ceremonies to come. Such can include meetings of the Genkoshu [Privy Council], victory celebrations or state promotion events, and the deed is often accomplished in front of the entire Court, or most of the High Leadership. Imperial patronage is obtained through extraordinary feats of arms, of arts and of achievements, where one truly shines in the path and destiny they seek to pursue, outmatching any other challenger. Titles of the Land His Imperial Majesty; Ghazan I Khubilai Kayama Zheng Her Imperial Consort; --- His Highness, Shogun of Yamashiro; Ghazan I Khubilai Kayama Zheng Her Majesty, Queen of Duken and Ilysari; Ishani I Athanas Alfansia de Rios Noctis His Majesty, King-Consort of Ilysari; Perise de Noctis His Excellency, Duke of Gravemont; Duke Ungern O’duul-Byrza Her Excellency, Daimyo of Gunsan; Yuna Kim Daimyo His Excellency, Baron of Gallowgrave; Oberon von Galgenfels His Lordship, Lord of Aeternum; Lord Desmond Annex-Morgenstern His Lordship, Lord of Aeternum; Lord Maars Annex-Morgenstern His Lordship, Dynast of Azai Lord Masanao Azai Her Ladyship, Lady of Azai Lady Mashi Azai-Anayama His Lordship, regent Dynast of Jien Lord Samurai Subukai Jien Her Ladyship, Matriarch of Jien Lady Siv Jien-Lahti His Lordship, Dynast of Ardugon Lord Rune Ardugon Her Ladyship, Matriarch of Ardugon Lady Lyra Ardugon Titles of Virtue Imperial Minister of Spirituality, Scholar of Wisdom His excellency, Xiao Xinping Imperial Minister of the Interior, Security and Peace His excellency, Masanao Azai Imperial Minister of the Exterior, Diplomacy and Trade His excellency, Chan Xiao Sek Imperial Minister of the Navy, of the Grand Admiralty Her excellency, Yuna Kim Imperial Physician Lady Moon Maika Zheng Imperial Court Madō-shi [Court Mage] ---- Imperial Steward ---- Imperial Princes and Princesses His excellency, Ryuji Xuefeng Zheng ---- ---- ---- Master of Ceremony Ungern O’duul-Byrza Master of Shrines Xiao Bartzabel Master of Trade Dragan Ziebog Imperial Master Engineer ---- Imperial Chief Architect ---- Keepers of the Sacred Tree ---- Matron Okasan of the Imperial Maidens Lady Tomitsuru Otoko-Galgenfels Imperial Handmaidens Lady Aika Narengawa Lady Tomitsuru Otoko Court Calligrapher Lord Aeson Brodielonde Court Poet Lady Geneviève d'Angoulême Court Sensei ---- Imperial Herald Aurelius do Rosario Imperial Lawspeaker ---- Member of the Honored Order of the Red Garden Ghazan Zheng Oberon von Galgenfels Chung Jien Ungern O’duul-Byrza --- --- --- Titles of the Blade Taishogun, Grand Marshal of the Imperial Armies Oberon von Galgenfels Imperial Minister of the Navy, of the Grand Admiralty Her excellency, Yuna Kim Shikikan [Regional Commander] Subukai Jien, Commander of the righteous wall Bastien di’Oridan, Commander of Duken’s stalwart ---- ---- Master of the Hunt Akuma Yasei Master of Horses Leng Kui Master of Hawks ---- Master of Knights ---- The Five Great Generals The Dragon General ---- The Demon General ---- The Tiger General Chung Jien The Wolf General ---- The Raven General ---- The Honored Samurai [Knights] Leng Kui Yamada Nagamasa Saito Mamoru Bolatev Zhou Yasei Akuma Timothy Artorius ----- ----- ----- [Titles are subject to be added and filled as time passes. Anyone sworn unto the Emperor has a path to gain any of them, with little restriction] This system is to work hand in hand with the Clan/House System, found here and soon to be applied across the Imperial Federation. https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/index.php?/topic/45542-the-clan-system/
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    The Red War The Red War had begun in silence as each side had begun their quiet schemes in order to thwart the other. The Zheng Shogunate having caught word of Sanctuary’s intentions recalls on lessons past from the Yan-Sha war, and rather than let their enemy garner the upperhand seek to deal a killing blow swiftly and deftly to their border in order to eliminate the threat of the Champion of Sterk and his men. Meanwhile in Sanctuary, troops were being trained, raised, and prepared for war against the Shogunate with hopes that they would one day strike first. This day however did not come. After nights of travel, the Zheng along with hired mercenaries from the Black Sun company out of Gravemont were employed in deadly force, marching in indiscriminate large numbers and under the cover of twilight. As Sanctuary had received word that a large force was on the horizon, it had become too late. The the sound of fire and artillery had begun, bombarding Sanctuary from the North and Western sides, dealing heavy casualties as the men of Sanctuary went to hold out for a defense. The Zheng had planned their attack well and the setting sun obscured his troops from accurate fire from Sanctuary in the West. Flames spew forth from shaman in the West, bombarding Sanctuary and setting it and its men alight. The goal of the men in the settlement: repel or stall the attack long enough for their allies in the distant north to arrive. The Zheng’s goal: eliminate the opposition at all cost and make Sanctuary a haven for the followers of the Spirit of Ambition rather than these pretenders. The stage was set; an epic conflict was to be soon. Meanwhile, ships have gone missing from Tanohata, venturing into oceans unbeknownst by those they would offend. Note: Sanctuary is now blockaded. No communication will leave Sanctuary by those on Sanctuary's side. Players currently in Sanctuary will not be able to leave until determined by the outcome of the Event. Overview The Crimson Tide: The people of Sanctuary lose men from the Pro-Zheng Black Sun assault totaling 94 Levymen, 33 Bowmen, and 23 Spearmen are killed or severely injured and left to die on the battlefield. The remaining 6 Levymen, 17 Bowmen, and 2 Spearmen retreat back into their other lines in order to bolster their forces. The people of Pro-Zheng Gravemont lose men from Sanctuary totaling 2 Dismounted Knights, 14 Crossbowmen, 8 Longbowmen, 17 Spearmen, 27 Levymen. The people of the Zheng Shogunate lose men from Sanctuary totaling 6 Bowmen, 17 Levymen, and 1 Dismounted Knight. [*]The Northern Red: Zheng Shogunate and Sanctuary forces will conflict at the northern archway. This will be the location these two factions will have people assigned during the event. [*]The Southern Red: Pro-Zheng Gravemont will come into conflict with Sanctuary forces. This will be the location these two factions will have people assigned during the event. [*]The Yellow Stall: Point Yellow is where the first conflict of Coalition and Sanctuary forces occur and will be ongoing during the event. [*]The ratio of men [based on manpower] permitted in the event [Reminder: The DM will manage the forces the day of before the event when everyone is in attendance so that ratios are fair, coordinating with all leaders involved.]: Zheng: 2 Players Pro-Zheng Gravemont Mercenaries: 1 Player Tanohata: 1 Player Sanctuary and Pro-Sanctuary Gravemont Mercenaries: 1 Player
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    This is an official announcement regarding the new rework of the Ban and Appeal system, that will be effective immediately. Additionally, to reflect the new changes, we will be systematically going over the current roster of banned players and deciding whether or not they should be unbanned or should have to appeal as part of an 'Indefinite Ban'. Here is the vote to pass this change in system. For: Against: Tree Olyblob Natureluvr LordoftheDank Val Kososki To view the thread please see the below thread. This section has seen an overhaul, the focus being largely on the fact that votes on warnings will now be public to the players who have had the action taken against them, and if no action is taken. The vote will still be made available in the report made. Otherwise, warnings build up and expire naturally, if you have two warnings you are on a last warning status. Three unexpired warnings is a ban. This section has only experienced a small change. The phrase ' Special circumstances such as repeat offences may result in a different expiration time.' as we felt that such actions would be handled in the changes to how bans are handled. All warnings expire after 3 months. This is the BIG Change. Ban reports now include public votes on the ban and as much evidence as possible. The Appeal system is 90% gone, instead of being banned and having to appeal to have the ban removed. Instead you will now be 'Temp-Banned' depending on how many times you have been banned. Once the ban expires you can return to the server. Once you return to the server after being banned, you will now experience a 1 OOC month Probation period, during which you need to demonstrate that your behaviour has changed since you were banned. Effectively, you need to not perform any behaviour that would warrant a ban or a warning. Should you conduct yourself in such a manner during your probation. You will be banned, and your ban timer will reset and escalate to the next timer. These 'Temp-bans' are not appealable. These are the new timers that scale with more bans you have as a player. Should you be deserving of having four or more bans under your belt, then you will experience an 'Indefinite Ban'. This most reflects the old ban and appeal system. Instead of being 'Temp-banned', you will instead be banned indefinitely until you appeal to return. If your appeal fails, nothing happens as you are still just banned. If you are successful, you return to the server and experience a 3 OOC month probation period. If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this updated system, please leave your constructive comments on the forum thread below.
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    Hello All, For those that don’t know who I am, I am Tree and your current Event Secretary... although I suppose now I need to say I am your new Moderation Team Lead! I was going to meme about the new dictatorship I plan to install but maybe another day, I just want to give you all some insight into what I hope to achieve and roll out very shortly as I take on this role. It’s a big job and I’ve got a lot of work to do, so any suggestions or feedback on current moderation affairs, please PM on discord. At Tree#5946 . So without further ado here are some things I want to roll out very shortly: Greater Transparency between the team and player base. This includes people being able to view their own watchlists spare from very private information, but this increase in transparency will aim to include regular feedback threads and a monthly meeting to recap the month and address any concerns the players have. Though always feel free to message me!! Review and possible overhaul of the Code of Conduct. I plan to sit down with moderation and go through the code of conduct to see if there are any vital tweaks or major overhauls we can make to the rules to better improve them. Any feedback is appreciated. Rework of the ban and appeal system. A definite goal of mine is to restructure and rework the ban/appeal system to streamline it, possibly remove appeals to make bans more objective and fair to all players whilst putting the greater welfare of the community first. Commendation system Whilst moderation is very negative in what we do, banning and warning people. I aim to bring some light by introducing a commendation system that encourages moderation and players to recognise positive contributions to the community. With the players receiving the most commendations a month possibly being rewarded with forum credits. This desired goal currently needs some brainstorming. I hope I’ve given you some insight into what I want to achieve as Moderation lead, if you have any suggestions or concerns about myself or any of my desired changes. Hit me up on discord and I’ll respond honestly. -Tree
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    Hello Aethier Community! The following thread is a bit long, but I strongly suggest reading it in full in order to get the complete context and reasoning for all of the new changes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the changes, feel free to contact me on Discord at natureluvr#5448 and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can! First clarification: the Weapon Mechanics (Universal) section of the CRP Moderation Standards thread have been edited to clarify emote times regarding the drawing of projectile weapons. The update is quoted below. Second clarification: the Aethier Rules & Policies thread has been updated to include a section under Content Rules addressing references to and use of IRL drugs in roleplay (not counting tobacco and alcohol). This has never been permitted but wasn't written down clearly anywhere, so we've edited that in. The update is quoted below. Third clarification: Moderation Team is taking an official public stance with the community regarding a behavior that has becoming fairly commonplace lately. Situations in which players go up to a Team Member or Team Leader and say something along the lines of "You're biased so I don't respect anything you say or decide." is considered toxic behavior. Saying something like this directly to the team member/leader or making these accusations while they are handling a situation for you is considered malicious and will result in a warning. Nothing good can ever come of situations like these, so there is no reason for them to occur. Concerns of bias should always be brought respectfully and appropriately to the Team Leader if a Team Member is in question or to IA if a Team Leader is in question, along with any supporting evidence. This way, genuine concerns can be properly investigated. This update to the Aethier Rules & Policies thread is quoted below. First new implementation: Moderation Team has discussed and reviewed the current precedents and treatments of "combat logging" situations. We are changing the way we treat combat logs in attempt to be more fair and understanding with special circumstances. We are also putting more information about combat logs in writing on the Aethier Rules & Policies thread in order to be more transparent with the playerbase. The update to this policy has been implemented under the No Avoiding RP Consequences section of the rules and is quoted below. Second new implementation: Recently there has been a lot of confusion regarding warnings and whether or not they expire, how long they take to expire, if they should require appeals to expire, how warning expiration impacts potential for bans, etc. Moderation Team has thoroughly discussed this issue and come to conclusions regarding how we want points and expiration to work. We have posted up a new thread titled 'Information on Warnings, Warning Points, Bans etc.' which you can find here. We have done our best to include information regarding Moderation procedures with the goal of being more clear and fair with the playerbase. All warnings given prior to today, April 19, 2020, will follow whatever warning expiration date was stated on the warning. --- Thank you all so much for taking the time to read through all of our updates! Sorry for the huge post, but we wanted to roll out as many changes at once as we could in order to avoid spamming the forums with updates. Thank you for your understanding and we hope that all of our changes and clarifications will have a positive impact for the server!!
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    After a thorough investigation conducted by Internal Affairs regarding the recent Teardrop theft attempt event, it has been decided that a void is warranted. This event that occurred on April 9, 2020 has been voided. As a result, all roleplay resulting from this event has also been voided. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause players, and we thank you for your understanding regarding this matter. Below I will be tagging several people who were directly involved in the event. @Kyle1322 @Phantom @Stylo @StarGlaze @Cat956 @Abivi @Moncher @Bones_Apart @LordOfTheDank
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    Hello Aethier, Firstly, we hope you all are doing well and that those of you going back to work or to school are keeping safe and well. This announcement and thread is a message from the Team Leaders and also Faction Team and Moderation team by extension. Over the last month or so we have been rather thoroughly investigating and bothering the Angouleme faction on the server as a result of concerns or reports made to both the teams. Additionally, Team Leaders and HR were involved as well due to some outstanding Internal Affairs reports that required addressing and necessitated a similar investigation of these players. From the teams stated above and from The Team Leaders of Aethier, we’d like to apologize for the rather draining and thorough investigations, whilst it is our job to follow up on all reports, we found no wrongdoing in most if not all of our investigations and are aware that the process has been exhausting and demoralizing for the group of players. For that we apologize. We would like to take this time to encourage all players to communicate with one another, to be friendly and attempt to amicably solve their differences. Should however situations arise where those issues can’t be dealt with in such a manner then we encourage you to escalate it to the necessary teams with appropriate evidence and reasoning. We would like to ask that forming reports based off of rumors or hearsay serves no one any good and can at times only waste everyone's time. Once more, we are sorry for the demoralizing investigations and admit we found no wrong-doings in our investigation. Please all have a good day/night, -Tree & Serethia
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    It was a cold, sunless winter morning, and the silence of the grave lay above Jacobin's Retreat. A great imperial army, ten tousand strong, surrounded the city. It was composed of men and women with a myriad cultures and heritages, yet all worked together towards a common goal- To dismantle The Coalition once and forevermore, and erase what was left of the Lich's influence in Adelona. South of the city, General Jien commanded a flanking maneuver targeting the city's artillery, while the main force prepared an assault from the north, commanded by General Oberon. The tension that lay in the air was thick, and the men were hesitant. "It's quiet. Too quiet." Said a cannoneer. The city was empty, save for piles upon piles of corpses that lay strewn about everywhere, an aerial scout reported. "A civil war?" One of the commanders inquired, to which the general responded "No. They are waiting for us. Let us make some noise and wake them up." And when the call for fire came, the thunderous roars of the imperial cannons were overshadowed by the blowing of a horn from deep within the city. The sky darkened, and sun's light faded as it darkened above. And with it rose the many soldiers that lay dead upon the battlements, and the counterattack began. The Imperial Army's morale did not suffer, however- For the Black Sun was their symbol: An omen of victory and conquest. Trebutchets launched flaming projectiles and clustered ghouls alike upon the attackers- Destroying cannons and killing soldiers. The artillery, under the command of Daimyo Kim Yuna, was quick to target their warmachines and fire into the city with mortars, while the cannoneers tore a great gash in the northern wall. "BANZAI!" came the battlecries from the south, indicating that General Jien had also been successful in breaching the city from the south and destroying their artillery. And so, the great imperial army charged through the breach to take the city. Many were the traps and ambushes lying in wait for them inside the city, but the infantry broke through with a fist of iron and a resolve of steel, and the healers worked more quickly than the defenders could tear wounds. In the city's square, Jien's and Oberon's forces regrouped for a final assault upon the castle- Where a seasoned Dullahan and a posse of devious apparitions prepared to make the final stand. The empire's finest came prepared however, and these malevolent beings were dispatched once and for all, but not without losses. The battle was over when the Grand Marshall presented the city commander's weapon to the Emperor, and glory was theirs that day. All the shambling soldiers in and around Jacobin's Retreat were slain, every straggler hunted down. Their remains were ground down and made into fertilizer, and used to enrichen the soil of farms across the Empire. Result: Decisive Victory Casualties: Minimal Resulting Situation: Optimal Recommendations for the Guntai of the Generals: - Improve discipline of Imperial vassal banners - Improve cohesion and respect for chain of command between vassal banners - Continue research and development Attending Vassals: The Shogunate Angouléme Gravemont Ilysari Accolades: Valour and Bravery: Aeson Brodielonde, Yasei Akuma, Xiao Bartzabel, Cahir du Angouléme and his squadron, Jien Subukai, Lazaar Angros Honourable Sacrifice: Yasei Akuma, Xiao Yu Ingenuity: Bryce Quintus Merit of the Medicus: Zheng Maika, Co'win Battle DMd by @HeraldOfNurgle and @Phantom; Huge thanks to you guys!
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    Hey Aethier Community, Phan and nature here, Currently we’re going to be swapping our positions as Team Leaders for a temporary amount of time in order to allow myself to get a break from the stress of the Moderation Team and allow my physical health to improve without the added stress of the team. The two of us have talked things out amongst ourselves with our differences over a rather long multi-hour conversation with the rest of the Team Leaders present. In short, Natureluvr will be taking up the position of Moderation Team Lead and Phantom will be taking up the position as Welcome Team Lead. This will be at least for the next couple of weeks or even up to a month or so.
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    Habitability and you updated. Events are no longer required to traverse/explore. Nodes will be readded shortly. [Here] A series of updates for professions. - Magecraft is only required as a profession for Adept or higher mages. - Smithing professions were combined, you will get the tier of your higher smithing profession if you had both. - Magic Items were renamed to Enchanted Items, the section on the forums for this was edited to reflect this change. Feymarks renamed to Feyspeak, primary referral as "Speakers." Demonmarks rename to Demonbrands, Primary referral as "Branded" We're doing a lot of work in the back right now, expect more changes then just the deeprun. It seems every time we try to change something we have to somehow rework millions of other things to make them cooler and fit.
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    The Red War: The Battle of Fallen Angels [Turn One] [ ] The Battle at Sanctuary was waged for one full night as the might of the Zheng Shogunate, the Duchy of Gravemont, and the men of Tanohata fought against the resolve of Sanctuary’s own army and inhabitants. The battle was blood and as twilight struck, all that soon would be lighting up the night sky would be Aaog’s Flames and Hellfire alike. And yet, both sides remained determined, Zheng troops flooding from the north side of Sanctuary and into the clearing filled with still waters at the mouth of the city. It was here that Drake’s men fought the Coalition’s troops from the West. The Zheng took great casualties as they flooded the clearing, slaying those who would dare oppose them. Yamada transported a small handful of men into enemy lines using his undead to duel Drake and defeat him. At the peak of the battle, Drake fought against the Lieutenant Kirishi of Tanohata, as well as other Zheng troops. In single combat Drake valiantly slain the Fallen warrior who stuck the Pale Blade into the sand before perishing. In the meanwhile, towards the south of the main theatre of war, Gravemont Mercenaries engaged on the southern forces of Sanctuary led by Apollyon Blacktyde. Calling on the powers of Wicked Foli herself, the angel was declared dead after Oberon, the leader of the Gravemont mercenaries. This broke the resolve of Sanctuary’s southern flank, many of which retreated or defected at the words of one Dragan Ziebog who declared, “Veltes’s Angel betrayed his own god, using Foli’s foul magics! How do you know your lord remains loyal to Sterk?! Surrender and live before laying your lives for a cause that was dead the moment it began!” Morale crumpled throughout the southern forces and soon Drake’s last stand with his most loyal soldiers was held outside of Sanctuary’s gates. The city was burning due to the Senkensha Masters of the Zheng’s barrage of Aaog fire which plagued the city and set it into a blaze which was wanted, yet would be unable to be put out until it ran out of fuel, Sanctuary’s pit itself acting as if it were a fire pit. Zheng men flooded the city once Yu-na Kim claimed her victory over Drake, stabbing him with the Pale Blade of her fallen comrade. Soon after Ghazan, Shogun of the Zheng decapitated Drake to serve as an image against the people within Sanctuary. The city shortly after was sacked, pillaged, and burned to nothing but rubble, leaving the Sanctuary of Sterk’s Men no more. Furthermore, non-combatants were granted surprising mercy amongst the Zheng and were allowed to integrate with little issue. Those who did not turn against their former people or taken by the Gravemonts to replenish their fallen mercenaries were then slain onsite, their bodies being piled into large pits for burial. Scant few men of Sanctuary were able to escape through the swamps, for it seems as soon as many of them were able to flee; almost all were captured by Gravemont mercenaries or caught in their traps in the swamps established before the battle, making them tumultuous to traverse. Sanctuary was no more, but what would be coming in the next trials? Overview NUMBERS WILL BE POSTED AT A LATER DATE, THIS THREAD WILL BE UPDATED WITH THEM. The Coalition took more losses than the lives they took in Sanctuary, however due to their efforts were able to defeat their would-be assaulters. The people of Sanctuary were lost to the tide of the Coalition, men either fleeing, dispersing, joining the Coalition, or dying. Note: Player characters may choose to either be captured by the Zheng, or have been some of the few to escape. The city of Sanctuary has been sacked and cannot currently be roleplayed in for the duration of the war. Should its former inhabitants wish to reclaim their land, they will have to fight their captors for it back or other inhabitants who have taken residence. Gravemont Mercenaries and the Zheng Shogunate are able to replenish some numbers from the conquered men. Everything detailed in this post is considered common knowledge.
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    Hello everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I'm natureluvr, and I've recently been hired as Welcome Team Leader following Redwall's retirement. I've got a lot of ideas that I'm currently working on to improve some things, particular regarding new player integration, and hopefully they should be released soon! Welcome Team and I are already hard at work planning and discussing, we have high hopes for everything that's in store! Thank you all so much for this wonderful opportunity and I hope that I will be able to do good by our server as Welcome Team lead! Most Sincerely, natureluvr
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    After a player report was made it was brought to the attention of moderation team that there were a number of unintentional lore violations involving the incorrect use of magic regarding the RP surrounding Kelsier’s death. The list goes as follows: The spell used upon Kelsier, “Cognitia Paralysis”, grants the user “invulnerability to any type of damage/harm for the duration of this spell and two posts.” The duration being for three emotes. Sigmar stabbed Kelsier in the leg on turn one of the spell being active, meaning this leg wound would be negated. 2nd turn of the spell being active, Sigmar tried to throw Kelsier, this entire throw would've been negated by the invulnerability and causing inconsistencies with the rest of the rp, but we will continue. 3rd turn Sigmar stabs him in the chest, and while this hit wouldn’t have been able to hit regardless due to the chainmail and plate, the magic would also negate it from hitting his armor. 4th turn of protection active, 1st after spell ended, he would twist/pull the sword out of his gut. Once again, this would have been negated by the spell as it was dependent on the emote prior to have been dealt. Because of this situation and the large number of lore violations and magic inconsistencies used to kill Kelsier, moderation team has decided that RP surrounding Kelsier’s death needs to be voided. This does not mean the event was voided, solely the interactions regarding Kelsier’s death specifically. (Confronting him about refusing to follow orders, however the act referenced to is not void as it took place in the event.) We apologize for any trouble this may have caused as this also voids any further rp pertaining to his death occurring after the event. @Vex @TheDrakeProject [uSER=8930]@Hugh[/uSER] [uSER=19244]@Danifornia[/uSER] @TheVoiden
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    Within the skies of the realm, the glitz and glamour of the divines begin to flourish like golden wisps, blessing the new lands. But all the wisps appear to be going into a certain direction, toward the spirit isle, and a strange glow near the nexus waypoint begins to form... What could it possibly be, or better yet-where could it possibly lead? All that is known is that the presence is heavily divine in origin.
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    [ ] It's dusk when the mighty ships of Glasgard set sail from their port, and the heavy forces of Boleira are rallied and sent forth for their first Consolunari Crusade. In the cover of the night, Glasgard's ships begin their push towards Auroch's Gujab, and the heavy, steady beat of the Boleiran warhorses keep morale high in their ranks. Boleiran troops heartily meet Glasgard's raiders, and though they may have come for different reasons, they both have a set goal: the attack on the Orcish heathens. The two forces swiftly construct palisades along the cliffsides to protect the group from incoming fire, and trebuchets, engineered from both sides of the invasion, are maneuvered behind the strong barricades. Tired yet motivated siege engineers wrap the boulders in linen and pitch, and in unison, the trebuchet's stones are launched into the narrow bay of Auroch's Gujab; many of the ships are damaged and most are set alight, and the onslaught of trebuchet fire lights the clear, nighttime sky. The handful of ships are swiftly crushed by the trebuchet fire, and the troops along the cliff allow the sect of Glasgard's ships passage into the strait with glee. However, there isn't just one target for the invading forces; foot soldiers are sent to the western bridge along the cliffs, and from it, trebuchet fire directed by Edeline's forces are launched at the allegedly illegal bridge; forces there stand in wait for potential Orcish forces, but to little surprise, the unsuspecting tribe has near-to-nothing outside of their city. Attacks by enraged lycanthropes in Vultog's forests and towers make way to Auroch's Gujab; soon, the main pillar of the bridge is destroyed, and from there, Glasgard's trebuchets light the night sky in an attack on Auroch Gujab's port, which sets the course for the main invading fleet of the barbaric raiders. Shaman atop Glasgard's ships join in the flaming trebuchet fire, setting the port aflame. However, the Orcish troops have loosely gathered themselves, and ballistae bolts from the city's towers quickly meet Edeline's fleet; however, no matter the amount of bolts sent the fleet's way, they are only shadows in the night. Before the ships can reach land to the port, Glasgard's troops shout and holler as much of their first line of ships is sunk; luckily, however, many sailors wash up on shore and most levymen survive, all ready for battle in the black of night. Meanwhile, Joao's specially-trained cavalry, known as Cavaleiro de Sangue, lead a rush across the eastern bridge to circle around the city and prevent Orcish escape. With the Orcish fleet swiftly destroyed by the allied forces, it's now up to the tribal Orcish warriors to beat and thwart the invading, brutish aggressors of what will be known as the Green War. [Auroch's Gujab is now blockaded. No one can leave the city if they're inside, and patrolling forces from Boleira prevent entrance into the city, navally or on-foot.] TL;DR: Orcs are business as usual and are soon attacked in surprise by Boleiran and Glasgard forces Wall of palisades set up by both Glasgard and Boleira; Glasgard disables the western cliffside bridge with trebuchets Boleira bombards Orcish ships in the strait with flaming trebuchets Orcish hunters in the woods are killed, which gives reports back to Auroch's Gujab; from there, troops have begun to properly rally Forces from Boleira circle back around the village to prevent Orcish escape Auroch’s Gujab port is set ablaze by the main invading fleet of Glasgard Small fleet from Glasgard comes in from below the bridge; trebuchets ordered to stop upon seeing them, target village Invading fleet to the Orcish port: Glasgard loses three light ships, port is aflame, ships from Auroch’s Gujab absolutely decimated Losses and manpower: Auroch's Gujab: 3,870 manpower left for the battle Loses all ships and 180 sailors 50 Levymen 15 Dismounted knights 20 Bowmen 40 Scouts 60 Spearmen [*]Boleira: 4,630 manpower left for the battle No losses [*]Glasgard: 4,516 manpower for the battle 3 light ships: 30 sailors drown or are killed; the rest of the crew make it to shore 38 Dismounted Knights 20 Levymen drown; 55 make it to shore, ready for battle [*]2 Wulve [*]This makes it all roughly a 1:1:1 ratio; for every one man of Auroch's Gujab, Boleira and Glasgard may bring one as well.
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    ☾ The Faith of the Consolunari ☀ The Faith of the Consolunari is the official and sole faith of Boleira: The beliefs and tenets of the faith are centered around the duality of Lua and Sol. While the existence of the other gods are acknowledged, it is the will of the Moon and the Sun that are venerated and carried out. Divines Lua: The Faith of the Lunari Lua, referred to as The Luminance, The Lady, and The Mother, is the deity of the moon. She is viewed as nurturing, caring, and protective of her followers. Lua reigns over the night and darkness. In order to protect her followers she will go to great and even sometimes dark lengths: In primordial days of the first men, when the Gods played a more direct role in the affairs of mortals, Lua and Sol clashes endlessly, their followers spilling one another’s blood in ceaseless repetition. During a time of armistice Lua sewed the seeds of a great treachery. In the darkness of her night, Lua sent out her most devout to defile the temple of Sol, slaughtering his priests and priestesses where they had once worshipped. This violation of their treaty bordered on the line of sacrilege, and placed a great stain upon Lua in the eyes of the other gods. As an act repentance, Lua cursed her most devout followers with Vallahism, an affliction that would make her followers flee from Sol’s radiance, forcing them to live in the shadows. By carrying this burden her followers would atone for the great sin of their Goddess. Once her sin had finally been atoned for the afflicted would be healed, and Vallahism would be no more. Vallahism is viewed as a religious ordeal, as both a burden to carry and an honor. Those who bear it in Lua’s name garner the utmost respect from the faithful, but those who misuse it, or bear it with ignorance are reviled as apostates and heathens. They are to be hunted down and converted, cured, or slain. Lupo “The Wolf” The Great Wolf, Lupo is an aspect of Lua, a creature born of her will. Lupo is a giant umbral wolf with eyes that glow with moonlight. He stalks the night hunting Lua’s enemies and those who would do her faithful harm. Like Lua’s Vallah, Lupo bestowed the curse of Lycanthropy upon his faithful as a means to atone for Lua’s sin. Lulia “The Deceiver” The Deceiver, Lulia is a Vallah, viewed as one of Lua’s original followers and one of the first Vallah. Lulia embodies the traits of motherhood, caring for Lua’s followers as though they were her children. She serves as the patron of deceit, using deception as a tool to protect her ‘children.’ Sol: The Faith of the Solari Sol, referred to as The Radiance, The Lord and The Father, is the deity of the sun. He’s viewed as an authoritarian, wrathful and a purifier. He reigns over the day and everything that’s light. He is often the one to lay down punishment on others, especially those who go against the faith and his values of what he believes is righteous, regardless of status. Sol fought with Lua to no end upon the beginnings of mortal man and upon the defilement of his own temple and the slaughtering of his people, he lashed out in pure unadulterated wrath upon her followers who had committed the act. He cursed those who had wronged him with Vallahism in order to atone for Lua’s sins, giving them the hope that perhaps one day when they too became pure that they would be free of the curse he bestowed onto them. Sol can be merciful to those who plead to him that they have committed wrong, though he does not allow second chances and enacts quick and righteous punishment onto the wicked. Elia “The Herald” The Herald, Elia is a servant underneath Sol, serving as his right hand man. She is known to carry the more pure and righteous traits of Sol, speaking out his word and offering others their chance to realize their true inner purity. She is known to be a valkyrie, clad in shining golden armor with angelic wings of flame. Simply basking in her direction makes those who do so feel worthy, pure and righteous to enact Sol's doctrines. Elia embodies Sol’s more forgiving and merciful side, though is certainly not one to be trifled with. Furo “The Wrathful” The Wrathful, Furo is the second servant underneath Sol, serving as the vessel of his unending wrath. He is seen as one's worst fear, scorching into the eyes of those who he approaches. No one truly knows what exactly he looks like, save for the radiant and vivid glow pulsing off of his body. Furo has no mercy as his entire purpose in existence is to hunt down those who wrong the faith and bring them their punishment, which in most cases involves a fiery death. Sacraments The sacraments and ceremonies of the faith carry great weight in the faith of the Consolunaria. Anointing of the faith: To be initiated into the faith, one must be Anointed. While generally done in the weeks after birth, there is no age limit on this sacrament. Those to be initiated into the faith are brought to sanctified ground, upon their foreheads a crescent moon is drawn with Holy Luminescence and next to it the right half of the sun drawn in holy radiance. The parent’s of the child then speak the child’s name before the Gods, praying for their guidance and protection. This completes the Anointed’s initation into the faith. Penance: Those who break the tenets of the faith are not necessarily excommunicated. Those who wish to atone for their sins may seek the sacrament of Penance: The sacrament varies depending on the severity of the sin and can range from time spent in prayer, simple acts of service, time spent as a flagellant, or even death in the name of the Faith. This contrition can only be ordained by a blessed of the faith. Marriage: Those who wish to wed must do so before the gods on sanctified ground to make their marriage legitimate in the eyes of the Church. Only one legitimate spouse may ever be taken: Once married before the gods a couple is always married in their eyes and the eyes of the Church. Previous or future mariage out of the Church are considered illegitimate and both null and void. Marriage must be ordained by clergy of the Church or Blessed of the Gods. Devotion of Faith: Those who seek to dedicate themselves to the faith as clergy partake in the Devotion of Faith: The process is performed over the entirety of a day and night cycle. Those seeking to become clergy are presented with a bottle of Holy Radiance, and must carry it to the altar on sanctified ground when the sun is at its highest point and offer it to Sol along with their dedication. Then, they are presented with a bottle of Holy Luminescence and must carry it to the altar when the moon is at its highest point and offer it to Lua along with their dedication. During this process, those undertaking it fast and reflect upon their faith, often carrying out the Sacrament of Penance between the presenting of the blessings. Temple Knight Initiation: Those who are granted the title of Temple Knight are brought before the round table of all current Temple Knights. They are then anointed with the blessings of their God of focus and swear an oath to the title of the saint whose namesake they will carry. Vestments of Burden: The Vestments of Burden is the sacrament by which faithful are bestowed the curse of Vallahism, to shoulder Lua’s burden in her name. This Sacrament may only be granted by a Champion of Lua. Common Prayers: Blessing of the Moon: Those who wish for Lua’s blessing perform the blessing of the Moon: With their right hand, one places their index and middle finger first to their forehead, then to their left shoulder, and then to their chest, making the sign of a crescent moon. Blessing of the Sun: Those who wish for Sol’s blessing perform the blessing of the Sun: With their left hand, one places their index and middle fingers first to their forehead, then to their chin, to the left side of their face, and finally to the right side of their face, making the sign of the Sun. Order of the Consolunaria The Order of the Consolunari is a religious order dedicated to the worship of Lua and Sol. Its members are both pious and zealous in their faith and seek the balance of the aspects of the Moon and the Sun. The Heads of the Church The Consolunari Church is headed by the sitting Rei and Rainha of Boleira. As the Center of the faith, reign over the city is imperative for the Faith. The doctrines of the faith are dictated by the Boleiran Crown. Those who bear it are considered to rule by divine right and considered living Saints in the eyes of the faithful. The Temple Knights The Temple Knights of the Consolunari devote their shields and swords to the faith. They serve the Holy Kingdom of Boleira by cleansing the land of those deemed to be apostates, heathens, or unholy, and quest across the land in search of the ancient relics of their gods. While each of the Temple Knights are devout in their faith to both Lua and Sol, the manner of their faith may differ: Those who primarily devote themselves to Lua are often Vallah or Lycans, and seek to atone for Lua’s sin through their valiant deeds. Those who primarily devote themselves to Sol seek to cleanse the world of the impure, and punish those who violate the faith, and those who devote themselves to the balance between the two balance their faith in Lua and Sol, and often serve as arbiters in disputes and pass judgement upon the unfaithful. Round Table: At any given time there may be a total of nine Temple Knights. Only those of undying faith and great deeds may claim the title of Temple Knight. Together the Temple Knights serve the purpose of defending the Faith in Boleria, and the faithful wherever they may be. In addition to this they seek relics of their Gods lost to time to not only preserve them but to use them as a means to call more to the Faith. Patron Saints: When inducted as Temple Knights, the Knights swear an oath to both Lua and Sol, and take unto them the title of one of the patron saints that they feel they embody the most: Lupo bears the title “The Wolf” , Lulia “The Deceiver” , Elia “The Herald” and Furo “The Wrathful.” Priests: The order also contains clergy who preach the word of their gods. The clergy are referred to as “Mother” and “Father” as they stand in place of the gods they serve. Sisters of Serenity: The Sisters of serenity are an exceedingly devout sect of the clergy. When performing their duties they adorn themselves in black cloaks with dark veils that cover the entirety of their faces and eyes, keeping their identities secret. The sisters heal the injured, cure the sick, maintain peace, and even serve as political advisors.
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    There have been disturbing rumors circulating OOCly about the community member TZUGARIS of which have been discovered to be untrue. Those of whom were involved in its circulation have been warned accordingly and moderation would like to remind the server population that spreading of such rumors will not be tolerated, be it to this member of the community or any other player. Any further spreading of rumors will similarly be dealt with accordingly. The player involved has asked for the specific rumor to not be mentioned and therefore will remain undisclosed. Those of whom are involved are well aware of which rumor this is and moderation invites anyone who hears further rumors regarding this player to report it to the team accordingly as we take this particular issue rather seriously. Thank you for your time and have a pleasant evening.
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    Hi everyone, I'm limited, and after Kaoiyr stepped down, I applied for the FT Lead job and was given it for some reason. I don't plan to do much to the systems right now (though I do have some ideas once all the regions are settled) and will only change things once Kaoiyr's system has been playtested. There isn't much else to say, so have a good day. please enjoy the following gif at your leisure as well: https://tenor.com/view/when-the-smell-money-rich-gif-15459150
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    Their souls are immortal-they can't die like you think! They reincarnate every generation anew- Everything dies. Everything that exists that is not us eventually does. They are no exception, despite their unique nature. They will suffer for eternity within the halls of the dead! They are Demigods, you know that! Demigods are Immortal. These beings are..pieces of us-pieces of you, made to watch over and protect life. Emotions-aspects of personality. Templat- Do not dare finish that sentence. Arvora. Please. If you intervene they will destroy the cycle of life and death and make this situation even worse. When the time comes for them to disappear, you must not stop it. This will be your greatest mistake, and it will haunt you until the end of everything. I can promise you that, at least. ... Five children. Five aspects, emotions-beliefs. Each built to defend life from its greatest dangers of the time, far before the concept of death even existed. To lead people into the light when the hardest obstacles darkened the way. Not mortal, but not gods-these souls were granted the infinite powers of creation and reincarnation. Every generation they rose, their souls relearning themselves and that which they held. Heroes, artisans-priests. Every one of them started small, but eventually became legend in some form. They were the closest to Arvora's children as anyone could be. The very souls themselves were pieces of the deity, borne directly from her power. They were the guides to the ordinary, and respected among everyone. Engraved into legend, the five "Chosen Children" of every age brought peace and prosperity..until the dark cloak of death silenced them one by one. Challenged by this newfound terror, only four of the five were fully grown and roaming the lands; Aidan, the aspect of Courage Cullen, the aspect of Hope Kaley, the aspect of Joy Rhona, the aspect of Kindness When the first death occurred, Rhona was there to experience it before the others. In her arms, an elder feys passing illness turned grave from an infection, and she soon after faded from the world, her soul disappearing from the material plane. The apprentice doctor, Thalia-was unable to save her from it with the tools she had on hand. Terrified and scared, the people turned to hatred, throwing her out of the village and were close to attacking her before Rhona stopped them. Despite their legendary status, the defense of the person who in their eyes killed a loved one was unacceptable, and they began to plot. While sleeping that night, the villagers swore their vengeance, and cut open her throat when she was at her most vulnerable. Kindness suffered, her soul wrenching and twisting from its maddening betrayal. One of five were taken away, and Arvora was forced into inaction. Sorrow began to take hold. Aidan responded to the shadow of death as expected for his form. He chose to try and protect the people, and defend against those driven mad by the chaos that ensued. Mob after mob attacked him, and mob after mob he repelled without harming them badly. Begging them to stop he fronted each physical strike to his person, be it fist, chair or improvised weapon. Nothing was spared in their endless outrage. Villages burned around Aidan as he evacuated everyone he could, but it was never enough. As he established a small base camp for the refugees, they began to turn themselves. Their loved ones gone, left to rationing, starvation-dehydration..pain. At his peak of defense and stalwart courage, the people behind him who he saved turned upon him, and with a broken branch through the chest, he fell. Courage never left his form as he tried to fight back, even until the end. The pain of inaction and fear began to take over Arvoras soul as the second was taken from her. Cullen rallied the people his best, blossoming his power to help and give those dispersed from the chaos the hope to keep going, no matter how bleak it might've looked. He brought barrels of water, baskets of fruits and produce that he had picked himself, and platters of fish and meats he hunted without waste. A provider to the people, they were grateful for everything that he did..for a while. Grumbling began to grow through the camp as morale continued to drop from the ever growing chaos, and the people looked to what they had as an indulgence to try and escape their harsh reality. "More Food! More Water! Hurry up! Give us more!". Their cries made him hurt, and so he did as they asked-but it was never enough. Soon it turned from grumbling to fear, believing that he had cooped them up here to domesticated, and fear turned to violence. It was not long before he was forced to flee, but was chased down and slain by those who gluttonized that which they were given. His Hope began to fade from his sight, as he died a traitors death while serving his people diligently. Kaley's joy radiated through many people's lives in the past. While they embraced the happiness and warm feeling she brought, the chaos shattered everything she had built up. There was no murder, no violence to her person. Everywhere she went fear and sadness held-and every time she brought a solemn happiness to others, the joy she held so dear fell further and further away. As she walked to try and find that fleeting peace that was so rare within the wilds she came upon a beach, defiled with the cadavers of dozens of innocent bodies. Mostly children and elders, it appears these people who had committed such a grave sin wanted to shed some proverbial weight from the ration and housing pile..leaving nothing but a mess of blood and guts upon the beachside. Here, the Joy that Kaley felt, what little she had left-shattered into a million pieces, and she walked into the great, endless sea..hoping to find a salvation beneath the waves that never came for her. Time passed as each aspect fell, and each person within the wilds gave in to greed and gluttony and wrath. The sins and vile feelings unleashed by creation of death disgusted and harmed every part of Arvora's being to where she physically began to wilt. Losing the will to move on, she slowly lost every shred of hope and joy that she once felt at her home she had created by her own hands. The kindness she instilled into the people, and the ways of life that gave them such unwavering faith in her now lay decimated beneath the feet of murderous bandits and rioters as they approached the Janziyo (World Tree) that rested at the center of the wilds. Her children scattered to the winds, the small sect of Ascended who retained faith saw the oncoming horde and evacuated with the other staff. All but one. And when Arvora looked upon the soul of the being who was to inevitably die, she choked on her tears and sorrow, crumbling to the floor in one final act of total defeat. This last being, this last form that protected her home that she should rightfully help, turned out to be an apprentice doctor whom was a teenage fey from the winter court, and the fifth and final child that Vassas has ordered her to turn her back on so long ago. Thalia, the aspect of Faith. Better known in the present as Foli, the Mad Goddess.
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    Sand ravaged the vortex as it swallowed up the pyramid. The small adventuring party ran outside, knowing the choices they made. Sealing a portal to Khasma, the realm of Foli, they also unwittingly unsealed the already awakened Sal'uun. A tradeoff, one which could have ended the world either way. A risk to prevent madness which otherwise would have overwhelmed the already weakened world. But it was not all meant to be. With the third and final dragon awakened, the disasters begin once more in a final, despondent wave. The war will finally come into full swing, and the world now draws their lines in the sand. War is coming, with the Mortal realm and the Dragons preparing to dance in a bid for their chance at survival. And a faint, forgotten power stirs in ruins across the continent..
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    hi i would like to submit art of my character lorena the wicked !! thanks !!
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    The Following Updates Were worked on by: @Serethia @Aethier New Systems have been tested by: That random guy from planet minecraft who wanted OP permissions to give a review of the server A variety of parents Unpopular Opinions Main Notes: Custom items team will now charge completley random prices for items. This randomly generated figure may save you some money, or considerably hike up the price of a standard iron sword with your name on it. Who knows, it sure seems more fun this way though. We are running a special promotion on the Contribution store today. Buy one, get another for full price! Absolute Bargain. If you want to buy a third of any item, we will give you a +50% price modification code at request. [*]Kyle has been replaced with a nearly identical, robotic version of himself that is designed to be twice as fast, but also make silly remarks twice as often. After having made too many possibly offensive remarks, Kyle has been banned permanently for his lack of political correctness. Seeking possible recoding. [*]Lore team has made the executive decision to ban people who apply for nice things. [*]Construction team is now learning to code, so all wars can be done in Bannerlord. [*]We will no longer be issuing bans. We will instead issue "Server Timeouts". These have been seen to be slightly more friendly, although are the same thing, and are sometimes displayed as bans. [*]Magic Applications will now be reviewed slightly faster. [*]Players who use teamspeak today may recieve random gifts. [*]Moderation team has been renamed to the Aethier Police Department. Discord: Mee6 Disabled. Forums: The forums have been programmed to randomly replace words with very nice compliments to your worst enemies. Forum ratings now give you absolutley nothing for using them! You can now close the forums at any time using ALT-F4. Waterfall Proxy: Connection Speed limits set to 100KBPS to ensure that everyone now has an equal amount of lag on the server Roleplay Server: Fly now randomly turns off occasionally. Just to make sure people remember that they have legs. This is theorised to be the work of a new type of Dwarvern machine involving materials with magnetic properties. Some charaters on the server may randomly find that they are the opposite gender today only. Not sure whats causing this, or who decides it though. Might be something do do with the players maybe? But we are hoping to resolve this phenominon. Due to mysterious fluctuations in magic, Some magic spells are randomly failing to cast, or are targeting completley randomly. Again, we dont know why or whats controlling this, but hope to have this issue resolved soon. Patron keys now randomly have a chance to turn into magical artefacts. Voting keys occasionally turn into cactus blocks and vice versa. Be careful, they are sharp! You now have an unlimited amount of Character Cards. Assuming unlimited means 10. We have switched the chat ranges on some of the chat channels. Sending someone else on the server arunes, has a chance of taking the arunes from them instead! Are you prepared to gamble? A secret title has been added to AethierCharacters. If you can figure out what it is, you might get a really cool title. Dynmap will occasionally display false location data for players, to confuse people attempting to use the tool for metagaming. Having a large quantity of bees in the area around you has been found to be annoying to players trying to roleplay in the same area. We have slightly reduced the number of bees that intentionally spawn near roleplaying people as a result. All movement speeds on the server have been slightly reduced. Just enough for it to bother people who are vigilant. You can now enable a special roleplay assist mode on server using Control+B. Swords now seem to become highly flexible when used as a weapon, and may prove to be difficult to kill someone with. We have hidden a code for a free Arune Shipment 10 somewhere on the server. Good Luck! We have also hidden a free Patron7 Code on the server somewhere. Good Luck! You can now gain /op permissions by using /suicide. Sometimes.. It is now possible to declare yourself a god, Only you dont get any actual powers, and people will think you're crazy. Short characters now have a valid reason for being unable to reach the top shelf. MorePlayerModels updated to 1.15.2 Creative Server: We have optimised worldedit, this time by making it as slow as possible. This should give people plenty of time to contemplate their choices, or maybe play some Animal Crossing while they wait. Fixed the chunk corruption issue. Used some mysterious coding magic to make sure the server continues to randomly crash. //setbiome now turns doors into weapon racks. Known Issues: Aethier is infact a game We're still using minecraft as our platform, despite there not being a better choice right now. If you have any issues that are NOT listed above, please let us know! There is a possibility that we may have missed things from this update log. If so, we will try to edit in such information later.
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    Entering in Vas, awoken from a nightmare and seeking comfort in their Miniature Dragon egg,
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    This is a formal announcement that the fight that occured between Monchthebiscuits character Grey and Socialdarwinists character Oberon is being voided. This includes any actions after the matter as a result of this fight/roleplay, as well as the death of the character Grey. We apologise for the inconvenience but came to this conclusion after it was highlighted that the effects of casting and braincap were not properly roleplayed and we felt that had they, the outcome of the roleplay would have been very different. Below is the vote indicating how we as moderators voted. For Against Tree Val Natureluvr Fraser AMOH LordoftheDank Pandamainia Dogbew
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    Despite the supposed festivities from the other realms, many of the divine have seem to have gone silent. Even the appearance of Demi-servants upon Oklamats plane have dwindled, and people have begun to gradually go home. Despite this, the realm has remained open and stable, until soon enough a sign blocks the entranceway into the realm. "Until further notice, the tournament has been postponed indefinitely. Matters relating to the survival of the multiverse have been brought forth that requires our undivided attention." If it could possibly get any more ominous then that, a strange pitch black ripple was sent through the skies, which originated somewhere within Aversia. Something had made landfall. And then reports of large silhouettes in the sky above every city in the west only called further question of what came next. [Expect random events in the next few days in Arkolos!]
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    An Overview Within this thread, once will find a quick summary and listing of the Empire's various bases, mindsets and policies, as well as connected links to pertinent content elsewhere in the forum group and the forums overall. The Empire and Religion A cosmopolitan superstate, the Empire applies a mindset similar to the real life Mongol Empire when it comes to culture and Religion. Although the Imperial Throne has voiced beliefs of it's own before on faith and beliefs, the Empire concretely applies a division of state between Ministries and Priesthoods. There is no official central promoted religion, and no vassal member state of the Imperial Federation is imposed religious measures or a unified faith. The Imperial Ministry of Spirituality and Shrines is tasked with the recording of faiths, the bankrolling of the various shrines and temples across the lands, and the stern watch for true malevolent heresies, such as unwarranted, excessive Necromantic Profanity or the tidal, dark waves of the Void. Under the Imperial Throne, all faiths prosper, so long as prosyletizing is forbidden and given faiths do not intrude into the domains of civilian government and high power, hindering the Imperial Creed of Ambition. Although some would be quick to denounce the Emperor as a scion of the Father, Magu, one would need to be reminded that the Father's will is that opportunity, change and ambition reign- a paradoxical opposite to centralized and dogmatic Church. The Empire and Law Made of a multitude of different states, the Empire and it's complex nobility system may at first appear to not bear any direct organized law- for it's regulation system is a mixture of local rites, autonomous policies and Imperial customs. As many are the peoples that make it's core, imposing one unified law upon this group would prove for the time being impractical to the burgeoning Empire, and as such, the Emperor devised a set of rituals that can prove direct solutions to contentions amongst the nobility, such as the rite of the Akai Yoroza, also known in the common tongue in a simplified manner as a Red Duel, ceremony of Honor during which House wars can be avoided. For crimes committed within the walls of the designated Imperial Metropolises [Yamashiro - Gunsan - Gravemont - ____ ], authority is shared between the Interior Ministry, tasked with national security, and local authorities. As for petty or local crimes in the Imperial Daimyos and Duchies, authority is usually left to local authorities, depending on the individuals involved, the crime and the context. The Empire and Nobility Developing a rich, interconnected system of Nobility, Honor, Power and Merit, the Empire promotes the growth and rise of anyone who deserves respect to positions ever higher. Unshackled by pure laws of blood inheritance in favor of strength, excellence and success, the Empire regularly hosts events referred to as "Imperial Examinations" to thoroughly test it's ministers and generals, ensuring that only the best in each sphere are elected to positions of virtue. The in-depth listings and rankings of the Imperial nobility are found in the Imperial System, and are bound by the previously linked base principles of the Imperial Creed, which is one of the only rulings expected by the Imperial Throne to be upheld by all states and rulerships within the Imperial Federation. The Empire includes within it's sphere a wealth of diverse countries and cultures, and is currently ruled from the heights of Yamashiro Castle by the Zheng Dynasty and it's founding monarch, Ghazan the First. The Empire and War Officially, the Eastern Empire maintains both a Ministry of the Exterior and a Ministry of War, the Guntai. Inherited from the Zheng Shogunate, these institutions have been globalized to the Empire as a whole, involving new positions, such as Master of Trade and Imperial Chief Engineer & Architect. The modern Imperial army is a union of many cultures, military mindsets and ways, yet united by a unified and common command core, ensuring cohesion between the many units that compose it. Within the Empire, the law of Merit is also extended to military brilliance, and every commander must prove their skills, brilliance and the defense of their men before being allowed into command. The Empire and the World Amongst the peoples of the world, the Zheng Empire sees most as worthy of civilized life and imperial protection circumstantially, with a few exceptions. Listed here are Imperial positions on a few issues, social groups and species; The Empire is open to: - Humanity - Elfkind - Dwarfkin - Syrien - Draconid - Vallah Diplomats - Most other sentient species - Shaman of most elements The Empire is open, after individual approval: - Orckind - Danakovites - Local Vallah - Kumiho and Fae - Magi - Shaman of Aisha The Empire proscribes: - Profane Necromancy - Void servants and influence - Goblins Imperial member states are free within reason to refuse within their own lands additional groups or contexts. These policies apply to Imperial city-centers.
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    - Yeosin - Nectar of the Lotus “Foli” “Oracle of Change ” “Mistress of Desire” “The Mother” Holy Symbol A lavender lotus made of seven petals representing the vices of mortal kind. Six orbs flowing around the lotus, representing the ever changing nature of the world in which Yeosin resides. Holy Colors Lavender, Violet, Black and Gold Alignment CG NG LG CN TN LN CE NE LE Common Worshippers Merchants, Hedonists, Artists, Courtesans, Inventors, Outcasts. Domains Change, Opportunity, Hedonism, Desire, Revenge Sub-Domains Luxury, Obsession, Lies, Pain Holy Lands N/A Favored Objects Kunai, Alcohol, Money, Demi-Servants Seueum - The Hiss Seueum is the favored servant of Yeosin. Once a mortal of Aethius, she lived a peaceful life as a peasant of ancient Honji, growing up in the countryside and becoming the wife of a kind farmer, bearing two children to carry his name and caring for them with pride and dignity as any mother would. Her life was filled with love, but time changed her fate. The daimyo of her fief, growing ever bloated with the power he had inherited, turned to corruption to live even more lavishly than he had. In turn his people suffered, and as they starved and fell to the plagues and winters, so too did Seueum lose her husband and her children. In her sorrow and grief she found her anger, and it alone fueled her weakened body as she scoured the lands, using every means at her disposal to rally an army of starved peasants and bannerless knights. Entering the castle of the greedy daimyo disguised as a geisha, she seduced the daimyo before the night’s end, allowing the greedy ruler to invite her into his chambers. There, under the sheets of his bed, she drove a dagger in his heart and cried mournfully for the first time; not for the bloated man she killed, but for the loss of her children. The army she had gathered to free her people stormed the castle at her wails, and a new sun rose over the castle, captured by the heroine the widow had become in her selfish act. Yet, the story of Seueum was no fiction. It did not take long for word to reach the other fiefs, and an army was raised to bring the witch to justice for her crimes against the nobles. She was burned alive at the stake, abandoned by the ones who admired her out of fear they would be next. Her screams of rage pierced the veil, drawing Yeosin to tear her spirit into her world, binding Seueum to her service for all of eternity. Serving as the speaker of Yeosin’s will, Seueum is little more than a whisper in the shape of the woman she once was. A lilac corruption threads where she walks, wilting plants and causing stone to crumble as she saps the strength of everything she touches. When she speaks, all can hear her voice as its presence bores deep into the minds of all that bear witness to her empty shadow. Amsalja - The Blade Amsalja is a name many are taught not to whisper in the darkness or the presence of shadow over the land. It is a story elders tell their children to force their obedience, and unfortunate hunters are said to drunkenly shout only by the safety of their campfires before vanishing in the night, never to be seen again. He is given many names by those afraid to draw his ire; frail attempts to trick it when they speak ill of Amsalja’s deeds. A creeping figure dressed in darkness, its violet eyes the only feature those who have seen it will recall. Unblinking, it stares at its prey like a rabid dog waiting to strike. Little is known of Amsalja, only that it serves loyally as the blade that strikes down those who would oppose Yeosin’s will. Many stories tell of Amsalja’s origin; a noble who tortured their own people just to feel emotion, a butcher who cooked and ate his own children out of an interest in human meat, or a far more twisted creation of Yeosin’s own mind that had cut out of her skull to revel in the joys of slaughter in this world. It isn’t certain how Amsalja kills, only that the remains of its victims are ripped apart and dismembered violently as a rabid animal would, but are left uneaten by any such beasts. All that is known is that those who have seen him scarcely tell his tale, driven to suicide by their paranoia long before they can gain the courage to speak. Yeosin’s Doctrine "Chaos is change, and change is necessary" “Live your life through desire; do what you want, without inhibition.” “Trust neither god nor mortal. Everyone lies.” Mythos Before Yeosin bore her name as a goddess, she was a mere mortal in service of the divine. Those many eons ago, before the continents existed as they do now, three deities ruled over the mortal world. He who kept the Balance, She who guided the Arcane, and She who gifted Life watched from far above as their children grew, yet unaware of their presence and unwilling to acknowledge what they had been given. Yet among them was a woman, so loyal and grateful for the gift of her life that she followed it blindly, announcing to all the existence of their Mother. She, who had given life to the barren lands was worthy of their praise and devotion. Without hesitation, the young woman proudly took the mantle of priestess, spreading the good word of the gods wherever she walked. She roamed the lands, gathering those who followed as she did and taking them under her guidance. Together, they paid tribute to life in every way they could, knowing it to be something so precious. Yet even as the gods saw the bountiful world grow, they were not satisfied. The Balancekeeper was the first to speak; the mortals did not deserve the gift they had been given, and so they would take it away from them. The three began to scheme, creating another of their own to dirty his hands in their place. The bringer of Death set to work swiftly. With a turn of his scythe, the dark figure reaped what the gods had sown, unfeeling and purposefully taking the lives of the oldest beings. The mortals, seeing an end on their path for the first time turned on each other to try and prevent such a fate, but those acts brought only more death, as the gods had so desired. Darkened by blood, the peace of the world crumbled by the will of the gods, and the priestess who had only been thankful was made to watch as her realm succumbed to war and chaos. As the fields of fire and death approached her people from the eight directions, the priestess turned to the skies, and pleaded to the gods for mercy for the first time in her life. She placed herself between the maddened hordes of men, asking for the grace of the gods to end the destruction that had befallen them. But the gods remained silent, even as her pleas turned to screams. They did not speak, as the land upon which she stood was drowned in the blood of those she had taught of the kindness of the gods. Dying as the last follower of the giver of life would be her fate, burned on the pyre by the greed and fear of man. Betrayed by all, her spirit finally rejected the gods as her body burned to ash. So powerful was her rage and grief, that even death itself dared not take her soul. Forged by the flames of the evil that had burned the world, she carried the hatred of man into her body and drank from it. The more they would despise their makers, the more her spirit would grow, and before long she stood as an equal to those she had once worshipped. She saw them then, for what they really were; no different from her, and far less worthy. The Fifth of their kind, freed from their wicked desires knew her place in their world. The gods cared not for the mortals, and she would strike them down for their arrogance. They would know fear, hatred and despair as she had, now and forever more. Arrival at the Zheng (wip) Foli is seen as the divine ambassador to the spirits. Her rejection of the pantheon earned her a place within the Xiaoist faith of the zheng. It is said that Magu represents the father figure of the empire and Foli the mother. The fundamental beliefs entail that of personal improvement. To seek out and improve oneself is to better society as a whole. The pursuit of bettering oneself is only natural for mortals. Foli herself is seen as the perfect example of such beliefs, for a moral to ascend to godhood. Through our pain and our suffering we only learn and improve. With each mistake we learn, change and improve. Relations Despises the three gods that forsook her; bears deep hatred for the Lifegiver most of all. Disapproves and carries a cold hatred for the gods that came after her. Has a mutual understanding with the Spirits and Magu especially. Myths and Speculation . Among her most loyal followers, Yeosin is said to be noble and pure-hearted, carrying a kindness and love for mortals unseen by many. Worship Common Prayer Praying to Yeosin is a simple act- those who wish to speak to her open their eyes wide so they can see most clearly, covering their left eye with a flat hand and speak, either as loudly or as quietly as they can manage while still moving their lips. It is said that Yeosin prefers chanting; the act of repeating one’s wish over and over in a singing voice. Though not all always pray in this fashion, it is commonly seen when making an offering to Yeosin. Offerings The most common way to worship Foli is to make an offering. Anything can be offered, so long as it is burned until it is ash. Money is the most common offering, though good food and art is accepted all the same. It is said that everything that burns is claimed by Yeosin, and discarded if she doesn’t favour it. The more extravagant and unique the work, the more likely Yeosin is to answer the prayers of her worshipper. Art in Yeosin’s Name A practice most common in the artists, courtesans and craftsmen that worship Yeosin is to dedicate a piece of art in Yeosin’s name. Those who worship by creating often do so with the intent of capturing Yeosin in their work, striving for a perfection unrestrained by that of common sense. Many painters, writers and dancers dedicate their most puzzling works to Yeosin, claiming them to be their muse. The most famous of these works are known to invoke strange, often primal feelings in those who watch them, and it is said these are the only works that are completed and loved by Yeosin. Artists feel encouraged to strive to be bold and different, striking out with new ideas to represent the ever changing nature of the world. For a great many artisans however, their attempts at capturing Yeosin’s heart often drive them towards obsession and madness, and those less approving of Yeosin’s teachings shun the practice as a dangerous path with no end in sight. Symbols There are three symbols most common to the worship of Yeosin; the Lotus, the Eye, and the Kris. The lotus is most commonly used to symbolize Yeosin’s extravagance and beauty. Sacraments(WIP) Initiation Marriage Burial Rites Traditions(WIP) Holidays Seueum day’s - Seueum’s day celebrates the overcoming of great odds and positive changes in the world. Celebrated by performing plays of the story of Seueum and other tales of personal victories where heroes overcome great odds. Amsalja On the day of Amsalja, people stay indoors, leaving offerings to the demi-servant at the gates of their towns and cities. It is a day on which the terror Amsalja strikes in the hearts of the people is on display, as it is said to be the only time Yeosin frees Amsalja to hunt as it pleases. The Pale Mare -
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    Hello Aversians! A short post to inform you all that Aethier will be updating to Minecraft Version 1.15.2 on the 12th March 2020. This is due to the following reasons: Performance issues with 1.14.4 Stability issues affecting plugin releases Framerate issues reported by players. MPM being half broken anyway Difficulties resulting in us being unable to enable mobs, release resource maps, and provide access to legacy content. There will be a service outage on this date for approximatley 2-3 hours from 6pm GMT to 9pm GMT. Pre-Testing has shown that no issues will occur as of the upgrade and all server functions will resume, however there will be a lack of MPM support until the developer updates the mod properly. Further information will be provided as needed and in response to player questions.
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    Rumored Location: Found and Taken Backstory: Magic is a fickle thing, especially when it is used and manipulated by mortalkind. When used correctly as the Goddess Vikret intended, it can be a tool which causes the fantastical to shape the world and delve deeper into mysteries that have plagued mortals for millennia. At its worst, it can be a tool of unparalleled destruction, capable of devastating whole cities in a swarm of flame, or even undeath. When she first looked upon the mortals misusing her gift, the feeling she sought within her was not rage, nor pity. For mortalkind, she shed a single tear, one which formed into a crystallized mana that shone with the brightness of a thousand souls. It was a teardrop of pure magic, something so unique and powerful in design it became used for many, many things. For some, a tool. It empowered themselves, while also assisting the mages around them. To others, a relic too dangerous for the hands of the common mage, and sealed away for the realm's own good. To one, it was a solution to a problem that nearly wiped out a continent. The man's name is now lost to history, but he used the power of the tear to create a seal, a prison to a grave threat that had slipped through. In its rampage, dozens of villages and cities burned, with no chance at stopping it. When he lead a final charge to take it down, he lured it into a great pit, and used the ancient teardrop to activate a massive sealing spell which locked it away. After thousands of years, whether it remains where it was once placed or if it ventures across the world once more is yet to be seen.. Passive Effects: When carrying this artifact and its active ability is not on cooldown, the mage passively gains an increased 10 to their maximum mana pool. When a spell is casted on a structure with a glyphic circle, the tear can be used as a conduit for an infinite amount of mana, causing the spell to continue indefinitely until removed from its place. The teardrop can be used similarly to an orb catalyst, and when done, has two chromatic slots and mana as disciplines. Active Effects: Once every 8 OOC hours the carrier of this artifact can raise to the sky and activate its effect, sending a pulse of mana-replenishing energy, restoring 20 mana to all mages within 12m of them. This disables the passive effect until the cooldown expires.
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    Exodus is in a little over a week; Operations Team has been hard at work ensuring that the transition to the new server, along with your experience in the new world, will be as smooth and seamless as possible. All players should be made aware of the following information: Everything in your inventory, aside from your nine copied items created by the Custom Items Team, should be stored. There will be no way to retrieve the items once the new world begins. Items in your ender chest will be wiped. Again, there will be no way to retrieve the items once the new world begins. Dwarven storage vaults will be protected, as well as PlayerVaults. Put anything you'd like to keep in there. As for the creative world: The creative world will be built from the ground-up, ensuring better performance. Builds in the creative world will not be lost; however, WorldEdit, or FAWE, will be disabled for an unknown amount of time until it becomes more stable for 1.14.4. The creative world will shut down on the 26th of December and will be unavailable until the new world. At worst, it will be released by January 14th, but we expect it to come much sooner. Any questions can be directed to me in Discord @ sherlock#5986. Happy holidays!
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    Hello everyone, coming back at you with a LIVE UPDATE of the political system. This is everything that is set roughly in stone. Most of this won't change, aside from slight tweaks. This system is designed to completely eradicate and prevent the problems of this world. Ghost regions, the arms race manpower meta, all of that. There are many locks in place to prevent a faction from snowballing or holding massive amounts of manpower. This, however, will come with its faults. Activity is essentially a requirement, and while there will be exceptions if there are IRL issues, there will be a lot more strictness with this. As for the links, well, here they all are. There's five in total. The War System. This for the most part hasn't changed. Region Rules. There are some minor changes, but isn't too different either. Settlements and Manpower. A lot of changes, take a read! Political Hexmap. Last, but not least, the hexmap for the new world. Standard Unit Types. Here are the units! This thread will not be open, though I will soon be making a discussion thread to talk about the changes made in the system, and to answer what questions I can.
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    May Content Contest Hello Aethier! Welcome Team is running a monthly contest for three different categories for members of our community to show off their talents to the marketing team for their work to be put up in use for advertisement of our server to allow more people to come and join us in our community. Each month will have a different theme. There is no theme for may, but we’re asking that everyone post their suggestions for a theme [HERE] The three categories are as follows: Writing Here you’ll write short stories/poetry relating to the theme, and they’ll be linked/shared on our marketing platforms. 1st Place Winner: TBD 2nd Place Winner: TBD 3rd Place Winner: TBD Art Things such as drawings, sketches, sculptures, paintings! 1st Place Winner: TBD 2nd Place Winner: TBD 3rd Place Winner: TBD Media Media can be just about anything you think media can be. 1st Place Winner: TBD 2nd Place Winner: TBD 3rd Place Winner: TBD Winners will be chosen at the end of the month [May 30th 2020]. However if you don’t end up with a winner spot, your content will still make it onto our social media platforms or even our PMC! Prizes: While not everyone may get a winning place, everyone will have their content showcased on our social media platforms. Each category has its own winner list! Winners will be decided by the whole of the welcome team, who may ask other teams for their opinions if it comes close. First place will get to pick their prize first and so on and so forth. Prize List: TBD [if you have any ideas for prizes, feel free to suggest it to welcome team while we continue to think of prizes good enough for the contest.] Thank you, and we’re looking forward to everything you create! Application Form: Username: Category: Submission: Please submit your pieces on this thread with a comment having filled out the above form! Follow us on our social media: Facebook: @AethierRPServer Instagram: aethiermc Twitter:
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    The greatsword makes a scraping noise as it slides into the top of hill. The bloodied man, with wounds covering him from head to toe smiles as he sighs and kneels down. Impaled into his back, five more weapons pronounce from his form, as his Segmentata was all but ruined plates and tatters. His skirt ripped and stained a darker red then that of his homelands color, he removes his helmet from his head, placing it to the side. As he gazes upon the cloudy sky, around him, stabbed deeply into the dirt lay millions of armaments, from swords to halberds and from axes to arrows the dried wastes stretch as far as the eye can see, filled with weapons of war. Each weapon carried with it a story and a motive he remembered vividly as he was forced to end their lives. A bandit lord dipping their toes into the magics of an ancient darkwell, killing the leader of an entire legion of his own people because of the dark weapon granted by foreign beings not of creations realm..each tempted by fate, desperation..and learning the truth of ones humanity. He did all of this, killed all of these people in the name of the gods themselves, and called it just. For who were the gods, if not the judges of everything that exists? . . . Vittalion Aramis Maximus was born a free womans son, a middle class of the first aestatian republic. Two cycles from our present, yet upon the same timeline of which the Heilig empire sprawled across Aversia. The son of a merchant woman, Vittalion grew up under the era of auspicious stars; for this was when the star of Aestas, that which the land Aestatia is named after, fell from the sky and disappeared upon his day of his birth. His mother was named Aria and was apparently known to be blessed with incredible beauty and intellect, and his father a strange, mysterious man of whom he only found the name of much later. His uneventful childhood was lead by the tutelage of a veteran, for his mother desired to see her son fight for his home and the greater world to protect it from evil, inspired by the deeds of his father before him. Despite this sudden change in lifestyle from what he was used to, when he was ten years of age it became quickly apparent that Vittalion had prowess and strength far beyond that of a normal boy, or even a man. A notion which spread like wildfire through his teenage years as he worked his way through soldiering. As he finalized his training at the age of sixteen by doing a pilgrimage to the shrine of the timekeeper, a place which lay at the summit of the tallest mountain in Aestatia, there he would find the end of his time on the mortal plane as a supposed mortal man. As he prayed for the timekeepers protection against age, he found himself in a different place. A land of marble pillars, with beings at a height taller then the largest buildings in the capital. Around him, these giants of power far beyond his imagination spoke in a resounding voice. They declared to him that he was a chosen of the gods, a being unique to this age, one that could save everything if it worked. He was a Demigod, a man born from the blood of a human woman and one of the pantheon. So many thoughts raced through the young boys mind about his true origins, though they seemed to be patient with him as he asked countless questions, many relating to what powers he may wield because of this, and if he could somehow use them to protect not only his homeland, but everyone in the world. During this conversation, he learned that his true father was not a regular man, but the All-Father of the pantheon itself, Vassas. He was born a man unlike any other-given powers even a demi-servant could not possibly hope to match. Upon seeing his creation grow into such a man, Vassas gladly awakened the dormant powers hidden within Vittalion, stating that he was the only one worth to carry the title champion of the pantheon. Armed with such knowledge and newfound strength, he gladly chose the life of a guardian to the people of the multiverse when it was offered to him, even if he would never know the faces of most past a glance. He was made for this, and now he would serve the greater calling that reached out to him. The people of the realms rejoiced at the miracle that now lay in their hands when the heavens opened to reveal their herald, giving them a supposed eternity of peace and prosperity. But miracles don't last forever. Fifty years after becoming the champion of the Pantheon, Vittalion returned home to visit his mother, whom he hadn't seen since that fateful day. Happiness on his face, and tears rolling from his eyes the man that was once but a child found his old home on the wayside road within the capital of the republic..but all that was left there was despair and hopelessness. Fresh on her face, a look of terror pervaded Aria, as she lay dead in a pool of her own fresh blood and her chest carved out in the symbol of the goddess of chaos. The violet wisps that exited the wounds laughed at his reaction and tears, which soon gave it away that this murder wasn't by a normal cultist or crazed maniac, but the divine of chaos herself. In a storm of grief and anger, Vittalion ran from the site of his desecrated home and returned to the seat of his father, demanding to know why that, in his all seeing power, he could not stop his mothers death. Despite his cold and unflinching stature which he is often known for, there was a terrible sadness that never again would form upon his face as he spoke to his son, and admitted the only two weaknesses he ever would possess. Aria, his mother, a link to mortalkind which could serve as the only way to prevent him from making decisions he believed was right..and her. One was for love, the other because only she possessed the power to evade his all seeing eyes. Vittalion despite his fathers clear sorrow, did not relent. His anger and his rage fueled from this invincible figure he called his father to be so weak as to be unable to see a half mortal girl in his vision resulted in the murder of their loved one. Vittalion was soon forced from the chamber by his father after a heated exchange of words, and for hundreds of years more Vittalion served, but remained infinitely at odds with him. The sept this rift opened, it can be said this seed lead to his eventual fall from grace. The entity known presently as the void began to whisper to him while he slept after that, trailing at the edges of his mind just enough to slowly and excruciatingly make him change his views without marring his memories of which he held so dear. It fed on his doubt, and exhausted him over eras. It was not long after the sixtieth era of his purpose before he began to seek something more than himself. He had a longing for a family, and a wife, one to fill the void lost by his fathers poor protection and loss of true family since that fateful sept. . . . It was another decade before he found a woman named Anastasia who was serving as a tavern wench down on her luck, whom he quickly chatted up, betrothed and fell for beyond that which he thought was possible for someone of his stature. They spoke and laughed and dance together on countless nights, and he told her of his life and the terrors he was forced to face down every sept. Instead of running, like many whom he had tried and failed with before, she accepted him for who he was, but she had sympathy beyond just that. His life had enough terror and pain in her eyes-it was time for him to settle down, start a family if he wanted to. Sixty Eras was long enough to serve anyone, even the gods themselves. Though she was a religious woman, like anyone at the time, a strange black envy began to pull at her mind, making her desire to see him and drift away from anyone who posed a threat to her love with him. The influence of the void that racked his mind pulled him toward this lethargic state as well, and so he requested from the pantheon, the first time he had done so since his inception, to be released from his services and immortality, and to live out his days with his soon-to-be wife. Appalled by his sudden shift in behavior from his diligent son, Vassas and the rest of the pantheon declined, for it was him who prevented the inner worlds from falling to anarchy, and they had not a replacement for one of his stature. In addition, it was made clear that links to mortals was only weakness in cases such as these, as Vassas had shown him so long ago. Before he let his rage overcome his form, he requested to meet with the ever merciful goddess of life, Arvora. In all respects, she had attempted to become his mother figure since the passing of his first, and so in his last vestiges of sanity attempted to cling to her for a false hope he thought would set him free. When Arvora declined to go against the will of the pantheon, she stated the same reasons as when she had originally agreed with his father. The worlds needed him-they needed a guardian..and there was simply no-one better. Vittalion stormed from the room of his so-called mother figure, condemning her in his yelling as tears streamed from his face. She was disappointed in this, but understood that despite his anger, it should have been for the best. Should have been, had something else not had other plans. Returning home in anger from their judgement, the whispers grew in strength and addled at his mind. Anger toward his father, anger toward the gods injustice toward his desires, and most importantly, anger that he could not be with the person he loved until they both peacefully passed away. When he told his wife the judgement of the gods, he saw in her a dark rage that was far beyond her character, which wailed about the wrongdoings of the gods and how they kept him chained to their will purely so that she could be cursed to a life of despair and loneliness. In his tampered mind, she was right about it all. He was just a tool, one that the gods used and took advantage of as they pleased without remorse or care. Though inevitably afterwards she relented on her condition and agreed to marry him regardless of what had happened, his work continued for another ten tsels. Every time he struck down another enemy of the pantheon, his doubt only grew..and so did the whispers. Every fiber in his being eventually screamed that he was just fulfilling a will not his own, and that he should fight back against his creators..and most importantly, his father, so that he could live the life he so desperately desired. The last mortal weapon used by his hand dug into the dirt before him. As he returned home from another day of endless protections, he found the house in a strange, cloudy and slime-like mess. Every piece of it was covered by a strange layer of muck that drained the very divine energies from his body. He was repusled, scared-and most importantly, terrified of the possible status of his wife. His eyes searched the twisting room desperately..and in the corner of the house, hidden away from the windows and moonlight of Ombra, his wife awaited in a chair with open arms. The Muck that covered the home seemed to create a pocket for her to stay, not harming or approaching her seemingly as if she herself controlled its very will. A small shrine to a foreign being was hastily created where the small pantheistic shrine was before, and his wife spoke to him in a clear and happy fashion that he hadn't seen in a long time. The walls, despite the muck were covers in stains of blood and scratch marks, and messages written in the ink of madness scrawled over the home. He soon looked to his wife once again, asking what the meaning of this strange..thing, was. She responded joyfully, as her mind had finally been overtaken by the truth of the darkness beyond the veil. "You have a guest, my love. One that promises to finally set you free." And for the first time since creation split into pieces, Absence spoke.
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    Unrest in Aveyron Little has changed in Aveyron over its reign; the bickering of the easterners and their war drums have little effect, save for the sparse rumor or two. However, the government of the grand city seems.. lacking, as of late. They've made very few decisions, and those decisions they have made only served to upset the peasant population of Aveyron. Furthermore, with such a poorly-funded policing force, what's stopping the peasantry? Some of its citizens have grown bold: the crime rate has exponentially skyrocked, and the once-lawful city begins to succumb to strongly-ruled guilds in a city with uncaring leadership. There are always two sides to the coin; some peasants starve as their food is stolen, while others find fortune and joy in taking: their families had never been better. Who knows what will come of Aveyron?
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    Projectile Standards V.1.2 Disclaimer: The Projectile Standard system is intended to be used during player versus player combat. This system does not apply to events. While it may be used during events, use of this system is up to DM discretion, and is not required. Overview Any projectile, be it a spell, arrow, ballista, etc. must be aimed at a target. In order to achieve this aim, one must declare where they are aiming on a person or target, and then make a roll. The roll must be at or above the DC for the location being aimed at in order to hit. Rolls Natural One: The target is not hit and instead an ally in close range of the origin of the projectile is hit instead. Should there be no close-ranged ally or one in any conceivable direction of the target, it is just a miss. 2-9: The target is missed. 10-12: The target is hit in the lower abdomen. 13-15: The target is hit on their upper torso. 16: The target is hit in their thigh/wing. 17: The target is hit in their bicep. 18: The target is hit in their foot/hand. 19: The target is hit in their forearm/lower leg. 20+: The target is hit in the creature’s cranium/neck or through their eye. This usually results in a swift death of 2 turns should they not be cared for. Cover You cannot shoot at a spot on one’s body if you cannot see it. If someone’s arm is hidden behind a wall or other form of cover, it cannot be declared to target to shoot for. If the entirety of the body is covered a roll attempt to shoot cannot be made. If someone is using mobile/incomplete cover such as a shield, aiming can be done as per usual, but if the cover is protecting where the projectile will land, it will hit the cover instead. A shield should be declared where it is prior to the projectile being shot. Armor Plate-equivalent armor offers protection to penetrating shots that would’ve otherwise caused injury on the person. Depending on the material of the armor and projectile being used, a variety of things that can happen. Chestplates will generally block penetrating shots to the stomach and chest by denting the plate or deflecting it. Helmets will generally protect against penetrating headshots and instead of killing the target will instead render them unconscious and dazed. Projectile Modifiers Sometimes the choice of weapon or location of origin can provide the one aiming the projectile large advantages. The following are listed below: Crossbow: +2 Using a bow/crossbow/magic projectile within 8 meters of the target: +3 Using a javelin/spear/nonstandard projectile within 4 meters of the target: +3 Flying: -3 Bombard and Cannon Rules If you have a bombard and or cannon, they follow these rules. They're mostly intended to hit structures, if they're aimed at a person it will hit center of mass if the roll is passed. 1: The bombard explodes partially, ruining the barrels. 2 - 5: The cannonball is sent out of the barrel, however off trajectory, and doesn’t make it very far from the barrel, landing 5 meters from the barrels muzzle. 6 - 9: The bombard is shot, yet is shot at a less farther range than standard, but not as short as before. 10 - 14: The bombard works as intended, and shoots out at a standard range that it was meant for. 15 - 19: This shot is accurate and is sent out long and far, working as intended. 20: Most accurate shot, guaranteed hit at whatever is being fired at. Projectile System Clarifications and Examples When the lowest possible roll occurs, with or without modifiers, it is considered a "Natural One". The results for Natural One are detailed under the Rolls section. For example, if I roll a 1d20 and get a 1, that is a Natural One and achieves the results for Natural One. If I roll a 1d20+5 and roll a 6, that is the lowest possible roll I can get with that modifier and it counts as a Natural One. This achieves the results for Natural One. Inanimate objects require a 10+ when rolling a 1d20 to hit. If the roll of a 1d20 results in a 10 or higher, the inanimate object is hit where aimed. Anything below a 9 results in a miss. Regarding targets such as people who move around, should the person aiming roll OVER what is required in order to hit the target, it commutes down to what they declared as their target. This applies whether a modifier is added to the roll or not. For example, if someone aims for the abdomen and gets a roll of a 19, they will still hit the abdomen and not the forearm/lower leg. If someone rolls a 1d20+5 and rolls a 25 when aiming for the hand, they will hit the hand. Regarding targets such as people who move around, should the person aiming roll UNDER what is required in order to hit the target, the target will be missed entirely and will not be hit anywhere.
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    Perhaps a bit of a misstep in the great calamity and cacophony of organization and mental gymnastics still ongoing in the background as we sort everything out, one somewhat large issue presented itself to the entire plan; the players have no idea what the heck is going on! In terms of stuff actually affecting YOU (a lot of the other stuff is mind-numbing and you probably don't wanna hear it anyways) here is a detailed game plan and list, a timeline of sorts of what will be occurring in the future until "Aethier" as you know it is back to full and working capacity. Current Impending barriers; World Border Lack of Dynmap Lack of Camps Lack of Regions Inability to access islands/continents. [Except Adelona, the east, and the Spirit Isles] Apps and Cool stuff are offline!! January 9th; The northern Continent after its event at 6 EST becomes available for private and public events. World border does minor expansion. January 10th; All apps and powers come back online except magic items. Refer to the Lore journal for magic items disclaimers. January 12th; The western Continent after its event at 6 EST becomes available for private and public events. All islands can now be traveled to. Camps can be established everywhere [Ask an FT or ET member! They have to ask the Loremaster or FT lead before doing so!] Dynmap becomes available as the city of Drakonspyre is revealed. January 30th; Exploration phase ends, Colonization phase begins and region production on the main world begins! [Another post will be made at that time] World border should be fully expanded or have been fully expanded by this point.
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    THE EXODUS UPDATE; It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A huge effort and a huge monumental task every two years that kicks every last ounce of energy out of you really is something to behold when its finalized and finished off. Not to mention it isn’t nearly as large as it might’ve been had we saved the lore cull for the next world, but still large enough to make your eyes bulge out of your head. Regardless, welcome to the new age folks. Remember to play with your new toys responsibly, and that it isn’t all about winning. It's about how you play the game. Geography has received a massive update due to the new world, along with a cool history, and even a timeline that consists of both the events that occured in our previous worlds, and the previous history of this one! Also, Laetal has been removed in favor of simply Avaltan. Explore the new world here; The Land of Aversia The Natives of Aversia The Fogwall Giant’s Highlands The Nine Circles The Desert’s Gem Three new metals have been released, tipping the scales back to the neutral spectrum and giving the evil guys some leeway. Also some Antimagic, since Nagiare is now dead in the water. Mjonar Blightsteel Voidsteel All Nagiare is transformed to Silvenium upon entry to the new world, as it no longer exists. Einarian steel is now simply steel, and also no longer exists. In addition, it has been decided that alloys will no longer be able to be applied for, and are either LT made, or simply do not exist for the time being. A new calendar still similar to the old one has been put in place, and will no longer be changing. We encourage everyone to use it, as we believe it contains the healthiest and best form of tracking time for Aethier. Lore calendar New Event Monsters and Animals are now prevalent throughout the realm, and inhabit the lands (and Skies) of Aversia! Animals; Thunderbird Mutu Slithershard Hedgerock Event Monsters; Crylem Supian Carnivorous Rabbits Mungos Swamp Cyclops Dragons Unique Event Monster; Anniguta The animals of the underwater world shouldn’t be forgotten either! Seaslug Brawnin Bloatback Ten-Eyed Swamp Eel Coral Cervus Lumiose Jellies Foamtails Amphilium The plants section has received a boon on the land side of things, gaining a few more unique trees and flora to populate the world. Trees; Crystal Bonsai Braincap Plants; Cenogary Ascentum Petrified Rosebundle Jade Moss Sugar Coated Shrooms Choke Mold On the aquatic side of things, the plants and animals section has received a boon, gaining a few more unique trees and flora to populate the underwater realm, including a tree? Trees; Forest Kelp Plants; Callaglobe Crustcenna UPDATED Node Rules: Drop rates have been edited, drops have been changed, nodes are considerably more rare in this world. If this proves to be too restricted, changes will be made accordingly. “Trash” tier items have been added and are as follows: stone, grass, sticks. “Trash” tier items can be traded in bulk to villagers at spawn to get common and rare items. These villagers will be located within the market stalls of the spirit docks. 1-2 “trash” tier items are guaranteed to drop every time a node is successfully looted, indicating that the node did properly spawn loot. Tree nodes have been introduced and dispersed. A few other rules and things are updated as well, please check here for it! The Heroic Spirits roster has gotten a new look and an overhaul, along with what they are, how to get them, and how they tend to work. Heroic Spirits The undead also received a bit of a formatting change, along with a couple new types! The Undead New Event Races dot the continent, doing whatever it is they do while the fey receive a MASSIVE lore update, expanding upon them and the lore of the multiverse! Also Hrim giants got a touch up. New: Minotaurs Sprites Shifters Sporelings Updated: Fey Hrim Giants The star signs and constellations are receiving a really fun overhaul, just as something to add to your character to make them that much more unique in their own flavorful way. Make sure to set a birthday for them! Constellations & Astrological Signs All special effects coming from events such as player arcs are being released and revoked. This new world has a strange tie-in to it, and it seems those that granted such boons are now long passed on. Two new races join the core, while two familiar faces make a return, welcome to the party! Also Half-Orcs got a bit of a rework, while the Elves, along with the fey, received a major lore update. New Core Races: Centaurs Skrayln Brought Back: Halflings Vilo’Tae Reworked: Half-Orcs Updated: Forest Elves Walking on water. [*]Noble Elves Healing Trance Frost [*]Dark Elves Low-Light Invisibility [*]Elven History Two new traits have been added, one that revolves around continued exposure in the crystal biome, and another that results in giving everything to the void. The Lucient and the Fallen. And Vallah received some changes as well. New; Lucience The Fallen Updated; Vallahism Magic has received a massive update to how it works, by adding in a new system of progression along with a variety of new rules and changes. To start however, one thing that is new is magic “trees” for every discipline, five base spells that can be taken if you have the discipline and added to your grimoire without an application! Trees of Magic; Aurum Spells Healing Biomancy Chronomancy Erebokinesis Terramancy Aeromancy Hydromancy Mana Alteration Planes Sound Golemancy Souls Psionics Pyromancy Magic Update!; Catalysts Magic Progression Golemancy Rules UPDATED Magic rules: 1. All Enchanted objects will be deactivated come Exodus. They can only be reactivated by sacrificing a piece of arcamite after the fact. Contact Mooncake to get it moved out of the archive, with a possible rebalancing if problematic for the current time. 2. Enchanting items will from now on always cost one Arcamite to make. 3. Being a mage will take up a profession slot. You do not level up through the regular profession system yet rather through a combination of events, ontime and general magical effort put into the character. The new skill level of magic goes as follows. Novice; 15 spells, 50 Mana Journeyman; 20 spells 100 Mana, Can create Glyphic Circles Adept; 25 spells, 150 Mana, Can create Magic Items, Can create Glyphic Circles Master; 30 Spells, 200 Mana, Can create Magic Items, Can create Glyphic Circles Archmage; Must be master, Only difference can light sparks One can have up to four Disciplines without penalty. More is described in the thread itself! Your grimoires will be marked at what rank you all now start at, if you are returning mages! This cannot be discussed or argued, as this was a vote by the entire Lore team who reviewed them all. On a dimmer note, we are beginning to tighten the belt on mages considerably, and being active on a character is now paramount to retaining your status as a mage, along with every new and old system we have. As such, some characters have had their grimoires moved to the archive and their sparks turned off. This does not stop you from reapplying! But keep in mind we expect consistent activity as best as you can muster for this! This also applies for shamanism, described below. Shamanism has received a complete and utter overhaul. Not a single part of it is the same, and that means a brand new system to dig your teeth into for those wanting to do it! Shamanism Guide; Shamanism Guide Shmanism Applications The Vaya; Aaog Thairr Orono Vuona Aisha Magu Spirit Realms and Spirits Tletuego Xochor Yeyeres Atluga Nemita Loquiti Coming as the first new system introduced, the Feymarks are a unique vocal form of magic special to its own language and power that are capable of great things. But this comes with a cost, as all things do. Meet the Archfey, learn the system, wield your newfound power! Archfey; Oberon Galadan Agalia Chione Feymark; Feymarks Feymark Applications; Feymark Formats Deep in the lands unbeknownst to mortals, a new threat has emerged with gaining influence and dominion of the overworld in its sights! The demons make their play into Aversia. Will you give in, and join them? Land of the Demonic; Farcanith Demonmarks; Demonhood Demonmarks The Seven Prime Evils Astaroth Rusalka K’daai Focalor Verat Mogluthol Nephiti How-To Guide DDD Guide Runecrafting is a new magical profession that is often thought lost to time. Imbued with special runic sigils and powers, runesmiths can create scrolls of both small and large scale power-all one must do is dedicate their life to its craftings. As with magic, this takes up a profession slot. Runecrafting; Runecrafting Runesmith Applications; Runecrafting Apps The Elder dragons and their powers have made their true debut from the shadows! Starting with the Dragonmarks, a new form of power gifted to those chosen by the Elders, to greater descriptions of the Dragons themselves, the Dragonmarked join and take center stage! Dragonmarks; Dragonmarks Dragonmarked Apps; DDD Guide Elder Dragons; Rohana Sal’uun Eldruedlar In addition, everyone will start without their abilities or strengths. This will last for two weeks before coming back on for everything. Artifacts-divinity, magic, all such things. Welcome to the 5th world.
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    - Hedgerock - Description: These creatures aren’t easily found in the wild due to their very clever camouflaging that predators have not caught onto yet. Hedgerocks are named as such because they are hedgehogs who have adapted to nature so much that instead of spikes they grow shamrocks or more commonly known as four leaf clovers, on their backs. They are the size of common household rabbits and rather tame to the outside world. They have become docile due to the fact that most animals that would eat them do not see them as appealing anymore or as easy prey to hunt down. Because of this docile nature they are perfect as pets for those living in the forest and on rare occasions to those who take great care of them while living in cities. Distribution: Hedgerock’s can be found in most forests. They hibernate so tend to not seek out colder climates but aren’t shy to them either. As long as luscious grass grows where they can hide themselves in they are there, They are considered common. Diet: Hedgerocks are Herbivores only eating grass or clovers in the wild. When they get the chance they love other raw vegetables making them a menace for farmers and other crop farming people. Carrots farms have it the worst often seeing the cute animals worm their way through the gates to get their little paws on a fresh carrot. Habitat: Their homes are commonly made in little burrows under trees or under hedges. It won’t commonly seek out large cities but is content living and stealing from vegetable gardens. Relations: They are a great pet for those living in the forest. Sylvan creatures often live in harmony with them already. Some call them pets but others just take care of them without a need to even claim them as their own. Because of their clover abilities they are good to have around for the sake of luck, and Oklamat seems to favor them as well. Mechanics: When a bond is formed with a Hedgerock it will allow you to pluck a four leaf clover from it’s back which is known to give good luck to those who hold one.
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    Notice of voided RP During the event that took place on [8/19/19] in Svet Flerian, Suldar's character Calemvir was killed by reavers. Moderation has deemed the usage of reavers to be lore breaking as they cannot instantly slice through plate armor. Calemvir would instead receive minor puncture wounds and the reavers would've been beaten to death by the gargoyles. Any rp involving his death after the event is now voided. Everything else remains the same, thank you.
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    Welcome to the first official posting of the monthly "Faction Team Patch NotesTM," a.k.a our format of keeping the community up to date and aware of any changes, additions, updates, or removals of something from a system or even a whole system itself. FACTION TEAM PATCH NOTES September 2020: As of the current date- 4th of September, 2020-FT Patch 1.0 will now be going into effect in the respective categories: Manpower: Added the system change to manpower now being affected primarily by active vouchers 1 voucher = 500 MP Inactive vouchers will not provide Manpower Regions that may not have the minimum capacity of vouchers will be treated as having that many inactive vouchers Reduced the amount of MP provided by Biomes, Terrain, and Amenities by a single value (i.e 1000 -> 100 and so on) Regions: Added to the system that regions will begin as Encampments in a designated location. the location of an encampment will be determined by a would-be region owner in a predetermined location on the map there will be a 2 month timer given to the encampment to allow for recruitment/starting roleplay/construction of a new region/faction if an encampment goes inactive or the region owner decides they do not want to pursue the region any more prior to making a region application, the encampment will be removed encampments do not require a region app to be made, that is to be made after all other requirements are still meant as usual. this 2 month grace period will also provide the encampment with protection from War Declarations and other PvP based attacks via war system. this protection period will be nullified, however, should the faction residing in the encampment show hostility towards others Encampments provide only 1000 manpower and will show up on the Manpower Sheet as a settlement Regions are to be required to perform a "Region claim event" prior to acceptance of a region app it is also to be specified and put into written word on the respective system thread of this rule officially Adding the specification that a Nation is limited to 2 towns per city, and 2 cities overall. A "Nation" is referred to a collection of regions with one declared "capital" region. Vouchers: Vouchers will no longer determine region activity/inactivity activity will now be determined by activity of RP being made in the respective regions as well as events that come from said regions region activity standards will be determined by the Faction Politics Branch and is left to their collective discretion vouchers will be locked once declared until the next Activity Check time period vouchers will only be able to be changed during the time that a Activity Check thread is active for that period (see the below point on Activity Checks for more info) vouchers must have a legitimized OOC or IC for switching their vouch this will be up to Faction Politics Branch's discretion Region Owners now automatically vouch for the region they will be in command of. Removed the rule "you can vouch for one region, and own another" Activity Checks: Activity Checks will now be held Bi-Monthly for all regions. The Activity Check Thread will work similar to the Taxes thread, and in turn will have a "Open" time-frame for vouches to be fixed/changed/updated this "Open" period will be the same as the Taxes Thread - 2 ooc Weeks Player Inactivity is now determined through a combination of the /seen command as well as check on their overall logged weekly hours. the Maximum time away from the server is 42 consecutive days for standard cases, and 120 for those who may have IRL/personal periods of Leave from the server any player that exceeds these limits will be marked as inactive and will remain so until they return Activity Check will be conducted by the Faction Politics Branch IT IS STILL THE REGION OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO BE AWARE OF WHO IS AND IS NOT ACTIVE IN THEIR REGION FOR WHEN ACTIVITY CHECKS COME AROUND The next Activity Check Thread will be posted October 21, 2020 Taxes: The Citizen's Status system will now effect tax amounts instead of supplied Manpower Content = No increase Unrest = 50% increase Rebellion = 100% increase Ic explanation is that unhappy citizens do no pay their taxes to their nation, in turn the outwardly paid taxes/expenses of a region are increased as a diminished or no "income" is now being sent to a region Citizen's Status will be added to the Tax Sheet come September's Tax thread. War Systems: No changes are being made to the system as of the current Patch.
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    PLEASE NOTE: The following update is relevant to the 1.14.4 Server which will be released at (Approximatley) Midnight GMT (Or 7pm EST - 28/12/2019) after the EXODUS event intermission. None of the below changes have been implimented on the existing 1.12.2 Server that is in service until then. Aethier has updated to 1.14.4, and in additional to several other releases, these are the updates/changes that have taken place for this new update. Central Aethier Infrastructure: New Server Host has been Rented on a 12 Month Lease with OVH. The new server is located in London UK and costs slightly more per month to run, but is statistically three times as powerful as our previous host Specs: Intel Xeon-E 2288G - 8c/ 16t - 3.7GHz/ 5GHz 128GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz Disks: 2x960GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID + 2x6TB HDD SATA Soft RAID Network: 1GBPS(2GBPS Burst) downlink with 10GBPS uplink. Operating System: VMWareESXI [*]Updates VM's to latest Linux Distrubutions and Windows instances to Server 2019. [*]Automated SSL certificates using WAF. [*]Fully Integrated Firewall solution. [*]Integrated a new Network Security Model, Isolated sensitive Data Streams from the Public Internet. [*]Intrusion Protection Module has been added [*]Essential Management Ports have been closed and are to be done using a Secure Procedure for accessing internal Systems. [*]All Environments and Services have been Transferred from AethierCoreGen4, to AethierCoreGen5 (Excluding the 1.12.2 Env.) Aethier Teamspeak Server: Updated software to Latest Version Aethier Bungeecord Proxy: Updated to Latest Version Maintenance Mode Toggle is now available NetworkManager is now in use to allow dynamic changes of bungeecord with less frequent restarts Aethier Creative Server: Service Now Offline for Rebuild, Scheduled for release Mid January Aethier Roleplay Server: Environment has been fully rebuilt from the ground up to ensure stability with the new release. Aethier5 is now the new Primary Map to be used for RP. The Following Plugins Have Been Disabled/Removed Temporarilly due to incompatibilities with 1.14.4 and features may be unavailable CustomJoins (Incompatible with 1.14.4) FastAsyncWorldedit (Substituted with standard Worldedit) FastAsyncVoxelsniper (Substituted with Standard Voxelsniper) CratesPlus (Only Supports 1.14.2. Developer is working on a fix) LagMeter Vivecraft Tokenmanager (Functional and installed, however unable to spend tokens currently due to CratesPlus being down) FurnitureLib & FurnitureMaker & ProtectionLib & Light API (Unstable) NBTEditor [*]The Following Plugins have been decomissioned and are no longer needed/in use LWC (Replaced with ChestProtect) Jukebox & NoteBlockAPI (Unused) BlingBall (Depreciated/EOL) iDisguise (CUlled) TacticalBacon-Reloaded AntiWDL (Replaced with ADL) MassiveLag (Abandoned on Spigot) MassiveTickets (Abandoned on Spigot) MassiveCore (Abandoned on Spigot) UltimateFireworks (Culled) MoarBows (Culled) TravelTickets (Unused) AethierPay (Depreciated/EOL) Ports (To be replaced with CMI Portals) Brewery (Unused by players) Buildfixes (Depreciated/EOL) CustomDurability (May return this if it stops spamming the random Hiragana) [*]The following Plugins/commands/features are temporarilly disabled during the Exploration Phase andd are scheduled to return at the end of January: MCMMO /fly Player Vaults Access to the Storage2 World. Hyperdrive [*]The following are new plugins that have been introduced in this update ChestProtect TimeManager Lands [sCHEDULED FOR END OF JANUARY RELEASE] [*]AethierCharacters has recieved a major content update and now features new options on the menu, and an increased character slot capacity from 5 to 10. [*]Minesync and its relevant automation has been transferred and setup. [*]Daily AutoReboot Moved from 5am GMT (MIDNIGHT EST) to 12pm GMT (7am EST) [*]Fixed the bug that occasionally caused reboots to fail and got the RP server trapped in a state where it were online, but not accepting players. Known Bugs: UltimateChat has a known issue where if you use a Channel alias to speak directly into a channel you are already in, it will cause the next message to send to that channel despite what your channel is actually set to. This can be avoided by either excplusivley using the channel change command, or exclusivley speaking using the aliases. To avoid this issue we advise NOT using a combination of the two. An issue with the MorePlayerModels Plugin is currently causing errors that are preventing the Client mods from communicating with eachother. I have informed the Dev of this issue and hope to get this fixed in a few days. Addendum: Last minute change, We have switched back to an updated version of worldguard and abandoned redprotect due to compatibility issues with a planned plugin, and the lack of a required feature. More information May be added to this post as needed.
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