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    LET IT BE KNOWN That in Fealty and Honor of the Imperial Zheng Throne; - No religious organization whose dogma does not oppose the Imperial Creed shall be opposed or oppressed - That no school of thought, barring Necromancy, Void occultism or uncivilized Vallahism shall be opposed or oppressed - That all religious organization shall be taxed equally by the Provincial Feudalities and the Imperial Throne - That Man shall be no slave, and shall never surrender his right to Ambition and Growth unwillingly to ancient beings who dare claim so - That all under the vigilant protection of the Imperial Federation and it's Assembly shall be free to practice faith unfaltering; - That a faith which would openly and unfairly criticize the Imperial Great Father surrenders those rights by doing so. It is by signature of this official bill, ratified and endorsed by the Provinces and henceforth enshrined by his Imperial Majesty, Ghazan, first of his name, that the Zheng Imperial Federation is decreed a haven freed of exclusive divine or draconid dominion. Henceforth we shall prosper united and strong, as a nation of equals under the Celestial Throne Shogun-Emperor of Adelona and Duken In the Ottoman Empire, a millet (US: /ˈmɪlɪt/,[1] Turkish: [milˈlet]) was an independent court of law pertaining to "personal law" under which a confessional community (a group abiding by the laws of Muslim Sharia, Christian Canon law, or Jewish Halakha) was allowed to rule itself under its own laws.
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    The following piece of legislature has been produced and distributed within the region of Dawnbreak with open awareness of its citizens and those of the Empire. It’s contents are officialised, signed and sealed with the original copy preserved within the Archives. It reads as follows: The First Edict of Mankind: S.1: The Vaterlands henceforth shall ascend from its historical roots and undergo a series of progressive changes to better accommodate its standing within this new world while preserving its nature, culture and political standing. S.1(A): To achieve this mission, the following changes shall take place effective immediately, S.1(A)(i): The region formerly known as ‘The Kingdom of Das Kaiserreik’ shall no longer be referred to as ‘Das Kaiserreik’ and instead shall not mimic the respective reign of ‘Herr Hero Kaiser Sigmar von Amador’. In the absence of ‘Lions’ to ascend to acquire the mantle, it seems inappropriate to proceed with the legacy of the ‘Amadorian Bloodline’ and therefore, the region shall be known until onwards as ‘The Duchy of Das Heiligvolk’ in honour of its peoples struggles, trials and tribulations over it’s extended history, S.1(A)(ii): ‘The Duchy of Das Heiligvolk’ shall no longer be referred to as ‘The Reiklands’ in the political sphere. In order to put to rest the identity of a former age, it has been deemed fitting to refer to the people of ‘The Duchy of Das Heiligvolk’ as ‘Heiligvolk’, S.1(A)(iii): ‘The Duchy of Das Heiligvolk’ formally recognises the merit of all the state sanctioned creeds, religious faiths and forms of worship, races and sex and shall henceforth offer them equal opportunity within the Vaterlands as those of Mankind, as it has always, S.1(A)(iii)[a]: ‘The Duchy of Das Heiligvolk’ formally recognises that the accursed have undergone progressive steps of accountability for their various inflictions, as such they shall be granted entry into the realm on the accordance of obeying the laws sanctioned against them found in ‘The Codex’, S.1(A)(iii): ‘The Duchy of Das Heiligvolk’, as historically since the foundation of its creation, formally denounces the heretical, damned and profane and strictly bar entry of those that practice ‘Profane Magic’, ‘Daemon Worship’ and preach the misguided views of ‘The Deceiver’. S.1(A)(iv): ‘The Duchy of Das Heiligvolk’ shall formerly extend the culture of it’s people to those whom share in it’s identity to be recognised as ‘Heiligvolk’ in citizenship or name despite their upbringing, class, sex or gender, S.1(A)(iv)[a]: This includes though is not limited to the opportunity to hold a seat within the ‘Reichlicher’ and perform civil duties for the interests of ‘Das Heiligvolk’. S.1(B): ‘The Reiksheer’ shall formerly be deconstructed and ultimately dissolved to accommodate for the ever changing dynamics of its current condition to be later assimilated and merged with ‘The Kingdoms’ standing army and force, S.1(B)(i): However hand selected personnel shall remain within a newly designated regiment reserved for ‘Das Heiligvolks’ personal use to formulate a modernised elite force of Veterans to carry the legacy of the ‘Reiksheer’, not only in skill, power and prowess, but in fulfilling their duty to ‘The Eternal War’. S.1(C): ‘The Duchy of Das Heiligvolk’ shall formally begin pursuing profitable means of trade between ‘The Empires’ various member states to support and sponsor trade within the region with the goal of bolstering its economic condition to return the wealth back into the pockets of fellow denizens of ‘Heiligvolk’. Glossary: “Heiligvolk”: The Heilig translation in Common would be ‘Holy-People’ [Referring to the peoples stalwart stance over generations of struggle against the plights of the profane, unnatural and unholy. This reflects the peoples sincere, incorruptible standards and capitalises on their way of life] “Herr Hero”: A Heilig phrase referring to a Noble Hero of Mankind, an individual truly and deeply respected within the social, political and cultural beliefs of the people. “The Codex”: The Heiligvolks collection of standardised laws. “The Deceiver”: Refers to the ‘Heretic Goddess of Trickery’, Foli
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    Hrim giants strength text has been edited to more properly reflect their strength. Bannisiel has received an update to its lore to line up with the timeline! Lycanthropy has been given a glow up! Necrite and Celedium has been reclarified to affect all ethereal and Incorporeal beings, instead of just undead or unholy. ----- Apologies for the small lore drop, but a few things that are on the way are as follows; The Steampunk realm Animal Aggression rating system & Animal nodes The Void realm Vallah Changes & Other super secret stuff..
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    The Legion Azur is made up of Legionnaires, the basic soldiers of the army. They defend the towns of Angoulême, while also answering the call to arms when necessary and partake in naval combat also. The ranking is as follows: The King Rayarch Léoncoeur d'Angouleme The Azur Kommandant Das Heilig Kommandant Sigmund Var Kolchrave Lieutenant-General Florence Lancelyn Captain Grey Lieutenant Sergeant Elzbieta Leandre Legionnaire Aldus Caspian Admar Brummiir Neci Andrea Valerie Bug Liliya Regional Powers These regional lords and ladies hold jurisdicition in their respective regions, and therefore hold say over the military below that of the Kings say. Duchies Cahir Lancelyn d'Angouleme of Luciénne Commander - Kommandant The de facto head of the Lucienne Guardsmen and Legions, decorated as the highest ranking members of the armed forces within the Duchy. They are the man/woman who has no superiors besides the leadership of Angoulême as it stands. They are capable of giving commands to the entirety of Angoulême's military, able to promote, expel, or commit to many actions as they see fit. Current Kommandant of Angoulême is: Lieutennant-Commander: Below that of the Kommandant, and acts as an intermediate when the Commander is not around. Captain - Capitaine The Captain of Angoulême is a well-known role in structure. They are capable of creating warrants of arrest, amassing guardsmen to tasks in or out of city borders. They are the designated leader of the forces in the field if no superior is present to take command on the field of battle/within the operation. The Captain is designated command in most instances and their orders are to be taken with no questions asked. Lieutenant - Lieutenant The right-hand men and women of the Captain. They are Senior Officers of Angoulême's ranking military/guardsmen. Within their authority they hold command over the Sergeants and Infantry ranks under them and hold authority to draft up arrests, clear situations, and recruit newcomers to the ranks. They are free to pursue the best courses of actions as deemed acceptable by the Captain or Commander ranks. Sergeant - Sergent While heavily respected and admired; the Sergeant has little ranking outside of battlefield operations. The role of a Sergeant is to keep the infantry around them orderly and focused in tense situations. This ranking has the authority to give out commands in the field of battle, perform arrests, break up situations, and use lethal force if necessary in the moment (Though it is rather to be avoided). Infantry - Légionnaire-Fantassin (Legion-Infantry) The rank and file of Angoulême. Common men and women who bolster the ranks and create the spine of Angoulême's armed forces. Decorated in the armaments given to them they defend the lives of their comrades and the citizenry of the Kingdom against her many foes and threats. Within the rankings they are able to break up fights, make arrests, give out fines, and escort troublemakers out of the city. Most other rankings within this military have these same duties but the Infantry/Guardsmen have the sole duties of carrying these tasks out.
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    - Lycanthropy - [Application Only] Lycanthropy, a curse deeply rooted in the lands of Aversia. Though it is a very rare sight indeed, still are heard as whispers across the lands. The curse of the beast spawns in the very soul of the person it inhabits, corrupting their form to call for the night. These creatures' howls are heard throughout the dark, striking fear into those who would dare come into contact, or find these bestial forms. The term 'Lycanthropy' though derived from the form of the wolf, is but one beast the curse holds in its domain, albeit the most common. Transformed from their more humanoid bodies once dusk arrives, new beasts shed their consciousness, and assume their corrupted bodies for the vices of gluttony and wrath. Physical Changes: The Lycan are not always physically different in the day in the slightest. Some might be slightly hairier in their human form, have slightly pointier teeth or different eyes, though these changes are inconsistent. By all intents and purposes the person is the same as they were before. They do not have hair growth, fang growth, or enhancements of bestial properties. The person continues to age as normal, and otherwise faces no adversities during the day, or where the sun shines. However, at night or in the dark, the tug of the beast calls forth to the person, drawing primal urges and bidding them to join the eternal hunt of Wulrin. It is this when they succumb to the curse, and transform into the form of the beast. Their form grows larger, clothes they once wore shed off and split if not carefully fashioned to handle the outbreak. Once in this state, they form large snouts and hunched backs, taking on the fur of the animal of their spirit. These animals are commonly wolves, bears, or other large monstrous four legged mammals. This appearance remains constant for the person upon their first change, and does not change afterwards. Scarring is transferred over from beast to normal form and vice versa, but nothing else is to be the same. These large animal-like beings have gangly yet muscled appendages, being far stronger than that of a normal person. Their senses enhance, granting better sight in the dark, better sense of smell and hearing. The transformation itself is excruciatingly painful; bones snap and crack to expand into the form of the beast, skin stretches and hair grows as the pain sears through their body. This of course is how it is in reverse. The change itself is entirely magical, and holds no specific bodily changes inside the form of a normal man. Once in beast form, the organs of the creature are the same, and in similar locations, however moved and enhanced to be more feral in nature. The stamina, strength, and agility of the cursed greatly increase, however the meatier and more paw-like hands and feet of the form lose much of their dexterity, preventing the use of most weapons or tools. Their eyes stare out in colors of red, amber, gold or else and are shaped like that of a cat's. Ears rest atop their head like that of an animal, and overall they resemble little to nothing of their human forms. Their skin is tougher than leather, and is hard to pierce or cut save with silver weapons. The soul of the Lycanthrope has an odd crackling part. On it is almost a tumorous lump which represents the soul of the animal which has manifested within it. Once in the form of the Lycan, the Animal Soul is the one which has possession of the body, while the bodily form is maintained by that of the man. It is a constant struggle between the two forces for ownership and to change into either form. Mental Changes: In the form of a normal man, there is little difference. The most notable of which is an urge to eat meat when hungry. The favored choice is usually raw flesh, and even more than that, those who have had the pleasure of tasting such wish to fulfill their cannibalistic desires and consume those of their people. This of course can be suppressed by the person, and some even try to stray from eating meat all together. But there is a constant push to consume it. In the form of the beast however, unless something interacts with this form, they lose all their senses. Though they will remember all they do in this form with effort, they are unable to truly control their actions. The form of the beast has two tasks in mind: hunting and survival. The beast will do nothing that specifically endangers itself without reason, and still seeks to take the logical route of hunting down their prey, usually being able to skirt and kite to grow near. These beings are able to switch between bipedal and quadrupedal, being bipedal when wishing to attack, but quadrupedal when seeking the speed of their appendages. Their only task while in this form is to kill, and they seek no pleasure elsewise. Effects: Lycans are extremely weak to silver, and hold a strong adversity to the metal. Gold also causes effect to them, but on its own it is much too soft to cut through their flesh. They seek to avoid these at all costs, but when struck a searing burning sensation begins to strike through them. Lycans seek to consume flesh above all else, and are unable to speak, and in most cases unable to properly process commands or thoughts. With special care, a Lycan could come to possess the ability to retain their normal selves while in this form to use its boon. A Lycan MUST change once an [OOC week], or they will be forced to change when night strikes when they log on. This feral form makes them care less about self-consciousness before, and they are more likely to make riskier moves. It must be noted that should they choose to change on their own accord, their bloodlust is much more frugal and self-preserving. Lycans can always change more often, though can only begin the transformation at night. Origin of Trait: Though veiled in mystery, the origins of the trait tie back to the deity, Ombra. Devout of the faith, the original Lycans, a tribe of moon worshipers in the wild proclaimed to know the words of their mother like no other. It was with this they turned on their own people, and began to slaughter their own followers in mass, neighboring groups who too paid homage to the Night Mother in their own ways. Ombra seeing her tranquility broken, and her night used to promote savagery and despair amongst her followers put a stop to it so she could still indulge in her prayers. No longer would they be men at night, but rather savages, continuing their glutton for flesh and damned by the mother who once sheltered them. Over time, the first generation of these creatures died, and new ones were transferred. Ombra took them under her fold once more, but it was too late, and the curse would continue to spread, and its origins lost. Acquisition: The curse is spread much in the same way that Vallahism is spread. A blood contact between the recipient and the werebeast is necessary to turn people to the form of the night. This can happen by accident however, and is how it was spread in the earliest days of the curse. The amount of blood necessary to cause a change in someone is much smaller. Once having acquired the curse, at a seemingly random interval of time, the Lycan will transform once the moon rises. The curse may be cured, though the exact cure is unknown to most. Mechanics: Lore Approval is required to transmit the curse to another. Should the curse be attempted to transfer another one, it requires the player's OOC consent to be turned as well. Characters may be forcibly turned ICly, but players cannot infect other players without OOC consent. Lycanthropy is acquired through the transfer of blood between the cursed and a recipient. Lycanthropy may cause the change to happen through choice. If this is done, the transformation may only happen at night, and lasts for 30 turns unless a stop could be made earlier through other means. A Lycan MUST change once a week, or they will be forced into a feral state where they will change publicly without much choice in the matter. This change is excruciatingly painful, causes bones to break and skin to bend and hair to appear/disappear. The change must begin when it becomes night, but they remain Lycans throughout the period even if it turns day. The turn takes two turns to shift. Lycans will remain in their form for the full duration unless the cursed is able to wrestle a modicum of control, is knocked unconscious, or is killed. Under any circumstance, they change out of their form in a single turn. Lycanthropes are weaker to silver, gold, and holy icons. All injuries and scars transfer between forms. Lycans also hold total magic resistance to their flesh, protecting them from mages. Lycans cannot be damaged due to this without divine ability, silver, or gold weapons only in their Lycan form. While out of their lycan form, these abilities and materials tend to burn them. Those in the form of the Lycan have enhanced sight, smell, strength, and predatory senses. Their skin is also very tough and not easily pierced or cut by weapons, though they are vulnerable to blunt damage. They are strength tier seven and speed tier six. Wolves and bears ignore the Lycans, and will not seek to harm them unless they are firstly harmed or threatened, acting as if they do not exist almost. Lycanthropes are UNABLE to use abilities or cast magic even should they gain control of their forms. Their urge to hunt is much too strong, coupled with the fact they are unable to hold an instrument properly, both allowing for a lack of concentration, and no way to cast. Lycanthropes can form packs with other Lycanthropes. Usually this means they follow a central powerful Lycan and will follow their leadership when shifted. Packs cannot be made with Non-Lycans. Feral This is the introductory stage of Lycans, they maintain very little control in this form and are still learning and adapting to this curse. In general, the Lycanthrope will have very little control over their turns and form during this stage, turning usually at inopportune or stressful moments, or even celestial moments such as that of a lunar eclipse or a full moon. Control On average it takes at least six months with sufficient progress shown to advance to be in control. This can be done either through an Non-Standard Character Application OR through speaking to the Loremaster with sufficient RP evidence in the forms of stories and interactions in order to progress. Lycanthropes while in their mundane form maintain their heightened animalistic sense of smell, sight, hearing, and taste. Lycanthropes are not forced to turn on a cycle and maintain full control of when they do or do not turn. They also maintain full control while in their Lycan form. Races that can contract Lycanthropy: Humans Elves Orcs (Not Goblins) Halfbreeds (Not Half Mer) Danakov Dwarves
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    The Law Fines: Minor Fine: 10,000 arunes Moderate Fine: 50,000 arunes Major Fine: 120,000 arunes Civil Law: Legal* Vallah Feeding: Vallah must apply for a license from the Dukes for lawful feeding. *Legal feeding is consensual feeding in private. Public feedings shall never be considered legal. Lawsuits: Any citizen has the right to request audience with the Dukes if they feel they have been wronged by another in a way that does not fall under criminal law. Solution will be decided by the Dukes or a selected jury. Religious Law: Holy Blasphemy: Using Dahriim’s name in vain, more so clear disgust and disrespect toward the faith of the city, will not be tolerated. First offence - Moderate fine. Second offence - Jail time. Third offence - Life long banishment. Religious Worship: All types of religion is welcomed within the city. From the Pantheon to the spirits, all types of faith are respected; however, those who practice in the art of praising chaos will not be allowed. Your religion is respected, but if your worship consists of chaos, murder, sacrafice, damaging property, and harming our citizens, it will be not be tolerated. Any of these examples will fall into the harsh condition of vandalism or assault depending on what is done. Criminal Law: Misdemeanors Animal Misuse: Illegal parking / abandonment of livestock or horses / bringing animals into the city. First offence - Warning. Second offence - Minor fine . Third offence - Moderate fine. Fourth offence - Major fine. Battery: FIghting without the use of a deadly weapon. First offence: Moderate fine. Second offence: Sky cage. Third offence: Banishment. Note: Verified ‘fisticuffs’ in the street are legal, so long as both parties are in agreement to the rules of the fight, no weapons are used, and witnesses can attest to the reason and legality of the fight. If a fight continues after one party has surrendered or has gone unconscious, then the charge of battery will be leveled on the offending party. Fisticuffs are never legal inside due to potential property damage. See subsection on ‘Duels’ for fights with weapons. Trespassing: First offense: Warning if outdoors. Moderate fine if indoors. Second offense: Jail. Third offense: Sky cage. Public Indecency: First offense: Jail for the night. Second offense: Jail & Moderate Fine. Third offense: Banishment. Mugging: The theft of a person’s property from one’s person. First offence: Moderate fine and jail time. Second offence: Removal of ‘offending’ hand. Third offence: Life long banishment. Felonies Assault: Fighting with the use of a deadly weapon. First offense: Jail. Second offense: Sky cage. Third offense: Life long banishment. Dark Assault: Fighting with the use of prohibited magics or illegal substances. First offense: Life long banishment. Arson: First offense: Major fine and the criminal must pay for the damages in full. Jail time. Second offense: Major fine and the criminal must pay for the damages in full. Life long banishment. Kidnapping: Kidnapee rescued unharmed: Major fine and life long banishment. Kidnapee rescued but harmed: Lashing (equivalent to the harm done to the kidnapee), major fine, and life long anishment Kidnapee dead / not recovered: Execution by beheading. Burglary: The theft of a person’s property from one’s house or establishment. First offense: Major fine and jail time. Second Offense: Removal of the dominant hand Third offense: Execution by beheading. Extortion: The act of using leverage to harm another. Punishment will be determined based on the severity of the crime. Capital Felonies Murder: In self-defense: No punishment In hot blood: State enforced religious penance. In cold blood: Execution by beheading. Treason: Hung until dead. Return from Banishment: One warning will be provided. If the criminal does not immediately comply with the guards while being escorted from the city, they will be executed by beheading. Three Strike Rule: Description: Any person who accumulates 3 felonies will find themselves in this category. The punishment for such is life long banishment, unless one of these felonies has resulted in the death of a person, in which case the punishment is execution by beheading. Illegal** Vallah Feeding: First offence: Life long banishment. Second offence: Execution by beheading. Body to be displayed on a spike outside the city for no less than 2 weeks. Sign posted with body telling name and description of crime. **See Civil Law section over lawful feeding permits. Forced Turning: A Vallah turning someone against their will. First Offense: The first offense is the only offense. Vallah caught turning citizens of the city or anyone within the city without their consent will be jailed and promptly executed. Their bodies will be burned, minus the head, which will be placed on a pike outside the city until it rots off. Duels: Anyone may challenge another to a Duel, but the opponent has the right to decline. Duels can be until yield, first blood, or to the death. Both parties must agree to the terms of the duel in the presence of a third-party. Deadly weapons and legal magic may be used in a duel if agreed upon by both parties. The duels must take place outside of the city limits, so that the peace is not disturbed. Those who enforce these rules The Legion Azur. The Ivory Order. The Nobles of Angoulême. The Nobles of Angoulême reserve the right to deliver punishments for acts that can be considered harmful acts against its citizens or the state.
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    It began as a subtle shift in their behavior. Scattered reports of shadowed silhouettes of massive beasts and giant horned men, once rarely seen outside their own land were now being spotted in remote areas all across the provinces of Aversia. It didn't take long before these silhouettes turned into different colored draconian beasts and armored knights, seeming to be recovering old data from caches and scouting the terrain that seems to have changed somewhat since the last time they once ruled the lands. All but a few outright refuse contact, and most flee before others get close. Despite the sudden increase in activity, their purpose and objectives were not officially concrete, at least until now. With the Emperor of Drakonspyre making his appearance at the shambled mess that was the world council, it seems the emperor, now more than ever-believes in a vision to reclaim his birthright and prepare for war against the void, be it unity by peace or by force. There is little time to prepare, and it seems his timeline is shorter than others. In the land of Drakonspyre, armies are gathering and a navy is being hastily constructed as the forges roar to life. For the first time in an age, the Drakonspyre Imperium are looking outwards beyond their current borders, and seeking to reclaim what they once lost. The giants have returned to the playground. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This marks the beginning of the first true Arc of the 5th world, and from here it will continue in rapid succession until Arc 3-4, depending on player choices made during those times. I think the players have had enough time to get themselves properly set up, so from here on out the train has no breaks!
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    - The Soul - Physical Description: The soul in itself is a complex object comprised from millions of mana-like strings that inherently weave together to form a singular and unique purpose. The true form of a Soul can never be discerned, only made into a sensible projection by spells and other magical viewing equipment. Souls are incorporeal, only able to be manipulated by magic and other incorporeal objects, and otherwise pass freely through objects and otherwise "occupied" beings. What is the purpose of a Soul? The soul is essentially a large reservoir of essence that is linked to each and every inch of a person’s body. Its effects are far more than that, as the soul essentially experiences the effects of the present; it is the consciousness of one’s person, and stores one’s personality and information in parallel with the mind. Removal of a soul does not leave a body dead, it simply leaves them in a detached vegetable state until they succumb to the elements if not treated. All sapient creatures bare a soul, its strength and properties determine many things about the person themselves, but most notably their potential for magical arts. In essence, the soul is a symbiotic parasite, that grants its host a greater width of knowledge and ability at the cost of draining its life essence over a very long period of time. This is known widely in Aversia as "Aging" and getting older. Known Variations of the Soul Soul of an Animal Non-Applicable The soul of an Animal is a meager spirit, and barely carry any energetic or magical potential within them. It serves little purpose then to multiply and spread throughout the realm by any means at its disposal. The soul of an animal carries only five mana within it, and is not useful unless used in large numbers as a substitute for a larger soul. Soul of a Monster Non-Applicable The Soul of a monster is slightly more powerful than that of an animal. Feasting and evolving through its life, these more unique creatures garner some hint of intelligence, and in tandem their soul evolves and grows in both body and mind. The soul of a monster contains ten mana, and is capable of casting magic to a limited degree on its own. Sentient Soul Unless Explicitly mentioned, a normal NPC or player character carries this type of soul. A sentient soul is the most common type to be seen by the people that inhabit Aethius, primarily for the simple fact that it is the one which inhabits a large majority of mortal beings. The sentient soul in a pure and untainted form is among some of the more powerful organisms within the realm, and have the ability to grow naturally and multiply within mortal beings upon conception, both natural and artificial, of a child. A sentient soul carries a very large amount of energy within its structure, akin to twenty mana. Unique Variations of The Soul Soul of a Lost Familiar Soul of a lost familiar requires a Non-Standard Character Application. The soul of a lost Familiar is the result of an anomaly from a mortal soul breaking off too late in the cycle of conception and can cause one of two circumstances to occur. One, the soul is recombined just before birth, and returns to a normal state as if nothing had occurred, or two, the more uncommon option. The shard generates an inactive tether to the soul of their would be sibling, and passively remains near its side. In the case of the latter situation, the child once reaching the young age of 12 years old will have their body shoot up in pain, as the soul of their lost sibling now returns to the world in the form of a hollow spirit, one that idly floats about, around the tethered sibling. This spirit will behave exactly like a twin, and carries all the unique attitudes and personality, just as if they were sentient, yet unable to understand violence. The soul of a lost familiar has less energy stored within it, as about a third of it was lost upon the merge failure. Because of such, those with the soul of a lost familiar find themselves capable of using their familiar as a dual chromatic casting instrument if they are willing. Clarifications [OOC]: The spirit will fully tether to the person in question, and will act sentient. Despite this, such a spirit remains completely intangible, floating about in the pale cyan hollow shape of another human being. Their appearance varies from person to person, dependent on the appearance of the twin that was almost to be. The spirit itself has the ability to once every 12 OOC hours become temporarily tangible for five emotes, allowing them to do acts they otherwise would be unable to perform. Normally, the spirit cannot freely phase through walls, rooftops or floors, however can walk through doors with relative ease. Along with this, these spirits do not carry an active spark, and can only be used [when willing] as a casting instrument for up to 2 strain. The spirit must be within range of their host at all times, or they will automatically recall back to their location in an instant. If any physical or magical harm comes to either beings, a feeling of immense pain is fraught to the partner, as if the tether was being ripped away excruciatingly. The spirit cannot be harmed by physical attacks, but is affected by any forms of Magic normally. The spirit will recall to the host instantly if a distance of thirty meters is breached. Split Soul Split Soul requires a Non-Standard Character Application. A split soul is an extremely rare anomaly when the power of a Sentient Soul is too large to produce two new beings with stable souls upon the conception of twins. When this occurs, the soul is forced to split in order to not annihilate the twins, and effectively inhibits both bodies. This occurrence is what is called a "Soul Split". The resulting twins carry the same soul, however split between the two bodies, and linked by the residual energy that remained after the split at birth. The soul’s power is split in such a manner that each person has roughly 50% the energy a regular soul does. These bodies carry relatively normal properties, but carry a few caveats, as detailed below. Split Souls can feel pain if one of the two bodies are harmed; the actual physical injuries do not transfer, however severe enough physical damage can cause minor blood vessels to burst, causing nosebleeds and bruising as a side effect. The other individual merely feels phantom pains, where pain plagues them for no apparent reason. For example, if one body had broken a leg, the other would not infact break their bones; instead, each time either of them attempted to walk with said leg, they’d both feel the jolt of pain that comes with it. Furthermore, A split soul can only survive by keeping hold of both bodies at the same time. The link that these souls hold is so intimate, that should one body die, the other will also perish alongside it, or if the soul is mended into the pristine body of the other using complex magical manipulation. A split soul carries with it changes to the Magical potential of the soul. If a people with a Split Soul becomes a mage, they will only have a little over half the mana capacity as a regular mage comparatively. Despite this, an interesting interaction arises should both individuals bare the same active Aurum. When this happens, not only does the link keep both souls stable, it now begins transferring mana between them. Due to each body having slightly over half the mana a stable soul does, a Split Soul has an increased magical potential, so long as both individuals are near one another. Their mana pool is larger by roughly one fifth the average person’s. Clarifications [OOC]: In order for the link to transfer mana, and for the two to gain their amplified magical effects, they must be no further than thirty meters from one another and in line of sight. When separated, each body has a total of twelve/nineteen/twenty-five mana each. Together, their mana pool joins. Those with split soul share physical pain and phantom feelings of such if one is injured. If one of them dies, the other will do the same mere seconds later. They also know the precise location of where one another is, unless an advanced magical ability blocks such. Conjoined Souls Conjoined Souls require a Non-Standard Character Application. Conjoined Souls are a unique occurrence that are extremely rare. Though only achievable by magical manipulation before birth under specific circumstances or an extreme magical anomaly, the benefits and downsides are further amplified compared to its well documented opposite, the split soul. There are quite a few conditions for this anomaly to occur that are not by a strange event or reaction, but when one becomes conjoined with their "other", the effects are quite clear. Conjoined souls are capable of each having fifteen spells, and when they are within thirty meters of each other, their spell and discipline knowledge automatically combine to form the total of both their persons combined. In addition to this, Conjoined souls follow the same ruleset regarding injuries, emotions and the like. Conjoined souls do not share physical pain, but instead emotional feeling and things such as anxiety and panic following a wound, or joy from a positive event having given them a warm fuzzy feeling inside. In addition to this, each constantly know the location and rough general status of the one whom they are connected with, and perish should their other die, regardless of distance or dimension they happen to be within. Clarifications [OOC]: In order for the link to transfer spells and for the two to gain their amplified magical effects, they must be no further than thirty meters from one another. Each character with the conjoinment has a total of fifteen spells and four disciplines that are combined when near one another. Unlike their split soul, the mana pools of conjoined souls are the same, and do not combine when close. Those with conjoined souls carry one another's emotions with them. They often communally share both intent and feeling, as well as the status of their connected other. They also know the precise location of where one another is, unless an advanced magical ability blocks such. Should one of the two die, the other follows suit a few seconds afterwards. Soul of a Magical Lifeform Non-Applicable This type of soul is hardly seen, if ever. They are extremely advanced and condensed versions of Sentient souls, yet their power manifests in a far more volatile and energetic fashion than their regular counterpart. Magical lifeforms are all around us, yet most we do not see them very often. Spirits, Elementals and everything similar to them carry these souls, yet the energy within the souls varies heavily from one to the other. Sentient beings too are fully capable of creating and hosting these souls themselves-but they carry a few key differences. Those with the soul of a magical lifeform carry the ability to host an expanded forty spells, as opposed to the regular thirty of a normal soul. In addition-they can hold twenty more mana then the standard soul, and due to the vast magical energy within them-are effectively immortal, due to the soul not needing to leech off their life force. There are major downsides however when hosted within a mortal body. During the first stages of carrying such a soul regardless of how one acquired it-they will begin to lose the need to eat, drink and sleep-as well as the loss of most of their emotions. This can be described as feeling almost robotic, in a sense. In addition-their forms become vastly more frail, and are susceptible to breaking bones, internal damage and death far easier then normal beings. Though it doesn't show on the outside, the body becomes far more like an egg-shell, as opposed to a strong system that it should be. Diseases, curses and other negative effects are almost entirely effective against their person, and some of the strong effects such as lycanthropy can outright kill them, as opposed to taking over. Common traits of those with souls such as these are things such as anemia, and other internal disorders that make them vastly more frail. Clarifications [OOC]: People whom carry the Soul of a Magical lifeform are granted many boons magically, such as having forty spells as opposed to thirty, twenty more mana then their current cap, and are effectively immortal age-wise. The downsides are lack of needing to eat, drink or sleep. In addition, they lose the ability to genuinely host many emotions, both negative and positive. In addition, the person becomes extremely frail, and unable to have its body defend itself against disease or poisons like some others may. Their strength and speed reduces by one stage. Strength: Goblin > Skrayln > Elf > Human > Orc > Bru'Tag > Minotaur > Hrim Giant Speed: Hrim Giant > Minotaur > Bru'Tag > Orc > Human > Elf > Skraelyn > Goblin Dual Souls Dual Souls requires a Non-Standard Character Application and 2 players. A dual soul anomaly occurs when twins in the womb result in one of them perishing. When this occurs, instead of safely dissipating, the second soul inserts itself into the body of the first, and both become somehow anchored to the same form during a brief conflict. The result is two very different people, often the same gender, within one body. As they grow, it often becomes clear to anyone from outside that personality instability is a commonplace, though only between two forms. While the body actively grows and remains the same with no anomalies, it is noted that only a single aurum protects and encases the souls together. This could have been caused by any number of reasons, but this effective split doesn't tend to be universal through the two persons. It is noted that while one of the two souls are in control, the other apparently still sees and creates memories, as if looking through a glass window and experiencing such things. Due to this, both personalities can have different affinities toward different professions and ways of life, despite "muscle memory" being built in. Clarifications [OOC]: A dual soul is two full souls in one body with two distinct and separate personalities. When one souls is in control, the other is effectively watching through a window, but telepathy between the two is available at all times, barring the other souls removal. In addition, since both actively see what is occurring, they have the same memories. Due to the time apart from their bodies, each soul only has a limited time to be able to learn new things. Each soul can only learn one profession and due to having just one aurum, a single aurum type. In the case of a special aurum, it is possible for one person to have learned and be efficient at it while the other personality is totally inept and incapable. The same goes for mundane skills. The two souls controlling the single body can often fight for control, though this is left up to the player discretion on how it works. Souls can relinquish control to the other at any time, however. Overloading Soul Overloading Soul requires a Non-Standard Character Application. The overloading soul is a tragic case of a conception that has presented far too much magical energies in the environment around them. Though there is no idea what the exact cause is, one thing is for certain; All those with an overloading soul die young. While normally mana stored within the soul does not regenerate, of or if it does it is at a very slow pace. The overloading soul regenerates at an extreme accelerated rate, much like a cancer. Unlike a normal soul, it is not capable of releasing excess magical energy safely-if at all. As such, over the course of the growth of the person, an overloading soul can reach a massive 300 mana threshold, six times that of a sentient soul. When certain age groups are reached, the overloading soul tends to culminate in an "Outburst", releasing a dangerous and toxic amount of magical energy into the hosts body, deteriorating them further and further as they grow. Despite its rarity the overloading soul has been researched to the ends of the mortal realm humanely to no avail. To those which inherit it this illness is terminal, and the soul is so volatile that anything more than curses will cause immediate death. Even the divines dare not touch the soul, as the volatility from environmental changes alone prevents them from even getting close. One major difference to this is that those with an overloaded soul need not sleep, eat or drink. The body sustains itself off of the massive-if not unhealthy amount of magical energy being released from the soul. Clarifications [OOC]: People whom carry the Overloaded soul have their lifespan cut in half, and receive negative traits when they reach certain age groups. The upsides are lack of needing to eat, drink or sleep. Due to the immense amount of pain they are in, it can be said they have a somewhat higher pain tolerance, however they are knocked unconscious far more easily than the average person. Those afflicted with an overloaded soul can only inherit curses (barring GV), and are unable to acquire the Aura, Bond or Mana traits. Those afflicted with an overloaded soul carries an unnatural and toxic regeneration to their physical form, which always scars any wounds they recieve. Minor wounds take 3 emotes to heal, Mild takes 4, Moderate takes 5, Severe takes 6, and Lethal wounds will not heal in time regardless. Outbursts are an onset of afflictions that occur and evolve throughout the life of the overloaded, and are permanent and stack along with every new outburst until they die. Outbursts; Newborn - Child The overloaded seems to have an almost white lightning like crackle in their pupil, and are often struck by episodes of sudden pain with no rhyme or reason that leave them in tears. Child - Adolescent The overloaded no longer needs to eat drink or sleep. A dull pain is now constant through their body along with the episodes, and their veins and arteries darken to a deeper violet that is very prevalent on their skin. If the overloaded suffers from vallahism, the curse is further amplified by the overloading soul, causing it so that daylight actively burns the skin of the vallah, and if they are outside and exposed for more than five emotes, they perish from injury. Because of the amplified magical energies, they do not need to feed on others, and completely bypass any notions of instinctual bloodlust. If the overloaded suffers from lycanthropy, when they transform their fur is largely missing. Instead, massive blackened lightning scars wreck their body, smoking and still searing as the transformation nearly destroys the body from within. This pain makes controlling the ferality of the lycan all but impossible, however the suffused magical energy within the form is enough so that the lycan can interact and harm ethereal beings. The overloaded suffers from being weaker and slower by one stage. Adolescent - Adult The overloaded's iris is now a pure, intangible white, and they begin to suffer from somewhat poor eyesight to far away objects. They can now see easily in the dark, if they couldn't already. The overloaded's weakness is amplified, and now suffers from being weaker and slower by two stages. The overloaded's soul reaches its highest unstable state, and as such even revivals for the afflicted become dangerous. If a person with an overloaded soul is revived, the overloaded must roll a 1d20 with a DC of twelve, plus two for every death they have suffered. If they fail to meet the DC, the soul shatters within the body, ruining both the soul and the body beyond repair.
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    Character Name: Astir Hollowgale Spirit: Nixis [ Healing, Fire, Wind ] Bond Type: The Bond Idols: Body Runes Name: Wind Blast Shakti : 2. Domain: Wind. Concentration: Medium. Cast Time: Two Turns. Duration: Instantaneous. Range: Fifteen Meters. Effect: Blasts of wind come forth from the palms of the Shaman’s hand, moving forcefully from them. As a bond level shaman, only one such blast is made, at strength level two, and at enlightenment level three. The blasts of wind will knock humanoid targets off their feet and blow them back five meters and displace larger targets three meters. The incantation itself does not bring harm, but the direction in which they are shoved may cause harm (if thrown into rocks, off a cliff, into magma, etc.) Different targets may be chosen for each blast. Name: Phoenix Wings Shakti: 2 Domain: Fire, Wind Concentration: Low Cast Time: One Turn Duration: Until Dispelled Range: Three Meters Effect: The shaman casts an incantation allowing them to target allies within a three meter radius. This slows their fall, making it non-harmful. The shaman is also capable of crafting ‘wings’ of fire to slow their fall. Upon contact they leave first degree burns to bare skin. The shaman may either target one person or themselves to slow their fall. Name: Nixis’ Fury Shakti: 2 Domain: Fire Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two turns Duration: Ten Turns Range: Five Meters Effect: Trendials of fire begin to crawl their way up the casters wrists to the shoulder. This fire can be used as a whip that extends outwards to five meters. These have the ability to slash an opponent leaving behind second degree burns to bare skin and first degree burns to clothed skin. Name: Shield Shakti: 3 Domain: Fire, Wind Concentration: Low Cast Time: Two turns Duration: Three turns Range: Self Effect: The Shaman creates a shield about them that can take up to three hits. The wind aspect of the shield sends projectiles rapidly around the caster and they fly in random directions. After three hits, the shield dispels. Anyone who touches the shaman will experience 2nd degree burns on skin. Name: Heater Shakti: 1 Domain: Fire Concentration: Low Cast Time One Turn Duration: Ten Turns Range: Three Meters Effect: The Shaman radiates heat warming anyone and themselves within a three meter radius. For every extra ten turns, the shaman loses one more Shakti. Name: Scatter Shot Shakti: 3 Domain: Fire Concentration: Low Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Instantaneous Range: Ten meters Effect: The Shaman creates three balls of fire that can be thrown towards an opponent. Bare skin will receive third degree burns, clothed skin will receive second, and armored figures will experience uncomfortable temperatures. All balls of fire are launched towards the same target at the same time. This spell follows projectile rules and a roll is needed for each ball. Name: Scorch Shakti: 3 Domain: Fire Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two Turns Duration: Five turns Range: 6 meters Effect: The shaman starts with fire sprouting around their feet and eventually covers a 6x6x6 area. The flames will crawl up anything it touches, scorching it. For humanoid creatures, at two turns they will experience first degree burns on clothed skins and second on bare skin. By the end of the fifth turn, anyone caught inside for all five turns will experience third degree burns. Ground around the caster will be burned up and remain charred and blackened. Name: Shards of Ire Shakti: 3 Domain: Fire, Wind Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Instantaneous Range: Ten Meters Effect: The Shaman creates sharp shards of wind and fire which are thrown at an opponent. The wind is tunneled to a point to make it capable of piercing simple steel armor and fire. The flames leave first degree burns upon contact when piercing plate and bare skin leaves second degree burns. This spell follows projectile standards and each shard needs to be rolled for. The force of the shards are equal to that of a crossbow. At Bond two shards can be crafted, harmony crafts three, and Enlightenment four. Name: The Weeping Phoenix Shakti: 3 Domain: Healing, Fire Concentration: High Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Instantaneous Effect: This spell requires Shamancraft. The shaman creates a totem using burnt wood with a healing rune carved into it. Upon tears being dropped upon the burnt wood, the rune will softly glow, burning up the rest of the pendent. Moderate wounds (Broken bones, minor blood loss, 2nd degree burns, minor appendages, etc) will be healed instantaneously. The pendent can not be reused and only has one use until a new one is created. Name: Andköf [Gasp] Shakti: 2 Domain: Wind Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Four turns Range: Six Meters Effect: The Shaman quietly envelopes a target in a pocket of air. Once encased by the air, it heats rapidly, sucking all oxygen from the air surrounding them. Their breath will continue to be taken from them over the course of five turns. An attempt can be made to escape by rolling d20 with a dc of 14. At the end of the five turns, the target will be rendered unconscious. Targets can attempt to escape multiple times, but must meet the dc to do so.
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    - Durum - Description: Durum is a metal found deep underground, a metal known for its durability in particular. The metal is said to have the property to be able to turn those to stone who manage to be harmed by its surface, though not encasing them in it. It is said that bones fuse within the body depending on the severity of the hit and that natural healing from these injuries will further inhibit movement from this who are struck by it. This metal is found deep within the Deep Run and is incredibly difficult to find as it often resembles the stone around it. Color: Dark Grey. Composition: Durum. Rarity: Legendary. Traits: Malleability: Low. Magnetic: No. Conductivity of Heat: Average. Primary Uses: Weapons. Special: The metal when striking the surface of an opponent's flesh, is known to lock up the joint if blood contact is made with the metal. This metal also inhibits natural healing to be done on the area. The metal's wounds can be cured through divine, magical, or other means, however when the area is healed, it causes the extremity to fall off permanently with no recourse. This stops the pain, but prevents the use of this healing. Alchemical healing however may still be used. For example, if the forearm is struck and broken with the metal, it will cause great pain and the wound will not heal. If it is attempted to be healed through super natural means, the forearm will merely fall off and become a stub.
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    - Chulduri - The Unburnt History The Chulduri are perhaps a forgotten race, as they reside deep underground in the hottest baths of the world, along the sides of lava pits and in the deep run within tribes. Being a crustacean type of people, they tended to be referred to as monsters by all of the adventurer parties that traversed the deep runs and went deep enough underground to find them. The first Chulduri to interact with those of the surface was much braver than their tribemates, venturing forwards to a simple human adventurer. Upon first contact, the Chulduri was excited to have someone to talk to, they opened their mouth and murmured a quiet "Hello!", only to find the adventurers scream and shout in a panic. The Chulduri would gasp as they found the adventurers attack them, being bombarded with projectiles, slashes of swords and even flaming torches flashed in his face. His tribemates watched in fear as he was inevitably murdered in cold blood, the adventurers looting his corpse and moving on through the world. Normally passive, though weary due to their long history of tales that showed people were cruel and scared of them. The Chulduri learned from their ancestors mistakes, and have since then been a very dangerous opponent for those who dare to impede on their livelyhood. Physical Description Chulduri are a bipedal humanoid race, possessing flat faces, lacking in a nose, though do have two slits in order to smell, dark beady eyes, and leather fire-proof skin that match their environment. Though that is where the comparisons to humans end. Upon their backs, Chuduri have four limbs, akin to crabs, each razor sharp and fully functional. These limbs are often used as a form of weapon and also aid the Chuduri in scaling cavern walls. These limbs are equivalent in strength and durability to iron, making them useful tools to the race. Additionally, the left arm of each Chulduri are instead replaced with a crab-like claw. This claw is NOT superior in strength to their mundane hand. Both the back limbs and the claw are covered in a tough chitin, making these parts of the Chuldari resistant to anything physical but blunt damage. In contrast to their darker tones, Chuldari have what look like veins of magma cracking through their skin, particularly in their crab-like joints. These veins dull after a Chuldari has died. The Chulduri are completely hairless from head to toe, further aiding in their crustacean appearance. Common Height: 5'8" - 6’0" Common Build: Ectomorph, Mesomorph Common Eyes: Black, Grey, Brown Common Hair: N/A Common Skin Tone: Grey, White, Terracotta, Red Culture Chulduri roam the Deep Run in tribes, oft climbing upon the ceilings to avoid unnecessary conflict. It isn’t uncommon, however, to see tribes of Chuldari settled along beds of magma or in a center mass of a lava lake where they are most safe. Though equipped with the means of defense, Chuldari are largely passive people, however, are ruthless when made an enemy of. Each Chulduri tribe has three elders who collectively decide for the larger group. When an Elder dies, the next oldest surviving member of the tribe replaces them, thus continuing the cycle. Chuldari wear rags, using what they’ve scavenged from the Deep Run, if not donned in armor carved from bones from various larger enemies that they’ve come into conflict with. The settled and more civilized of the Chuldari tribes tend to be more conservative in attire, their clothing not being dissimilar to common attire found above ground. Mechanics Lifespan: 80-90 Tsels Chulduri are immune to fire and heat. The chitin covered crustacean limbs of a Chulduri are resistant to physical attacks that aren't blunt force. Chulduri Are similar in strength to humans. Chulduri can use their back limbs both as weapons and as tools to scale walls at a rate of 3 meters per turn. The back limbs of a Chulduri are as tough as iron and as sharp as a razor. The blood of a Chulduri is known to stay almost boiling hot, even long after the individual it was collected from has died.
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    - Rusalka - The Envious Motto "Always take those that carry what is better than yours; be it their possessions, or their souls." Color Green Domain Envy Description and Lands Rusalka is current Greater Demon of Envy. It is often depicted and portrayed as a hideous and horrifying creature. It bears numerous legs, and has other creatures partly fused within it; making it a true abomination. Rusalka and its demons lives amidst a frozen wasteland, one truly devoid of life and any happiness when it comes to weather or nearby plantlife. Rusalka has an insatiable desire for many of the things around it, and will tear those apart who have something it wants. Love, attraction, wealth, passion, many emotions associated positively are a bane to have in the realm of Rusalka, and as a result of it, many who live in Rusalka's realm follow the same paths. It revels in its own misery, a twisted way of life. Rusalka thrives the less it has, as it will gain power as a result of its desires. Rusalka is from the cold realms of Farcanith, the barren ice and wastes giving it the sickening want of having what all of the others have. Rusalka's Doctrine Kill those who would seek to take that which little you have. Those who would flaunt what they have are undeserving of it. Better you possesses it than them! Rusalka's Brand The Envy Mark is on the underside of the eyeball so that when positioned looking upwards it becomes visible in a deep green. Relations Feuds with Nephiti actively.
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    Rumored Location: ??? Backstory: An ancient weapon forged by the very first Domm champion to face the greatest threat Aversus had known at the time, Eric Quintus desired a way to combat one which he cared for deeply, whom had turned to madness. Terrorizing the population of the world, the lich Althalos was unstoppable. Once an adviser and close friend to the champion, the powers he was given politically, and the influence of darker things set him on a path of terror and destruction. In the eyes of the world, he was unbeatable. Thousands of undead flooded over every inch of land, devouring cities whole like a tide of water, and their ranks joining the endless march of the damned. But in some regions yet unaffected, others prepared. Some boarded their windows and reinforced their walls, while others took up the sword to prepare to fight nigh impossible odds. A man who was not of fine words, Eric saw something that everyone else at the time in their panic didn't. It was not the hordes that the people needed to face. Swordsmanship, combat-death..these things he knew. But he also knew that if they killed Althalos, the other undead would fall like dominoes. So he set to work in his forge. Weeks later, the holiest materials he could find, and on the shortest notice one could make for a weapon of such magnitude, only the Forge-Father himself could have produced a better lich killing machine. When it finally came time to test it, he did not have to wait. Althalos next target was his own homeland, the lands of house Quintus. When the time came and he reached Althalos on the top of the overwhelmed walls, all it took was one fell strike, and a single apology as he shed a tear for his lost friend, now sealed away forevermore.. Passive Effects: When this weapon strikes a lich or necromancer with a phylactery, their bodies cave in and are instantly decimated, and their phylactery shattered no matter the distance, plane or location it finds itself in and the Lich is permakilled. Lichbane is considered an extremely holy item, and as such any unholy or undead/cursed being whom touch it are burned and scarred horribly when they are struck. Active Effects: Once every twenty emotes Lichbane can be impaled into the ground to create a crackling golden shield in a bubble in a 5x5m radius. Lesser undead are instantly killed on contact, and greater undead are pushed out/unable to get inside. It also causes the greater undead to temporarily lose their special traits for 10 emotes, making them effectively mundane undead. Profane spells cannot pass through this bubble, and it can last for up to 8 emotes, but requires total concentration, as the wielder is unable to do anything else but hold the bubble in place.
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    Profane Overview It is no secret that magic is a powerful tool. In fact, some spells are so powerful that they can manipulate the world as a whole. Other spells, however, are seen as an affront to the pantheon and thus have permanent effects- on the caster or the world around them. Spells falling under the latter category are deemed as profane. Overuse of spells that are considered profane are bound to expose the caster’s nefarious deeds should nothing be done to fix the signs and symptoms. Alternatively, the resulting consequences can even damn the caster to a point past living. Each use of a profane spell grants the caster a singular stack should the roll be failed, adding together and not diminishing from its cap of 50 until otherwise cured. Should a mage have 5 stacks and fail a roll, then they would obtain 6 stacks and fall into the 6-10 stack category and take those effects as well as the ones before them. A mage cannot go over 50 stacks, however will keep rolling for failure chances with each profane spell cast should they be in the 41-50 stack category. Profane stacks can only be cured by divine means once you hit 10 stacks, however any stacks before 10 will naturally decay. Any stacks underneath 10 decay by 1 point per two weeks. Divine Sanctification will completely remove any and all stacks that are currently on the mage but requires in character consent. Once a mage reaches 11 stacks and has them become permanent, they themselves are treated as profane. Profane Soul/Healing/Biomancy Profane Necromancy is amongst the most infamous examples of how magic can be used in a powerful albeit heretical way. Profane Necromancy spells are labeled as such, and usually include incantations that violate a risen spirit’s free will, summons a risen spirit for a prolonged period of time, drain the life force of sentient creatures, or tampers with their blood or flesh in negative ways. Profane Necromancy comes with its boons, though. Usually, they can achieve greater things for smaller amounts of strain. However, this comes at the price of the caster forsaking part of their humanity- an affliction that accumulates per each cast of profane spells. This affliction is commonly known as “soul decay.” Effects Whenever a profane necromancy spell is cast, the caster must roll a d20 for how much of an effect the spell has on their person. Rolling at or above a 10 only applies negligible amounts of soul decay. However, rolling below a 10 applies a stack of soul decay. Left unchecked, soul decay doesn’t disappear and has adverse effects on those afflicted with it. It is possible to remedy soul decay in various ways, though texts on the subject are scarce- either because no one has truly discovered an effective way, or the costs are too great. What little information is available on remedying soul decay points towards using the souls of others to supplement someone’s rot. [1-5 Stacks] - The caster’s fingernails become darkened. Their skin becomes lighter, and the pigment in their hair begins to disappear. [6-10 Stacks] - The caster is oft reported to smell of decaying flesh. Their veins become blackened and contrast their pale skin. Furthermore, failing a soul decay roll applies two stacks of soul decay instead of one. [11-15 Stacks] - Hair loss is inevitable, accompanied by the caster appearing older and wrinkled. Their teeth become yellow and rotten. At this point, holy weapons are effective against them. Furthermore, failing a soul decay roll applies three stacks of soul decay instead of two. [16-20 Stacks] - The caster’s soul is tainted to the point that they can no longer revive by normal means. [21-30 Stacks] - Casters in this stage can call upon spirits and communicate with them passively. An ET member should be contacted to DM the spirit. Furthermore, necromancers can communicate with undead as if they were their kin- their soul becoming so depraved at this point that they are treated as one. [31-40 Stacks] - The caster can now only cast profane spells, however these spells have discounted mana cost of 10, this only applies to spells of 30 mana and above. [41-50 Stacks] - The caster is able to create a phylactery at this stage, and is only able to be truly killed if their phylactery is destroyed. If the mage is killed they must roll a 1d10 to see how many days it takes for their phylactery to revive them. All stacks of soul decay should be recorded on the mage’s grimoire. Profane Psionics Poking, prodding, violating a sentient creature's mind does not go unnoticed by the gods. Profane Psionics occurs when one alters another’s memories, induces lasting effects, or violates the freewill of a person. The more stacks of Mind Rot will eventually result in the caster losing all sense of self, becoming an emotionless husk of what they once were. Effects Whenever a profane psionics spell is cast, the caster must roll a d20 for how much of an effect the spell has on their person. Rolling at or above a 10 will spare the caster from gaining Mind Rot. However, rolling below a 10 causes their mind to deteriorate. Left unchecked, Mind Rot won’t disappear and has adverse effects on those afflicted. [1-5 Stacks] - Mages will begin to forget minor details that they would otherwise remember. Things like their favorite food, their child’s birthday, or planned events. [6-10 Stacks] - The caster starts to mix things up in their memory and even creates fake memories. [11-15 Stacks] - Psionic mages will become emotionally depraved, and become seemingly more stoic save for drastic situations. [16-20 Stacks] - Mages will begin to lose significant and several pieces of their memory, as well as adopting mannerisms and ticks of people they use profane psionics on, and suffer from short term memory loss until moved to the sixth tier. [21-30 Stacks] - A master of the mind, the Caster can passively detect when someone is attempting to cast an illusion or mind manipulation, however, not who the caster is. [31-40 Stacks] - Experienced in weaving and creating fake memories, the caster can now tell the difference between altered or synthetic memories and genuine ones, including unweaving their self-made fake memories. [41-50 Stacks] - At this stage, the mage’s mind will be impenetrable, immune to illusions and mental manipulation. All stacks of Mind Rot should be recorded on the mage’s grimoire. Profane Sanguimancy Profane Sanguimancy is a violation of Arvora’s will, as it is negatively manipulating blood or other parts of the body. This includes but is not limited to altering someone else's blood other than your own. Effects Whenever a profane sanguimancy spell is cast, the caster must roll a d20 for how much of an effect the spell has on their person. Rolling at or above a 10 will spare the caster from experiencing a clot. However, rolling below a 10 causes clots to spawn. Left unchecked, clots won’t disappear and has adverse effects on those afflicted. [1-5 Stacks] - The caster’s eyes well up with blood, causing them to cry blood. [6-10 Stacks] - The caster’s eyes turn bloodshot passively. [11-15 Stacks] - The caster begins to cough violently, and spends one turn coughing up blood. [16-20 Stacks] - The caster’s blood begins to thin with the magical presence from it’s manipulation, giving them symptoms similar to anemia. [21-30 Stacks] - The caster becomes immune to diseases and poison. [31-40 Stacks] - Sanguimancy spells have a discounted mana cost of 10, this only applies to spells of 40 mana and above. [41-50 Stacks] - The caster now has passive regeneration, minor wounds take 3 emotes to heal, Mild takes 4, Moderate takes 6 and Severe takes 7. All stacks of Clots should be recorded on the mage’s grimoire.
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    OOC Information: Username: _oDaddy Alts: _oStylo Character’s Name: Leonidas Valorant Teacher: N/A Aurum Information Aurum Type: Spark Tier: Archmage Mana: 40+10 Known Disciplines: [24/30] Sanguimancy Psionics Healing Aeromancy Unequipped: Erebokinesis Biomancy Cyromancy Souls Planes Catalysts & Spells Active Catalysts: Prophet: Manawillow (Aeromancy, Biomancy) Leather Wrappings (Sanguimancy) Infinite Engine: Stationary Catalyst Touch of Aeons: Leather (Psionics) and Arcamite (Mana) Misc Known Spells: S A N G U I M A N C Y Spell Name: Bloodbending Mana: 1 + 1 per emote Discipline: Biomancy Concentration: Low Minimum Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Channeled Range: 15 meters Spell Effect: The caster summons or controls freely accessible blood in the environment and moves it freely, able to change its form but not use it defensively or offensively. Spell Name: Heated sight Mana: 1 Discipline: Sanguimancy Concentration: Low Minimum Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Permanent; Dispelled Range: Self Spell Effect: The effect of this spell is to give the caster the sight of infrared, or to see the heat that waves off of living beings through the manipulation of ones eyesight. This is blinding to the user if casted in the day and cannot be used to see through walls. Name: Bloodbolt Mana: 3 Disciplines: Sanguimancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two Turns. Duration: Instant Range: Fifteen Meters. Effect: The caster creates a bolt of blood within their hand and launches it forwards at a target within range. Upon impact, the bolt causes a puncture wound. Metal armor will protect the target from this spell and gambeson will lessen the blow. This spell follows projectile rules. Spell Name: Beastial Form Mana: 4 Discipline: Sanguimancy Concentration: High Minimum Cast Time: 4 Turns Spell Duration: 1 OOC day Range: Touch Spell Effect: The caster begins shifting their form into that of a bestial state, able to shift into any common beast they've seen before. The longer the caster is in this form, the more feral their thoughts become. The caster cannot become complex animals, I.E mammoths, rare or legendary animals, nor can they speak or cast whilst shifted. Name: Polymorph Mana: 5 Disciplines: Sanguimancy Concentration: High Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Instantaneous Range: Self Effect: The caster can use this spell to manipulate their very being into different races, sizes, gender, and so on. This spell is instant and cannot be unweaved via magic and are generally undetectable by any means. This spell cannot be used on anyone but the caster, nor can it be stored in an Arcamite. [Polymorphing into an Event Race requires an NSCA] Name: Restore Blood Mana: 4 Disciplines: Sanguimancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Instantaneous Range: Touch Effect: The mage places their hand on another and restores their body of all its missing blood. This replenishes their blood completely as if they had never lost any blood, preventing someone from bleeding out to death but not sealing their wound. Spell Name: Puppeteer Mana: 5 + 2 Per Turn Disciplines: Sanguimancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Spell Duration: Channeled. Range: 8 Meters. Spell Effect: The caster picks a single target and takes control of the blood within their veins. While they cannot make them do specific actions, they can cause them to make simple movements, such as seizing, not moving, and pulling blood from open wounds. This spell cannot be used to force the target to cause direct harm to themselves. [This is Profane, Can be Hidden Cast] P S I O N I C S Name: Tap The Surface Mana: 1 Disciplines: Psionics Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two Turns Duration: Five Turns Range: Five Meters; Line of sight. Effect: The mage delves into a targets mind discretely within range and is able to hear their base-level thoughts. The thoughts revealed are entirely up to the target. The mage can decide to target multiple people at once however they won't be able to tell the voices apart and will grow overbearing if there are more than two voices at a time. Name: Telepathy Mana: 1 +1 per turn Disciplines: Psionics Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Two Turns Duration: Channeled Range: Ten Meters Effect: The mage creates a link between two people's minds, allowing them to communicate between one another telepathically. Both the caster and target must stay within range for this to work, or else it will be severed prematurely. The target must be willing to have their mind connected with or else the spell will fail. Illusionary Skin Mana: 4 Disciplines: Discipline of Psionics Concentration: High Minimum Cast Time: 4 Turns. Spell Duration: Permanent until Dispelled. Range: Self; Touch Spell Effect: The mage envelopes themselves or another in a thin field of mana, creating an appearance that they draw from their own imagination. This illusion doesn’t change the mechanics of the person in question however looks and feels real to what it appears to be. They can also change the sound of one's voice. They can only copy another person if they know what they look like very well or if they have them in front of them, otherwise the copied version of that person will have flaws to distinguish them. They may alter height minimally. For each disguise that is active, the mage locks two mana out of the pool. If the caster does this to other people it continues to lock of 2 mana per person. Bound by Will Mana: 5 Disciplines: Psionics Concentration: Medium Minimum Cast Time: 4 Turns. Spell Duration: Permanent until Dispelled/Destroyed. Range: Touch Spell Effect: The caster mundanely creates a document that lists out terms of an agreement, such as a treaty or other form of contract. The terms and conditions can be endless in possibilities, such as eternal servitude and obedience to the caster or to someone listed in the document, however the terms cannot be used to get another to kill themselves. The target is required to sign the document, most commonly with their blood however simple ink works the same, and once they sign it, they cannot break the agreements. The only way to break the agreement magic is to destroy the document itself, or to have the document’s magic dispelled.. The target must be made aware of the stipulations of the contract. [This spell requires OOC consent for pacts of direct servitude only. A magic item will need to be made for the contract. This spell is considered Profane.] Erase Muscle Memory Mana: 4 Disciplines: Psionics Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: 3 Turns Range: 10 Meters Effect: When casted upon a target, Vaeron can erase a body's naturally stored muscle memory for the duration. This cannot be used to, for example, make someone forget how to breathe, and the muscle memory can only pertain to one subject. Probe Mana: 4 Disciplines: Psionics Concentration: High Minimum Cast Time: 4 Turns Spell Duration: 5 turns Range: Touch Spell Effect: The caster focuses upon a target, using mana to open their mind to be a book to the caster. The caster is able to relive the experiences of the target throughout a period of time and can choose to remove them. Afterwards, the target loses memory of the events leading up to when this spell was used. Additionally, no more than One Day of memories can be removed over the course of a Day if the target does not consent to having their memories tampered with. The caster can remove as many memories they want if it is consensual. Any removed memories are manifested in a silvery liquid form. [This Spell is considered Profane.] Spell Name: Command Mana: 3 Disciplines: Psionics Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: 5 Meters Spell Effect: The caster sends a singular word command towards one target at a time, forcing them to perform the action that is spoken. The interpretation of the word is up to the target, for instance if the caster commanded someone to speak in the context of an interrogation, the target can say whatever he wants, and not what the magi wants to hear. The action must be completed before they can act of their own will. This cannot be used to make targets commit suicide. The spell will fail if the word is spoken with any other words besides itself. This cannot be used on a person in active combat. The target must beat a DC 14 to resist. [This spell is Profane] H E A L I N G Name: Lay on Hands Mana: Five Disciplines: Healing Concentration: High Cast Time: Four Turns Duration: Instant Range: Touch Effect: The caster places their hand over a wound and mends it. This can heal broken bones, heal over wounds and regrow limbs. This can only affect one area/limb/wound at a time. Name: Create Disease Mana: Five Disciplines: Healing Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Instant; See Effect Range: Touch Effect: The caster creates a disease or illness inside of the target's body and releases it upon them. The disease will act as normal and last as long as the disease normally would. If creating a chronic illness lore team must be notified. This can only create mundane or magical disesase/illnesses. Lore diseases require LT approval [This spell is considered profane healing] A E R O M A N C Y Spell Name: Lightning Bolt Mana: 3 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster conjures a mass of lightning and launches it at a single target. It seeks out any conductors and will stagger and cause burns to armored users; the target will receive first degree burns regardless of protection. Spell Name: Funnel of Wind Mana: 3 + 1 Per Turn Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Channeled Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster creates a powerful funnel of wind in a direction of their choosing. The funnel is three meters wide and 20 meters long. It can stagger and knock even heavily armored foes. Spell Name: Slow Fall Mana: 3 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Low Cast Time: 1 Turn Spell Duration: Until Dispelled Range: Self; Touch Spell Effect: The caster creates a light pocket of air beneath himself and slows their descent to a walk-like speed. The caster may cushion up to a maximum of two people around them as well. Spell Name: Lightning Javelin Mana: 3 Discipline: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 3 Turn Spell Duration: Instantaneous Range: 15 Meters Spell Effect: The caster gathers together the force of lightning, condensing it into a pointed rod within their hand, forming a spear made purely of lightning. Ineffective at close range, this electric rod is tossed at further ranges, allowing the caster to strike individuals at range. Against unarmored foes the spell will cause second degree burns and skin breakage, as well as causing them to stagger. Against armored foes they will be stunned for 1 turn and receive second degree burns. This spell follows projectile standards and thus requires a d20. Spell Name: Electric Torrent Mana: 3 + 1 per turn Disciplines: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Channelled Range: 5 Metres Spell Effect: The caster channels their mana to the end of their instrument, waves of lightning starting to flow forward to a maximum of five metres. The lightning would also stop if it hit something, and would start to course through the object if metallic. The spell can be channeled for to a maximum of three turns, each turn giving the surrounding area an increased degree of burns up to second degree. The caster may only target a single limb/body part to shock. Spell Name: The Tempestarri Mana: 5 Disciplines: Sanguimancy, Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: Three Turns; Channeled Spell Duration: Fifteen Turns, or Dispelled. Range: Self Spell Effect: The caster turns their body into something new. A being of pure lightning. While in this form, they are capable of passive flight at normal movement speeds. Physical weapons that collide with the figure pass through harmlessly, and stun the holder, if metallic and held, for a single turn. Magical spells and attacks effect him as if he were a normal person. While in this form, the caster cannot utilize any of their grimoire except for their Aeromancy spells, and when in this form, all flesh coming into contact with this figure will receive second degree burning. Spell Name: Thunderclap Mana: 4 Disciplines: Aeromancy Concentration: Medium Cast Time: One Turn Spell Duration: One Turn Range: 15 Meters Infront of the Caster Spell Effect: The mage claps their hands together, generating something akin to a thunderous boom. All those infront of the mage, and in range, roll a 1d2. All windows within 30 meters area shatter. 1: The victim is only stunned for the following turn, a sharp ringing making concentration impossible. 2: The victim is stunned for the following turn, and their eardrums burst, making concentration above low impossible for five turns.
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    - Sporelings - Description: Sporelings are small creatures, only a few inches in size, with small chubby bodies - and large mushroom caps ontop of their heads. Sporelings commonly inhabit sites of great holy or unholy energies - surviving off of them and supporting either themselves, or whole colonies. They are very small creatures, and typically make their homes within tight spaces - that the average eye may only try to peep inside. The Sporelings only have two variants of shades for their plump little bodies, as they are only created either a creamy white or ebony gray. The division between them determining what areas they are able to inhabit, and which energies they will naturally be drawn to siphon from. Whilst the Sporelings who are created to be ebony gray draw purely from sources of profane energy, naturally sanctifying an area within their process of life, Sporelings of creamy white naturally corrupt holy sites and objects. Amongst the Sporelings, height is a factor that becomes exceedingly pertinent within their own hierarchy. Whilst many typical sporelings only stand at a measly 4 inches, their leaders are not much taller at a typical 7.5 inch height - excluding their mushroom caps. Including their mushroom caps - the menial Sporeling may stand at a total of 5 inches, whilst the colony leader may stand at 8.5 inches. And whilst the title of the Sporeling leader may change from colony to colony - all Sporelings of a colony always are governed directly by the singular Sporeling leader. The most important item amongst these Sporelings’ lives are the powders that are produced by all of their mushroom caps. These powders are used as the prodiment reagent within their ritualistic conversion of holy or unholy energy - as when applied to an object, the powder is known to alter the properties of what it is applied to its natural opposite entirely. The Sporelings will often store this powder in mounds within specific chambers of their colonies, for use within their rituals. Distribution: Rare. Sporelings live entirely in colony settings, often creating a complex structure of small tunnels and chambers for the entire colony to live in. These Sporelings will always inhabit areas where holy or unholy energies are prominent, as these energies are their direct food source, and only way of growing and expanding their colonies. Finding a Sporeling colony often requires finding a site of holy or unholy prominence, making the Sporelings a rather rare sight. Habitat: Sporelings create colonies around prominent sites of holy or unholy energies, whether these be holy sites, or where a powerful profane artifact is constantly emiting unholiness. Sporelings are dependent on these energies in order to sustain themselves, and to grow their colonies. Diet: The lifestyle of a Sporeling is foreign to many others, as they do not eat or sustain themselves as one would think. Sporelings rather gain sustenance through their ritualistic conversion of unholiness or holiness to its opposing form; it is in this ritual, as well, that new sporelings are created. Relations: The Sporelings always establish colonies that can grow very extensively, and can form very tightly knit communities. And whilst the ebony gray sporelings have often been culled - forcing them into reclusion from the common man, the creamy white sporelings are often very open and outgoing. Many priests and holy men are tricked by these creamy white sporelings, ending in the corruption of their once prominent churches and artifacts. Meanwhile, the ebony gray sporelings are often confused for black, profane creatures - and are killed on sight. Mechanics: Ebony Gray Sporelings are reclusive, whilst Creamy White Sporelings are very open and outgoing. All Sporelings sustain, and grow their colonies through their ritualistic conversion of unholy or holy energy. Sporelings are all very small, and often create complex systems of tunnels and chambers that will only fit creature’s the height of their leader. Sporelings may be found anywhere of divine or profane prominence. Sporelings may gradually corrupt or sanctify an area through their ritual. Material Properties: The mushroom cap of a leader Sporeling will never spoil or rot, and is said to be able to sanctify or corrupt any object once, if used in a ritual. Whichever way is dependant on what type of leader Sporeling the cap came from. Alchemical Properties: The powder produced by the Sporelings may be used in alchemy in order to reverse the effects of any alchemical it is applied to. Once added, this alchemical will rapidly be seen to transform into its natural opposite. Poisons become antidotes, and tars become quick non-viscous fluids that are nearly too slippery to exist.
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    "Tell me, son. Do you know what freedom is?" Username: SoSmoothTho; Character's Name: Arthwr an Brannissil; Spirit: Zeffir (Fàinleog); Bond Type: Enlightenment; Idols: Ysgafinn ( Spear ) -= KNOWN INCANTATIONS =- Invocations Known: 20/20. -=- Incantation Name: Shakti: Domain: Concentration: Cast Time: Duration: Range: Effect: -=- Incantation Name: Dance of the Skygod; Shakti: 1; Domain: Wind; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 1 turn; Duration: 3 turns; Range: Self; Effect: The druid summons winds around his body, and cloaks it with winds and mists. For the duration of this invocation, the druid is more difficult to hit or aim at, resulting in a mandatory DC10 roll to harm him in combat. (Ranged: DC12). The druid can also take two movements per turn for the duration of this spell, the second movement making him immune to mundane assaults. (Mention, being in cover with this spell activated increases the DC +1). Incantation Name: Eye of the Skies; Shakti: 1; Domain: Storms; Concentration: Medium; Cast Time: 1 turn; Duration: Up to 5 turns, or until destroyed; Range: 10 meters from the caster / Attack Range 3 meters; Effect: The druid creates a 1 meter diameter, sky blue sphere of raging wind and electricity, within range. The summoned sphere can be sent up to 10 meters away from the druid, but remains stationary. The druid can send a shockwave that will send those within 3 meters back and inflict 1rst degree burns. The sphere can take 2 hits until it is destroyed, whereupon it must be created anew using this invocation. Incantation Name: Rivearg’s Indignation; Shakti: 1; Domain: Storms; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 1 turn; Duration: 5 turns; Range: Self - 2 meter radius; Effect: The druid gathers electricity around them, taking the form of a cloud of buzzing wisps. This cloud hovers 2 meters around the druid, and upon entry by any creature other than the druid results in said creature receiving 1rst degree burns. When the druid is hit by a creature within this invocation’s range, the druid can electrify said creature, dealing 2nd degree electrical burns in response and stunning the creature for 1 turn should they be wearing any conductible gear. Creatures stunned in this manner can only be so once per casting of this invocation. Incantation Name: Field of Oaks; Shakti: 1; Domain: Storms; Concentration: Medium; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: 5 turns; Range: Self; Effect: The air around the druid sparks up with static as it becomes saturated with charged electricity. The druid can physically grasp lightning, and shape it into objects and weapons made out of electricity. Weapons made in this fashion act like their physical counterpart, but only deal electrical damage. These are physical for the druid and anybody else for the duration of this spell. Weapons and objects made in this fashion deal 1rst degree burns upon contact with an enemy within range, or 2nd degree burns to armored enemies. Incantation Name: Flood the Soil; Shakti: 1; Domain: Water; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: 5 turns; Range: 10 meter radius, 5m AoE; Effect: The druid converts and floods an area with range (affected area: 5 meter circle). This as for effect to create a sludge (mud, wet sand, murky snow, etc) that greatly reduces the speed of creatures to 1 meter a turn. Target based storm spells fill the area of effect of this spell. Incantation Name: Stormtalon; Shakti: 2; Domain: Storms; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 1 turn; Duration: Instant; Range: 5 meters from the tip of the affected weapon; Effect: On a hit, the druid can call this invocation to cast lightning onto the target. The target takes full body 1rst degree electrical burns, and is shocked/stunned for a turn. Should the target be wearing armor, this becomes 2nd degree burns. This invocation increases the range of the weapon by the spell's range. Incantation Name: Tarann’s Spear; Shakti: 2; Domain: Storms; Concentration: Medium; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: Instant; Range: 15 meters/1m wide; Effect: The druid gathers a jagged spear of lightning into their balled fist, as if hoisting it to throw it. The druid can take two turns to throw the spear in a straight line up to 15 meters. It is 1 meter wide, and will shock anything it comes into contact with. Creatures in its path take full body 2nd degree electrical burns, creatures wearing conductible gear (metal swords, armor, fangs, etc) are stunned for 1 turn. Incantation Name: And... Flip!; Shakti: 2; Domain: Wind; Concentration: Medium; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: Instant; Range: 10 meters; Effect: The blessed snaps their finger, and a brutal gust of wind forces a creature within range to flip 90° on their axis, either vertical, or horizental. The creature must succeed a DC 12 to resist this effect. If the creature is over 15ft tall, it gains a natural +5. If flipped, the creature becomes stunned for 1 turn. Incantation Name: Clear Skies; Shakti: 2; Domain: Storms; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 5 turns; Duration: Instant; Range: 200 meters above the druid; Effect: The druid shoots a thick mote of opalescent energy into the skies. Over the course of this invocation's duration, the skies above the druid clear completely. This affects any form of skies influenced by any spells/abilities that manipulates the weather, including curses or event effects (such as blood rains). Incantation Name: Galeward; Shakti: 2; Domain: Wind; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 4 turns; Duration: 4 turns; Range: 5 meters; Effect: The druid condenses wind into a tall and wide, thick barrier of impenetrable gale. It is 6 meters long, 1 meter thick and 4 meters tall, centered on a point within range. Projectiles of any kind (barring divine) cannot pierce through it. All kinetic force is halted when confronted with the barrier. Creatures can pass through the Galeward by taking two turns. Incantation Name: Misty Step; Shakti: 2; Domain: Wind, Water; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 1 turn; Duration: 2 turns; Range: Self; Effect: The druid displaces themself 1 meter to the side in reaction to an attack made against them, either melee or ranged. In the druid's place remains a 1 meter cloud of thick obscuring mist, which dissipates the next turn. During the initial casting turn, they cannot reciprocate through an attack, and can only displace aside. Incantation Name: Field of Mist; Shakti: 2; Domain: Wind, Water; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: 10 turns; Range: 10 meter around the druid; Effect: The druid creates an area of thick mist, spanning this spell's range and centered on the druid. Creatures within, besides the druid and another allied creature within 3m of the druid, cannot see further than 3 meters within this mist. Other creatures beyond this range are merely seen as silhouettes. The mist is not magical, however can be manipulated by the druid to create fake copies of themselves. The druid can only create up to 3 at Bond, 5 at Harmony, and 7 at Enlightenment. The copies difficult to distinguish from the original, effectively making the last copy standing the original. They are destroyed on a hit. Incantation Name: The Mourning Vale; Shakti: 3; Domain: Storms, Water; Concentration: High; Cast Time: 4 turns; Duration: 2 OOC Hours; Range: Event (See effect) Effect: The druid summons a powerful rainstorm overhead. Aside from the environmental effects implied with this spell, the rainstorm grants effects to spells cast during the rainstorm. Storm domain spells chain onto creatures within 3 meters of one another, water domain spells find their cast time reduced by 1 turn to a minimum of 2 turns. If there is already a storm happening, casting this spell hands control of the storm over to the druid, without nullifying effects cast by other shaman that require ongoing storms. Requires a DM to cast this spell. Incantation Name: Heart of the Sea; Shakti: 3; Domain: Water; Concentration: Medium; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: Instant; Range: 10 meters; Effect: The druid gathers water into their palm, or at the tip of their idol and propulses in any direction, impacting creatures on its way with concussive force and frigid cold water. This stuns creatures impacted by it for 1 turn. The water remains on the ground or or wherever it lands after impact, and can soak creatures impacted by it, causing them to become vulnerable to Storm domain spells, and extinguishing Fire domain effects. The sphere can be up to 1m3 at Bond, 2m3 at Harmony, and 3m3 at Enlightenment. Incantation Name: Flight; Shakti: 3; Domain: Wind; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: 10 turns; Range: Self; Effect: The druid prayers to the Stormsmith, the gift of flight. They gain intrinstic knowledge of how to fly with this spell, using powerful winds to push themselves into the air, almost like riding a whirlwind. The druid's movement is 3 meters per turn at Bond, 4 at Harmony, 5 at Enlightenment. The druid can charge/run at 6 meters per turn at Bond, 7 at Harmony, 8 at Enlightenment. If charging, the druid is unable to fight during that action. Incantation Name: Crack the Sky; Shakti: 3; Domain: Storms; Concentration: Medium; Cast Time: 3 turns; Duration: Instant; Range: 15 meters; Effect: The druid calls lightning down on an area within range. The area is struck by lightning, in a 8 meter diameter circle. Those caught at the center (0 - 2 meters) of the circle suffer 3rd degree burns, and are stunned for 1 turns. Those caught within 3 - 4 meters of the center suffer 2nd degree electric burns. Those caught within 4 - 8 meters of the center suffer 1rst degree electric burns. Incantation Name: Sailor's Charm; Shakti: 3; Domain: Water; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: Permanent; Range: Self; Effect: Shamancraft is required for this spell. The druid carves a charm out of whalebone and imbues it with this spell. The charm can be worn anywhere on the body. The wearer gains waterwalking when coming in contact with any source of water (saltwater, fresh water, etc) and treats waterfalls as climbable surfaces. This counts towards a character's maximum worn magic item capacity, an item must be made to represent the charm. Incantation Name: Warrior's Charm; Shakti: 3; Domain: Storms; Concentration: Low; Cast Time: 2 turns; Duration: Permanent until used; Range: Touch; Effect: Shamancraft is required for this spell. The druid carves a charm out of whalebone and imbues it with this spell. The charm must be worn around the sword hand, or dominant hand of the wearer. As part of a melee attack, the charm can grant lightning damage to said attack. A successful impact will deal 3rd degree burns on the limb of contact, whilst a missed attack will merely stun the enemy. The charm becomes broken and mundane after the single attack, requiring a new one to be made. This counts towards a character's maximum worn magic item capacity, an item must be made to represent the charm. Incantation Name: Lift Off; Shakti: 3; Domain: Winds; Concentration: Medium; Cast Time: 4 turns; Duration: 4 turns; Range: 10 meters; Effect: The druid gathers hurricane level winds in a point within range, before creating a powerful wind pillar out of it pointed in a chosen direction. The pillar is 2 meters diameter, and the winds are capable of toppling carts and creatures no taller than a bru’tag. This is mostly used to propulse Gwennol Gliders in the air. For combat purposes, all creatures and objects of equal or smaller capacity are blasted back 5 meters. At Harmony, the druid can gather wind within two points. At Enlightenment, the blast increases to 10 meters. Incantation Name: Tír na nÓg; Shakti: 3; Domain: Storms; Concentration: High; Cast Time: Event; Duration: Permanent - dispelled if standing stone is destroyed; Range: See Effect; Effect: Shamancraft is required for this spell, alongside 2+ Storms domain shaman who know this spell. The druids gather around a standing stone of choice, and begin their casting. Once this incantation is cast, the region they are in is granted the following effects until the stone is destroyed, or the effect is dispelled by the druids. The region’s periphery is permanently clouded in powerful thunderstorms, mist and hail, making travel in and out of the region dangerous and difficult. This does not affect weather within the region, which functions regardless. Events must be made to enter the region without invitation, or without the use of official ports. DMs can choose how this affects the region, such as new creatures, floating islands, etc. This has no effect on politics/war systems. SONGS TO NÖR: “The children flew across the azure horizon, swirling by their soaring mistress, with the skies as their only master. These infants, born of duty, had for parents both lighting and thunder.” - Rivearg’s Soar. “Where cheers and coin flowed aplenty, Like droplets of rain in the morning dew, The lords of gold and riches assembled, Around their tables and on seats of gentle blue. One horn passed, another laughed, A third handed the results of his craft. And to that they rose their cups and cheered, Their songs bellowing as winds amassed.” - Merchant Lords of Deas. “Hark, the Host of Heaven, in all his glory and power! Behold the beauty of thunder, the call of the Skyfeller! Bring to us your justice, hail to the All Mighty King! Blood and snow, and gold and silver, to our tables he brings.” - Ode to the Stormsmith.
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    Aethier Code of Conduct Mission Statement: Aethier is a minecraft roleplaying community. We strive to foster creativity, cultivate an enjoyable setting, and present intelligible rules. We want to create a compassionate and energetic community. To achieve this end, each member must focus on their health and conduct. The health and judgment of the individual composes the foundation of this community. If a player is unwell, he should step away. A filed whitelist application entails accepting the contents of our Code of Conduct. Please review this material. Breach of our policies on server, in community, or our platforms can result in punishment. You can find yourself warned, remove off the whitelist, banned, and so on. The severity of your infraction will determine what measures come to be. 1. Courtesy Grant others your respect. Treat them well. Do not abuse, bully, harass, lie to or mistreat fellow community members, including team members. This includes making malicious claims of bias as an attempt to rile up a situation. Genuine concerns of bias and unfair behavior should be brought respectfully to the Team Leader if a Team Member is in question or IA if a Team Leader is in question. Players are entitled to request a second opinion on a situation in which a Team Member makes a ruling. If a player requests a second opinion, the first available person should come in to help. Neither the player nor the team member involved should seek out any specific individual for this. If no one else is available however, the player(s) MUST adhere to the ruling of the team member present and can bring it up to the Team Leader/Internal Affairs (if the Team Leader is in question) later on if concerns still remain. This provision does not extend to DMs who are DMing an event. You cannot request a DM for a second opinion if it's an event being DMed. Do not OOCly disrupt roleplay in any way, this includes flight. Restrain your ooc movements. All roleplay is to be conducted in the English Language. Short phrases inside of in character languages are acceptable. 2. Content Rules Please use a skin suited to our setting. Do not wear a lewd skin, popular culture references, futuristic attire, and so on. Feel free to ask a moderator if your skin is acceptable should there be any doubt. Please ensure your builds fit inside our 16th century techlock. Complex redstone mechanisms that would cause unnecessary stress on the creative or rp server are not allowed. To determine whether your mechanism is acceptable, contact a member of Operations Team. References to and use of IRL drugs in roleplay is prohibited (with the exception of tobacco and alcohol). Mature Content Adult content is forbidden for our server, its forum, and related platforms. We do not permit brutal torture, over the top violence, sexual activities, or sexual violence of any sort. You cannot backstory Rape or other types of Sexual Violence. The use of the word "rape" is not acceptable under any circumstance whether it is used in a sexual context or not. Players can request a ‘fade to black’ to end any scene. The details get discussed out of character, but no further roleplay occurs. Ensure IC relationships between characters are age-appropriate and do not present or involve adults having romantic relationships with minors, defined as characters under the age of 18. The exception to this is if it's within two years of one another Ex: 16 & 18. 3. No Metagaming, Powergaming, or Godmodding Metagaming Metagaming is defined as using knowledge that you have gained through out of character means, in character. Your character only knows what they have learned in character, and using information outside of that is strictly forbidden. An example of metagaming is using information you were told on Skype/Discord in character. Another example could be something as simple as looking at the name above someone's head in game and calling them by their name in roleplay without your character having any way of knowing it. Circumstantial evidence can and will be used when instances of metagaming occur, such as discord logs or even over-voice metagaming. There are very few players who will actively speak in OOC, or on-server chats about their intentions to metagame, and as such circumstantial evidence is used more often than not. Powergaming Powergaming occurs when an action removes a roleplay partner's agency over his/her character. Please be sure to leave your posts open ended enough for other players to take part. Give fellow community members time to react to your emotes. Following examples represent Powergaming: Jack seizes Marcus' throat and commences to shake him. Before Dany reacts, Alexander bursts out of his cover and plants his sword inside the woman's belly. Please do not complete the activity. To correct the emotes, Leave your character's actions open such as in the following example. Jack tries to grab Marcus' throat. If successful, he attempts to shake the man. Alexander springs his ambush. He charges out of the hay bale and points his sword to his target's stomach. God Modding God Modding happens when your character's actions do not align to their abilities. This also extends to circumstances outside of intelligibility. Let's examine some examples. A mere Human cannot step over the Grand Canyon. An unconscious man cannot cast spells. The valiant knight cannot avoid every last sword stroke thrown his way. IC Into OOC Players must keep out of character and in character matters separate. IC enters OOC in any instance where RP consequences cause a player to lash out towards another member. Please do not attack other players due to imprisonments, betrayals, torture, and so on. These actions merit punishment. 4. What You Do on Server is Your Responsibility You alone bear responsibility for your actions. Anxiety, intense stress, and substance abuse (under the influence) do not excuse you. Please step away and do not engage our platforms inside these times of your life. Your account is your property. If it is misused, you are responsible. A hacked or stolen account should be reported to Moderation or Operations team right away. 5. No Griefing or Theft Resource Gathering Do not fly or use a home to reach nodes. You can fly towards the site, but you must land and approach the location. You may not snipe a node. Sniping occurs when a player oocly grabs materials in front of another. No rp is had. Moderation will resolve disputes of this nature. You must RP to gather a node in the wilderness. You do not need to RP to gather from nodes that are private. (EX: City Mine, Private Garden.) If you are attempting to steal from a private node you must contact a moderator and RP the encounter. Grief and Theft Stealing oocly from other players is not acceptable, this includes from their chests or other means of stealing oocly. This includes the storage world, RP world and all others, theft OOC is not acceptable under any circumstance. To steal ICly you must contact a moderator. ]Griefing builds is not allowed in any circumstance. If you are editing a build you need permission from the region owner, and in some cases such as exterior editing, the Faction Lead. Editing of builds should be done in the creative world and regulated by Faction Team. 6. No Avoiding RP Consequences Avoiding RP consequences such as avoiding an rp to prevent your character from being hurt or otherwise harmed physically, mentally, or sociably is not allowed. If rp is avoided a moderator will make sure that the rp happens, or that a conclusion is decided on what happens to your character. This includes but is not limited to combat logging. This also includes lying about what happened in RP OOCly. Using flight or ports in order to fly or teleport away from an rp that is currently happening is prohibited. Combat Logging When a player disconnects from the server after combat had been initiated, the player will have 15 OOC minutes to get back online. If these 15 minutes pass and the player has not returned, it is considered a "combat log". If a player disconnects from the server during combat due to unexpected IRL circumstances such as internet disconnecting, that player should contact Moderation ASAP to explain the situation. Other special circumstances such as health issues will be discussed and determined at Moderation Team's discretion. All parties involved in the combat will have 36 hours from the time of the disconnect to finish the combat. If Moderation discovers that a player lied about having special OOC circumstances causing them to log, the player who lied to Moderation will be banned. If combat is not completed in this time, it is considered a combat log and the group that did not log out may decide the outcome of the combat. BOTH parties MUST make efforts to finish the combat within the 36 allotted hours. If the combat logger can prove that the non-combat logger did not make reasonable attempts to finish the roleplay, it will be assumed that the combat logger managed to escape the combat ICly at the point of which they logged off. 7. Plagiarism Do not plagiarize content such as lore, builds, skins, art, etc. from other places to our platform or Aethier’s work onto another platform. If you want to use another person's content, ask for permission instead of taking it without their consent. Plagiarizing any content is not permitted. 8. All Offline RP is Non-Canon Any RP that does not happen on the server or the forums is considered non-canon. Forum RP through both the in-character forums section and PMs is considered canon. Discord logs that are pasted into forum PMs is considered canon, as it can be checked by a moderator. 9. Do Not Post on Applications Do not post on applications that aren’t yours unless otherwise asked. Warnings and bans of any kind are not to be commented on. If you have information to give the moderation team about said person that is not already known you may message them directly. Applications in which you may be explicitly required to post on are exceptions as they may require you to confirm your involvement. 10. No Advertising or Spam Advertisement Do not advertise other servers on aethier platforms to other players. This includes posting IP’s for other RP servers on the forums, discord, teamspeak, or in-game. This only applies for RP servers. It is okay to play on multiple RP servers as long as you are not advertising one server to the other. Spam Spamming is not permitted in any way, shape or form. Spamming can result in a removal of permissions to post on forum threads, give ratings, etc. either temporarily or permanently in special cases. 11. Character Rules New Characters New characters cannot have any interactions with any previous characters that you have had, or possess any knowledge that is not considered “common knowledge.” For example, knowing who the king of a kingdom is, is considered common knowledge You are allowed to play your own characters child however the child character cannot have any of the same in-depth knowledge that the parent had and they cannot interact as you are not allowed to rp with your own character. You cannot create new characters for the purpose of furthering your other character’s goals. This includes making characters to complete professions, etc. Child Characters A character given to another player that has been properly developed by the player cannot be taken away from them without the permission of the player. Exceptions to this may be made on a case by case basis with situations presented to and reviewed by the moderation team. Cases in which the character may be taken back by the parent players, assuming there is no proper development: Prolonged inactivity for no reason (3 months or more) or notice given to the parents. OOC medical reasons may be exceptions to this on case-by-case basis. Agreements made between the parent and child players stating that the child character will be revoked if not roleplayed in accordance with the requests of the parents. Exceptions can be made to this rule if the roleplayer of the child character can evidence roleplay development as reason for straying from the above stated agreement. Some examples in which a child character becomes the right to the player instead of the parents are as follows but are not limited to: Having gathered abilities such as magic (with the parents not lighting the spark/not inherited spark. Developing magic to large extents with inherited spark can be looked at on a case by case basis.), divinity, special traits (not including born greater vallahism), gaining artifacts (not passed down from parent to child) or event items, as this requires character development to establish. Having established relationships with other player characters that are impactful, such as close friendships, a family with children, etc. Whether or not a child character is developed enough to be considered under full control of the child roleplayer will generally be determined on a case-by-case basis at Moderation discretion upon a report being made. 12. No Trading IC Items OOC Players cannot trade items or materials OOCly. RP needs to have taken place in order to transfer items. This relates directly to “No Metagaming.” The exception to this is items obtained from voting and patron crates. 13. In-Character Punishments A player character cannot be imprisoned for more than three OOC days without RP. If the player is given rp every day then they are allowed to be kept imprisoned for a full OOC week. If the prisoner consents to being kept in jail for longer than an OOC week they are allowed to. If rp is no longer offered then they are allowed to follow the rules as per everyone else. The prisoner and captor must make an effort to rp with each other. The prisoner cannot avoid talking to the captor OOCly in order to ride out the three days and escape. If the prisoner does not make an effort to rp, the imprisonment length can be extended up to Moderation Team discretion. Once the time has elapsed of either 3 days without rp or a week with rp, then the prisoner can request a prison break. A moderator must be notified of and approve of the break out, however it may be DMed by either a moderator or a member of event team. The RP must be held at a time that is “active” for both parties, to allow players who would logically be in the jail or the area around it to participate in the RP. 14. Mods Mods that allow hacking are not allowed on server, this may also include but may not be restriced to: Mods that alter the players hitbox in any way. Mods that allow a player to login as other users that may otherwise bypass authentication systems. Mods that allow a player to fly through means other than with the /fly command. (A Mod that controls flying only whilst /fly is enabled or when in creative/spectator is however allowed) Any mods with the capability to take snapshots, schematics or downloads of the map. (Ask faction team for this, or use the server provided tools for this with relevant approvals.) Any clientside mods that prevent the servers ability to disconnect a player via Kids or Bans. Mods that are allowed are as follows: Forge Lite Loader Optifine Tabbychat More Player Models Minimap Mods Shader Mods If you’re not sure whether or not it is allowed, ask a moderator or a member of the Operations team for clarification. 15. No Recording of Voice Due to the wide variability of voice recording consent laws in different areas of the world, Aethier voice platforms, including but not limited to TeamSpeak and Discord, may not have voice conversations recorded under any circumstances, whether consent is claimed to be provided or not. 16. Custom Item Rules The Custom Item Rules are found here and should be adhered to at all times. The lore item related rules section is the most important to take note of. 17. Spirit of the Server The rules are not all-inclusive and are made to be a general overview of the standards of Aethier. If an action would break the mission statement or the essence of the rules, it will be considered breaking the Spirit of the Server. This includes loopholing other rules. Should something be unclear, asking moderation for clarification will prevent issues from arising.
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    - Bannesiel; The Forsaken North - Alternative Names: Ombra's Tears Eiduwis, Home of the Free The Gloomy Meadow Overview: Bannesiel is an unforgiving climate both due to its inhabitants and its landscapes. It is considered some of the most grey terrain, the color green being sparse in regularity, and when it is found it almost appears a sickly hue. This land is considered sinister by most outsiders, and most tend to stay away from its rocky exterior and interior, for fear of capsizing and impaling their ships. Geography: A large cluster of mountain islands to the north, Bannesiel is a rather remarkable place. Originally formed from volcanic rocks, which have long since cooled, it has given the island a largely infertile and cracked landscape, filled with mountains, ravines, and some plateaus through the expanses. Many of its cities stay near the coasts, as most of the food comes from laborious farming and fishing. The area is overall very damp, and many rivers and streams flow from the center of the landscape out towards the ocean, with some lakes stored and tucked away further into the mountainous terrain. Thunderstorms are rather common throughout the land, and take precedent over most other things within the terrain, striking at the barren mountaintops which are often covered white with snow. The further one treks north in this continent, they are quick to discover large glaciers ravaging the volcanic rock, as well an abundance of deep snow which extends many feet down. Surrounding the largest and most central continent are tinier islands, surrounded in natural and jagged rocks, which act as a border of sorts. This allows only the most daring to exit or enter the continent. Government: The continent through centuries was ruled over by a family of Vallah whom some would argue was one of the first great families of Vallah, the van Dragoste family. They were able to rule for centuries before around 2,000 years ago when Conrad von Einar was able to claim the continent in the name of Sol, persecuting the Vallah and plunging the continent into a period of chaos. The rule remained oppressive but turned their focus from humans to the Vallah which the more zealous murdered with great zeal. The current ruler is Corand II, who like many before claim to be of the blood of Conrad. The oppressive rule is a careful balance on the island, but many feel their rights have been oppressed by the Sol-based government. The government has been able to keep crime rates exceedingly low, there are rarely blunders in policy whether it be economic or social. Society is kept in rigorous worship of the divine, which is used as another way to control the people throughout the land. Life is a surprisingly precious commodity on the land. The large number of Vallah leaves the often poorer populace of them starving. The largest crimes are theft of blood and other personal wealth. This is always dealt through wealth and physical punishment. A thief of wares is to have their hands burned at the flesh and then branded, leaving them horribly ugly and disfigured. Since the takeover by the Hestark, vallah have been persecuted en masse, many hiding their affliction from the public. Some circles of these broods have developed in the underbellies of the city, hoping to one day retake the land that was once theirs, creating a long cycle of hatred, vengeance, and despair. Aside from the main Bannesielan government, many hidden groups of Dwarves and Dark Elves lurk beneath the glaciers and stones. Some Snow Elf and Avaltan tribes are known to be nomadic in the more northern reaches, having been pushed out of the more civilized south. Culture: Bannesiel is a rather dreary place, with an emphasis placed on both religion and family. Those who are involved with the land speak a language which remains guttural in tongue, though is seen as a far more sophisticated tongue than that of the natural Avaltan, having blended in with the Elven peoples who also have inhabited the island over the centuries. The island is desolate, and the capital city, Einar, is large and built of high standing stone. The society as a whole is largely unwelcoming to outsiders who they do not see of worth or value. Common Legends and Rumors: There is supposedly a large number of shipwrecks surrounding the island, perhaps due to the Syrien who drown the sailors who accidentally break upon the rocks. It is said a vast network of underground ruins and passageways were constructed by the Dark Elves, and span even larger than the entire continent, having been built over the generations. It is said that the first Sol and Ombra followers originate from Bannesiel. This rumor is perpetuated by the long days and nights depending on which time of the year it is. Trading and Travel: Currency: A small smooth blue rock called the Widden as well as a flat copper coin dubbed Baunze. Widdens are incredibly valuable and are used to by goods in bulk, were as Baunze are a currency used by commoners to exchange for much smaller wares such as tools or bread. Trading Status: Turbulent and Difficult. Travel Status: Turbulent and Difficult. Ethnicity: Hestark Humans - 20% Dark Elves - 20% Avaltan Humans - 15% Snow Elves - 15% Halfbreeds - 10% High Elves - 5% Valois Humans - 5% Syrien - 5% Unknown - 5% Note: 15% of the inhabitants of the island have the Vallah curse, and another 10% are afflicted with Lycanthropy.
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    AMENDMENT 1 No flying within the Cities of Angouleme, unless they have been given a flying permit. Failure to produce a flying permit will result in a warning, and a failure to come down will result in them being shot from the sky.
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    Community Game Night. Do Not Book Events on this day! Games will Include: SCP Secret Labratory Jackbox Games
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