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  1. Kyle1322

    Campaign The First Grand Banquet

    Fliers waive across the realm, put up by criers who seem as if they had seen the Gods themselves. They cry out in fervor as they also post them across every board in every part of town. "The great God of Adventure, and the whole of the Pantheon invite you, from across them Multiverse-to come to the grand Banquet of the Gods. Within this banquet lies games, gambling, activities, and the best show across the infinite. The divine blessed pitched in heavy competition against one another in a series of activities created by the Pantheon to test their mettle. Not to mention, anyone can enter and participate!" On the bottom of the Fliers, the holy Symbol of Oklamat radiates divine power..and below are a list of the activities to sign up in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OOC: Hey everyone! The first campaign arc is close to starting, and so signups naturally will follow suit, as the Banquet of the gods is the first, peaceful tournament arc to grace us before the real damage starts to get done. The tournament itself will take place in three stages, starting with the Mundane where anyone can join, the Magical bracket which is everybody with a special trait barring profane or divinity, and then the divine bracket for those with divinity. The top 3 of each of the first 2 brackets will also be able to participate in the divine bracket, if they are not blessed themselves. IF a blessed takes one of the top 3 spots, then the 4th place will take such a spot for them, etc, but they will still be able to participate. The first bracket signups are below for the following five activities that will be taking place. Each comes with a point allotment that will count toward the prizes for all those categories, and the total tournament itself. Prizes are to be revealed later on, but I can assure you they are just as gaudy as the god of adventure himself. All details will be discussed in game when the schedules are released, but the TL;DR's are all there. Keep in mind you can apply for as many of these as you so desire! Mundane (Allows all Participants); [170 Pts Total.] (Combat) CRP (2 v 2, One Magic Item Allowed.) [15 Pts for winners, 10 Pts for second, 5 Pts for third.] CRP (3 v 3, Protect Objective, One Magic Item Allowed.) [15 Pts for winners, 10 Pts for second, 5 Pts for third.] Hunger games (FFA) [25 Pts for winner, 15 Pts for second, 10 Pts for third.] (Non-Combat) Riddles and Puzzles Solo [15 Pts for top 3, 4-5th place 10 Pts, 6-10th 5 Pts.] Escape Room Puzzle, groups of 3. [Winners 15 Pts, 10 Pts for second, 5 Pts for third.] Username: Character Name: Which Activity(s) In the Mundane Bracket: SIGNUPS CLOSE ON THE 16th
  2. Within the skies of the realm, the glitz and glamour of the divines begin to flourish like golden wisps, blessing the new lands. But all the wisps appear to be going into a certain direction, toward the spirit isle, and a strange glow near the nexus waypoint begins to form... What could it possibly be, or better yet-where could it possibly lead? All that is known is that the presence is heavily divine in origin.
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