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    Found 8 results

    1. The Moontani

      New Roza Ivanov's Runic Journal

      Username: TheMoontani Character Name: Roza Ivanov Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Alteration, Space Runes: 4/15 Active Mana: 10/10 Scroll Mana: 37/40 Enchantments: 0/1 Space Name: 🝥🜟🝮 - Evoke Weapon Mana: 2 Disciplines: Space Activation: Break Activation Time: 2 Duration: Instant Range: Up to 15 meters Effect: This rune requires a scroll to work, and cannot be casted through active writing. The user, in creating a scroll, binds an armament to said scroll weighing below 8 kilograms, effectively prohibiting use of the we
    2. - OOC Information - Username: celticwitch Alts: none Character’s Name: Abyssian Arashi Teacher [if applicable]: Self / Books - Aurum Information - Aurum Type: Mana Tier: Novice Stance: Specialist Mana: 20 mana + 15 spells Known Disciplines: Healing - Catalysts - Active Catalysts: None - Spells - Spell Name: Anti-Heal [Profane] Mana: 3 Discipline: Healing Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instant Range: Touch Spell Effect: The caster re
    3. Username: Abivi Character’s Name: Hildegarde Odette-Louen Kolchrave-Lancellyn Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Erebomancy, Pyromancy, Space, Alteration, Mana, Electromancy Runes: 0/15 Active Mana: 10/10 Scroll Mana: 40/40 Enchantments: 0/1 Runes:
    4. SocialDarwinist

      New Salazar's Grimoire

      Username: SocialDarwinist Character’s Name: Salazar Ziebog Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Terramancy Aeromancy Sound Space Alteration Pyromancy Name: ᛉᛃᛗ | Trap | The Nutcracker Mana: 3 Disciplines: Terramancy / Alteration / Space Activation: Spell (Activator rune) Activation time: 1 Turn Duration: Instant Range: Touch Effects: When triggered, this trap will produce a metal boot on a swivel, which shoots out of the surface it is carved on to kick whoever activated it between the legs with incredible power, st
    5. KrrispyKreme

      New Misty Mizuko

      \\ OOC Information // Username: KremePufff Character Name: Misty Mizuko Spirit: Zeffir - Storms, Wind, Water Bond Type: The Bond - 10 Shakti, 10 Spells Merge: Bond: The shaman is capable of increasing their speed immensely. They passively will move an extra two meters per turn from their base speed, however can activate an ability in order to dash forwards in a singular direction. They can move fifteen meters forward in a singular turn with this dash, however can still be hurt by running into something. The activated ability may only be used once per merge.
    6. Username: Sharpie_attack Character Alts: CaitTheGr8 Character’s Name: Joana Aria de Noctis Advancement: Novice Runes Known: 11/15 Monthly Mana: 0/40 [February] Monthly Enchantment: 0/1 [February] Enchantments created: Sangria - Trinket Pequena Tempestade - Mystic Known Elements: Pyromancy Alteration Electromancy Hydromancy Space Mana Name: Escape Plan Mana: 4 Disciplines: Space Activation: Break Cast Time: Three Turns Duration: Two Turns Range: Line of Sig
    7. Demented_Delila

      New + Atlas Foster +

      OOC Information: Username: Demented_Delila Alts: 1HoneyDragon Character’s Name: Atlas Foster Teacher [if applicable]: N/A Aurum Information Aurum Type: Spark, Inherited Tier: Novice Stance: None Mana: 20 Known Disciplines: Aeromancy, Hydromancy, Sanguimancy, Biomancy Active Catalysts: Thorn-Weaver : Blackthorn + Ba'zelli Horn Ring, with an Emerald apex. [Sanguimancy + Biomancy] Iron Sparrow : Ironsoul + Kiir Owl Feather Ring, with a Sapphire apex. [Aeromancy + Hydromancy] Known Spells:
    8. Username: HawthorneVO Character Name: Zim'Drit Dragon: Carathoth, Oracle of Rohana Mark Type: Sorcerer Mark Location: Back of left hand. Spells: Spell Name: Black Hole Sun Shakti: 3 Domain: Gravity, Fire Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 4 Turns Duration: 3 Turns Range: 20 meters Effect: A well of gravity that expands out to a 5x5 area, pulling in those around with a 14, 10 saving throw. Pulling in debris to create a ball of lava. Once the spell ends, the lava is
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