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    • Archduchy of Vaedra's ⧧ Society, Religion ⧧
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    Found 7 results

    1. Demented_Delila

      New Nashi's Runic Journal

      Username: Demented_Delila Character Name: Kanemoto Nashi Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Sound, Mana, Aeromancy, Erebomancy, Terramancy, Electromancy Monthly Mana: 40/40 [May] Monthly Enchantments: 0/1 [May] Known Runes: 0/15 [WIP]
    2. Username: Praxus412 Character’s Name: Dobry Rybak Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Hydromancy, Aeromancy. Runes: 0/15 Active Mana: 10/10 Scroll Mana: 40/40 Enchantments: 0/1 Runes:
    3. The Moontani

      New Roza Ivanov's Runic Journal

      Username: TheMoontani Character Name: Roza Ivanov Advancement: Adept Known Elements: Alteration, Space, Mana, Pyromancy, Hydromancy Runes: 13/20 Active Mana: 15/15 Scroll Mana: 50/50 Enchantments: 2/2 Space Name: 🝥🜟🝮 - Evoke Weapon Mana: 2 Disciplines: Space Activation: Break Activation Time: 2 Duration: Instant Range: Up to 15 meters Effect: This rune requires a scroll to work, and cannot be casted through active writing. The user, in creating a scroll, binds an armament to said scroll weighing below 8 kilograms, effectiv
    4. - OOC Information - Username: celticwitch Alts: none Character’s Name: Abyssian Arashi Teacher [if applicable]: Self / Books - Aurum Information - Aurum Type: Mana Tier: Novice Stance: Specialist Mana: 20 mana + 15 spells Known Disciplines: Healing - Catalysts - Active Catalysts: Wand of Life - Spells 7/15 - Spell Name: Anti-Heal [Profane] Mana: 3 Discipline: Healing Concentration: Medium Cast Time: 2 Turns Spell Duration: Instant Range: Touch Spell Effect
    5. Username: Abivi Character’s Name: Hildegarde Odette-Louen Kolchrave-Lancellyn Advancement: Novice Known Elements: Erebomancy, Pyromancy, Space, Alteration, Mana, Electromancy Runes: 15/15 Active Mana: 10/10 Scroll Mana: 40/40 Enchantments: 0/1 Runes: COMBAT UTILITY
    6. SocialDarwinist

      New Salazar's Grimoire

      Username: SocialDarwinist Character’s Name: Salazar Ziebog Advancement: Adept Known Elements: Terramancy Aeromancy Sound Space Alteration Pyromancy Traps: Name: ᚲᚹᚷ | Bait and Switch Mana: 2 Disciplines: Pyromancy / Alteration / Sound Activation: Passive Activation time: 2 Turns Duration: Until dispelled Range: 3x3x3 Effects: When this rune is carved alongside an image of what the runesmith wishes to show, it will create a convincing illusion of said object. It can also create sound, but will be dispel
    7. KrrispyKreme

      New Misty Mizuko

      \\ OOC Information // Username: KremePufff Character Name: Misty Mizuko Spirit: Zeffir - Storms, Wind, Water Bond Type: The Bond - 10 Shakti, 10 Spells Merge: Bond: The shaman is capable of increasing their speed immensely. They passively will move an extra two meters per turn from their base speed, however can activate an ability in order to dash forwards in a singular direction. They can move fifteen meters forward in a singular turn with this dash, however can still be hurt by running into something. The activated ability may only be used once per merge.
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