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Found 2 results

  1. Kyle1322

    An Eerie Silence

    Despite the supposed festivities from the other realms, many of the divine have seem to have gone silent. Even the appearance of Demi-servants upon Oklamats plane have dwindled, and people have begun to gradually go home. Despite this, the realm has remained open and stable, until soon enough a sign blocks the entranceway into the realm. "Until further notice, the tournament has been postponed indefinitely. Matters relating to the survival of the multiverse have been brought forth that requires our undivided attention." If it could possibly get any more ominous then that, a strange pitch black ripple was sent through the skies, which originated somewhere within Aversia. Something had made landfall. And then reports of large silhouettes in the sky above every city in the west only called further question of what came next. [Expect random events in the next few days in Arkolos!]
  2. Details: ✠With the goal of consolidating the security and strength of the territories of Das Mittelreik realised, plans are in motion to revisit the ruins east of Altenach that have since been undisturbed post settlement.✠ The previous mission to these ruins resulted in the injury of a Soldat due to the negligence of formation and scattered approach in proceeding with the lack of caution and disorganisation. It would be favourable now that, within the presence of a senior officer and with the doctrine of obedience, hierarchy and martial practice installed within latest rekruits that such organisation would take shape and allow for a smooth running operation. Methodology: Due to the stability of the ruins or the numerical value of such entities, if present at all, being categorically unknown, an approach of measured caution would be advised to minimise potential accidents, practise a habitual response to future exploits, and would be implemented upon in the structure of formation during this mission. Formations of which include and are not limited to the testudo and diamond formation surrounding senior officers or personnel of interest. Before potential ‘property searching’ may resume, it’s vital that confirmation is given with certainty of the absence or apprehension of any foreign or unknown entities to minimise casualties or surprising actions. After which a clockwise sweep of the buildings will proceed to take place in an orderly, structured fashion. Should any deviation of formation or plan take effect, it’s advised to travel in pairs at the senior officers discretion. Goal: The goal is to retaliate upon whatever entities that remain to linger in this region and apprehend those responsible of assaulting an Amadorian Soldat during their provocation of violence. However should the lapse of time have allowed such entities to promptly escape the region, another objective of recovering documentation, equipment or items of interest will take precedence. Such an exercise at the very least will allow for new rekruits to be subject for review in their latest training schemes to remedy any fault or praise any progress.
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